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PROSITE documentation PDOC50805 [for PROSITE entry PS50805]

Krueppel-associated box (KRAB) profile


The Krueppel-associated box (KRAB) is a domain of around 75 amino acids that is found in the N-terminal part of about one third of eukaryotic Krueppel-type C2H2 zinc finger proteins (ZFPs) (see <PDOC00028>). It is enriched in charged amino acids and can be divided into subregions A and B, which are predicted to fold into two amphipathic α-helices. The KRAB A and B boxes can be separated by variable spacer segments and many KRAB proteins contain only the A box [1].

The KRAB domain functions as a transcriptional repressor when tethered to the template DNA by a DNA-binding domain. A sequence of 45 amino acids in the KRAB A subdomain has been shown to be necessary and sufficient for transcriptional repression. The B box does not repress by itself but does potentiate the repression exerted by the KRAB A subdomain [2,3]. Gene silencing requires the binding of the KRAB domain to the RING-B box-coiled coil (RBCC) domain of the KAP-1/TIF1-β corepressor. As KAP-1 binds to the heterochromatin proteins HP1, it has been proposed that the KRAB-ZFP-bound target gene could be silenced following recruitment to heterochromatin [4,5].

KRAB-ZFPs probably constitute the single largest class of transcription factors within the human genome [6]. Although the function of KRAB-ZFPs is largely unknown, they appear to play important roles during cell differentiation and development.

The profile we developed spans the complete KRAB domain.

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December 2001 / First entry.

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KRAB, PS50805; Krueppel-associated box (KRAB) profile  (MATRIX)


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