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Potato inhibitor I family signature


The potato inhibitor I family is one of the numerous families of serine proteinase inhibitors. Members of this protein family are found in plants; in the seeds of barley or beans [1,2,3], and in potato or tomato leaves where they accumulate in response to mechanical damage [4,5]. An inhibitor belonging to this family is also found in leech [6]. It is interesting to note that, currently, this is the only proteinase inhibitor family to be found both in plant and animal kingdoms.

Structurally these inhibitors are small (60 to 90 residues) and in contrast with other families of protease inhibitors, they lack disulfide bonds. They have a single inhibitory site. The consensus pattern we developed includes three out of the four residues conserved in all members of this family and is located in the N-terminal half.

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