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Zinc finger UBR-type profile


It has been observed that the identity of N-terminal residues of a protein is related to the half life of the protein. This observation yields a rule, called the N-end rule [1]. Similar but distinct versions of the N-end rule operate in all organisms examined, from mammals to fungi and bacteria. In eukaryotes, the N-end rule pathway is a part of the ubiquitin degradation system. Some proteins that have a very short half life contain a specific motif at their N-terminus, the N-degron. It consists of a destabilizing N-terminal residue and an internal Lys, which is the site of poly-Ub chain [1,2].

The UBR1 protein was shown to bind specifically to proteins bearing N-terminal residues that are destabilizing according to the N-end rule, but not to otherwise identical proteins bearing stabilizing N-terminal residues [3]. UBR1 contain an N-terminal conserved region (the UBR-type zinc finger) which is also found in various proteins implicated in N-degron recognition. The UBR-type zinc finger defines a unique E3 class, most likely N-degron specific [4].

The profile we developed covers the whole UBR-type zinc finger.


The UBR-type zinc finger is also known as the UBR box motif [4].

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