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Era-type guanine nucleotide-binding (G) domain profile


The P-loop (see <PDOC00017>) guanosine triphosphatases (GTPases) control a multitude of biological processes, ranging from cell division, cell cycling, and signal transduction, to ribosome assembly and protein synthesis. GTPases exert their control by interchanging between an inactive GDP-bound state and an active GTP-bound state, thereby acting as molecular switches. The common denominator of GTPases is the highly conserved guanine nucleotide-binding (G) domain that is responsible for binding and hydrolysis of guanine nucleotides.

Era is a small G-protein widely conserved in eubacteria and eukaryotes. It is essential for bacterial cell viability and is required for the maturation of 16S rRNA and assembly of the 30S ribosomal subunit. Era contains an N-terminal GTPase domain and a C-terminal distinct derivative of the type-II RNA-binding KH domain (see <PDOC50084>) [1,2,3,4].

The Era-type GTPase domain consists of a central six-stranded β-sheet flanked by five α-helices, in which the GTP-binding site is located (see <PDB:3IEU>). Guanine nucleotide molecules interact with highly conserved G protein regions G1-G5 [3].

The profile we developed covers the entire Era-type G domain.

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G_ERA, PS51713; Era-type guanine nucleotide-binding (G) domain profile  (MATRIX)


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