Entry: PS01302

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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] UPF0758
Accession [info] PS01302
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] JUL-1998 (CREATED); DEC-2001 (DATA UPDATE); OCT-2014 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC01006

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Uncharacterized protein family UPF0758 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2014_11 which contains 547'085 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 375 in 375 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 375 in 375 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits
Number of false positive hits
Number of false negative sequences 25
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 93.75 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
375 sequences

Y009_HISS2  (B0UUW7), Y013_ACTSZ  (A6VK98), Y037_ROSCS  (A7NFF4), 
Y046_PSEA6  (Q15ZW0), Y046_YERPS  (Q66GD6), Y048_YERPB  (B2JYN3), 
Y049_ALTMD  (B4S2B7), Y049_YERPE  (Q8ZJP3), Y054_RUEPO  (Q5LWK3), 
Y055_YERPG  (A9R674), Y056_PSYIN  (A1SR15), Y061_YERP3  (A7FCT4), 
Y063_YERE8  (A1JHX2), Y065_PELCD  (Q3A8G4), Y086_PSESM  (Q88BD1), 
Y1007_LACLA (Q9CGT5), Y1009_STRPJ (B8ZPT5), Y100_THISH  (B8GTE3), 
Y1010_STRP4 (B5E4K3), Y101_ENT38  (A4W511), Y1020_HAHCH (Q2SN69), 
Y1020_LISMH (B8DHJ9), Y1027_STRZJ (C1CE75), Y1052_STREM (B4U337), 
Y1079_STRP8 (P65963), Y1084_STRS2 (A4W1K3), Y1088_STRPN (Q97QW0), 
Y1095_STRZP (C1CKF5), Y1101_STRA5 (Q8DZK0), Y1105_STAS1 (Q49Y92), 
Y1118_STRP1 (P65962), Y1125_HAEI8 (Q4QLV5), Y1135_STRZT (C1CRJ1), 
Y1136_STRE4 (C0MA71), Y1137_AZOSB (A1K4J9), Y1139_BURP1 (Q3JV52), 
Y1144_PEPD6 (Q18B06), Y1152_PASMU (P57913), Y1163_STRP7 (C1C785), 
Y1168_STRA3 (Q8E564), Y116_KLEP3  (B5XTG5), Y1178_PROVI (A4SFD1), 
Y117_XYLFT  (Q87F21), Y1181_STRPI (B1IBM8), Y1186_STRA1 (Q3K0Z6), 
Y1214_BRUA1 (B2S6C0), Y1218_STRSV (A3CN67), Y1229_STRGC (A8AXK6), 
Y1235_THEP1 (A5IM26), Y123_VIBFM  (B5FFF6), Y1241_CLOAB (Q97JN2), 
Y1264_STACT (B9DNE3), Y1266_STAHJ (Q4L700), Y126_VIBF1  (Q5E8M5), 
Y1283_BRUSU (P65956), Y1284_BRUAB (Q57CL3), Y1301_BRUA2 (Q2YRF9), 
Y1306_BRUC2 (A9M5U5), Y1330_BRUMB (C0RJP6), Y1336_STAES (Q8CNZ4), 
Y1397_RHISN (C3MBW4), Y1430_STRTD (Q03JN0), Y144_HISS1  (Q0I0X9), 
Y1459_SINMW (A6U9H4), Y145_PECAS  (Q6DAV7), Y1464_NITEU (Q82UL9), 
Y1465_STRT1 (Q5LYU6), Y1465_STRT2 (Q5M3F9), Y1467_DESAP (B1I4S0), 
Y148_XYLFA  (Q9PGZ8), Y1511_RHILW (B5ZMI0), Y1513_CHLCH (Q3AQF7), 
Y1515_LACLM (A2RLC4), Y1521_STAAB (Q2YT78), Y1522_COPPD (B5Y6A0), 
Y1530_RUBXD (Q1AVT6), Y1541_CLOBK (B1IM02), Y1549_LISMO (Q8Y6Y2), 
Y1555_STAAE (A6QHJ5), Y1557_THEMA (Q9X1P3), Y1560_LISMC (C1KVJ6), 
Y1562_LISW6 (A0AIZ8), Y1569_LISMF (Q71ZC0), Y1584_LISIN (Q92BG5), 
Y1589_STAAS (Q6G8R5), Y1604_STAAW (Q8NW77), Y1607_AGRT5 (Q8UEZ6), 
Y1608_STAA3 (Q2FG75), Y160_AERHH  (A0KEM8), Y1610_AQUAE (O67541), 
Y1642_SYNWW (Q0AWG3), Y1654_VEREI (A1WIF4), Y1687_CLONN (A0PZG4), 
Y1707_STAAC (Q5HFB1), Y1707_THEEB (Q8DI83), Y1728_RHIME (Q92PL6), 
Y172_ANAVT  (Q3MGT8), Y1761_CHLPD (A1BHA1), Y1763_STAA8 (P31337), 
Y1765_PARUW (Q6MAB0), Y1766_ALKOO (A8MHM4), Y1778_CYAP4 (B8HRF8), 
Y1786_VIBCH (Q9KR57), Y1789_COXBN (A9KGS6), Y182_VIBTL  (B7VHK2), 
Y183_TOLAT  (C4L814), Y1848_RHIEC (Q2K946), Y184_TERTT  (C5BLG5), 
Y184_VIBPA  (Q87T86), Y186_PSEPW  (B1J4M1), Y1890_BURCA (Q1BUB2), 
Y1904_DELAS (A9BYK1), Y1907_LARHH (C1D8V1), Y1909_OCHA4 (A6X071), 
Y1917_THICR (Q31EB6), Y192_ALISL  (B6EPP3), Y1935_RHIE6 (B3PXW5), 
Y1970_ACTP2 (A3N3Q8), Y1979_METAC (Q8TPD4), Y1989_LEGPC (A5IEW9), 
Y2017_ACTPJ (B0BTZ5), Y202_PHOPR  (Q6LVN4), Y2058_ACTP7 (B3H340), 
Y205_VIBCM  (C3LQH9), Y2068_RHIL3 (Q1MHK3), Y2073_CYAP7 (B7KF44), 
Y2075_CLOTE (Q892M1), Y210_PSE14  (Q48Q04), Y2111_CLOPS (Q0SR37), 
Y2138_NITMU (Q2Y740), Y2144_CLOPE (Q8XIH5), Y214_ALCBS  (Q0VT58), 
Y217_VIBCH  (Q9KVC9), Y2203_SHEPW (B8CM29), Y220_SYNP2  (B1XM86), 
Y222_PSEU2  (Q4ZZX7), Y2230_BURMA (Q62HM6), Y2289_ALKMQ (A6TQH8), 
Y2301_HALHL (A1WZF2), Y2303_METBF (Q46A65), Y2304_PARDP (A1B4F1), 
Y2304_RHOCA (P72255), Y2338_SALRD (Q2S042), Y2351_NOSS1 (Q8YUJ5), 
Y236_NITOC  (Q3JEI0), Y2387_CLOBM (B1KZT0), Y2399_CLOP1 (Q0TNG8), 
Y2405_BORA1 (Q2KXW4), Y2409_LEGPL (Q5WTW4), Y240_IDILO  (Q5QZB4), 
Y2419_BURA4 (B1YV93), Y2444_BACP2 (A8FFU0), Y2468_HERAR (A4G7V9), 
Y2489_LEGPH (Q5ZSM8), Y2495_CYAA5 (B1WRJ4), Y2501_BURCH (A0K9S4), 
Y2509_BACA2 (A7Z793), Y2526_BURCC (B1JXB2), Y2548_BURCM (Q0BCL9), 
Y2548_GEOTN (A4IRD9), Y2549_DESRM (A4J7K6), Y2550_GEOSW (C5D5H7), 
Y2551_JANMA (A6T144), Y2553_LEGPA (Q5X240), Y2579_BURVG (A4JH21), 
Y2588_THIDA (Q3SFR5), Y2615_BACSK (Q5WER0), Y2618_GEOKA (Q5KWN3), 
Y2643_PSEHT (Q3IFE5), Y2664_ALKEH (Q0A583), Y2667_TRIEI (Q111G4), 
Y2695_METPP (A2SJB0), Y2732_CUPPJ (Q46XP0), Y2739_METHJ (Q2FT43), 
Y2777_ACIET (B9MEH2), Y2791_METMA (Q8PTC5), Y281_STRM5  (B4STE3), 
Y285_VIBVY  (Q7MPS7), Y2919_XANOP (B2SS21), Y2926_ENTFA (Q82ZX1), 
Y2933_BACLD (Q65GL3), Y294_AZOVD  (C1DI57), Y2972_CHRSD (Q1QT91), 
Y3003_CLOBH (A5I683), Y3028_CLOB1 (A7FXW3), Y3032_BACHD (Q9K8H4), 
Y3057_CLOBL (A7GHL9), Y3079_CHRVO (Q7NTH5), Y3142_DECAR (Q47BA9), 
Y3148_BURPP (B2T6H6), Y3149_BORPD (A9IU27), Y315_METFK  (Q1H4K1), 
Y3180_DESHY (Q24SM3), Y3252_RHOFT (Q21TE2), Y3261_CLOB6 (C3L3L0), 
Y326_SHEDO  (Q12SF5), Y327_SHEAM  (A1S2D2), Y3320_BURM9 (A2S4Y8), 
Y3339_POLNA (A1VSK8), Y338_SHESW  (A1REU4), Y3399_CLOBJ (C1FVY2), 
Y341_CARHZ  (Q3AF80), Y3450_ACISJ (A1WBD9), Y3481_SHELP (A3QIP9), 
Y3493_YERPA (Q1C267), Y3522_CELJU (B3PG68), Y3564_MARHV (A1U6L4), 
Y3578_BURXL (Q13UX3), Y357_FINM2  (B0S3Y4), Y358_ACIF2  (B7J4A8), 
Y3597_SHESM (Q0HE56), Y359_SHESR  (Q0HZU3), Y3603_CHLAA (A9WAJ7), 
Y3678_SACD2 (Q21EE6), Y371_SYMTH  (Q67SI7), Y376_SHEB8  (A6WIA6), 
Y3770_SHESA (A0L1R9), Y3773_ACIAC (A1TTN2), Y377_SHEB5  (A3CZJ6), 
Y3797_VIBC3 (A5F402), Y3801_YERPN (Q1CD02), Y3828_SHEFN (Q07WG1), 
Y382_METBU  (Q12YU9), Y3837_SHEPA (A8H9B0), Y3856_YERPP (A4TSD7), 
Y385_SHESH  (A8FQ75), Y3860_XANCP (Q8P456), Y3887_CHLSY (B9LEQ9), 
Y388_SHEB9  (A9KY04), Y3915_XANAC (Q8PFR3), Y3939_KLEP7 (A6TFM9), 
Y3944_XANC8 (Q4UPP0), Y399_STRMK  (B2FJW1), Y4028_XANC5 (Q3BNA4), 
Y402_SHEB2  (B8E4J5), Y4033_VARPS (C5CWP0), Y4094_CROS8 (A7MQ95), 
Y4100_PECCP (C6DIC1), Y413_FLAJ1  (A5FMW5), Y4155_YERPY (B1JQX3), 
Y4187_BACHK (Q6HD72), Y4198_BACCZ (Q633Z0), Y4229_AERS4 (A4STD5), 
Y4241_BACCQ (B9IZ29), Y4248_SHEON (Q8E9M2), Y4299_BACWK (A9VIS8), 
Y429_SHEHH  (B0TQL1), Y4352_DESHD (B8FVF5), Y4368_ACAM1 (B0CEV0), 
Y4376_PSEMY (A4Y0K7), Y442_AROAE  (Q5P7Z7), Y4446_BURMS (A1V6U0), 
Y4545_BACC1 (Q72ZX2), Y4561_SHEWM (B1KL05), Y4566_BACC3 (C1ETQ0), 
Y4572_BACC4 (B7HE86), Y4587_BACC7 (B7HQL1), Y4599_BURM7 (A3MMZ4), 
Y462_SHEPC  (A4Y2L1), Y462_XANOM  (Q2P8B0), Y4685_BACAN (Q81LD7), 
Y4704_BACAA (C3P9D9), Y4721_BACAC (C3L6Y5), Y473_PSEU5  (A4VGS8), 
Y4842_SERP5 (A8GLE5), Y4865_PHOLL (Q7MY28), Y488_COXB1  (B6J5S7), 
Y490_CLOB8  (A6LQP8), Y495_XANOR  (Q5H5M1), Y5095_CITK8 (A8ARM5), 
Y510_VIBCH  (Q9KUK8), Y5194_PSEP1 (A5WB02), Y523_GEOLS  (B3E339), 
Y5284_PSEPK (Q88C97), Y528_ACIF5  (B5EMA3), Y5319_PSEAE (Q9HTN5), 
Y5335_PSEPG (B0KQ87), Y536_MOOTA  (Q2RL23), Y5431_PSEE4 (Q1I2U3), 
Y547_CLOBA  (B2V090), Y5539_PSEPF (Q3K4M8), Y562_CLOBB  (B2TK55), 
Y5714_PSEA8 (B7V5L0), Y5833_BURL3 (Q39DN9), Y5982_PSEFS (C3K471), 
Y598_PELLD  (Q3B5A0), Y6051_PSEF5 (Q4K3S4), Y6095_PSEA7 (A6VEC6), 
Y611_CHLTE  (Q8KES1), Y624_MARMS  (A6VSX9), Y627_CHLP8  (B3QM94), 
Y6401_NOSP7 (B2IY74), Y653_VIBCB  (A7MSP7), Y662_BACC2  (B7IIW5), 
Y695_LEPCP  (B1Y0I9), Y700_RHOP2  (Q2J299), Y7023_PSEAB (Q02E43), 
Y718_BRUME  (P65955), Y7200_HAEIE (A5UDB6), Y732_HAEDU  (Q7VN51), 
Y735_PROA2  (B4S6M7), Y766_SYNY3  (P52601), Y767_ROSS1  (A5URD0), 
Y777_CHLAD  (B8G568), Y777_STRP3  (P0DH28), Y777_STRPQ  (P0DH29), 
Y778_CLOK1  (B9E004), Y781_BURTA  (Q2T0G2), Y782_NITEC  (Q0AHY0), 
Y816_STRPM  (Q48TN1), Y825_VIBVU  (Q8DDY0), Y831_CHLPB  (B3EP05), 
Y838_STRP6  (Q5XC90), Y843_STRU0  (B9DS19), Y852_LACSS  (Q38XC8), 
Y865_CLOK5  (A5N6I5), Y870_STRPZ  (B5XLG6), Y894_PORGI  (Q7MVX9), 
Y897_CALS4  (Q8RBC5), Y914_STRS7  (C0MEY7), Y915_STRPB  (Q1JBU1), 
Y935_PELPB  (B4SF75), Y948_POLSJ  (Q12EY8), Y948_STRPG  (A2REK0), 
Y952_HAEIN  (P44952), Y956_STRPD  (Q1JGX3), Y959_STRPC  (Q1JLS3), 
Y975_STRP2  (Q04KJ8), Y979_BURP6  (A3N6Q9), Y984_BURP0  (A3NSE4), 
Y991_STRPF  (Q1J6P2), Y996_STRR6  (Q8DPU7), YEES_ECOLI  (P76362), 
YFJY_ECOLI  (P52140), YICR_ECO24  (A7ZTI9), YICR_ECO27  (B7ULJ3), 
YICR_ECO45  (B7MFJ9), YICR_ECO55  (B7L757), YICR_ECO57  (P65958), 
YICR_ECO5E  (B5YWD6), YICR_ECO7I  (B7NPZ9), YICR_ECO81  (B7N279), 
YICR_ECOL6  (P65957), YICR_ECOLI  (P25531), YICR_ECOLU  (B7NEU2), 
YICR_SALTI  (P65961), YICR_SALTY  (P65960), YICR_SHIB3  (B2TTV2), 
YICR_SHIFL  (P65959), YKFG_ECOLI  (Q47685), YSXA_BACSU  (Q02170)
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False negative sequences
25 sequences

Y1038_NEIMB (Q9JZI3), Y1157_NEIM0 (A9LZF5), Y1174_NEIMF (A1KU78), 
Y1225_NEIG2 (B4RM65), Y1235_BORPE (Q7VYS4), Y1448_NEIMA (Q9JU84), 
Y1834_PSYA2 (Q4FQM6), Y1850_BORPA (Q7W9B6), Y2119_PSYCK (Q1Q8V7), 
Y2444_RALSO (Q8XWN0), Y2508_CUPTR (B3R6F7), Y2712_RALPJ (B2UAP0), 
Y2918_ACIBT (A3M8S9), Y3033_CUPNH (Q0K7B3), Y3126_ACIAD (Q6F7Z8), 
Y3258_BORBR (Q7WHF0), Y3420_ACIB5 (B7I981), Y3582_PELPD (A1AV03), 
Y386_GEOSL  (Q74G62), Y4138_GEOUR (A5G913), Y4435_MICAN (B0JTF4), 
Y491_PSYWF  (A5WCQ5), Y545_ACIB3  (B7GWK9), Y681_NEIG1  (Q5F8S9), 
Y909_FUSNN  (Q8RF15)
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