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The PWI domain, named after a highly conserved PWI tri-peptide located within its N-terminal region, is a ~80 amino acid module, which is found either at the N-terminus or at the C-terminus of eukaryotic proteins involved in pre-mRNA processing [1]. It is found in association with other domains such as RRM (see <PDOC00030>) and RS. The PWI domain is a RNA/DNA-binding domain that has an equal preference for single- and double-stranded nucleic acids and is likely to have multiple important functions in pre-mRNA processing [2].

The PWI domain is a soluble, globular and independently folded domain which consists of a four-helix bundle, with structured N- and C-terminal elements (see <PDB:1MP1>) [2].

Some proteins known to contain a PWI domain are listed below:

  • Metazoan proteins homologous to SR-related nuclear matrix protein of 160 kD (SRm160).
  • Mammalian splicing factor PRP3.

The profile we developed covers the entire PWI domain.

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