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REKLES domain profile


Members of the ARID (AT-rich interaction domain) (see <PDOC51011>) family of DNA-binding proteins are found in fungi and invertebrate and vertebrate metazoans. Bright/ARID3a and the other two members (Bdp/ARID3b and Bright-like/ARID3c) have been described as the "extended" or eARID subfamily, having additional conserved sequences at both the N and C termini of the core ARID domain. In addition to the conserved regions immediately adjacent to the core ARID, the eARID proteins also share a conserved motif C-terminal to the ARID, named the REKLES domain after a conserved amino acid motif. The REKLES domain has not been found in any non-ARID proteins. REKLES consists of two subdomains: a modestly conserved N-terminal REKLESα and a highly conserved C-terminal REKLESβ. REKLES is a multifunctional domain that as co-evolved with and regulates functional properties of the eARID DNA-binding domain. REKLESα and -β are required, respectively, for nuclear entry and export of Bright during its nucleoplasmic shuttling. In addition to its function in nuclear export, the REKLESβ subdomain regulates the binding of Bright to nuclear matrix association (or attachment) regions (MARs), its self- and paralogous (Bdp) association and stoichiometry, and its retention within the nuclear matrix [1,2].

The profile we developed covers the entire REKLES domain.

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