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cAMP phosphodiesterases class-II signature


Cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase (EC (cAMP-PDEase) catalyzes the hydrolysis of cAMP to the corresponding nucleoside 5' monophosphate. While most PDEases can be, on the basis of sequence similarities, grouped together [1], there are at least two enzymes which do not belong to the main family of PDEases and which represent a second class of these enzymes [2]:

  • Slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum extracellular cAMP PDEase. This enzyme plays an essential role in development by hydrolyzing the cAMP used as a chemoattractant by aggregating cells.
  • Budding yeast and Candida albicans low-affinity cAMP PDEase (gene PDE1).
  • Fission yeast probable cAMP PDEase (gene cgs2).
  • Vibrio fischeri periplasmic cAMP PDEase (gene cpdP) [3].

There is, in the central part of these enzymes, a highly conserved region which contains three histidines. We have used this region as a signature pattern.

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PDEASE_II, PS00607; cAMP phosphodiesterases class-II signature  (PATTERN)


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