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Synaptophysin / synaptoporin signature


Synaptophysin and synaptoporin [1] are structurally related proteins, found in the membrane of synaptic vesicles, which may function as ionic or solute channels. These two glycoproteins seem to span the membrane four times. Both their N- and C-termini sequences seem to be cytoplasmically located.

As a signature pattern for this family of proteins we selected a highly conserved region located in the beginning of the first intravesicular loop just after the first transmembrane domain. This region contains a cysteine residue that may be involved in a disulfide bond.

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SYNAPTOP, PS00604; Synaptophysin / synaptoporin signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsKnaus P. Marqueze-Pouey B. Scherer H. Betz H.
TitleSynaptoporin, a novel putative channel protein of synaptic vesicles.
SourceNeuron 5:453-462(1990).
PubMed ID2206533

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