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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] COX2
Accession [info] PS00078
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00075

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] CO II and nitrous oxide reductase dinuclear copper centers signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2023_04 which contains 570'157 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 325 in 325 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 325 in 325 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 15
Number of 'partial' sequences 9
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 95.59 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] copper at position 3
Site [info] copper at position 5
Site [info] copper at position 7
Site [info] copper at position 9
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
325 sequences

AOX2_AERPE  (Q9YDX7), COX1_ACACA  (Q37370), COX1_DICCI  (Q2LCQ6), 
COX1_DICDI  (O21042), COX2_ACHDO  (P29870), COX2_ACOIG  (Q38S50), 
COX2_ACOWI  (P50672), COX2_ADABI  (P29871), COX2_AEDAE  (P50692), 
COX2_AILFU  (Q3L6W7), COX2_AILME  (Q2Y0B9), COX2_ALBCA  (P48889), 
COX2_ALBTU  (Q09334), COX2_ALKPO  (Q04441), COX2_ALLMI  (O47870), 
COX2_ALOPA  (P98024), COX2_ANAPL  (P98019), COX2_ANIIM  (Q38S38), 
COX2_ANOGA  (P34840), COX2_ANOQU  (P33505), COX2_ANTAM  (Q37369), 
COX2_AOTNI  (Q7IC90), COX2_APIFL  (P50267), COX2_APIKO  (P50268), 
COX2_APILI  (P20375), COX2_APOMY  (Q38S35), COX2_APOSM  (Q38S29), 
COX2_APOSY  (P50673), COX2_APTAU  (O03889), COX2_ARATH  (P93285), 
COX2_ARTSF  (Q37706), COX2_ARVSO  (Q38S26), COX2_ASCSU  (P24882), 
COX2_ASHGO  (Q7YFV7), COX2_ATEMI  (Q7J6G4), COX2_BACP3  (Q03438), 
COX2_BACSU  (P24011), COX2_BALBO  (Q599A0), COX2_BALMU  (P41294), 
COX2_BALPH  (P24986), COX2_BATGR  (Q38S23), COX2_BERBO  (Q38S20), 
COX2_BETVU  (P98012), COX2_BISBI  (Q37416), COX2_BISBO  (P68296), 
COX2_BOSGA  (P68295), COX2_BOSIN  (P68553), COX2_BOSJA  (P68294), 
COX2_BOSMU  (P68554), COX2_BOSTR  (Q37419), COX2_BOVIN  (P68530), 
COX2_BRAFL  (O47428), COX2_BRAHY  (Q9GCE7), COX2_BRALA  (O79417), 
COX2_BREAN  (P43369), COX2_BRECS  (P43370), COX2_BRENA  (P43372), 
COX2_BUBDE  (P50678), COX2_CAEBR  (Q8HEC3), COX2_CAEEL  (P24894), 
COX2_CAERE  (Q8SEM9), COX2_CAIMO  (P50666), COX2_CALGO  (P50661), 
COX2_CANAD  (O47667), COX2_CANAL  (Q9B8D8), COX2_CANAU  (O47669), 
COX2_CANGA  (P43373), COX2_CANLA  (P67781), COX2_CANLF  (P67780), 
COX2_CANLU  (P67782), COX2_CANME  (O47671), COX2_CANSI  (P98031), 
COX2_CAPHI  (Q37430), COX2_CARAU  (O78682), COX2_CARSF  (P98046), 
COX2_CASBE  (O03890), COX2_CAVAP  (P50683), COX2_CEPBA  (P98043), 
COX2_CERGA  (P98020), COX2_CERSI  (O03851), COX2_CERSP  (Q03736), 
COX2_CERTH  (O47672), COX2_CHEME  (P98027), COX2_CHICK  (P18944), 
COX2_CHLAE  (P26455), COX2_CHOBI  (P98025), COX2_CHOCR  (P48869), 
COX2_CHOFU  (P84288), COX2_CHOOC  (P84289), COX2_CHOPI  (P84290), 
COX2_CHORO  (P98030), COX2_CHRBR  (O47670), COX2_CONPN  (Q38S17), 
COX2_COTJA  (P50684), COX2_CRABU  (P50685), COX2_CRACA  (P50662), 
COX2_CTEFE  (P29872), COX2_CULQU  (P50693), COX2_CUOAL  (O47668), 
COX2_CYACA  (P48870), COX2_CYBMR  (P47918), COX2_CYBSA  (P06029), 
COX2_CYPCA  (P24987), COX2_DACMI  (Q38S14), COX2_DAMPP  (P50679), 
COX2_DANRE  (Q9MIY7), COX2_DASNO  (P50687), COX2_DAUMA  (P98032), 
COX2_DEBHA  (A9RAG1), COX2_DEKBR  (P43374), COX2_DESAU  (Q38S65), 
COX2_DIDVI  (P41311), COX2_DROAI  (Q85TA0), COX2_DROAL  (P84201), 
COX2_DROAM  (P29856), COX2_DROAT  (P84202), COX2_DROAZ  (P84287), 
COX2_DROBF  (P29859), COX2_DROLO  (P29860), COX2_DROME  (P00408), 
COX2_DROMI  (P67797), COX2_DRONO  (O03891), COX2_DRONR  (P67795), 
COX2_DROPE  (P67798), COX2_DROPS  (P67799), COX2_DROSI  (P50253), 
COX2_DROSU  (P29865), COX2_DROTO  (P67796), COX2_DROYA  (P00409), 
COX2_DUGDU  (Q8W9N3), COX2_EENNA  (P43375), COX2_ELEMA  (Q2I3H1), 
COX2_EMEND  (P13588), COX2_EQUAS  (P92478), COX2_EULMA  (P98033), 
COX2_EXERO  (P29873), COX2_FELCA  (P48890), COX2_FORLA  (P34189), 
COX2_GADMO  (Q37741), COX2_GALME  (P29874), COX2_GALSE  (P50688), 
COX2_GALVR  (P50686), COX2_GAZSP  (P50680), COX2_GEOCP  (P50689), 
COX2_GERGE  (Q38S62), COX2_GERRO  (Q38S56), COX2_GERVA  (Q37476), 
COX2_GORBE  (Q37472), COX2_GORGO  (P26456), COX2_HALGR  (P38596), 
COX2_HAPGR  (P98034), COX2_HIPAM  (Q9ZZY8), COX2_HORSE  (P48660), 
COX2_HUMAN  (P00403), COX2_HYBUN  (Q38S11), COX2_HYLLA  (Q96127), 
COX2_HYLPR  (Q38S08), COX2_KAZEX  (P43377), COX2_KLULA  (P20387), 
COX2_LACK1  (Q9XLW8), COX2_LACTC  (P43376), COX2_LAGLA  (P98036), 
COX2_LASSP  (P29875), COX2_LATCH  (O03848), COX2_LEGFO  (Q38S05), 
COX2_LEITA  (P14545), COX2_LEMBA  (Q38S02), COX2_LEMCA  (P98035), 
COX2_LEOSA  (Q38S00), COX2_LOCMI  (P14573), COX2_LOPFL  (Q38S47), 
COX2_LOXAF  (Q9TA26), COX2_LUMTE  (Q37545), COX2_LYCCU  (O47676), 
COX2_LYCGR  (O48267), COX2_LYCPI  (O47674), COX2_LYCSE  (O47678), 
COX2_LYCSM  (O79549), COX2_LYCVE  (Q7J6G2), COX2_MACCA  (Q37548), 
COX2_MACFA  (P11948), COX2_MACMU  (P98038), COX2_MAIZE  (P00412), 
COX2_MALLO  (Q38RZ7), COX2_MALTY  (Q37547), COX2_MAMPR  (Q38PR9), 
COX2_MANLE  (P98037), COX2_MARPO  (P26857), COX2_MAXBA  (Q38RZ2), 
COX2_MAXSU  (Q38RY9), COX2_MERSH  (Q38S59), COX2_METSE  (O47496), 
COX2_MICNA  (Q38S41), COX2_MICPE  (P24988), COX2_MICTV  (Q7IKU8), 
COX2_MOUSE  (P00405), COX2_MYCBO  (P63855), COX2_MYCLE  (Q9CCF1), 
COX2_MYCPA  (Q73YL5), COX2_MYCTO  (P9WP68), COX2_MYCTU  (P9WP69), 
COX2_MYTED  (Q00227), COX2_MYXGL  (Q9G2X2), COX2_NEUCR  (P00411), 
COX2_NIVCU  (Q38RY6), COX2_NOCFA  (Q5YZ37), COX2_NOTPE  (O03892), 
COX2_NYCCO  (P98039), COX2_NYCPR  (O47675), COX2_OENBE  (P05490), 
COX2_OENHY  (Q38RY0), COX2_ONCFA  (P29876), COX2_ONCMY  (P48171), 
COX2_ORNAN  (Q37718), COX2_OSPRO  (P92662), COX2_PANPA  (P26457), 
COX2_PANTR  (P50690), COX2_PAPAN  (P68297), COX2_PAPHA  (P68298), 
COX2_PARDE  (P08306), COX2_PARLI  (P12701), COX2_PARTE  (P08749), 
COX2_PATPE  (Q37411), COX2_PELSU  (O79673), COX2_PERAM  (P29877), 
COX2_PERFA  (Q37595), COX2_PETMA  (Q37604), COX2_PHOVI  (Q00528), 
COX2_PHYHA  (Q37596), COX2_PHYME  (Q02212), COX2_PIG(P50667), 
COX2_PISOC  (P25002), COX2_PNECA  (P29163), COX2_PODAN  (P20682), 
COX2_POLOR  (Q96183), COX2_PONAB  (P92693), COX2_PONPY  (Q37605), 
COX2_PRAJA  (Q38RX1), COX2_PRATA  (Q38RW8), COX2_PRATU  (Q38RW5), 
COX2_PROTA  (P98042), COX2_RABIT  (P98049), COX2_RAT(P00406), 
COX2_RHAPU  (Q38RV6), COX2_RHEAM  (O03893), COX2_RHIDA  (Q37643), 
COX2_RHISA  (O99819), COX2_RHIUN  (Q96190), COX2_RHYIS  (Q38RV3), 
COX2_RICBR  (Q1RI44), COX2_RICCN  (Q92I65), COX2_RICFE  (Q4ULU3), 
COX2_RICPR  (Q9ZDC6), COX2_ROULE  (Q37649), COX2_RUSUN  (Q37440), 
COX2_SALSA  (Q37677), COX2_SCHGR  (P29878), COX2_SCHPO  (P21534), 
COX2_SCICA  (P50691), COX2_SCYCA  (O79404), COX2_SIMVI  (P98021), 
COX2_SITGR  (P29879), COX2_SPEVE  (O47679), COX2_SQUAC  (Q9ZZ51), 
COX2_STRAW  (Q82AL0), COX2_STRCA  (O21400), COX2_STRCO  (Q9X814), 
COX2_STRPU  (P15545), COX2_SUNME  (Q38RU7), COX2_SYMST  (P29880), 
COX2_SYMSY  (P25312), COX2_SYNCA  (P50675), COX2_SYNY3  (Q06474), 
COX2_TACSP  (Q37691), COX2_TAMAM  (Q7IZ21), COX2_TAMBU  (Q7IZ16), 
COX2_TAMCA  (Q7IZ15), COX2_TAMCI  (Q7IZ14), COX2_TAMDO  (Q7IZ11), 
COX2_TAMMR  (Q7IZ08), COX2_TAMPL  (Q7IZ01), COX2_TAMQA  (Q9G5S9), 
COX2_TAMRF  (Q9G1N5), COX2_TAMSO  (Q9G0U1), COX2_TAMTO  (Q9G185), 
COX2_TATEM  (Q38S53), COX2_TETNG  (Q4JQI4), COX2_THEGE  (P98044), 
COX2_THET8  (Q5SJ80), COX2_THETH  (P98052), COX2_THEVL  (P98054), 
COX2_TINMA  (O03895), COX2_TRAIM  (Q37685), COX2_TRIRU  (Q01556), 
COX2_TRYBB  (P04372), COX2_TRYCR  (P98023), COX2_TUPGL  (Q37684), 
COX2_UROCA  (Q38RU4), COX2_UROCI  (O48276), COX2_USTMA  (Q0H8Y7), 
COX2_VANPO  (A6H4Q5), COX2_VARVI  (P98047), COX2_VIGUN  (P32646), 
COX2_VULCO  (Q539C6), COX2_VULMA  (O47680), COX2_VULVU  (O47681), 
COX2_VULZE  (O47673), COX2_WHEAT  (P00413), COX2_WICCA  (P48871), 
COX2_XENLA  (P00407), COX2_YARLI  (Q9B6D5), COX2_YEAST  (P00410), 
COX2_YPOMA  (P98048), COX2_ZANCU  (Q3T4C0), COX2_ZELHI  (Q38RU1), 
COX2_ZOOAN  (P29881), COXM_BRADU  (P98053), COXT_SOYBN  (Q02226), 
NOSZ_STUST  (P19573)
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False negative sequences
15 sequences

COX2_DAUCA  (P27168), COX2_LYCGY  (O47677), COX2_ORYSJ  (P04373), 
COX2_PARPR  (P08748), COX2_PEA(P08744), COX2_SHEEP  (O78750), 
COX2_SOYBN  (P05491), NOSZ_ACHCY  (P94127), NOSZ_BRADU  (Q89XJ6), 
NOSZ_PARDE  (Q51705), NOSZ_RALN1  (Q8XQB8), NOSZ_RHIME  (Q59746)
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'Partial' sequences
9 sequences

COX2_AMICA  (P29655), COX2_ATRSP  (P29656), COX2_GEOSD  (P29657), 
COX2_GOMVA  (P29658), COX2_LEPOC  (P29659), COX2_MEGAT  (P29660), 
COX2_POLSX  (P29661), COX2_SCAPL  (P29662), COX2_SOLTU  (P80498)
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171 PDB

1AR1; 1EHK; 1M56; 1M57; 1OCC; 1OCO; 1OCR; 1OCZ; 1QLE; 1V54; 1V55; 1XME; 2CUA; 2DYR; 2DYS; 2EIJ; 2EIK; 2EIL; 2EIM; 2EIN; 2FWL; 2GSM; 2LLN; 2OCC; 2QPD; 2QPE; 2Y69; 2YBB; 2ZXW; 3ABK; 3ABL; 3ABM; 3AG1; 3AG2; 3AG3; 3AG4; 3ASN; 3ASO; 3BVD; 3DTU; 3EH3; 3EH4; 3EH5; 3EHB; 3FYE; 3FYI; 3HB3; 3QJQ; 3QJR; 3QJS; 3QJT; 3QJU; 3QJV; 3S33; 3S38; 3S39; 3S3A; 3S3B; 3S3C; 3S3D; 3S8F; 3S8G; 3SBP; 3SBQ; 3SBR; 3WG7; 3X2Q; 4FA7; 4FAA; 4G70; 4G71; 4G72; 4G7Q; 4G7R; 4G7S; 4GP4; 4GP5; 4GP8; 4N4Y; 5B1A; 5B1B; 5B3S; 5GPN; 5IY5; 5LUF; 5NDC; 5W97; 5WAU; 5WEH; 5X19; 5X1B; 5X1F; 5XDQ; 5XDX; 5XTH; 5XTI; 5Z62; 5Z84; 5Z85; 5Z86; 5ZCO; 5ZCP; 5ZCQ; 6CI0; 6GIQ; 6HU9; 6J8M; 6JUW; 6JY3; 6JY4; 6NKN; 6NMF; 6NMP; 6PTT; 6PTY; 6RKZ; 6RL0; 6T0B; 6T15; 6Y6Y; 6Y71; 6Y72; 6Y77; 6Y7D; 6Y7E; 6YMX; 6YMY; 7APY; 7AQ0; 7AQA; 7ATE; 7ATN; 7AU3; 7AU6; 7COH; 7CP5; 7D5W; 7D5X; 7DGQ; 7DGR; 7DGS; 7DKF; 7EV7; 7O37; 7O3C; 7O3E; 7Q21; 7QBA; 7QHM; 7QHO; 7THU; 7TIE; 7TIH; 7TII; 7VUW; 7VVR; 7W3E; 7XMA; 7Y44; 7YPY; 7Z10; 8C8Q; 8D4T; 8DH6; 8E7S; 8EC0; 8GVM; 8H8R; 8H8S; 8HUA; 8IJN
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