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Zinc finger TAZ-type profile


Cyclic-AMP response element binding protein (CBP) and the related protein p300 are large nuclear molecules that interact with transcriptional activators and repressors. They belong to a class of protein containing an histone acetyltransferase activity, which suggests a role in chromatin remodeling. They have been implicated in biological function as diverse as cell growth, differentiation, or apoptosis [1].

CBP/P300 proteins contain in their N and C terminal parts the so-called transcriptional adaptor zinc finger (TAZ finger). A TAZ domain is about a 100 amino acid long and shows an internal imperfect triplication of a His-x3-Cys-x12-Cys-x4-Cys module [2]. The binding sites for YY1, E1A and TFIIB in CBP and P300 proteins have been mapped in the region that contain TAZ fingers, suggesting a possible protein-binding function for this domain.

The 3D structure of the TAZ finger has been determined [3]. It folds in a compact globular structure consisting of 4 α helices that coordinates 3 zinc atoms (see <PDB:1F81>). Zinc binding sites are in the loops connecting helices.

This domain has been identified only in proteins belonging to the CBP/P300 family.

The profile we developed covers the entire TAZ domain.

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