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Entry: PS00126

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] PDEASE_I_1
Accession [info] PS00126
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00116

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] 3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase domain signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 102 in 102 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 101 in 101 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 1
Number of false negative sequences 2
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 99.02 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 98.06 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
101 sequences

PDE10_HUMAN (Q9Y233    ), PDE10_MOUSE (Q8CA95    ), PDE10_RAT   (Q9QYJ6    ), 
PDE11_DROME (Q9VJ79    ), PDE11_HUMAN (Q9HCR9    ), PDE11_MOUSE (P0C1Q2    ), 
PDE11_RAT   (Q8VID6    ), PDE11_TAKRU (Q1KKS3    ), PDE1A_BOVIN (P14100    ), 
PDE1A_HUMAN (P54750    ), PDE1A_MOUSE (Q61481    ), PDE1B_BOVIN (Q01061    ), 
PDE1B_CRIGR (Q64395    ), PDE1B_HUMAN (Q01064    ), PDE1B_MOUSE (Q01065    ), 
PDE1B_RAT   (Q01066    ), PDE1C_HUMAN (Q14123    ), PDE1C_MOUSE (Q64338    ), 
PDE1C_RAT   (Q63421    ), PDE1_CAEEL  (O18696    ), PDE1_DROME  (B7YZV4    ), 
PDE2A_BOVIN (P14099    ), PDE2A_HUMAN (O00408    ), PDE2A_MOUSE (Q922S4    ), 
PDE2A_RAT   (Q01062    ), PDE2_CAEEL  (P30645    ), PDE2_DICDI  (Q23917    ), 
PDE2_YEAST  (P06776    ), PDE3A_HUMAN (Q14432    ), PDE3A_MOUSE (Q9Z0X4    ), 
PDE3A_RAT   (Q62865    ), PDE3B_HUMAN (Q13370    ), PDE3B_MOUSE (Q61409    ), 
PDE3B_RAT   (Q63085    ), PDE3_CAEEL  (Q8I0P7    ), PDE3_DICDI  (B0G0Y8    ), 
PDE4A_DROME (Q9W4T4    ), PDE4A_HUMAN (P27815    ), PDE4A_MOUSE (O89084    ), 
PDE4A_RAT   (P54748    ), PDE4B_DROME (P12252    ), PDE4B_HUMAN (Q07343    ), 
PDE4B_RAT   (P14646    ), PDE4C_DROME (Q9W4S9    ), PDE4C_HUMAN (Q08493    ), 
PDE4C_MOUSE (Q3UEI1    ), PDE4C_RAT   (P14644    ), PDE4D_HUMAN (Q08499    ), 
PDE4D_MOUSE (Q01063    ), PDE4D_RAT   (P14270    ), PDE4E_DROME (Q8IRU4    ), 
PDE4_CAEEL  (Q22000    ), PDE4_DICDI  (Q86H13    ), PDE5A_BOVIN (Q28156    ), 
PDE5A_CANLF (O77746    ), PDE5A_HUMAN (O76074    ), PDE5A_MOUSE (Q8CG03    ), 
PDE5A_RAT   (O54735    ), PDE5_CAEEL  (P91119    ), PDE6A_BOVIN (P11541    ), 
PDE6A_CANLF (Q28263    ), PDE6A_HUMAN (P16499    ), PDE6A_MOUSE (P27664    ), 
PDE6B_BOVIN (P23439    ), PDE6B_CANLF (P33726    ), PDE6B_HUMAN (P35913    ), 
PDE6B_MOUSE (P23440    ), PDE6C_BOVIN (P16586    ), PDE6C_CHICK (P52731    ), 
PDE6C_HUMAN (P51160    ), PDE6C_MOUSE (Q91ZQ1    ), PDE6_CAEEL  (Q9N2V9    ), 
PDE6_DROAN  (B3LVW5    ), PDE6_DROER  (B3P3K2    ), PDE6_DROGR  (B4JXX2    ), 
PDE6_DROME  (Q9VFI9    ), PDE6_DROMO  (B4K9L4    ), PDE6_DROPE  (B4G4E5    ), 
PDE6_DROPS  (Q298P4    ), PDE6_DROSE  (B4HEM4    ), PDE6_DROSI  (B4QZU1    ), 
PDE6_DROVI  (B4LVU6    ), PDE6_DROWI  (B4NAL6    ), PDE6_DROYA  (B4PSS5    ), 
PDE7A_HUMAN (Q13946    ), PDE7A_MOUSE (P70453    ), PDE7A_RAT   (O08593    ), 
PDE7B_HUMAN (Q9NP56    ), PDE7B_MOUSE (Q9QXQ1    ), PDE8A_HUMAN (O60658    ), 
PDE8A_MOUSE (O88502    ), PDE8B_HUMAN (O95263    ), PDE8B_MOUSE (E9Q4S1    ), 
PDE9A_DROME (Q9I7S6    ), PDE9A_HUMAN (O76083    ), PDE9A_MOUSE (O70628    ), 
PDE9A_PANTR (H2QL32    ), PDE9A_RAT   (Q8QZV1    ), PDEB_PLAF7  (Q8I6Z7    ), 
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False negative sequences
2 sequences

PDE8_DROME  (Q6NNF2    ), PDEA_PLAF7  (Q8I5V4    )

'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

PDE4A_CAVPO (O89085    )

False positive sequences
1 sequence

DNAE2_BRADU (Q89QU8    )

[Detailed view]
351 PDB

1F0J; 1MKD; 1OYN; 1PTW; 1Q9M; 1RKP; 1RO6; 1RO9; 1ROR; 1SO2; 1SOJ; 1T9R; 1T9S; 1TAZ; 1TB5; 1TB7; 1TBB; 1TBF; 1UDT; 1UDU; 1UHO; 1XLX; 1XLZ; 1XM4; 1XM6; 1XMU; 1XMY; 1XN0; 1XOM; 1XON; 1XOQ; 1XOR; 1XOS; 1XOT; 1XOZ; 1XP0; 1Y2B; 1Y2C; 1Y2D; 1Y2E; 1Y2H; 1Y2J; 1Y2K; 1Z1L; 1ZKL; 1ZKN; 2CHM; 2FM0; 2FM5; 2H40; 2H42; 2H44; 2HD1; 2O8H; 2OUN; 2OUP; 2OUQ; 2OUR; 2OUS; 2OUU; 2OVV; 2OVY; 2QYK; 2QYL; 2QYM; 2QYN; 2WEY; 2Y0J; 2YY2; 3B2R; 3BJC; 3D3P; 3DY8; 3DYL; 3DYN; 3DYQ; 3DYS; 3ECM; 3ECN; 3FRG; 3G3N; 3G45; 3G4G; 3G4I; 3G4K; 3G4L; 3G58; 3GWT; 3HC8; 3HDZ; 3HMV; 3HQW; 3HQY; 3HQZ; 3HR1; 3I8V; 3IAD; 3IAK; 3IBJ; 3ITM; 3ITU; 3JAB; 3JBQ; 3JSI; 3JSW; 3JWQ; 3JWR; 3K3E; 3K3H; 3K4S; 3KKT; 3LXG; 3LY2; 3N3Z; 3O0J; 3O56; 3O57; 3QI3; 3QI4; 3QPN; 3QPO; 3QPP; 3SHY; 3SHZ; 3SIE; 3SL3; 3SL4; 3SL5; 3SL6; 3SL8; 3SN7; 3SNI; 3SNL; 3TGE; 3TGG; 3TVX; 3UI7; 3UUO; 3V9B; 3W5E; 3WD9; 3WI2; 3WS8; 3WS9; 3WYK; 3WYL; 3WYM; 4AEL; 4AJD; 4AJF; 4AJG; 4AJM; 4BBX; 4C1I; 4D08; 4D09; 4DDL; 4DFF; 4E90; 4FCB; 4FCD; 4G2J; 4G2L; 4G2W; 4G2Y; 4GH6; 4HEU; 4HF4; 4HTX; 4HTZ; 4I9Z; 4IA0; 4JIB; 4KP6; 4LKQ; 4LLJ; 4LLK; 4LLP; 4LLX; 4LM0; 4LM1; 4LM2; 4LM3; 4LM4; 4MD6; 4MRW; 4MRZ; 4MS0; 4MSA; 4MSC; 4MSE; 4MSH; 4MSN; 4MUW; 4MVH; 4MYQ; 4NPV; 4NPW; 4NW7; 4OEW; 4OEX; 4OGB; 4P0N; 4P1R; 4PHW; 4PM0; 4QGE; 4TPM; 4TPP; 4W1O; 4WCU; 4WN1; 4WZI; 4X0F; 4XY2; 4Y2B; 4Y86; 4Y87; 4Y8C; 4YQH; 4YS7; 4ZO5; 5AXP; 5AXQ; 5B25; 5B4K; 5B4L; 5C1W; 5C28; 5C29; 5C2A; 5C2E; 5C2H; 5DH4; 5DH5; 5EDE; 5EDG; 5EDH; 5EDI; 5I2R; 5JO3; 5K1I; 5K32; 5K6J; 5K9R; 5LAQ; 5LBO; 5OHJ; 5TKB; 5TZ3; 5TZA; 5TZC; 5TZH; 5TZW; 5TZX; 5TZZ; 5U00; 5U7D; 5U7I; 5U7J; 5U7K; 5U7L; 5UOY; 5UP0; 5UWF; 5VP0; 5VP1; 5W6E; 5WH5; 5WH6; 5WQA; 5XKM; 5XUI; 5XUJ; 5ZNL; 5ZZ2; 6A3N; 6ACB; 6AKR; 6B96; 6B97; 6B98; 6BLF; 6BOJ; 6C7D; 6C7E; 6C7F; 6C7G; 6C7I; 6C7J; 6CYB; 6CYC; 6CYD; 6F6U; 6F8R; 6F8T; 6F8U; 6F8V; 6F8W; 6F8X; 6FDC; 6FDI; 6FE7; 6FEB; 6FET; 6FT0; 6FTA; 6FTW; 6FW3; 6HWO; 6IAG; 6IBF; 6IJH; 6IJI; 6IM6; 6IMB; 6IMD; 6IMI; 6IMO; 6IMR; 6IMT; 6IND; 6INK; 6INM; 6IWI; 6K9U; 6KDX; 6KDZ; 6KE0; 6KJZ; 6KK0; 6KO0; 6KO1; 6KZE; 6L6E; 6LZZ; 6MSA; 6MSC; 6MZB; 6NJH; 6NJI; 6NJJ; 6RCW; 6VBI; 6X88; 6ZBA; 6ZND; 6ZQZ; 7BPI; 7CBQ; 7JSN
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