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Cytosol aminopeptidase signature


Cytosol aminopeptidase is a eukaryotic cytosolic zinc-dependent exopeptidase that catalyzes the removal of unsubstituted amino-acid residues from the N-terminus of proteins. This enzyme is often known as leucine aminopeptidase (EC (LAP) but has been shown [1] to be identical with prolyl aminopeptidase (EC Cytosol aminopeptidase is a hexamer of identical chains, each of which binds two zinc ions.

Cytosol aminopeptidase is highly similar to Escherichia coli pepA, a manganese dependent aminopeptidase. Residues involved in zinc ion-binding [2] in the mammalian enzyme are absolutely conserved in pepA where they presumably bind manganese. Most bacterial species contain a pepA-type enzyme.

As a signature pattern for these enzymes, we selected a perfectly conserved octapeptide which contains two residues involved in binding metal ions: an aspartate and a glutamate.


These proteins belong to family M17 in the classification of peptidases [3,E1].

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April 2006 / Pattern revised.


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