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Octanoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein]-protein N-octanoyltransferase (lipB) signature


Octanoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein]-protein N-octanoyltransferase [1,2,3] (gene lipB) is the bacterial enzyme that creates an amide linkage that joins the free carboxyl group of octanoyl acid to the epsilon-amino group of a specific lysine residue in lipoyl domains (see <PDOC50968>).

Such an enzyme has also be found in fungi [4], where it is located in the mitochondria. It also seems to exist in plants and is encoded in the chloroplast genome of the red alga Cyanidium caldarium.

As a signature for lipB, we selected the most conserved region, located in the central part of the enzyme. This region contains one of two conserved histidines.

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LIPB, PS01313; Lipoate-protein ligase B signature  (PATTERN)


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PubMed ID8002607

2AuthorsZhao X. Miller J.R. Cronan J.E.
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4AuthorsChen X.J.
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PubMed ID9268025

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