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Adenosine to inosine editase domain profile


Editase (EC 3.5.4.-) are enzymes that catalyze the site-selective deamination of adenosine residue into inosine within double stranded regions of mRNA. In mRNA inosine is read as guanosine by the translation apparatus, resulting in codon changes within the synthesized protein. The editase domain contains the active site and binds three zinc atoms [1].

Several editases share a common global arrangement of domains. Hence, the DRADA proteins contain two DRADA repeats (see <PDOC50139>), three double stranded RNA-binding domains (dsRBD) (see <PDOC50137>), and one editase domain from N- to C-terminus, while the RED1 and RED2 editases have a simplified domains structure with no DRADA repeat and only two dsRBD [2].


Editases that deaminate cytidine are not detected by this profile (see <PDOC00702>).

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A_DEAMIN_EDITASE, PS50141; Adenosine to inosine editase domain profile  (MATRIX)


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