Database of protein domains, families and functional sites

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PROSITE consists of documentation entries describing protein domains, families and functional sites as well as associated patterns and profiles to identify them [More... / References / Commercial users ].
PROSITE is complemented by ProRule , a collection of rules based on profiles and patterns, which increases the discriminatory power of profiles and patterns by providing additional information about functionally and/or structurally critical amino acids [More...].

Release 2023_04 of 13-Sep-2023 contains 1932 documentation entries, 1311 patterns, 1372 profiles and 1389 ProRule.
e.g. PDOC00022, PS50089, SH3, zinc finger
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Quick Scan mode of ScanProsite
Quickly find matches of your protein sequences to PROSITE signatures (max. 10 sequences). [?] Examples

For UniProtKB/TrEMBL accessions/identifiers, only those of entries belonging to reference proteomes are accepted.

Exclude motifs with a high probability of occurrence from the scan

For more scanning options go to ScanProsite
Other tools
allows to interactively generate conserved patterns from a series of unaligned proteins.
MyDomains - Image Creator
allows to generate custom domain figures.