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Aminopeptidase P and proline dipeptidase signature


Aminopeptidase P (EC is the enzyme responsible for the release of any N-terminal amino acid adjacent to a proline residue. Proline dipeptidase (EC (prolidase) splits dipeptides with a prolyl residue in the carboxyl terminal position.

Bacterial aminopeptidase P II (gene pepP) [1], proline dipeptidase (gene pepQ) [2], and human proline dipeptidase (gene PEPD) [3] are evolutionary related. These proteins are manganese metalloenzymes.

Yeast hypothetical proteins YER078c and YFR006w and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. hypothetical protein MtCY49.29c also belong to this family.

As a signature pattern for these enzymes we selected a conserved region that contains three histidine residues.


These proteins belong to family M24B in the classification of peptidases [4,E1].

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December 2004 / Pattern and text revised.


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