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Dehydrins signatures


A number of proteins are produced by plants that experience water-stress. Water-stress takes place when the water available to a plant falls below a critical level. The plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA) appears to modulate the response of plant to water-stress. Proteins that are expressed during water-stress are called dehydrins [1,2] or LEA group 2 proteins [3]. The proteins that belong to this family are listed below.

  • Arabidopsis thaliana XERO 1, XERO 2 (LTI30), RAB18, ERD10 (LTI45) ERD14 and COR47.
  • Barley dehydrins B8, B9, B17, and B18.
  • Cotton LEA protein D-11.
  • Craterostigma plantagineum dessication-related proteins A and B.
  • Maize dehydrin M3 (RAB-17).
  • Pea dehydrins DHN1, DHN2, and DHN3.
  • Radish LEA protein.
  • Rice proteins RAB 16B, 16C, 16D, RAB21, and RAB25.
  • Tomato TAS14.
  • Wheat dehydrin RAB 15 and cold-shock protein cor410, cs66 and cs120.

Dehydrins share a number of structural features. One of the most notable features is the presence, in their central region, of a continuous run of five to nine serines followed by a cluster of charged residues. Such a region has been found in all known dehydrins so far with the exception of pea dehydrins. A second conserved feature is the presence of two copies of a lysine-rich octapeptide; the first copy is located just after the cluster of charged residues that follows the poly-serine region and the second copy is found at the C-terminal extremity. We have have derived signature patterns for both regions.

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DEHYDRIN_1, PS00315; Dehydrins signature 1  (PATTERN)

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