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OVATE domain profile


OVATE family proteins (OFPs) are a plant-specific family of regulatory proteins that function as transcriptional repressors and regulate multiple aspects of plant growth and development. They are characterized by a conserved C-terminal OVATE domain of approximately 70 amino acids [1,2,3].

The profile we developed covers the entire OVATE domain.

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April 2015 / First entry.


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OVATE, PS51754; OVATE domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsWang S. Chang Y. Guo J. Zeng Q. Ellis B.E. Chen J.-G.
TitleArabidopsis ovate family proteins, a novel transcriptional repressor family, control multiple aspects of plant growth and development.
SourcePLoS ONE 6:E23896-E23896(2011).
PubMed ID21886836

2AuthorsLiu D. Sun W. Yuan Y. Zhang N. Hayward A. Liu Y. Wang Y.
TitlePhylogenetic analyses provide the first insights into the evolution of OVATE family proteins in land plants.
SourceAnn. Bot. 113:1219-1233(2014).
PubMed ID24812252

3AuthorsYu H. Jiang W. Liu Q. Zhang H. Piao M. Chen Z. Bian M.
TitleExpression pattern and subcellular localization of the ovate protein family in rice.
SourcePLoS ONE 10:E0118966-E0118966(2015).
PubMed ID25760462

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