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MyTH4 domain profile


The myosin tail homology 4 (MyTH4) domain is a ~150 amino acid module which has been identified in different branches of the myosin superfamily and in a microtubule motor protein from plants (kinesin-like calmodulin binding protein; KLCBP) [1]. The MyTH4 domain is found in one or two copies associated with other domains, such as myosin head, kinesin motor, FERM (see <PDOC00566>), PH (see <PDOC50003>), SH3 (see <PDOC50002>) and IQ (see <PDOC50096>). The function of the MyTH4 domain is presently unknown, although its presence in several different putative motor proteins raises the possibility that different motor proteins might share similar mechanisms for targeting or regulation [2].

The MyTH4 is predicted to be largely α-helical, interrupted by three or four turns. The MyTH4 domain contains four highly conserved regions designated MGD (consensus sequence L(K/R)(F/Y)MGDhP, LRDE (consensus LRDEhYCQhhKQHxxxN), RGW (consensus RGWxLh), and ELEA (RxxPPSxhELEA), where h indicates a hydrophobic residue and x is any residue [3].

The profile we developed covers the entire MyTH4 domain.

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