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Filamin/ABP280 repeat profile


The many different actin cross-linking proteins share a common architecture, consisting of a globular actin-binding domain and an extended rod. Whereas their actin-binding domains consist of two calponin homology domains (see <PDOC50021>), their rods fall into three families.

The rod domain of the family including the Dictyostelium gelation factor (ABP120) and human filamin (ABP280) is constructed from tandem repeats of a 100-residue motif that is glycine and proline rich [1]. The gelation factor's rod contains 6 copies of the repeat, whereas filamin has a rod constructed from 24 repeats. The resolution of the 3D structure of rod repeats from the gelation factor has shown that they consist of a β-sandwich, formed by two β-sheets arranged in an immunoglobulin-like fold [2,3]. Because conserved residues that form the core of the repeats are preserved in filamin, the repeat structure should be common to the members of the gelation factor/filamin family.

The head to tail homodimerisation is crucial to the function of the ABP120 and ABP280 proteins. This interaction involves a small portion at the distal end of the rod domains. For the gelation factor it has been shown that the carboxy-terminal repeat 6 dimerises through a double edge-to-edge extension of the β-sheet and that repeat 5 contributes to dimerisation to some extent [3,4].

The profile we developed covers the entire filamin/ABP280 repeat.

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