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Potyvirus NIa protease (NIa-pro) domain profile


Tobacco etch virus (TEV), tomato vein mottling virus (TVMV), and plum pox virus (PPV) are members of the Potyviridae family [E1]. The potyvirus genome is a (+) stranded RNA and is translated into a single polyprotein upon infection, which is processed by the virally encoded proteases P1, HC-Pro, and NIa. Most of the cleavage events are performed by NIa (nuclear inclusion protein a) protease (NIa-pro). NIa-pro processes seven sites present in the potyvirus polyprotein, named as A, B, C, D, V, E, and F. NIa-pros obtained from potyviruses have similar structures and functions. The potyvirus NIa-pro has a His-Asp-Cys catalytic triad, which is homologous to the trypsin-like proteases (see <PDOC00124>) except for Cys replacing Ser. NIa-pros obtained from potyviruses share certain sequence identities; however they recognize distinct amino acid sequences at each recognition sites. Consequently, they cannot recognize the cleavage sites of each other efficiently [1]. Nia-pro belongs to peptidase family C4 [E2]. In addition to the catalytic activity NIa-pro possesses also sequence non-specific RNA-binding activity and RNA polymerase (NIb) binding activity [3].

The potyvirus NIa protein contains the following two domains; the VPg domain at the N-terminus and the NIa-pro domain at the C-terminus [1,2]. The ~250-amino acid NIaPro domain adopts the characteristic two-domain antiparallel β-barrel fold that is the hallmark of trypsin-like serine proteases, with the catalytic triad residues His, Asp, and Cys located at the interface between domains (see <PDB:1LVM>) [3].

The profile we developed covers the entire potyvirus NIa-pro domain.

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