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Stress-induced proteins SRP1/TIP1 family signature


It has been recently shown [1] that three yeast proteins, two of which are known to be induced by various stress conditions, are structurally related and are probably part of a larger family. These proteins are listed below.

  • Cold-shock inducible protein TIR1 (also known as serine-rich protein 1 (SRP1)). TIR1 is induced by glucose [2] and cold shock [3].
  • Temperature-shock inducible protein 1 (TIP1). TIP1 can be induced by both cold and heat shocks [4].
  • Cold-shock inducible protein TIR2 (SRP2) [3].
  • Seripauperins, which are closely related protein of about 13 Kd (120 to 124 residues) which are generally encoded at the extremity of yeast chromosomes [5]. The known members of this family are: PAU1, PAU2, PAU3, PAU4, PAU5, PAU6, YBR301w, YGL261c, YGR294w, YHL046c, YIL176c, YIR041w and YKL224c.
  • Hypothetical protein YIL011w.
  • Hypothetical protein YJR150c.
  • Hypothetical protein YJR151c.

These proteins all seem to start with a putative signal sequence followed by a conserved domain of about 90 residues. In TIR1, TIR2, TIP1, YIL011w, YJR150c and YJR151c, this domain is followed by a repetitive serine and alanine rich region absent in the other members of this family.

As a signature pattern for this protein family, we selected a region at the C-terminus of the conserved domain.

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