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Neuromedin U signature


Neuromedin U (NmU) [1] is a vertebrate peptide which stimulates uterine smooth muscle contraction and causes selective vasoconstriction. Like most other active peptides, it is proteolytically processed from a larger precursor protein. The mature peptides are 8 (NmU-8) to 25 (NmU-25) residues long and C-terminally amidated.

The sequence of the C-terminal extremity of NmU is extremely well conserved [2] in mammals, birds and amphibians. We used the last seven residues as a signature pattern.

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NMU, PS00967; Neuromedin U signature  (PATTERN)


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2AuthorsDomin J. Benito-Orfila M.A. Nandha K.A. Aitken A. Bloom S.R.
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