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The Polycomb-group protein Sex Comb on midleg (SCM) and the tumor suppressor protein lethal (3) malignant brain tumor (l(3)mbt) , share a homology region consisting of two repeats, each about 100 amino acids in length. This repeat has been name MBT after its occurence in l(3)mbt [1].

The structure of MBT repeats has been solved (see <PDB:1OI1>) [2,3]. Each repeat consists of an extended "arm" and a globular core. The arm of the first repeat packs against the core of the second repeat and vice versa. The core consists of an SH3-like five stranded β-barrel followed by a C-terminal α-helice and another short β-strand. The MBT structure shows significant similarities with the Tudor (see <PDOC50304>), the PWWP (see <PDOC50812>) and the chromo (see <PDOC00517>) domains within the β-barrel portion of the structure. Given their similarity to these domains, a binding role is probable, and post-translationally modified histones are good candidates for binding targets [3,4].

The profile we developed covers the whole MBT repeat.

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