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UmuC domain profile


In Escherichia coli, UV and many chemicals appear to cause mutagenesis by a process of translesion synthesis that requires DNA polymerase III and the SOS-regulated proteins umuC, umuD and recA. This machinery allow the replication to continue through DNA lesion, and therefore avoid lethal interruption of DNA replication after DNA damage [1].

Proteins known to contain an UmuC domain are listed below:

  • Bacterial umuC protein.
  • Escherichia coli mucB and Salmonella typhimurium impB proteins. Plasmid- born analogues of the UmuC protein.
  • Salmonella typhimurium samB, a plasmid associated homologue of UmuC .
  • Bacterial DNA polymerase IV.
  • Yeast REV1 protein, required for normal induction of mutations by physical and chemical agents.

The profile we developed spans the complete UmuC domain.

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September 2002 / First entry.


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UMUC, PS50173; UmuC domain profile  (MATRIX)


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