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KRAB-related domain profile


This domain of about 63 amino acid residues is related to the KRAB domain (see <PDOC50805> and has been identified in the N-terminal ends of proteins belonging to the SSX family [1,2,3]. Proteins of the SSX family lack the C2H2-type zinc finger (see <PDOC00028>) which is invariably found in proteins containing the KRAB domain. The KRAB-related domains show greatest homology to the KRAB A subdomain and contain a high proportion of the amino acids which are usually conserved between the KRAB A subdomains of zinc finger proteins [1].

Although the KRAB-related domains of SSX1 and SSX2 contribute to the repressive activity of these proteins, transcriptional repression is mainly mediated by a region located in their C-terminus. Hence, unlike the KRAB domain, the KRAB-related domain is only a weak transcriptional repression domain. In addition the KRAB-related domain is unable to interact with the KAP-1/TIF1-β protein which appears to function as a universal corepressor for KRAB domain proteins [4].

Translocations which result in the fusion of the SYT gene to either of the closely related SSX1 or SSX2 genes are associated with synovial sarcomas [1]. The resulting SYT-SSX1/SSX2 proteins analyzed so far lack the KRAB-related domain and act as activators of transcription [4].

The profile we developed spans the complete KRAB-related domain.

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