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YcgL domain profile


YcgL represents a conserved class of small proteins widespread in γproteobacteria. This group of protein contains a 85-residue domain of unknown function. The YcgL domain contains two α-helices and four β-strands in the sequential arrangement β1-β2-α1-β3-α2-β4 as a 3-layer (α/β/α) sandwich (see <PDB:2H7A>) [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire YcgL domain.

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June 2012 / First entry.


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YCGL, PS51648; YcgL domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsMinailiuc O.M. Vavelyuk O. Gandhi S. Hung M.-N. Cygler M. Ekiel I.
TitleNMR structure of YcgL, a conserved protein from Escherichia coli representing the DUF709 family, with a novel alpha/beta/alpha sandwich fold.
SourceProteins 66:1004-1007(2007).
PubMed ID17221885

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