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Bucentaur C-terminal (BCNT-C) domain profile


Vertebrate BCNT (named after Bucentaur) protein is found in the nucleus and cytosol. Gene duplication of the ancestral BCNT gene leads to the h-type BCNT or craniofacial development protein 1 (CFDP1) gene and the ruminant-specific p97BCNT or craniofacial development protein 2 (CFDP2) gene. The h-type BCNT proteins contain a highly conserved 82-amino acid region at the C-terminus (BCNT-C) that is not present in p97BCNT. Instead ruminant p97BCNT contains a region derived from the endonuclease domain of a retrotransposable element RTE-1 [1,2]. In addition to h-type BCNT proteins, a BCNT-C domain is also found in Drosophila YETI, a protein that binds to a microtubule-based motor kinesin-1, and the yeast SWR1-complex protein 5 (SWC5) or AOR1 (actin overexpression resistant 1), a component of the SWR1 chromatin remodeling complex [2,3].

The profile we developed covers the entire BCNT-C domain.

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