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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] PROTEIN_KINASE_TYR
Accession [info] PS00109
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00100
Associated ProRule [info] PRU10028

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Tyrosine protein kinases specific active-site signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2023_02 which contains 569'516 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 651 in 651 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 592 in 592 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 59 in 59 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 17
Number of 'partial' sequences 3
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 90.94 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 97.21 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria), Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] active_site at position 5
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
592 sequences

7LESS_DROME (P13368    ), 7LESS_DROVI (P20806    ), 7TMK1_DICDI (Q54N73    ), 
ABL1_CAEEL  (P03949    ), ABL1_HUMAN  (P00519    ), ABL1_MOUSE  (P00520    ), 
ABL2_HUMAN  (P42684    ), ABL2_MOUSE  (Q4JIM5    ), ABL_CALVI   (P11681    ), 
ABL_DROME   (P00522    ), ABL_FSVHY   (P10447    ), ABL_MLVAB   (P00521    ), 
ACK1_BOVIN  (Q17R13    ), ACK1_HUMAN  (Q07912    ), ACK1_MOUSE  (O54967    ), 
ACK1_RAT    (Q5U2X5    ), ACKL_DROME  (Q9I7F7    ), ACK_DROME   (Q9VZI2    ), 
ALK_CANLF   (P0DV84    ), ALK_DANRE   (F8W3R9    ), ALK_HUMAN   (Q9UM73    ), 
ALK_MOUSE   (P97793    ), ARK1_CAEEL  (G5EBZ8    ), BMX_HUMAN   (P51813    ), 
BMX_MOUSE   (P97504    ), BTKL_DROME  (P08630    ), BTK_CHICK   (Q8JH64    ), 
BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187    ), BTK_MOUSE   (P35991    ), BUD32_ARCFU (O29592    ), 
BUD32_ASHGO (Q74Z75    ), BUD32_ASPCL (A1CLD2    ), BUD32_ASPFU (Q4WYU4    ), 
BUD32_ASPOR (Q2U3T8    ), BUD32_CANAL (Q5AGC7    ), BUD32_CANGA (Q6FTW0    ), 
BUD32_CHAGB (Q2HGY8    ), BUD32_COCIM (Q1EBD3    ), BUD32_CRYNB (P0CP73    ), 
BUD32_CRYNJ (P0CP72    ), BUD32_DEBHA (Q6BHA8    ), BUD32_DICDI (Q54W07    ), 
BUD32_EMENI (Q5BAB7    ), BUD32_ENTBH (B7XIB8    ), BUD32_GIBZE (Q4HYC1    ), 
BUD32_KLULA (Q6CXB9    ), BUD32_PYRAB (Q9UYB9    ), BUD32_SCHPO (Q9P7N1    ), 
BUD32_YARLI (Q6C2A3    ), BUD32_YEAST (P53323    ), CAD96_DROME (Q9VBW3    ), 
CAM1_CAEEL  (G5EGK5    ), CSF11_TAKRU (P79750    ), CSF12_TAKRU (Q8UVR8    ), 
CSF1R_DANRE (Q9I8N6    ), CSF1R_FELCA (P13369    ), CSF1R_HUMAN (P07333    ), 
CSF1R_MOUSE (P09581    ), CSF1R_RAT   (Q00495    ), CSK1_CAEEL  (G5ECJ6    ), 
CSK_BOVIN   (Q0VBZ0    ), CSK_CHICK   (P41239    ), CSK_HUMAN   (P41240    ), 
CSK_MOUSE   (P41241    ), CSK_RAT     (P32577    ), DDR1_HUMAN  (Q08345    ), 
DDR1_MOUSE  (Q03146    ), DDR1_PANTR  (Q7YR43    ), DDR1_RAT    (Q63474    ), 
DDR2_HUMAN  (Q16832    ), DDR2_MOUSE  (Q62371    ), DDRB_CAEEL  (Q95ZV7    ), 
DHKG_DICDI  (Q54Q69    ), EGFR_APIME  (P0CY46    ), EGFR_DROME  (P04412    ), 
EGFR_HUMAN  (P00533    ), EGFR_MACMU  (P55245    ), EGFR_MOUSE  (Q01279    ), 
EGL15_CAEEL (Q10656    ), EPA4A_DANRE (O13148    ), EPA4A_XENLA (Q91845    ), 
EPA4B_XENLA (Q91694    ), EPB1A_XENLA (Q91571    ), EPB1B_XENLA (Q91736    ), 
EPB4A_DANRE (O73875    ), EPB4B_DANRE (O73878    ), EPHA1_HUMAN (P21709    ), 
EPHA1_MOUSE (Q60750    ), EPHA2_HUMAN (P29317    ), EPHA2_MACFA (Q1KL86    ), 
EPHA2_MOUSE (Q03145    ), EPHA3_CHICK (P29318    ), EPHA3_DANRE (O13146    ), 
EPHA3_HUMAN (P29320    ), EPHA3_MOUSE (P29319    ), EPHA3_RAT   (O08680    ), 
EPHA4_CHICK (Q07496    ), EPHA4_HUMAN (P54764    ), EPHA4_MOUSE (Q03137    ), 
EPHA5_CHICK (P54755    ), EPHA5_HUMAN (P54756    ), EPHA5_MOUSE (Q60629    ), 
EPHA5_RAT   (P54757    ), EPHA6_HUMAN (Q9UF33    ), EPHA6_MOUSE (Q62413    ), 
EPHA6_RAT   (P54758    ), EPHA7_CHICK (O42422    ), EPHA7_HUMAN (Q15375    ), 
EPHA7_MOUSE (Q61772    ), EPHA7_RAT   (P54759    ), EPHA8_HUMAN (P29322    ), 
EPHA8_MOUSE (O09127    ), EPHA8_RAT   (P29321    ), EPHB1_CHICK (Q07494    ), 
EPHB1_HUMAN (P54762    ), EPHB1_MOUSE (Q8CBF3    ), EPHB1_RAT   (P09759    ), 
EPHB2_CHICK (P28693    ), EPHB2_HUMAN (P29323    ), EPHB2_MOUSE (P54763    ), 
EPHB3_CHICK (Q07498    ), EPHB3_DANRE (O13147    ), EPHB3_HUMAN (P54753    ), 
EPHB3_MOUSE (P54754    ), EPHB3_XENLA (Q91735    ), EPHB4_HUMAN (P54760    ), 
EPHB4_MOUSE (P54761    ), EPHB5_CHICK (Q07497    ), ERBB2_CANLF (O18735    ), 
ERBB2_HUMAN (P04626    ), ERBB2_MESAU (Q60553    ), ERBB2_MOUSE (P70424    ), 
ERBB2_RAT   (P06494    ), ERBB3_MOUSE (Q61526    ), ERBB3_RAT   (Q62799    ), 
ERBB4_HUMAN (Q15303    ), ERBB4_MOUSE (Q61527    ), ERBB4_RAT   (Q62956    ), 
ERBB_ALV    (P00534    ), ERBB_AVIER  (P00535    ), ERBB_AVIEU  (P11273    ), 
FAK1_CHICK  (Q00944    ), FAK1_HUMAN  (Q05397    ), FAK1_MOUSE  (P34152    ), 
FAK1_RAT    (O35346    ), FAK1_XENLA  (Q91738    ), FAK2_HUMAN  (Q14289    ), 
FAK2_MOUSE  (Q9QVP9    ), FAK2_RAT    (P70600    ), FER_CANLF   (Q9TTY2    ), 
FER_DROME   (P18106    ), FER_HUMAN   (P16591    ), FER_MOUSE   (P70451    ), 
FER_RAT     (P09760    ), FES_FELCA   (P14238    ), FES_FSVGA   (P00542    ), 
FES_FSVST   (P00543    ), FES_HUMAN   (P07332    ), FES_MOUSE   (P16879    ), 
FGFR1_CHICK (P21804    ), FGFR1_DROME (Q07407    ), FGFR1_DUGJA (Q8MY86    ), 
FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362    ), FGFR1_MOUSE (P16092    ), FGFR1_PLEWA (Q91285    ), 
FGFR1_RAT   (Q04589    ), FGFR1_XENLA (P22182    ), FGFR2_CHICK (P18461    ), 
FGFR2_DANRE (Q8JG38    ), FGFR2_DROME (Q09147    ), FGFR2_DUGJA (Q8MY85    ), 
FGFR2_HUMAN (P21802    ), FGFR2_MOUSE (P21803    ), FGFR2_NOTVI (Q91147    ), 
FGFR2_PLEWA (Q91286    ), FGFR2_XENLA (Q03364    ), FGFR3_CHICK (P18460    ), 
FGFR3_HUMAN (P22607    ), FGFR3_MOUSE (Q61851    ), FGFR3_PLEWA (Q91287    ), 
FGFR3_XENLA (O42127    ), FGFR4_COTCO (Q90330    ), FGFR4_DANRE (Q90413    ), 
FGFR4_HUMAN (P22455    ), FGFR4_MOUSE (Q03142    ), FGFR4_PLEWA (Q91288    ), 
FGFR4_RAT   (Q498D6    ), FGFR4_XENLA (Q91743    ), FGFR_CIOIN  (Q4H3K6    ), 
FGFR_HALRO  (Q95YM9    ), FGFR_HYDVU  (Q86PM4    ), FGFR_STRPU  (Q26614    ), 
FGR1A_DANRE (Q90Z00    ), FGR_FSVGR   (P00544    ), FGR_HUMAN   (P09769    ), 
FGR_MOUSE   (P14234    ), FGR_RAT     (Q6P6U0    ), FLT3_HUMAN  (P36888    ), 
FLT3_MOUSE  (Q00342    ), FPS_AVISP   (P00541    ), FPS_FUJSV   (P00530    ), 
FRK1_CAEEL  (Q22146    ), FRK_HUMAN   (P42685    ), FRK_MOUSE   (Q922K9    ), 
FRK_RAT     (Q62662    ), FYNA_DANRE  (Q6EWH2    ), FYNB_DANRE  (F1RDG9    ), 
FYN_BOVIN   (A0JNB0    ), FYN_CHICK   (Q05876    ), FYN_HUMAN   (P06241    ), 
FYN_MOUSE   (P39688    ), FYN_PIG     (A1Y2K1    ), FYN_RAT     (Q62844    ), 
FYN_XENLA   (P13406    ), FYN_XIPHE   (P27446    ), GCN2_ARATH  (Q9LX30    ), 
GCVK_HHV6U  (P24446    ), GCVK_HHV6Z  (P52446    ), GCVK_HHV7J  (P52344    ), 
GCVK_SHV21  (Q01015    ), GFS12_ARATH (F4JY12    ), GLKA_DICDI  (Q55C57    ), 
HCK_HUMAN   (P08631    ), HCK_MACFA   (Q95M30    ), HCK_MOUSE   (P08103    ), 
HCK_RAT     (P50545    ), HTK16_HYDVU (P53356    ), HTK7_HYDVU  (Q25197    ), 
IGF1R_BOVIN (Q05688    ), IGF1R_HUMAN (P08069    ), IGF1R_MOUSE (Q60751    ), 
IGF1R_RAT   (P24062    ), IGF1R_XENLA (O73798    ), ILPR_BRALA  (O02466    ), 
INSRR_CAVPO (P14617    ), INSRR_HUMAN (P14616    ), INSRR_MOUSE (Q9WTL4    ), 
INSRR_RAT   (Q64716    ), INSR_AEDAE  (Q93105    ), INSR_CAEEL  (Q968Y9    ), 
INSR_DROME  (P09208    ), INSR_HUMAN  (P06213    ), INSR_MOUSE  (P15208    ), 
INSR_RAT    (P15127    ), INSR_XENLA  (Q9PVZ4    ), ITK_HUMAN   (Q08881    ), 
ITK_MOUSE   (Q03526    ), JAK1_CYPCA  (Q09178    ), JAK1_DANRE  (O12990    ), 
JAK1_HUMAN  (P23458    ), JAK1_MOUSE  (P52332    ), JAK2_CHICK  (Q75R65    ), 
JAK2_HUMAN  (O60674    ), JAK2_MOUSE  (Q62120    ), JAK2_PIG    (O19064    ), 
JAK2_PONAB  (Q5RB23    ), JAK2_RAT    (Q62689    ), JAK3_HUMAN  (P52333    ), 
JAK3_MOUSE  (Q62137    ), JAK3_RAT    (Q63272    ), JAK_DROME   (Q24592    ), 
KAE1B_METAC (Q8TJS2    ), KAE1B_METBF (Q46FS9    ), KAE1B_METHJ (Q2FS43    ), 
KAE1B_METJA (Q58530    ), KAE1B_METM5 (A4FZ86    ), KAE1B_METM6 (A9A6L6    ), 
KAE1B_METM7 (A6VJ51    ), KAE1B_METMA (Q8PZ92    ), KAE1B_METMJ (A3CXS0    ), 
KAE1B_METMP (Q6M056    ), KAE1B_METS3 (A5UMH5    ), KAE1B_METST (Q2NIA4    ), 
KAE1B_METTH (O27476    ), KAE1B_METVS (A6US28    ), KAE1B_PICTO (Q6L243    ), 
KAE1B_THEVO (Q978W6    ), KFMS_FSVMD  (P00545    ), KIN15_CAEEL (P34891    ), 
KIN16_CAEEL (P34892    ), KIN32_CAEEL (Q95YD4    ), KITA_DANRE  (Q8JFR5    ), 
KIT_BOVIN   (P43481    ), KIT_CALJA   (Q76II0    ), KIT_CANLF   (O97799    ), 
KIT_CAPHI   (Q28317    ), KIT_CHICK   (Q08156    ), KIT_FELCA   (Q28889    ), 
KIT_FSVHZ   (P04048    ), KIT_HUMAN   (P10721    ), KIT_MOUSE   (P05532    ), 
KIT_PIG     (Q2HWD6    ), KIT_TAKRU   (Q8AXC6    ), KIT_XENLA   (Q91909    ), 
KR2_EBVA8   (P0C6Z8    ), KR2_EBVB9   (P13288    ), KR2_EBVG    (P0C731    ), 
KSRA_CAEEL  (G5EFD2    ), KSRB_CAEEL  (G5EDA5    ), KSYK_CHICK  (F1N9Y5    ), 
KSYK_HUMAN  (P43405    ), KSYK_MOUSE  (P48025    ), KSYK_PIG    (Q00655    ), 
KSYK_RAT    (Q64725    ), LCK_AOTNA   (Q5PXS1    ), LCK_CHICK   (P42683    ), 
LCK_HUMAN   (P06239    ), LCK_MOUSE   (P06240    ), LCK_RAT     (Q01621    ), 
LCK_SAISC   (Q95KR7    ), LET23_CAEEL (P24348    ), LIN2_CAEEL  (P54936    ), 
LMTK1_HUMAN (Q6ZMQ8    ), LMTK1_MOUSE (Q80YE4    ), LMTK2_HUMAN (Q8IWU2    ), 
LMTK2_MOUSE (Q3TYD6    ), LMTK3_HUMAN (Q96Q04    ), LMTK3_MOUSE (Q5XJV6    ), 
LRL15_ARATH (F4I3V3    ), LTK_DANRE   (F1QVU0    ), LTK_HUMAN   (P29376    ), 
LTK_MOUSE   (P08923    ), LYN_HUMAN   (P07948    ), LYN_MOUSE   (P25911    ), 
LYN_RAT     (Q07014    ), MASK_MYXXD  (Q1DB00    ), MATK_HUMAN  (P42679    ), 
MATK_MOUSE  (P41242    ), MATK_RAT    (P41243    ), MERTK_HUMAN (Q12866    ), 
MERTK_MOUSE (Q60805    ), MERTK_RAT   (P57097    ), MET_AOTNA   (Q07DV8    ), 
MET_ATEAB   (Q00PJ8    ), MET_ATEGE   (Q09YL1    ), MET_BOVIN   (Q769I5    ), 
MET_CALJA   (Q2QLG5    ), MET_CANLF   (Q75ZY9    ), MET_CHLAE   (Q2IBA6    ), 
MET_COLGU   (Q07DZ1    ), MET_DASNO   (Q07E48    ), MET_ECHTE   (A1X150    ), 
MET_EULMM   (Q2IBG7    ), MET_FELCA   (A0M8S8    ), MET_GORGO   (Q2IBF2    ), 
MET_HORSE   (Q2QLA9    ), MET_HUMAN   (P08581    ), MET_LOXAF   (Q108U6    ), 
MET_MICMU   (Q2QL89    ), MET_MOUSE   (P16056    ), MET_MUNMU   (Q09YK0    ), 
MET_MUSPF   (Q07E24    ), MET_NEONE   (Q07E37    ), MET_NOMLE   (Q07DY1    ), 
MET_ORNAN   (Q07E01    ), MET_OTOGA   (Q2QLH6    ), MET_PANTR   (Q2QLF1    ), 
MET_PAPAN   (A0M8R7    ), MET_PIG     (Q2QLE0    ), MET_PLEMO   (Q2QLC0    ), 
MET_PONAB   (Q2IBD8    ), MET_RABIT   (Q09YN5    ), MET_RAT     (P97523    ), 
MET_RHIFE   (Q2IBC0    ), MET_SAIBB   (Q09YH7    ), MET_SHEEP   (Q09YI9    ), 
MIK2_ARATH  (Q8VZG8    ), MIPR_LYMST  (Q25410    ), MUSK_CHICK  (Q8AXY6    ), 
MUSK_HUMAN  (O15146    ), MUSK_MOUSE  (Q61006    ), MUSK_RAT    (Q62838    ), 
NEK10_HUMAN (Q6ZWH5    ), NEK10_MOUSE (Q3UGM2    ), NEK7_ARATH  (Q9LHI7    ), 
NFP_MEDTR   (Q0GXS4    ), NINAC_DROME (P10676    ), NTRK1_CHICK (Q91009    ), 
NTRK1_HUMAN (P04629    ), NTRK1_MOUSE (Q3UFB7    ), NTRK1_RAT   (P35739    ), 
NTRK2_CHICK (Q91987    ), NTRK2_HUMAN (Q16620    ), NTRK2_MOUSE (P15209    ), 
NTRK2_RAT   (Q63604    ), NTRK3_CHICK (Q91044    ), NTRK3_HUMAN (Q16288    ), 
NTRK3_MACFA (Q5IFJ9    ), NTRK3_MOUSE (Q6VNS1    ), NTRK3_PANTR (Q5IS37    ), 
NTRK3_PIG   (P24786    ), NTRK3_RAT   (Q03351    ), NTRK3_SAIBB (Q5IS82    ), 
OBSCN_HUMAN (Q5VST9    ), OBSCN_MOUSE (A2AAJ9    ), OLD1_CAEEL  (Q17833    ), 
PEAK1_HUMAN (Q9H792    ), PEAK1_MOUSE (Q69Z38    ), PGFRA_CHICK (Q9PUF6    ), 
PGFRA_DANRE (Q9DE49    ), PGFRA_HUMAN (P16234    ), PGFRA_MOUSE (P26618    ), 
PGFRA_RAT   (P20786    ), PGFRA_TAKRU (Q8AXC7    ), PGFRA_XENLA (P26619    ), 
PGFRB_CANLF (Q6QNF3    ), PGFRB_HUMAN (P09619    ), PGFRB_MOUSE (P05622    ), 
PGFRB_RAT   (Q05030    ), PGFRB_TAKRU (P79749    ), PRAG1_HUMAN (Q86YV5    ), 
PRAG1_MOUSE (Q571I4    ), PRAG1_RAT   (D3ZMK9    ), PRPKB_MOUSE (Q99PW4    ), 
PRPK_HUMAN  (Q96S44    ), PTI11_ARATH (Q8H1G6    ), PTI12_ARATH (O49339    ), 
PTI13_ARATH (B9DFG5    ), PTK6_HUMAN  (Q13882    ), PTK6_MOUSE  (Q64434    ), 
PTK7_CHICK  (Q91048    ), PTK7_DROAN  (B3MH43    ), PTK7_DROER  (B3NS99    ), 
PTK7_DROME  (Q6AWJ9    ), PTK7_DROMO  (B4KPU0    ), PTK7_DROPE  (B4GBH0    ), 
PTK7_DROPS  (Q290N5    ), PTK7_DROSE  (B4HNW4    ), PTK7_DROSI  (B4QC63    ), 
PTK7_DROWI  (B4MR28    ), PTK7_DROYA  (B4P5Q9    ), PTK7_HUMAN  (Q13308    ), 
PTK7_MOUSE  (Q8BKG3    ), PUB57_ORYSJ (Q0DR28    ), PXC3_ARATH  (O22938    ), 
PYK3_DICDI  (Q54I36    ), RET_HUMAN   (P07949    ), RET_MOUSE   (P35546    ), 
RET_RAT     (G3V9H8    ), RIO1_CHATD  (G0S3J5    ), RIO1_SCHPO  (O42650    ), 
RON_HUMAN   (Q04912    ), RON_MOUSE   (Q62190    ), ROR1_DROME  (Q24488    ), 
ROR1_HUMAN  (Q01973    ), ROR1_MOUSE  (Q9Z139    ), ROR2_DROME  (Q9V6K3    ), 
ROR2_HUMAN  (Q01974    ), ROR2_MOUSE  (Q9Z138    ), ROS1_CHICK  (P08941    ), 
ROS1_HUMAN  (P08922    ), ROS1_MOUSE  (Q78DX7    ), ROS1_RAT    (Q63132    ), 
ROS_AVISU   (P00529    ), RTK2_GEOCY  (P42159    ), RYK1_DROME  (Q27324    ), 
RYK2_DROME  (Q9V422    ), RYK_AVIR3   (P33497    ), RYK_CAEEL   (G5EGT9    ), 
RYK_HUMAN   (P34925    ), RYK_MOUSE   (Q01887    ), SCD2_CAEEL  (O76411    ), 
SEA_AVIET   (P23049    ), SHARK_DROME (Q24145    ), SID3_CAEEL  (Q10925    ), 
SMKTR_MOUSE (A2KF29    ), SMOK1_MOUSE (Q9QYZ4    ), SPE8_CAEBR  (A8WZ92    ), 
SPE8_CAEEL  (O01798    ), SPK1_GIRTI  (P42687    ), SPLA_DICDI  (P18160    ), 
SPLB_DICDI  (P18161    ), SRC1_CAEEL  (G5EE56    ), SRC1_XENLA  (P13115    ), 
SRC2_CAEEL  (O45539    ), SRC2_XENLA  (P13116    ), SRC42_DROME (Q9V9J3    ), 
SRC64_DROME (P00528    ), SRC_AVIS2   (P15054    ), SRC_AVISR   (P00525    ), 
SRC_AVISS   (P14084    ), SRC_AVIST   (P14085    ), SRC_CHICK   (P00523    ), 
SRC_DANRE   (Q1JPZ3    ), SRC_HUMAN   (P12931    ), SRC_MOUSE   (P05480    ), 
SRC_RAT     (Q9WUD9    ), SRC_RSVH1   (P25020    ), SRC_RSVP    (P00526    ), 
SRC_RSVPA   (P31693    ), SRC_RSVSA   (P00524    ), SRC_RSVSE   (P63185    ), 
SRK1_SPOLA  (P42686    ), SRK2_SPOLA  (P42688    ), SRK3_SPOLA  (P42689    ), 
SRK4_SPOLA  (P42690    ), SRMS_HUMAN  (Q9H3Y6    ), SRMS_MOUSE  (Q62270    ), 
STK_HYDVU   (P17713    ), STYK1_HUMAN (Q6J9G0    ), STYK1_MOUSE (Q6J9G1    ), 
SVH2_CAEEL  (H2KZU7    ), TEC_HUMAN   (P42680    ), TEC_MOUSE   (P24604    ), 
TESK1_HUMAN (Q15569    ), TESK1_MOUSE (O70146    ), TESK1_RAT   (Q63572    ), 
TESK2_HUMAN (Q96S53    ), TESK2_MOUSE (Q8VCT9    ), TESK2_RAT   (Q924U5    ), 
TIE1_BOVIN  (Q06805    ), TIE1_DANRE  (O73792    ), TIE1_HUMAN  (P35590    ), 
TIE1_MOUSE  (Q06806    ), TIE2_BOVIN  (Q06807    ), TIE2_DANRE  (O73791    ), 
TIE2_HUMAN  (Q02763    ), TIE2_MOUSE  (Q02858    ), TNK1_HUMAN  (Q13470    ), 
TNK1_MOUSE  (Q99ML2    ), TORSO_BOMMO (D2IYS2    ), TORSO_DROME (P18475    ), 
TRK1_LYMST  (O76997    ), TXK_HUMAN   (P42681    ), TXK_MOUSE   (P42682    ), 
TYK2_HUMAN  (P29597    ), TYK2_MOUSE  (Q9R117    ), TYRO3_CHICK (Q98949    ), 
TYRO3_DANRE (Q9YI66    ), TYRO3_HUMAN (Q06418    ), TYRO3_MOUSE (P55144    ), 
TYRO3_RAT   (P55146    ), TYRO3_XENLA (Q8QFP9    ), TYRO3_XENTR (A0JM20    ), 
UFO_HUMAN   (P30530    ), UFO_MOUSE   (Q00993    ), UL97_ELHVK  (Q18LD0    ), 
UL97_HCMVA  (P16788    ), UL97_HCMVM  (Q6SW46    ), UL97_HCMVT  (Q68101    ), 
UL97_MUHVS  (D3XDS2    ), VER3_CAEEL  (Q21038    ), VER4_CAEEL  (Q21041    ), 
VG36_ALHV1  (O36385    ), VG36_EHV2   (Q66640    ), VGFR1_CHICK (Q8QHL3    ), 
VGFR1_HUMAN (P17948    ), VGFR1_MOUSE (P35969    ), VGFR1_RAT   (P53767    ), 
VGFR2_COTJA (P52583    ), VGFR2_DANRE (Q5GIT4    ), VGFR2_HUMAN (P35968    ), 
VGFR2_MOUSE (P35918    ), VGFR2_RAT   (O08775    ), VGFR3_COTCO (P79701    ), 
VGFR3_DANRE (Q5MD89    ), VGFR3_HUMAN (P35916    ), VGFR3_MOUSE (P35917    ), 
VGFR3_RAT   (Q91ZT1    ), VGFR4_DANRE (Q8AXB3    ), XMRK_XIPMA  (P13388    ), 
Y0019_DICDI (Q54XY6    ), Y0652_DICDI (Q54RP7    ), Y1523_ARATH (Q9C823    ), 
Y1571_ARATH (Q9LP24    ), Y2197_ARATH (P93749    ), Y2777_DICDI (Q54SC4    ), 
Y3589_ARATH (Q9LSC2    ), YES_AVISY   (P00527    ), YES_CANLF   (Q28923    ), 
YES_CHICK   (P09324    ), YES_DANRE   (A1A5H8    ), YES_HUMAN   (P07947    ), 
YES_MOUSE   (Q04736    ), YES_RAT     (F1LM93    ), YES_XENLA   (P10936    ), 
YES_XIPHE   (P27447    ), YL232_MIMIV (Q5UQC1    ), YL268_MIMIV (Q5UPU3    ), 
YL670_MIMIV (Q5UNT4    ), YL673_MIMIV (Q5UNT1    ), YRK_CHICK   (Q02977    ), 
YS3J_CAEEL  (Q19238    ), YTYK1_DICDI (Q54G28    ), YTYK2_DICDI (Q54R58    ), 
YX05_CAEEL  (Q11112    ), ZAK1_DICDI  (Q75JK0    ), ZAK2_DICDI  (Q552C6    ), 
ZAP70_HUMAN (P43403    ), ZAP70_MOUSE (P43404    ), ZYG1_CAEBR  (Q621J7    ), 
ZYG1_CAEEL  (Q9GT24    )
» more

False negative sequences
17 sequences

BLK_HUMAN   (P51451    ), BLK_MOUSE   (P16277    ), BUD32_ENCCU (Q8SVD9    ), 
EPHAA_HUMAN (Q5JZY3    ), EPHAA_MOUSE (Q8BYG9    ), EPHB2_COTJA (Q90344    ), 
ERBB3_HUMAN (P21860    ), ERBB3_PONAB (Q5RB22    ), FGFR3_DANRE (Q9I8X3    ), 
KAE1B_HALMA (P36174    ), KAE1B_HALSA (Q9HNL6    ), KAE1B_HALWD (Q18KI0    ), 
KAE1B_METLZ (A2SR70    ), KAE1B_NATPD (Q3IMN2    ), KAE1B_THEAC (Q9HLA5    ), 
VAB1_CAEEL  (O61460    ), WSCK_DROME  (P83097    )
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'Partial' sequences
3 sequences

EGFR_CHICK  (P13387    ), IGF1R_PIG   (Q29000    ), INSR_MACMU  (Q28516    )

False positive sequences
59 sequences

ACD10_HUMAN (Q6JQN1    ), ACD10_MOUSE (Q8K370    ), ACD11_CHICK (Q5ZHT1    ), 
ACD11_HUMAN (Q709F0    ), ACD11_PONAB (Q5R778    ), ADCS_ARATH  (Q8LPN3    ), 
BOP1_BRUMA  (A8PWB6    ), CYCB_GEOSK  (D7ALQ0    ), CYCB_GEOSL  (Q749K5    ), 
FDL36_ARATH (Q9FL99    ), IBR3_ARATH  (Q8RWZ3    ), KKA1_ECOLX  (P00551    ), 
KKA1_SALTM  (Q03447    ), KKA5_STRFR  (P00555    ), KKA8_ECOLX  (P14509    ), 
KKA9_STRRI  (P13250    ), MPK12_ARATH (Q8GYQ5    ), MPK2_ORYSJ  (Q5J4W4    ), 
MSP1_PLAFK  (P04932    ), MSP1_PLAFW  (P04933    ), PKN6_MYXXA  (P54738    ), 
PLK4_AEDAE  (Q16W24    ), PLK4_BOVIN  (A2VDZ4    ), PLK4_CULQU  (B0WAU8    ), 
PLK4_DANRE  (Q7ZVS3    ), PLK4_DROAN  (B3M6I4    ), PLK4_DROER  (B3NE99    ), 
PLK4_DROGR  (B4J3F1    ), PLK4_DROME  (O97143    ), PLK4_DROMO  (B4KYX8    ), 
PLK4_DROPE  (B4HBU3    ), PLK4_DROPS  (Q2LYK3    ), PLK4_DROSE  (B4IAQ8    ), 
PLK4_DROSI  (B4QK53    ), PLK4_DROVI  (B4LDJ6    ), PLK4_DROWI  (B4MXR8    ), 
PLK4_DROYA  (B4PDM5    ), PLK4_HUMAN  (O00444    ), PLK4_MOUSE  (Q64702    ), 
PLK4_NEMVE  (A7SNN5    ), PLK4_PONAB  (Q5R9Z7    ), PLK4_RAT    (B2GUY1    ), 
PLK4_XENLA  (Q6PAD2    ), PLK4_XENTR  (B3DL84    ), RIO1_ARCFU  (O28471    ), 
RIO1_DICDI  (Q54VD8    ), RIO1_HALVD  (D4GYY1    ), RIO1_METJA  (Q57886    ), 
RIO1_THEAC  (Q03021    ), RIO2_ARCFU  (O30245    ), RPOB_TOXGO  (Q9MTD3    ), 
VATC_THEVO  (Q97CQ2    ), VF179_IIV6  (O55767    ), WBDD2_ECOLX (Q47592    ), 
WBDD_ECOLX  (J7I4B7    ), YLOA_SCHPO  (Q9UUJ8    )
» more

[Detailed view]
1686 PDB

1AD5; 1AGW; 1BYG; 1FGI; 1FGK; 1FMK; 1FPU; 1FVR; 1GAG; 1GJO; 1I44; 1IEP; 1IR3; 1IRK; 1JPA; 1JQH; 1K2P; 1K3A; 1K9A; 1KSW; 1LUF; 1M14; 1M17; 1M52; 1M7N; 1MP8; 1MQB; 1OEC; 1OPJ; 1P4O; 1PKG; 1QCF; 1QPC; 1QPD; 1QPE; 1QPJ; 1R0P; 1R1W; 1RJB; 1RQQ; 1SM2; 1SNU; 1SNX; 1T45; 1T46; 1U46; 1U4D; 1U54; 1U59; 1VR2; 1XBA; 1XBB; 1XBC; 1XKK; 1Y57; 1Y6A; 1Y6B; 1YI6; 1YOJ; 1YOL; 1YOM; 1YVJ; 1YWN; 2AUH; 2B4S; 2B7A; 2BDF; 2BDJ; 2C0I; 2C0O; 2C0T; 2DQ7; 2E2B; 2EB2; 2EB3; 2ETM; 2F4J; 2FGI; 2G15; 2G1T; 2G2F; 2G2H; 2G2I; 2GQG; 2GS2; 2GS6; 2GS7; 2GSF; 2H8H; 2HCK; 2HIW; 2HK5; 2HWO; 2HWP; 2HYY; 2HZ0; 2HZ4; 2HZI; 2HZN; 2I0V; 2I0Y; 2I1M; 2IJM; 2ITN; 2ITO; 2ITP; 2ITQ; 2ITT; 2ITU; 2ITV; 2ITW; 2ITX; 2ITY; 2ITZ; 2IVS; 2IVT; 2IVU; 2IVV; 2J0J; 2J0K; 2J0L; 2J0M; 2J5E; 2J5F; 2J6M; 2JIT; 2JIU; 2JIV; 2JKK; 2JKM; 2JKO; 2JKQ; 2OF2; 2OF4; 2OFU; 2OFV; 2OG8; 2OGV; 2OH4; 2OIQ; 2OJ9; 2OO8; 2OSC; 2P0C; 2P2H; 2P2I; 2P4I; 2PL0; 2PSQ; 2PTK; 2PVF; 2PVY; 2PWL; 2PY3; 2PZ5; 2PZP; 2PZR; 2Q0B; 2QI8; 2QLQ; 2QO2; 2QO7; 2QO9; 2QOB; 2QOC; 2QOD; 2QOF; 2QOH; 2QOI; 2QOK; 2QOL; 2QOO; 2QOQ; 2QQ7; 2QU5; 2QU6; 2R2P; 2R4B; 2REI; 2RF9; 2RFD; 2RFE; 2RFN; 2RFS; 2RGP; 2RL5; 2SRC; 2V7A; 2VWB; 2VWU; 2VWV; 2VWW; 2VWX; 2VWY; 2VWZ; 2VX0; 2VX1; 2W1I; 2WD1; 2WGJ; 2WKM; 2X2K; 2X2L; 2X2M; 2X9F; 2XA4; 2XB7; 2XBA; 2XIR; 2XP2; 2XVD; 2XYN; 2XYU; 2Y6M; 2Y6O; 2YFX; 2YHV; 2YJR; 2YJS; 2YN8; 2Z60; 2Z8C; 2ZM1; 2ZM3; 2ZM4; 2ZV7; 2ZV8; 2ZV9; 2ZVA; 2ZYB; 3A4O; 3A4P; 3AC1; 3AC2; 3AC3; 3AC4; 3AC5; 3AC8; 3ACJ; 3ACK; 3AD4; 3AD5; 3AD6; 3AOX; 3B2T; 3B2W; 3B8Q; 3B8R; 3BBT; 3BBW; 3BCE; 3BE2; 3BEA; 3BEL; 3BKB; 3BPR; 3BRB; 3BU3; 3BU5; 3BU6; 3BYM; 3BYO; 3BYS; 3BYU; 3BZ3; 3C1X; 3C4F; 3C7Q; 3CBL; 3CC6; 3CCN; 3CD3; 3CD8; 3CE3; 3CJF; 3CJG; 3CLY; 3CP9; 3CPB; 3CPC; 3CS9; 3CTH; 3CTJ; 3D7T; 3D7U; 3D94; 3DK3; 3DK6; 3DK7; 3DKC; 3DKF; 3DKG; 3DKO; 3DPK; 3DQW; 3DQX; 3DTW; 3DZQ; 3E62; 3E63; 3E64; 3EFJ; 3EFK; 3EFL; 3EL7; 3EL8; 3EMG; 3EN4; 3EN5; 3EN6; 3EN7; 3EN9; 3ENH; 3EQP; 3EQR; 3ET7; 3ETA; 3EWH; 3EYG; 3EYH; 3F3T; 3F3U; 3F3V; 3F3W; 3F5P; 3F66; 3F6X; 3F82; 3FQE; 3FQH; 3FQS; 3FUP; 3FXX; 3FY2; 3FZO; 3FZP; 3FZR; 3FZS; 3FZT; 3G0E; 3G0F; 3G5D; 3G6G; 3G6H; 3GEN; 3GEQ; 3GOP; 3GQI; 3GQL; 3GT8; 3GVU; 3H3C; 3HMI; 3HNG; 3I5N; 3I81; 3IK3; 3IKA; 3IO7; 3IOK; 3JS2; 3JY9; 3K54; 3K5V; 3KCK; 3KF4; 3KFA; 3KMM; 3KRJ; 3KRL; 3KRR; 3KUL; 3KXX; 3KXZ; 3KY2; 3L8P; 3L8V; 3L9P; 3LCD; 3LCK; 3LCO; 3LCS; 3LCT; 3LOK; 3LPB; 3LQ8; 3LVP; 3LW0; 3LXK; 3LXL; 3LXN; 3LXP; 3LZB; 3MIY; 3MJ1; 3MJ2; 3MS9; 3MSS; 3NW5; 3NW6; 3NW7; 3O23; 3OCS; 3OCT; 3OEZ; 3OF0; 3OXZ; 3OY3; 3P08; 3PIX; 3PIY; 3PIZ; 3PJ1; 3PJ2; 3PJ3; 3PJC; 3PLS; 3POZ; 3PP0; 3PXK; 3PYY; 3Q32; 3Q6U; 3Q6W; 3QGW; 3QGY; 3QLF; 3QLG; 3QQU; 3QRI; 3QRJ; 3QRK; 3QTI; 3QUP; 3R7O; 3RCD; 3RHK; 3RHX; 3RI1; 3RVG; 3SRV; 3SVV; 3SXR; 3SXS; 3T9T; 3TCP; 3TJC; 3TJD; 3TT0; 3TUB; 3TUC; 3TUD; 3TZ7; 3TZ8; 3TZ9; 3U4W; 3U51; 3U6H; 3U6I; 3U6J; 3UE4; 3UG1; 3UG2; 3UGC; 3UQF; 3UQG; 3V5J; 3V5L; 3V5Q; 3V8T; 3V8W; 3VF8; 3VF9; 3VHE; 3VHK; 3VID; 3VJN; 3VJO; 3VNT; 3VO3; 3VRY; 3VRZ; 3VS0; 3VS1; 3VS2; 3VS3; 3VS4; 3VS5; 3VS6; 3VS7; 3VW8; 3W2O; 3W2P; 3W2Q; 3W2R; 3W2S; 3W32; 3W33; 3WZD; 3WZE; 3ZBF; 3ZBX; 3ZC5; 3ZC6; 3ZCL; 3ZEP; 3ZEW; 3ZFM; 3ZFX; 3ZFY; 3ZMM; 3ZOS; 3ZXZ; 3ZZE; 3ZZW; 4AG8; 4AGC; 4AGD; 4AGW; 4ANL; 4ANQ; 4ANS; 4AOI; 4AOJ; 4AP7; 4AQC; 4ASD; 4ASE; 4ASZ; 4AT3; 4AT4; 4AT5; 4AW5; 4BB4; 4BKJ; 4BRX; 4C61; 4C62; 4C7T; 4CCB; 4CCU; 4CD0; 4CKI; 4CKJ; 4CKR; 4CLI; 4CLJ; 4CMO; 4CMT; 4CMU; 4CNH; 4CTB; 4CTC; 4D0W; 4D0X; 4D1S; 4D2R; 4D4R; 4D4S; 4D4V; 4D4Y; 4D55; 4D58; 4D5H; 4D5K; 4DCE; 4DEG; 4DEH; 4DEI; 4DFL; 4DFN; 4DGG; 4E4L; 4E4M; 4E4N; 4E5W; 4E6D; 4E6Q; 4E93; 4EBV; 4EBW; 4EEV; 4EHZ; 4EI4; 4EWH; 4F08; 4F09; 4F0I; 4F4P; 4F63; 4F64; 4F65; 4FEQ; 4FF8; 4FIC; 4FK6; 4FL1; 4FL2; 4FL3; 4FNW; 4FNX; 4FNY; 4FNZ; 4FOB; 4FOC; 4FOD; 4FYN; 4FYO; 4FZ6; 4FZ7; 4G2F; 4G5J; 4G5P; 4GFG; 4GFM; 4GG5; 4GG7; 4GK2; 4GK3; 4GK4; 4GL9; 4GMY; 4GT4; 4GT5; 4GU6; 4GU9; 4GVJ; 4H1J; 4H1M; 4HCT; 4HCU; 4HCV; 4HGE; 4HJO; 4HVD; 4HVG; 4HVH; 4HVI; 4HVS; 4HW7; 4HZR; 4HZS; 4I0R; 4I0S; 4I0T; 4I1Z; 4I20; 4I21; 4I22; 4I23; 4I24; 4I4E; 4I4F; 4I5C; 4I6Q; 4IBM; 4ID7; 4IVA; 4IVB; 4IVC; 4IVD; 4IWD; 4J95; 4J96; 4J97; 4J98; 4J99; 4JI9; 4JIA; 4JOA; 4JQ7; 4JQ8; 4JR3; 4JRV; 4K11; 4K33; 4K6Z; 4K77; 4K8A; 4K9Y; 4KAB; 4KAO; 4KIO; 4KNB; 4L7S; 4LGG; 4LGH; 4LI5; 4LL0; 4LQM; 4LRM; 4LUD; 4LUE; 4M0Y; 4M0Z; 4M12; 4M13; 4M14; 4M15; 4M3Q; 4MCV; 4MF0; 4MF1; 4MH7; 4MHA; 4MKC; 4MXC; 4MXO; 4MXX; 4MXY; 4MXZ; 4NK9; 4NKA; 4NKS; 4NWM; 4O2P; 4OT5; 4OT6; 4OTF; 4OTQ; 4OTR; 4P2K; 4P4C; 4P5Q; 4P5Z; 4P7E; 4PDO; 4PMM; 4PMP; 4PMS; 4PMT; 4PP9; 4PPA; 4PPB; 4PPC; 4PQN; 4PUZ; 4PV0; 4PX6; 4PY1; 4Q9S; 4QD6; 4QQ5; 4QQC; 4QQJ; 4QQT; 4QRC; 4QT1; 4R1V; 4R1Y; 4R3P; 4R3R; 4R5S; 4R6V; 4R7H; 4R7I; 4RFM; 4RFY; 4RFZ; 4RG0; 4RIO; 4RIW; 4RIX; 4RIY; 4RJ4; 4RJ5; 4RJ6; 4RJ7; 4RJ8; 4RSS; 4RT7; 4RWI; 4RWJ; 4RWK; 4RWL; 4RX5; 4RX7; 4RX8; 4RX9; 4TKS; 4TRL; 4TT7; 4TWN; 4TWO; 4TWP; 4TYE; 4TYG; 4TYI; 4TYJ; 4U0I; 4U5J; 4UWB; 4UWC; 4UWY; 4UXL; 4UXQ; 4V01; 4V04; 4V05; 4V0G; 4WA9; 4WD5; 4WKQ; 4WNM; 4WRG; 4WUN; 4WW5; 4WW7; 4WW9; 4WWA; 4XCU; 4XEY; 4XG2; 4XG3; 4XG4; 4XG6; 4XG7; 4XG8; 4XG9; 4XI2; 4XLI; 4XLV; 4XMO; 4XUF; 4XYF; 4YBJ; 4YBK; 4YC8; 4YHF; 4YJO; 4YJP; 4YJQ; 4YJR; 4YJS; 4YJT; 4YJU; 4YJV; 4YMJ; 4YNE; 4YPS; 4YTC; 4YTF; 4YTH; 4YTI; 4Z16; 4Z3V; 4Z55; 4ZAU; 4ZIM; 4ZJV; 4ZLY; 4ZLZ; 4ZOG; 4ZSA; 4ZSE; 5A46; 5A4C; 5A9U; 5AA8; 5AA9; 5AAA; 5AAB; 5AAC; 5AEP; 5AM6; 5AM7; 5AMN; 5B7V; 5BMM; 5BPY; 5BQ0; 5BVK; 5BVN; 5BVO; 5BVW; 5C26; 5C27; 5C8K; 5C8M; 5C8N; 5CAL; 5CAN; 5CAO; 5CAP; 5CAQ; 5CAS; 5CAU; 5CAV; 5CF4; 5CF5; 5CF6; 5CF8; 5CNN; 5CNO; 5CXH; 5CXZ; 5CY3; 5CZH; 5CZI; 5D10; 5D11; 5D12; 5D41; 5D7V; 5DA3; 5DG5; 5E1E; 5EDP; 5EDQ; 5EDR; 5EG3; 5EK7; 5EM5; 5EM6; 5EM7; 5EM8; 5EOB; 5EW3; 5EW8; 5EYC; 5EYD; 5FBN; 5FBO; 5FDP; 5FDX; 5FED; 5FEE; 5FEQ; 5FLF; 5FM2; 5FM3; 5FTO; 5FTQ; 5FXQ; 5FXR; 5FXS; 5GHV; 5GMP; 5GNK; 5GRN; 5GTY; 5GTZ; 5H09; 5H0B; 5H0E; 5H0G; 5H0H; 5H2U; 5H3Q; 5HCX; 5HCY; 5HCZ; 5HEZ; 5HG5; 5HG7; 5HG8; 5HG9; 5HIB; 5HIC; 5HLW; 5HNI; 5HO6; 5HOA; 5HOR; 5HTI; 5HU9; 5HX8; 5HZN; 5I8A; 5I9U; 5I9V; 5I9W; 5I9X; 5I9Y; 5I9Z; 5IA0; 5IA1; 5IA2; 5IA3; 5IA4; 5IA5; 5IMX; 5IUG; 5IUH; 5IUI; 5J5S; 5J87; 5J9Y; 5J9Z; 5JEB; 5JFS; 5JFV; 5JFW; 5JFX; 5JKG; 5JRS; 5K0K; 5K0X; 5K5X; 5K9I; 5KHW; 5KHX; 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