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Vicinal oxygen chelate (VOC) domain profile


The vicinal oxygen chelate (VOC) family of enzymes catalyzes a highly diverse set of chemistries that derives from one common mechanistic trait: bidentate coordination to a divalent metal center by a substrate or intermediate or transition state through vicinal oxygen atoms. The array of reactions catalyzed by this family is mediated structurally by a common fold and protein-chelating residues that secure and localize a metal ion. The common fold has topological symmetry being comprised of two βαβββ units that form an incompletely closed barrel of β-sheet about the metal ion (see <PDB:1F9Z>). Members of this family include the glyoxalases I (GLO) (see <PDOC00720>), the extradiol dioxygenases (DHBD), the bleomycin resistance proteins, the fosfomycin resistance proteins, and the methylmalonyl-CoA epimerases (MMCE) involved in the epimerization of (2S)-methylmalonyl-CoA to its (2R)-stereoisomer. The bleomycin resistance proteins are unique in that they do not possess a metal binding site and are not enzymes. They bind and sequester bleomycin and related compounds without degrading or transforming them [1,2,3].

The profile we developed covers the entire VOC domain.

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VOC, PS51819; Vicinal oxygen chelate (VOC) domain profile  (MATRIX)


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