Entry: PS00324

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] ASPARTOKINASE
Accession [info] PS00324
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); NOV-1995 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00289

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Aspartokinase signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 50 in 50 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 49 in 49 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 1
Number of false negative sequences 1
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 98.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 98.00 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
49 sequences

AK1H_ECOLI  (P00561), AK1H_SERMA  (P27725), AK1_ARATH   (Q9LYU8), 
AK1_BACSU   (Q04795), AK2H_ECOLI  (P00562), AK2_ARATH   (O23653), 
AK2_BACSU   (P08495), AK3_ARATH   (Q9S702), AK3_BACSU   (P94417), 
AK3_ECOLI   (P08660), AKH1_ARATH  (Q9SA18), AKH1_MAIZE  (P49079), 
AKH2_ARATH  (O81852), AKH2_MAIZE  (P49080), AKH_BUCAI   (P57290), 
AKH_BUCAP   (Q8K9U9), AKH_BUCBP   (Q89AR4), AKH_DAUCA   (P37142), 
AKH_HAEIN   (P44505), AKLYS_PSEU5 (A4VJB4), AK_AQUAE    (O67221), 
AK_BACSG    (Q59229), AK_CHLMU    (Q9PK32), AK_CHLPN    (Q9Z6L0), 
AK_CHLTR    (O84367), AK_COREF    (Q8RQN1), AK_CORFL    (P41398), 
AK_CORGL    (P26512), AK_GEOSE    (P53553), AK_HELPJ    (Q9ZJZ7), 
AK_HELPY    (O25827), AK_METJA    (Q57991), AK_MYCBO    (P0A4Z9), 
AK_MYCSM    (P41403), AK_MYCTO    (P9WPX2), AK_MYCTU    (P9WPX3), 
AK_PSEAE    (O69077), AK_PSEFS    (C3JXY0), AK_PSEPK    (Q88EI9), 
AK_RICBR    (Q1RGM9), AK_RICCN    (Q92GF9), AK_RICFE    (Q4UK84), 
AK_RICPR    (Q9ZCI7), AK_RICTY    (Q68VZ7), AK_SCHPO    (O60163), 
AK_THET2    (P61488), AK_THETH    (P61489), AK_YEAST    (P10869), 
Y1632_HAEIN (Q57525)
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False negative sequences
1 sequence


False positive sequences
1 sequence

MET18_YEAST (P40469)

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10 PDB

2CDQ; 2HMF; 2J0W; 2J0X; 3AAW; 3AB2; 3AB4; 3C1M; 3C1N; 3C20

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