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Caliciviridae (CV) 3C-like protease (3CLpro) domain profile


The Caliciviridae [E1] family of small positive-stranded RNA viruses includes viruses that infect a broad range of hosts, including humans and animals, and cause a variety of diseases and disorders, such as gastroenteritis, vesicular lesions, respiratory infections, reproductive failure, and hemorrhagic disease. This family contains five established genera, Lagovirus, Nebovirus, Norovirus, Sapovirus, and Vesivirus. The generation of mature Caliciviridae proteins requires that proteolytic clevages be effected at specific sites of the large polyprotein translated from the viral genomic RNA. This polyprotein processing is carried out by a 3C-like cysteine protease (3CLpro). Whereas the Norovirus 3CLpro forms peptidase family C37 (see <PDOC51537>), the 3CLpro of the other genera of the Caliciviridae form peptidase family C24 [E2] of clan PA. The CV 3CLpro domain has conserved histidine (His), glutamic acid (Glu) or aspartic acid (Asp), and cysteine (Cys) residues that are thought to act as a catalytic triad (i.e. general base, acid and nucleophile, respectively).

The profile we developed covers the entire CV 3CLpro domain.

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CV_3CL_PRO, PS51894; Caliciviridae (CV) 3C-like protein profile  (MATRIX)


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PubMed ID8083986

2AuthorsOka T. Murakami K. Wakita T. Katayama K.
TitleComparative site-directed mutagenesis in the catalytic amino acid triad in calicivirus proteases.
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