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43 Kd postsynaptic protein signature


The 43 Kd postsynaptic protein [1,2] is a peripheral membrane protein thought to play some role in anchoring or stabilizing the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor at synaptic sites. It may link the receptor to the underlying post-synaptic cytoskeleton, possibly by direct association with actin or spectrin.

The 43 Kd protein is highly conserved across species. Two highly conserved regions, one encompassing the N-terminus and the other near the C-terminus, may be important for interaction of the protein with other components of the postsynaptic membrane.

As a signature pattern we selected the N-terminus of the mature protein (after removal of the initiator methionine). The N-terminal glycine is thought to be myristoylated.

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43_KD_POSTSYNAPTIC, PS00405; 43 Kd postsynaptic protein signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsFroehner S.C.
SourceTrends Neurosci. 9:37-41(1986).

2AuthorsFroehner S.C.
TitleExpression of RNA transcripts for the postsynaptic 43 kDa protein in innervated and denervated rat skeletal muscle.
SourceFEBS Lett. 249:229-233(1989).
PubMed ID2737281

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