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Heme oxygenase signature


Heme oxygenase (EC (HO) [1] is the microsomal enzyme that, in animals, carries out the oxidation of heme, it cleaves the heme ring at the α methene bridge to form biliverdin and carbon monoxide. Biliverdin is subsequently converted to bilirubin by biliverdin reductase.

In mammals there are three isozymes of heme oxygenase: HO-1 to HO-3. The first two isozymes differ in their tissue expression and their inducibility: HO-1 is highly inducible by its substrate heme and by various non-heme substances, while HO-2 is non-inducible. It has been suggested [2] that HO-2 could be implicated in the production of carbon monoxide in the brain where it is said to act as a neurotransmitter.

In the genome of the chloroplast of red algae as well as in cyanobacteria, there is a heme oxygenase (gene pbsA) that is the key enzyme in the synthesis of the chromophoric part of the photosynthetic antennae [3]. An heme oxygenase is also present in the bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae (gene hmuO), where it is involved in the acquisition of iron from the host heme [4].

There is, in the central section of these enzymes, a well conserved region centered on a histidine residue. We have used this region as a signature pattern.

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