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PROSITE documentation PDOC51820 [for PROSITE entry PS51820]

PA14 domain profile


The ~150-amino acid PA14 domain, named after its location in the protective antigen of anthrax toxin, is found in a variety of bacterial and eukaryotic proteins such as glycosidases, glycosyltransferases, proteases, amidases, toxins, adhesins and signaling molecules. The PA14 domain is combined in a mosaic manner with various catalytic or non-catalytic domains directly or indirectly implicated in binding carbohydrate or peptidoglycan. It could be a carbohydrate-binding module [1,2,3].

The PA14 domain is a β-barrel structure comprising two β-sheets (see <PDB:1ACC>). The N and C termini of the domain are close together in space, presumably, thereby facilitating the insertion of the PA14 domain into other recognized domains without structural disruption [1,2,3].

The profile we developed covers the entire PA14 domain.

Last update:

November 2016 / First entry.

Technical section

PROSITE method (with tools and information) covered by this documentation:

PA14, PS51820; PA14 domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsRigden D.J., Mello L.V., Galperin M.Y.
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PubMed ID15236739

2AuthorsYoshida E., Hidaka M., Fushinobu S., Koyanagi T., Minami H., Tamaki H., Kitaoka M., Katayama T., Kumagai H.
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