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Entry: PS00127

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RNASE_PANCREATIC
Accession [info] PS00127
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00118

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Pancreatic ribonuclease family signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2020_04 which contains 563'082 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 196 in 196 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 189 in 189 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 7 in 7 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 0
Number of 'partial' sequences 5
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 96.43 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 100.00 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 1
Site [info] active_site at position 2
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
189 sequences

AMPS1_LITPI (P85072    ), AMPS2_LITPI (P85073    ), AMPS3_LITPI (P85074    ), 
AMPS4_LITPI (P85075    ), ANG1_BOVIN  (P10152    ), ANG2_BOVIN  (P80929    ), 
ANG2_MOUSE  (Q64438    ), ANG3_MOUSE  (P97802    ), ANG4_MOUSE  (Q3TMQ6    ), 
ANGI_AOTTR  (Q8WN61    ), ANGI_CHICK  (P27043    ), ANGI_CHLAE  (Q8WN66    ), 
ANGI_COLGU  (Q861Y5    ), ANGI_GORGO  (Q71MJ0    ), ANGI_HORSE  (Q5VI84    ), 
ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950    ), ANGI_MACMU  (Q8WN63    ), ANGI_MIOTA  (Q8WN65    ), 
ANGI_MOUSE  (P21570    ), ANGI_PANTR  (Q8WME8    ), ANGI_PAPHA  (Q8WN64    ), 
ANGI_PIG    (P31346    ), ANGI_PONPY  (Q8WN67    ), ANGI_RABIT  (P31347    ), 
ANGI_RHIAV  (Q861Y1    ), ANGI_RHIBE  (Q861Y2    ), ANGI_RHIRO  (Q861Y3    ), 
ANGI_SAGOE  (Q8WN62    ), ANGI_SAISC  (Q8WN60    ), ANGI_TRAFR  (Q861Y4    ), 
ECP1_MOUSE  (P97426    ), ECP2_MOUSE  (P97425    ), ECP3_MOUSE  (O35290    ), 
ECP_GORGO   (P47778    ), ECP_HUMAN   (P12724    ), ECP_MACFA   (P47779    ), 
ECP_MACNE   (Q8SPY9    ), ECP_PANTR   (P47780    ), ECP_PONPY   (P47781    ), 
ECP_RAT     (P70709    ), LECS_RANJA  (P18839    ), RNAS1_ABRJE (Q9WUR3    ), 
RNAS1_ACOCA (Q9WTT5    ), RNAS1_AEPME (P07847    ), RNAS1_ALCAA (P00667    ), 
RNAS1_ANTAM (P00668    ), RNAS1_ATEGE (Q8SQ06    ), RNAS1_AXIPR (P87351    ), 
RNAS1_BALAC (P00673    ), RNAS1_BISBI (P61824    ), RNAS1_BOSTR (P07849    ), 
RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823    ), RNAS1_BUBBU (P00657    ), RNAS1_CAMBA (P67929    ), 
RNAS1_CAMDR (P67928    ), RNAS1_CAPCA (P00664    ), RNAS1_CAPHI (P67926    ), 
RNAS1_CEREL (P00663    ), RNAS1_CHEMY (P84844    ), RNAS1_CHESE (P04061    ), 
RNAS1_CHICH (P00675    ), RNAS1_CHINI (Q9WUV3    ), RNAS1_CHLAE (P61821    ), 
RNAS1_CHOHO (P00685    ), RNAS1_CONTA (P00660    ), RNAS1_CRIGR (P24717    ), 
RNAS1_DAMDA (P00665    ), RNAS1_DAMKO (P00659    ), RNAS1_EUDTH (P07848    ), 
RNAS1_GALMU (P00680    ), RNAS1_GERGM (Q9WUX4    ), RNAS1_GERNI (Q9WUS2    ), 
RNAS1_GIRCA (P00662    ), RNAS1_GLIGL (Q9WUS1    ), RNAS1_GORGO (Q8SQ13    ), 
RNAS1_HIPAM (P00672    ), RNAS1_HORSE (P00674    ), RNAS1_HUMAN (P07998    ), 
RNAS1_HYDHY (P00677    ), RNAS1_HYSCR (P04060    ), RNAS1_IGUIG (P80287    ), 
RNAS1_LAGLA (Q8SQ05    ), RNAS1_LEMCA (Q8SQ04    ), RNAS1_LEOED (Q9WUS3    ), 
RNAS1_MACMU (Q8SPN5    ), RNAS1_MACRG (B3EWJ0    ), RNAS1_MACRU (P00686    ), 
RNAS1_MESAU (P00682    ), RNAS1_MIOTA (P61822    ), RNAS1_MOUSE (P00683    ), 
RNAS1_MUSPA (Q9QYX3    ), RNAS1_MUSSA (Q9QYX2    ), RNAS1_MYOCO (P00676    ), 
RNAS1_MYOGA (Q9WUR4    ), RNAS1_NIVCR (Q9WUV4    ), RNAS1_NOMLE (Q8SQ11    ), 
RNAS1_ONDZI (P00681    ), RNAS1_ORYLE (Q29606    ), RNAS1_PANTR (Q8SQ14    ), 
RNAS1_PAPHA (Q8SQ09    ), RNAS1_PERLE (Q9WUV5    ), RNAS1_PIG   (P00671    ), 
RNAS1_PONPY (Q8SQ12    ), RNAS1_PROGU (P04059    ), RNAS1_PYGNE (Q8SPN4    ), 
RNAS1_RANTA (P00666    ), RNAS1_SAGOE (Q8SQ07    ), RNAS1_SAISC (Q8SQ08    ), 
RNAS1_SEMEN (P19644    ), RNAS1_SHEEP (P67927    ), RNAS1_SPAEH (P16414    ), 
RNAS1_SUNME (Q8VD83    ), RNAS1_TRAOR (P00658    ), RNAS1_URARU (Q9WUX6    ), 
RNAS2_AOTTR (O18937    ), RNAS2_CALJA (Q8SPY2    ), RNAS2_CHLAE (Q8SPY6    ), 
RNAS2_GORGO (P47782    ), RNAS2_HUMAN (P10153    ), RNAS2_MACFA (P47783    ), 
RNAS2_MACNE (Q8SPY5    ), RNAS2_MOUSE (O35291    ), RNAS2_NOMLE (Q8SPY8    ), 
RNAS2_PANTR (P47785    ), RNAS2_PAPHA (Q8SPY7    ), RNAS2_PONPY (P47784    ), 
RNAS2_SAGLB (Q8SPY3    ), RNAS2_SAGOE (P47786    ), RNAS2_SAISC (Q8SPY4    ), 
RNAS4_BOVIN (P15467    ), RNAS4_HUMAN (P34096    ), RNAS4_MOUSE (Q9JJH1    ), 
RNAS4_PANTR (Q8HZQ0    ), RNAS4_PIG   (P15468    ), RNAS4_PONAB (Q5NVS4    ), 
RNAS4_RAT   (O55004    ), RNAS6_AOTTR (O46528    ), RNAS6_BOVIN (P08904    ), 
RNAS6_CHLAE (O46534    ), RNAS6_GORGO (O46532    ), RNAS6_HUMAN (Q93091    ), 
RNAS6_MACMU (O46533    ), RNAS6_MIOTA (O46531    ), RNAS6_MOUSE (Q9D244    ), 
RNAS6_PANTR (O46525    ), RNAS6_PAPHA (O46527    ), RNAS6_PIG   (P81649    ), 
RNAS6_PONPY (O46526    ), RNAS6_SAGOE (O46530    ), RNAS6_SAISC (O46529    ), 
RNAS7_HUMAN (Q9H1E1    ), RNAS8_AOTTR (Q8SPZ5    ), RNAS8_CHLAE (Q8SPZ6    ), 
RNAS8_HUMAN (Q8TDE3    ), RNAS8_MIOTA (Q8SPZ7    ), RNAS8_PANTR (Q8SPZ8    ), 
RNAS8_PONPY (A1YLB9    ), RNAS8_SAGOE (Q8SPZ4    ), RNASL_LITCT (P14626    ), 
RNASO_LITCT (P11916    ), RNBR_AXIPR  (P87350    ), RNBR_BOVIN  (P39873    ), 
RNBR_CAPCA  (P79351    ), RNBR_GIRCA  (Q29542    ), RNBR_SHEEP  (Q29543    ), 
RNL2_CHICK  (P81476    ), RNP30_LITPI (P22069    ), RNS1A_CAVPO (P00678    ), 
RNS1A_RATEX (Q8VD93    ), RNS1A_RATFU (Q8VD91    ), RNS1B_CAVPO (P00679    ), 
RNS1B_PYGNE (Q8SPN3    ), RNS1B_RAT   (P00684    ), RNS1B_RATEX (Q9WUX3    ), 
RNS1B_RATTI (Q8VD84    ), RNS1D_RAT   (Q8VD88    ), RNS1D_RATEX (Q8VD92    ), 
RNS1D_RATRT (Q8VD86    ), RNS1D_RATTI (Q8VD85    ), RNS1G_RAT   (Q8VD89    ), 
RNS1G_RATFU (Q8VD90    ), RNS1G_RATRT (Q8VD87    ), RNS2B_MOUSE (O35292    ), 
RNSL3_DANRE (A5HAK0    ), RNS_BOVIN   (P00669    ), RNS_CEPSI   (Q29539    ), 
RNS_GIRCA   (Q29535    ), RNS_SAITA   (Q29538    ), RSFR_CHICK  (P30374    )
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'Partial' sequences
5 sequences

GLYL_BOVIN  (P59760    ), LGEN_BOVIN  (P59761    ), RNAS1_ODOVI (P19640    ), 
RNAS2_PIG   (P80551    ), RNL1_PIG    (P15466    )
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False positive sequences
7 sequences

CAPSD_RCNMV (P22955    ), DAW1_CHLRE  (Q3Y8L7    ), DIAP3_HUMAN (Q9NSV4    ), 
DIAP3_MOUSE (Q9Z207    ), LCAT2_ARATH (Q4VCM1    ), RL32_ONYPE  (Q6YR20    ), 
VIT_ONCMY   (Q92093    )
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426 PDB

11BA; 11BG; 1A2W; 1A4Y; 1A5Q; 1AFK; 1AFL; 1AFU; 1AGI; 1ANG; 1AQP; 1AWZ; 1B1I; 1B1J; 1B6V; 1BC4; 1BEL; 1BSR; 1BZQ; 1C0B; 1C0C; 1C9V; 1C9X; 1CJQ; 1CJR; 1D5D; 1D5E; 1D5H; 1DFJ; 1DY5; 1DYT; 1DZA; 1E21; 1EIC; 1EID; 1EIE; 1EOS; 1EOW; 1F0V; 1FEV; 1FS3; 1GIO; 1GQV; 1GV7; 1H0D; 1H1H; 1H52; 1H53; 1H8X; 1HBY; 1HI2; 1HI3; 1HI4; 1HI5; 1J7Z; 1J80; 1J81; 1J82; 1JN4; 1JS0; 1JVT; 1JVU; 1JVV; 1K2A; 1K58; 1K59; 1K5A; 1K5B; 1KF2; 1KF3; 1KF4; 1KF5; 1KF7; 1KF8; 1KH8; 1KM8; 1KM9; 1LSQ; 1M07; 1N1X; 1N3Z; 1O0F; 1O0H; 1O0M; 1O0N; 1O0O; 1ONC; 1PU3; 1QHC; 1QMT; 1QWQ; 1R3M; 1R5C; 1R5D; 1RAR; 1RAS; 1RAT; 1RBB; 1RBC; 1RBD; 1RBE; 1RBF; 1RBG; 1RBH; 1RBI; 1RBJ; 1RBN; 1RBW; 1RBX; 1RCA; 1RCN; 1RHA; 1RHB; 1RNC; 1RND; 1RNF; 1RNM; 1RNN; 1RNO; 1RNQ; 1RNU; 1RNV; 1RNW; 1RNX; 1RNY; 1RNZ; 1ROB; 1RPF; 1RPG; 1RPH; 1RRA; 1RSM; 1RTA; 1RTB; 1RUV; 1SRN; 1SSA; 1SSB; 1SSC; 1TQ9; 1U1B; 1UN4; 1UN5; 1W4O; 1W4P; 1W4Q; 1WBU; 1XPS; 1XPT; 1Y92; 1Y94; 1YMN; 1YMR; 1YMW; 1YV4; 1YV6; 1YV7; 1Z3L; 1Z3M; 1Z3P; 1Z6D; 1Z6S; 1Z7X; 2AAS; 2ANG; 2APQ; 2BEX; 2BLP; 2BLZ; 2BWK; 2BWL; 2BZZ; 2C01; 2C02; 2C05; 2E0J; 2E0L; 2E0M; 2E0O; 2E33; 2E3W; 2G4W; 2G4X; 2G8Q; 2G8R; 2GMK; 2HKY; 2I5S; 2J4T; 2K11; 2KB5; 2KB6; 2LFJ; 2LT5; 2LVZ; 2NUI; 2OP2; 2OQF; 2P42; 2P43; 2P44; 2P45; 2P46; 2P47; 2P48; 2P49; 2P4A; 2P6Z; 2P7S; 2Q4G; 2QCA; 2RAT; 2RLN; 2RNF; 2RNS; 2VQ9; 2W5G; 2W5I; 2W5K; 2W5L; 2W5M; 2XOG; 2XOI; 2ZPO; 3A1R; 3BCM; 3BCO; 3BCP; 3D6O; 3D6P; 3D6Q; 3D7B; 3D8Y; 3D8Z; 3DH5; 3DH6; 3DI7; 3DI8; 3DI9; 3DIB; 3DIC; 3DJO; 3DJP; 3DJQ; 3DJV; 3DJX; 3DXG; 3DXH; 3EUX; 3EUY; 3EUZ; 3EV0; 3EV1; 3EV2; 3EV3; 3EV4; 3EV5; 3EV6; 3F8G; 3FD7; 3FKZ; 3FL0; 3FL1; 3FL3; 3HG6; 3I67; 3I6F; 3I6H; 3I6J; 3I7W; 3I7X; 3I7Y; 3JW1; 3LXO; 3MWQ; 3MWR; 3MX8; 3MZQ; 3MZR; 3OQY; 3OQZ; 3OR0; 3PHN; 3QL1; 3QL2; 3QSK; 3RAT; 3RH1; 3RID; 3RN3; 3RSD; 3RSK; 3RSP; 3SNF; 3SRN; 3TSR; 3U00; 3ZBV; 3ZBW; 4A2O; 4A2Y; 4AHD; 4AHE; 4AHF; 4AHG; 4AHH; 4AHJ; 4AHK; 4AHL; 4AHM; 4AHN; 4AO1; 4AOH; 4B36; 4G8V; 4G8Y; 4G90; 4J5Z; 4J60; 4J61; 4J62; 4J63; 4J64; 4J65; 4J66; 4J67; 4J68; 4J69; 4J6A; 4K7L; 4K7M; 4KXH; 4L55; 4MXF; 4N4C; 4O36; 4O37; 4OKF; 4OOH; 4OT4; 4OWZ; 4OXB; 4OXF; 4PEQ; 4PER; 4POU; 4QH3; 4RAT; 4RSD; 4RSK; 4RTE; 4S0Q; 4S18; 4SRN; 4WYN; 4WYP; 4WYZ; 4X08; 4X09; 4YGW; 4ZZ4; 5AR6; 5ARJ; 5ARK; 5ARL; 5D6U; 5D97; 5E13; 5E5E; 5E5F; 5EOP; 5EPZ; 5EQO; 5ET4; 5JLG; 5JMG; 5JML; 5M9A; 5M9G; 5M9J; 5M9M; 5M9P; 5M9Q; 5M9R; 5M9S; 5M9T; 5M9V; 5NA9; 5NJ7; 5OAB; 5OBC; 5OBD; 5OBE; 5OGH; 5OLD; 5RAT; 5RSA; 6ENP; 6ETK; 6ETL; 6ETM; 6ETN; 6ETO; 6ETP; 6ETQ; 6ETR; 6F60; 6GOK; 6MV6; 6MV7; 6PVU; 6PVV; 6PVW; 6PVX; 6QE9; 6QMN; 6RAT; 6RSA; 6XVX; 6XW0; 7RAT; 7RSA; 8RAT; 8RSA; 9RAT; 9RSA
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