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Myelin basic protein signature


Myelin basic protein (MBP) [1,2] is an important hydrophilic protein which may function to maintain proper structure of myelin. MBP interacts with myelin lipids both electrostatically and by hydrophobic interactions.

In mammals various forms of MBP exist which are produced by the alternative splicing of a single gene; these forms differ by the presence or the absence of short (10 to 20 residues) peptides in various internal locations in the sequence. The major form of MBP is generally a protein of about 18.5 Kd (170 residues).

MBP is the target of many post-translational modifications: it is N-terminally acetylated, methylated on an arginine residue, phosphorylated by various serine/threonine protein-kinases, and deamidated on some glutamine residues.

As a signature pattern for MBP we selected the best conserved part of the protein, a perfectly conserved heptapeptide.

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