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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] TRYPSIN_HIS
Accession [info] PS00134
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00124
Associated ProRule [info] PRU10078

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Serine proteases, trypsin family, histidine active site.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2023_02 which contains 569'516 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 734 in 724 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 696 in 686 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 38 in 38 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 68
Number of 'partial' sequences 86
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 94.82 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 91.10 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 3
Site [info] active_site at position 5
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
686 sequences

ACH1_LONAC  (P23604    ), ACH2_LONAC  (P23605    ), ACRO_HUMAN  (P10323    ), 
ACRO_MELGA  (Q2UVH8    ), ACRO_MOUSE  (P23578    ), ACRO_PIG    (P08001    ), 
ACRO_RABIT  (P48038    ), ACRO_RAT    (P29293    ), ACRO_SHEEP  (Q9GL10    ), 
AMI_XENLA   (Q63ZK0    ), AMI_XENTR   (Q6P326    ), APOA_HUMAN  (P08519    ), 
BLOT3_BLOTA (A1KXI1    ), BLTX_BLABR  (Q76B45    ), BSSP4_HUMAN (Q9GZN4    ), 
BSSP4_MOUSE (Q9ER10    ), CAC3_BOVIN  (P05805    ), CATG_HUMAN  (P08311    ), 
CATG_MOUSE  (P28293    ), CATG_RAT    (P17977    ), CEL2A_BOVIN (Q29461    ), 
CEL2A_HUMAN (P08217    ), CEL2A_MOUSE (P05208    ), CEL2A_PIG   (P08419    ), 
CEL2A_RAT   (P00774    ), CEL2B_HUMAN (P08218    ), CEL3A_HUMAN (P09093    ), 
CEL3B_HUMAN (P08861    ), CEL3B_MACMU (O19023    ), CEL3B_MOUSE (Q9CQ52    ), 
CELA1_BOVIN (Q28153    ), CELA1_CANLF (Q867B0    ), CELA1_FELCA (Q5R1M5    ), 
CELA1_HUMAN (Q9UNI1    ), CELA1_MACFA (O46644    ), CELA1_MOUSE (Q91X79    ), 
CELA1_PIG   (P00772    ), CELA1_RAT   (P00773    ), CERC_SCHMA  (P12546    ), 
CFAB_BOVIN  (P81187    ), CFAB_GORGO  (Q864V9    ), CFAB_HUMAN  (P00751    ), 
CFAB_MOUSE  (P04186    ), CFAB_PANTR  (Q864W0    ), CFAB_PONPY  (Q864W1    ), 
CFAD_BOVIN  (Q3T0A3    ), CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746    ), CFAD_MOUSE  (P03953    ), 
CFAD_PIG    (P51779    ), CFAD_RAT    (P32038    ), CFAI_HUMAN  (P05156    ), 
CFAI_MOUSE  (Q61129    ), CFAI_PONAB  (Q5R5A4    ), CFAI_RAT    (Q9WUW3    ), 
CFC_TACTR   (P28175    ), CFGB_TACTR  (Q27083    ), CLB10_ANOGA (Q7QBP4    ), 
CLB14_ANOGA (Q9NAS8    ), CLB15_ANOGA (Q9NAS9    ), CLB4_ANOGA  (Q7PEV7    ), 
CLB8_ANOGA  (Q8MZM7    ), CLB9_ANOGA  (F5HKX0    ), CLC9_ANOGA  (A0A1S4GMJ4), 
CMA1_CANLF  (P21842    ), CMA1_CAVPO  (A7WPL7    ), CMA1_HUMAN  (P23946    ), 
CMA1_MOUSE  (P21844    ), CMA1_PAPHA  (P52195    ), CMA1_RABIT  (P85202    ), 
CMA1_RAT    (P50339    ), CO2_BOVIN   (Q3SYW2    ), CO2_GORGO   (Q863A0    ), 
CO2_HUMAN   (P06681    ), CO2_MOUSE   (P21180    ), CO2_PANTR   (Q8SQ74    ), 
CO2_PONPY   (Q8SQ75    ), COGS_HYPLI  (P08897    ), COGS_LEPPG  (P00771    ), 
CPP1_ACRMI  (B8V7S0    ), CPP2_ACRMI  (B8VIV4    ), CTR1_ANOGA  (Q27289    ), 
CTR1_SOLIN  (Q7SIG2    ), CTR2_ANOGA  (Q17025    ), CTR2_CANLF  (P04813    ), 
CTR2_VESCR  (P00769    ), CTR2_VESOR  (P00768    ), CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766    ), 
CTRA_GADMO  (P47796    ), CTRB1_HUMAN (P17538    ), CTRB1_MOUSE (Q9CR35    ), 
CTRB1_PENVA (Q00871    ), CTRB1_RAT   (P07338    ), CTRB2_HUMAN (Q6GPI1    ), 
CTRB2_PENVA (P36178    ), CTRB_BOVIN  (P00767    ), CTRB_GADMO  (P80646    ), 
CTRC_BOVIN  (Q7M3E1    ), CTRC_HUMAN  (Q99895    ), CTRC_MOUSE  (Q3SYP2    ), 
CTRC_RAT    (P55091    ), CTRL_HALRU  (P35003    ), CTRL_HUMAN  (P40313    ), 
CTR_PHACE   (O97398    ), DDN1_BOVIN  (P80219    ), DERF3_DERFA (P49275    ), 
DERF6_DERFA (P49276    ), DERP3_DERPT (P39675    ), EAST_DROME  (P13582    ), 
EGFB2_MOUSE (P36368    ), ELA1_SALSA  (Q7SIG3    ), ELNE_HUMAN  (P08246    ), 
ELNE_MOUSE  (Q3UP87    ), ENTK_BOVIN  (P98072    ), ENTK_HUMAN  (P98073    ), 
ENTK_MOUSE  (P97435    ), ENTK_PIG    (P98074    ), ESTA_CANLF  (P09582    ), 
EURM3_EURMA (O97370    ), FA101_PSETE (Q1L659    ), FA102_PSETE (Q1L658    ), 
FA10_BOVIN  (P00743    ), FA10_CHICK  (P25155    ), FA10_HUMAN  (P00742    ), 
FA10_MOUSE  (O88947    ), FA10_RABIT  (O19045    ), FA10_RAT    (Q63207    ), 
FA10_TROCA  (Q4QXT9    ), FA11_BOVIN  (Q5NTB3    ), FA11_HUMAN  (P03951    ), 
FA11_MOUSE  (Q91Y47    ), FA12_BOVIN  (P98140    ), FA12_CAVPO  (Q04962    ), 
FA12_HUMAN  (P00748    ), FA12_MOUSE  (Q80YC5    ), FA12_PIG    (O97507    ), 
FA12_RAT    (D3ZTE0    ), FA7_BOVIN   (P22457    ), FA7_HUMAN   (P08709    ), 
FA7_MOUSE   (P70375    ), FA7_PANTR   (Q2F9P2    ), FA7_RABIT   (P98139    ), 
FA7_RAT     (Q8K3U6    ), FA9_BOVIN   (P00741    ), FA9_CANLF   (P19540    ), 
FA9_CAVPO   (P16295    ), FA9_CHICK   (Q804X6    ), FA9_FELCA   (Q6SA95    ), 
FA9_HUMAN   (P00740    ), FA9_MOUSE   (P16294    ), FA9_PANTR   (Q95ND7    ), 
FA9_PIG     (P16293    ), FA9_RABIT   (P16292    ), FA9_RAT     (P16296    ), 
FA9_SHEEP   (P16291    ), FAXC_OXYMI  (Q58L95    ), FAXC_OXYSU  (Q58L96    ), 
FAXC_PSETE  (Q56VR3    ), FAXD1_DEMVE (A6MFK7    ), FAXD1_NOTSC (P82807    ), 
FAXD2_DEMVE (A6MFK8    ), FAXD2_NOTSC (Q58L94    ), FAXD_CRYNI  (B5G6G5    ), 
FAXD_HOPST  (P83370    ), FAXD_PSEPO  (Q58L93    ), FAXD_TROCA  (P81428    ), 
FIBC_LUMRU  (P83298    ), GILX_HELHO  (P43685    ), GLUP_STRGR  (Q07006    ), 
GPL_GLOAU   (Q4TTV7    ), GPL_GLOFF   (Q8MUG0    ), GRAA_BOVIN  (Q7YRZ7    ), 
GRAA_HUMAN  (P12544    ), GRAA_MOUSE  (P11032    ), GRAB_HUMAN  (P10144    ), 
GRAB_MOUSE  (P04187    ), GRAB_RAT    (P18291    ), GRAC_MOUSE  (P08882    ), 
GRAD_MOUSE  (P11033    ), GRAE_MOUSE  (P08884    ), GRAF_MOUSE  (P08883    ), 
GRAG_MOUSE  (P13366    ), GRAH_HUMAN  (P20718    ), GRAK_HUMAN  (P49863    ), 
GRAK_MOUSE  (O35205    ), GRAK_RAT    (P49864    ), GRAM_HUMAN  (P51124    ), 
GRAM_RAT    (Q03238    ), GRASS_DROME (Q9VB68    ), GRZ1_RAT    (Q06605    ), 
GRZ2_RAT    (Q06606    ), HABP2_BOVIN (Q5E9Z2    ), HABP2_HUMAN (Q14520    ), 
HABP2_MOUSE (Q8K0D2    ), HABP2_RAT   (Q6L711    ), HAYAN_DROME (A8JUP7    ), 
HEPS_HUMAN  (P05981    ), HEPS_MOUSE  (O35453    ), HEPS_PONAB  (Q5R5E8    ), 
HEPS_RAT    (Q05511    ), HGFA_CANLF  (Q6QNF4    ), HGFA_HUMAN  (Q04756    ), 
HGFA_MOUSE  (Q9R098    ), HP8_BOMMO   (Q2VG86    ), HYPA_HYPLI  (P35587    ), 
HYPB_HYPLI  (P35588    ), ISOHC_AGEAP (Q9TXD8    ), K1B11_MOUSE (P15946    ), 
K1B16_MOUSE (P04071    ), K1B21_MOUSE (Q61759    ), K1B22_MOUSE (P15948    ), 
K1B24_MOUSE (Q61754    ), K1B26_MOUSE (P36369    ), K1B27_MOUSE (Q9JM71    ), 
K1KB1_MOUSE (P00755    ), K1KB3_MOUSE (P00756    ), K1KB4_MOUSE (P00757    ), 
K1KB5_MOUSE (P15945    ), K1KB8_MOUSE (P07628    ), K1KB9_MOUSE (P15949    ), 
KLK10_HUMAN (O43240    ), KLK10_RAT   (P36375    ), KLK11_HUMAN (Q9UBX7    ), 
KLK11_MOUSE (Q9QYN3    ), KLK12_HUMAN (Q9UKR0    ), KLK12_RAT   (P36376    ), 
KLK13_HUMAN (Q9UKR3    ), KLK14_HUMAN (Q9P0G3    ), KLK14_MOUSE (Q8CGR5    ), 
KLK15_HUMAN (Q9H2R5    ), KLK15_SAGOE (Q7JIG6    ), KLK1_BLABR  (Q5FBW2    ), 
KLK1_HUMAN  (P06870    ), KLK1_MACFA  (Q07276    ), KLK1_MOUSE  (P15947    ), 
KLK1_PAPHA  (Q28773    ), KLK1_RAT    (P00758    ), KLK2_BLABR  (Q5FBW1    ), 
KLK2_CAVPO  (P12323    ), KLK2_HORSE  (Q6H321    ), KLK2_HUMAN  (P20151    ), 
KLK2_RAT    (P00759    ), KLK3_HUMAN  (P07288    ), KLK3_MACFA  (Q6DT45    ), 
KLK3_MACMU  (P33619    ), KLK4_HUMAN  (Q9Y5K2    ), KLK4_MOUSE  (Q9Z0M1    ), 
KLK5_HUMAN  (Q9Y337    ), KLK6_HUMAN  (Q92876    ), KLK6_RAT    (P36374    ), 
KLK7_HUMAN  (P49862    ), KLK7_MOUSE  (Q91VE3    ), KLK7_RAT    (P36373    ), 
KLK8_HUMAN  (O60259    ), KLK8_MOUSE  (Q61955    ), KLK8_RAT    (O88780    ), 
KLK9_HUMAN  (Q9UKQ9    ), KLK9_RAT    (P07647    ), KLKB1_BOVIN (Q2KJ63    ), 
KLKB1_HUMAN (P03952    ), KLKB1_MOUSE (P26262    ), KLKB1_RAT   (P14272    ), 
KLKR_MASNA  (P32824    ), KLK_PIG     (P00752    ), LFC_CARRO   (Q26422    ), 
LINT_DROME  (B7YZU2    ), MASP1_HUMAN (P48740    ), MASP1_MOUSE (P98064    ), 
MASP1_RAT   (Q8CHN8    ), MAS_DROME   (Q9VZH2    ), MCPT1_MERUN (P50340    ), 
MCPT1_MOUSE (P11034    ), MCPT1_RAT   (P09650    ), MCPT2_MERUN (P50341    ), 
MCPT2_MOUSE (P15119    ), MCPT2_RAT   (P00770    ), MCPT2_SHEEP (P79204    ), 
MCPT3_SHEEP (O46683    ), MCPT4_MOUSE (P21812    ), MCPT4_RAT   (P97592    ), 
MCPT8_MOUSE (P43430    ), MCPT8_RAT   (P97594    ), MCPT9_MOUSE (O35164    ), 
MCPTX_MOUSE (Q00356    ), MCT1A_SHEEP (P80931    ), MODSP_DROME (Q9VER6    ), 
MP1_DROME   (A0A126GUP6), NETR_GORGO  (Q5G270    ), NETR_HUMAN  (P56730    ), 
NETR_MACMU  (Q5G267    ), NETR_MOUSE  (O08762    ), NETR_NOMLE  (Q5G268    ), 
NETR_PANTR  (Q5G271    ), NETR_PONPY  (Q5G269    ), NETR_RAT    (G3V801    ), 
NETR_SAGLB  (Q5G265    ), NETR_TRAPH  (Q5G266    ), NUDEL_DROME (P98159    ), 
OVCH1_HUMAN (Q7RTY7    ), OVCH2_BUFJA (Q90WD8    ), OVCH2_HUMAN (Q7RTZ1    ), 
OVCH2_MOUSE (Q7M761    ), OVCH2_RHIAE (Q66TN7    ), OVCH2_XENLA (P79953    ), 
OVCH_HALRO  (A0A182C2Z2), PCE_TACTR   (P21902    ), PGM5_MOUSE  (Q8BZF8    ), 
PLMN_BOVIN  (P06868    ), PLMN_CANLF  (P80009    ), PLMN_ERIEU  (Q29485    ), 
PLMN_HORSE  (P80010    ), PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747    ), PLMN_MACMU  (P12545    ), 
PLMN_MOUSE  (P20918    ), PLMN_NOTEU  (O18783    ), PLMN_PONAB  (Q5R8X6    ), 
PLMN_RAT    (Q01177    ), PLMN_SHEEP  (P81286    ), PN47_PHONI  (P84033    ), 
POLS2_HUMAN (Q5K4E3    ), POLS2_MOUSE (Q5K2P8    ), POLS2_RAT   (Q5K2P9    ), 
PPAE1_SPOLT (Q49QW1    ), PPAE_BOMMO  (Q9XXV0    ), PPAF1_HOLDI (O97366    ), 
PPAF3_HOLDI (Q8I6K0    ), PRLA_LYSEN  (P00778    ), PROC_CANLF  (Q28278    ), 
PROC_HUMAN  (P04070    ), PROC_MOUSE  (P33587    ), PROC_PIG    (Q9GLP2    ), 
PROC_RABIT  (Q28661    ), PROC_RAT    (P31394    ), PRS23_BOVIN (Q1LZE9    ), 
PRS23_HUMAN (O95084    ), PRS23_MACMU (Q1WK23    ), PRS23_MOUSE (Q9D6X6    ), 
PRS23_RAT   (Q6AY61    ), PRS27_HUMAN (Q9BQR3    ), PRS27_MOUSE (Q8BJR6    ), 
PRS27_RAT   (Q6BEA2    ), PRS28_MOUSE (Q924N9    ), PRS29_HUMAN (A6NIE9    ), 
PRS29_MOUSE (Q99MS4    ), PRS30_MOUSE (Q9QYZ9    ), PRS30_RAT   (P83748    ), 
PRS33_HUMAN (Q8NF86    ), PRS33_MOUSE (Q80WM7    ), PRS35_BOVIN (Q5E9X7    ), 
PRS35_HUMAN (Q8N3Z0    ), PRS35_MACMU (Q1WK24    ), PRS35_MOUSE (Q8C0F9    ), 
PRS35_RAT   (Q5R212    ), PRS38_HUMAN (A1L453    ), PRS38_MOUSE (Q3UKY7    ), 
PRS39_MOUSE (O70169    ), PRS40_MOUSE (A6H6T1    ), PRS41_HUMAN (Q7RTY9    ), 
PRS41_MOUSE (Q920S2    ), PRS42_HUMAN (Q7Z5A4    ), PRS42_MOUSE (Q8VIF2    ), 
PRS43_MOUSE (Q76HL1    ), PRS44_MOUSE (Q402U7    ), PRS45_BOVIN (A2VE36    ), 
PRS45_HUMAN (Q7RTY3    ), PRS45_MOUSE (Q8K4I7    ), PRS45_RAT   (Q6IE62    ), 
PRS46_HUMAN (E5RG02    ), PRS46_MOUSE (Q5M8S2    ), PRS46_RAT   (Q6IE63    ), 
PRS48_HUMAN (Q7RTY5    ), PRS48_MOUSE (Q14B25    ), PRS51_HUMAN (A0A1B0GVH4), 
PRS52_MOUSE (Q9D9M0    ), PRS53_HUMAN (Q2L4Q9    ), PRS53_MOUSE (Q571E5    ), 
PRS55_HUMAN (Q6UWB4    ), PRS56_HUMAN (P0CW18    ), PRS56_MOUSE (F2YMG0    ), 
PRS57_HUMAN (Q6UWY2    ), PRS57_MOUSE (Q14B24    ), PRS57_RAT   (Q6IE59    ), 
PRS58_HUMAN (Q8IYP2    ), PRS58_MOUSE (Q8BW11    ), PRSS8_HUMAN (Q16651    ), 
PRSS8_MOUSE (Q9ESD1    ), PRSS8_RAT   (Q9ES87    ), PRTA_STRGR  (P00776    ), 
PRTB_STRGR  (P00777    ), PRTD_STRGR  (P52321    ), PRTN3_HUMAN (P24158    ), 
PRTN3_MOUSE (Q61096    ), PSH_DROME   (Q9VWU1    ), SCLXB_HELVI (C1JE15    ), 
SEMS_DROME  (Q9VP95    ), SER1_DROME  (C0HKF7    ), SER2_DROME  (C0HKF8    ), 
SER3_DROME  (P17207    ), SER7_DROME  (Q9V3Z2    ), SER_TABYA   (C1IBY0    ), 
SFAS1_STRFR (Q03424    ), SFAS2_STRFR (P41140    ), SNAK_DROME  (P05049    ), 
SP1_RARFA   (Q05308    ), SP24D_ANOGA (Q17004    ), SP34_APIME  (Q8MQS8    ), 
SP4_BOMPE   (Q7M4I3    ), SP4_POLDO   (Q7Z269    ), SPE_DROME   (Q9VCJ8    ), 
SPRM_HALRO  (Q966V2    ), ST14_BOVIN  (Q0IIH7    ), ST14_HUMAN  (Q9Y5Y6    ), 
ST14_MOUSE  (P56677    ), SVH1_CAEEL  (Q17800    ), TEST_HUMAN  (Q9Y6M0    ), 
TEST_MOUSE  (Q9JHJ7    ), THRB_BOVIN  (P00735    ), THRB_HUMAN  (P00734    ), 
THRB_MOUSE  (P19221    ), THRB_PIG    (Q19AZ8    ), THRB_PONAB  (Q5R537    ), 
THRB_RAT    (P18292    ), TM11A_HUMAN (Q6ZMR5    ), TM11A_MOUSE (Q3UQ41    ), 
TM11B_HUMAN (Q86T26    ), TM11B_MOUSE (Q14C59    ), TM11C_MOUSE (Q1JRP2    ), 
TM11D_HUMAN (O60235    ), TM11D_MOUSE (Q8VHK8    ), TM11D_RAT   (Q8VHJ4    ), 
TM11E_HUMAN (Q9UL52    ), TM11E_MOUSE (Q5S248    ), TM11F_HUMAN (Q6ZWK6    ), 
TM11F_MOUSE (Q8BHM9    ), TM11L_RAT   (Q6IE14    ), TMPS2_HUMAN (O15393    ), 
TMPS2_MOUSE (Q9JIQ8    ), TMPS3_HUMAN (P57727    ), TMPS3_MOUSE (Q8K1T0    ), 
TMPS4_HUMAN (Q9NRS4    ), TMPS4_MOUSE (Q8VCA5    ), TMPS5_HUMAN (Q9H3S3    ), 
TMPS5_MOUSE (Q9ER04    ), TMPS6_HUMAN (Q8IU80    ), TMPS6_MOUSE (Q9DBI0    ), 
TMPS7_HUMAN (Q7RTY8    ), TMPS7_MOUSE (Q8BIK6    ), TMPS7_RAT   (P86091    ), 
TMPS9_HUMAN (Q7Z410    ), TMPS9_MOUSE (P69525    ), TMPS9_RAT   (P69526    ), 
TMPSD_MOUSE (Q5U405    ), TPA_BOVIN   (Q28198    ), TPA_HUMAN   (P00750    ), 
TPA_MOUSE   (P11214    ), TPA_PIG     (Q8SQ23    ), TPA_PONAB   (Q5R8J0    ), 
TPA_RAT     (P19637    ), TRY1_ANOGA  (P35035    ), TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760    ), 
TRY1_CANLF  (P06871    ), TRY1_CHICK  (Q90627    ), TRY1_GADMO  (P16049    ), 
TRY1_HUMAN  (P07477    ), TRY1_RAT    (P00762    ), TRY1_SALSA  (P35031    ), 
TRY1_XENLA  (P19799    ), TRY2_ANOGA  (P35036    ), TRY2_BOVIN  (Q29463    ), 
TRY2_CANLF  (P06872    ), TRY2_CHICK  (Q90628    ), TRY2_HUMAN  (P07478    ), 
TRY2_MOUSE  (P07146    ), TRY2_RAT    (P00763    ), TRY2_SALSA  (P35032    ), 
TRY2_XENLA  (P70059    ), TRY3_AEDAE  (P29786    ), TRY3_ANOGA  (P35037    ), 
TRY3_CHICK  (Q90629    ), TRY3_HUMAN  (P35030    ), TRY3_RAT    (P08426    ), 
TRY3_SALSA  (P35033    ), TRY4_ANOGA  (P35038    ), TRY4_MOUSE  (Q9R0T7    ), 
TRY4_RAT    (P12788    ), TRY5_AEDAE  (P29787    ), TRY5_ANOGA  (P35039    ), 
TRY5_MOUSE  (Q9QUK9    ), TRY6_ANOGA  (P35040    ), TRY6_HUMAN  (Q8NHM4    ), 
TRY7_ANOGA  (P35041    ), TRYA4_LUCCU (P35044    ), TRYA_DROER  (P54624    ), 
TRYA_DROME  (P04814    ), TRYA_MANSE  (P35045    ), TRYA_RAT    (P32821    ), 
TRYB1_HUMAN (Q15661    ), TRYB1_MOUSE (Q02844    ), TRYB1_RAT   (P27435    ), 
TRYB2_HUMAN (P20231    ), TRYB2_MOUSE (P21845    ), TRYB2_RAT   (P50343    ), 
TRYB_DROER  (P54625    ), TRYB_DROME  (P35004    ), TRYB_MANSE  (P35046    ), 
TRYB_RAT    (P32822    ), TRYC_MANSE  (P35047    ), TRYDT_DROER (C0HKA5    ), 
TRYDT_DROME (C0HKA2    ), TRYD_HUMAN  (Q9BZJ3    ), TRYE_DROER  (P54627    ), 
TRYE_DROME  (P35005    ), TRYG1_HUMAN (Q9NRR2    ), TRYG1_MOUSE (Q9QUL7    ), 
TRYGT_DROER (C0HKA6    ), TRYGT_DROME (C0HKA3    ), TRYI_DROME  (P52905    ), 
TRYL5_CAEEL (O01887    ), TRYM_CANLF  (P19236    ), TRYP_ASTAS  (P00765    ), 
TRYP_CHOFU  (P35042    ), TRYP_FUSOX  (P35049    ), TRYP_PHACE  (O97399    ), 
TRYP_PIG    (P00761    ), TRYP_SACER  (P24664    ), TRYP_SARBU  (P51588    ), 
TRYP_SIMVI  (P35048    ), TRYP_SQUAC  (P00764    ), TRYP_STREX  (P80420    ), 
TRYP_STRGA  (Q54179    ), TRYP_STRGR  (P00775    ), TRYT_CANLF  (P15944    ), 
TRYT_DROER  (P54628    ), TRYT_DROME  (P42278    ), TRYT_MERUN  (P50342    ), 
TRYT_PIG    (Q9N2D1    ), TRYT_SHEEP  (Q9XSM2    ), TRYX_GADMO  (Q91041    ), 
TRYZ_DROER  (P54630    ), TRYZ_DROME  (P42280    ), TYRP3_TYRPU (C6ZDB5    ), 
UROK_BOVIN  (Q05589    ), UROK_CHICK  (P15120    ), UROK_HUMAN  (P00749    ), 
UROK_PAPCY  (P16227    ), UROK_PIG    (P04185    ), UROK_PONAB  (Q5RF29    ), 
UROK_RABIT  (Q8MHY7    ), URT1_DESRO  (P98119    ), URT2_DESRO  (P15638    ), 
URTB_DESRO  (P98121    ), URTG_DESRO  (P49150    ), VAE1_GLOHA  (N0AAE6    ), 
VAE2_GLOHA  (N0A5N4    ), VDP_BOMMO   (Q07943    ), VSP01_TRIST (Q71QJ3    ), 
VSP02_TRIST (Q71QJ0    ), VSP03_TRIST (Q71QI5    ), VSP05_TRIST (Q71QI4    ), 
VSP06_TRIST (Q71QJ2    ), VSP08_TRIST (Q71QH5    ), VSP09_TRIST (Q71QJ1    ), 
VSP10_TRIST (Q71QI8    ), VSP11_TRIST (Q71QI7    ), VSP12_BOTJA (Q5W960    ), 
VSP12_TRIST (Q71QI1    ), VSP13_CRODU (B0FXM1    ), VSP13_TRIST (Q71QH6    ), 
VSP14_BOTJA (Q5W959    ), VSP14_CRODU (B0FXM2    ), VSP14_TRIST (Q71QH9    ), 
VSP17_CRODU (B0FXM3    ), VSP1_BOTJA  (P81824    ), VSP1_BOTJR  (Q2PQJ3    ), 
VSP1_BOTMA  (P0DJE9    ), VSP1_BUNMU  (A8QL57    ), VSP1_CROAT  (Q8QHK3    ), 
VSP1_CRODO  (A0A0S4FKT4), VSP1_DEIAC  (Q9I8X2    ), VSP1_GLOBL  (P81176    ), 
VSP1_GLOBR  (P85109    ), VSP1_GLOHA  (Q9YGJ2    ), VSP1_GLOUS  (Q91053    ), 
VSP1_MACLB  (E0Y418    ), VSP1_NAJAT  (A8QL53    ), VSP1_OPHHA  (A8QL56    ), 
VSP1_PROEL  (P84788    ), VSP1_PROFL  (P05620    ), VSP1_PROMU  (Q91507    ), 
VSP1_SCOSU  (O96900    ), VSP1_TRIAB  (A7LAC6    ), VSP1_TRIGA  (O13059    ), 
VSP21_CRODU (Q58G94    ), VSP27_BOTPI (P0DL26    ), VSP2_AGKBI  (Q9PSN3    ), 
VSP2_AGKCO  (P82981    ), VSP2_BOTJA  (O13069    ), VSP2_CROAD  (J3S833    ), 
VSP2_CROAT  (Q8QHK2    ), VSP2_GLOHA  (Q9YGI6    ), VSP2_PROEL  (P84787    ), 
VSP2_PROJR  (Q9DF67    ), VSP2_PROMU  (Q91508    ), VSP2_TRIAB  (A7LAC7    ), 
VSP3_BOTJA  (Q9PTU8    ), VSP3_DEIAC  (Q9I8X0    ), VSP3_MACLB  (E0Y420    ), 
VSP3_PROFL  (O13058    ), VSP3_PROJR  (Q9DF66    ), VSP3_PROMU  (Q91509    ), 
VSP3_TRIGA  (O13063    ), VSP41_BOTPI (P0DL27    ), VSP4_CROAD  (J3SDX0    ), 
VSP4_LACMR  (C0HLA3    ), VSP4_PROMU  (Q91510    ), VSP5M_TRIST (Q8AY78    ), 
VSP5_CROAD  (F8S116    ), VSP5_PROMU  (Q91511    ), VSP5_TRIST  (Q71QI3    ), 
VSP6_PROMU  (Q9DG83    ), VSP7_PROMU  (Q9DG84    ), VSP8_CROAD  (J3S835    ), 
VSP9_CROAD  (J3RYA3    ), VSPAF_DABSI (E5L0E3    ), VSPAF_TRIAB (P0CJ41    ), 
VSPA_BOTJA  (P81661    ), VSPA_CERCE  (P81038    ), VSPA_DABSI  (P18964    ), 
VSPA_DEIAC  (Q9YGS1    ), VSPA_MACLB  (Q8JH85    ), VSPBF_MACLB (E0Y419    ), 
VSPB_CROAD  (J3S832    ), VSPB_GLOBL  (Q9PT51    ), VSPB_TRIGA  (O13061    ), 
VSPC1_CROAT (Q7LZF5    ), VSPC_CROAD  (J3RY93    ), VSPC_TRIAB  (P0DJF6    ), 
VSPC_TRIGA  (O13062    ), VSPD_CROAD  (J3SBQ3    ), VSPD_GLOUS  (Q7SZE2    ), 
VSPE2_GLOUS (O42207    ), VSPE_CROAD  (J3SDW9    ), VSPF_BOTAT  (P04971    ), 
VSPGL_GLOSH (P0C5B4    ), VSPG_DABSI  (P18965    ), VSPG_GLOUS  (Q8UVX1    ), 
VSPL_BOTLC  (P0DJ86    ), VSPP1_GLOHA (Q802F0    ), VSPPA_AGKPL (E5L0E5    ), 
VSPPA_TRIST (Q91516    ), VSPPE_GLOHA (O93421    ), VSPP_CERCE  (Q7SYF1    ), 
VSPP_DEIAC  (Q9I8X1    ), VSPP_TRIST  (Q71QH7    ), VSPR4_BITRH (D8MIA2    ), 
VSPR5_BITRH (D8MIA3    ), VSPS1_CROAD (Q8UUK2    ), VSPS1_TRIST (Q8AY80    ), 
VSPS2_TRIST (Q8AY79    ), VSPSA_GLOBR (Q9PTL3    ), VSPSH_GLOSH (Q6T5L0    ), 
VSPSN_GLOHA (O73800    ), VSPST_TRIST (Q8AY81    ), VSPSX_GLOSA (Q7SZE1    ), 
VSPUA_GLOUS (Q8UUJ1    ), VSPUI_GLOUS (Q8UUJ2    ), VSPY_MACLB  (E0Y421    ), 
VSP_BOMIG   (B5U2W0    ), VSP_BOTBA   (K4LLQ2    ), VSP_BOTIN   (Q8QG86    ), 
VSP_BOTPC   (U5YCR8    ), VSP_CRODD   (Q2QA04    ), VSP_ECHOC   (B5U6Y3    ), 
VSP_LACST   (Q072L7    ), VSP_PHIOL   (Q09GK1    ), VSP_VIPBN   (E5AJX2    ), 
Y0031_DROME (C0HKA4    ), YDGD_ECOLI  (P76176    )
» more

False negative sequences
68 sequences

APOA_MACMU  (P14417    ), C1RA_MOUSE  (Q8CG16    ), C1RB_MOUSE  (Q8CFG9    ), 
C1RL_HUMAN  (Q9NZP8    ), C1RL_MOUSE  (Q3UZ09    ), C1RL_RAT    (Q6IE64    ), 
C1R_HUMAN   (P00736    ), C1R_MACFA   (Q4R577    ), C1R_PONAB   (Q5R544    ), 
C1S_BOVIN   (Q0VCX1    ), C1S_HUMAN   (P09871    ), C1S_PIG     (Q69DK8    ), 
C1S_RAT     (Q6P6T1    ), CAP7_HUMAN  (P20160    ), CAP7_PIG    (P80015    ), 
CASP_MESAU  (P15156    ), CMA1_MACFA  (P56435    ), CORIN_HUMAN (Q9Y5Q5    ), 
CORIN_MOUSE (Q9Z319    ), CORIN_RAT   (Q80YN4    ), CS1A_MOUSE  (Q8CG14    ), 
CS1B_MOUSE  (Q8CFG8    ), FA7_PANPA   (Q2F9P4    ), GD_DROME    (O62589    ), 
MASP2_HUMAN (O00187    ), MASP2_MOUSE (Q91WP0    ), PAMR1_BOVIN (Q5E9P5    ), 
PAMR1_HUMAN (Q6UXH9    ), PAMR1_MOUSE (Q8BU25    ), PAMR1_PONAB (Q5RDI1    ), 
PAMR1_XENTR (Q6DIV5    ), PLMN_PIG    (P06867    ), PROC_BOVIN  (P00745    ), 
PRS37_BOVIN (Q32KU2    ), PRS37_HUMAN (A4D1T9    ), PRS37_MACFA (Q4R7Y7    ), 
PRS37_MOUSE (Q9DAA4    ), PRS40_RAT   (Q6AXZ6    ), PRS47_HUMAN (A8MTI9    ), 
PRS55_MOUSE (Q14BX2    ), PRS58_BOVIN (Q32LI2    ), PRS58_RAT   (Q6IE06    ), 
PRTC_STRGR  (P52320    ), STUB_DROME  (Q05319    ), TM11G_MOUSE (Q8BZ10    ), 
TM11G_RAT   (Q5QSK2    ), TRYP_PLEPL  (P35034    ), TRYU_DROER  (P54629    ), 
TRYU_DROME  (P42279    ), TSP50_MOUSE (Q8BLH5    ), UROK_MOUSE  (P06869    ), 
UROK_RAT    (P29598    ), VSP2_PROFL  (O13057    ), VSP2_TRIST  (Q71QI2    ), 
VSP4_DEIAC  (Q9I8W9    ), VSPBH_BOTAL (P0CG03    ), VSPCA_AGKCO (P09872    ), 
VSPCR_CROAD (F8S114    ), VSPF1_CALRH (P26324    ), VSPF2_CALRH (P47797    ), 
VSPF5_MACLB (Q9PT41    ), VSPF_LACMU  (P33589    ), VSPH1_BITGA (Q6T6S7    ), 
VSPH2_MACLB (Q9PT40    ), VSPHA_TRIGA (O13060    ), VSPH_BOTJA  (Q5W958    ), 
Y1093_CORGL (Q8NRF6    ), Y1176_CORGB (A4QD57    )
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'Partial' sequences
86 sequences

ACRO_CAPHI  (P10626    ), CBP_MESMA   (P0C8M2    ), CFAB_PIG    (Q03710    ), 
CFBL_CHICK  (P81475    ), COCO_LIMPO  (P35586    ), COG1_CHIOP  (P34153    ), 
COG1_PARCM  (P20731    ), COG2_CARMA  (P81609    ), COG2_CHIOP  (P34154    ), 
COG3_CHIOP  (P34155    ), COGA_PARCM  (P20732    ), COGB_PARCM  (P20733    ), 
COGC_PARCM  (P20734    ), CTR1_LUMTE  (P84310    ), CTRP_PENMO  (P35002    ), 
DERP6_DERPT (P49277    ), EL2A_HORSE  (P37357    ), EL2B_HORSE  (P37358    ), 
ELAS_GADMO  (P32197    ), FAXD_NOTSN  (P0CY52    ), FIBR_EISFE  (P81802    ), 
FIBS_EUPSU  (P86599    ), KLK1_CAVPO  (P12322    ), KLK3_RAT    (P15950    ), 
MBSP_CYPCA  (P84477    ), MBSP_SAUUN  (P84478    ), MBSP_SAUWA  (P84476    ), 
MCPT3_MOUSE (P21843    ), PLMN_PETMA  (P33574    ), PRLA_ACHLY  (P27459    ), 
PRLA_LYSSX  (P85142    ), PROC_CAPHI  (Q28315    ), PROC_FELCA  (Q28412    ), 
PROC_HORSE  (Q28380    ), PROC_MACMU  (Q28506    ), THRB_SALSA  (P84122    ), 
TRYA3_LUCCU (P35043    ), TRYP_APIMS  (P83348    ), TRYP_FELCA  (P81071    ), 
TRYP_PENMO  (P35050    ), TRYP_PROAT  (P35051    ), VASP1_VIPAA (P0DPS3    ), 
VSP1_BOTAN  (P0DJG3    ), VSP1_BOTPA  (P0DJF1    ), VSP1_CRODM  (P0DKX2    ), 
VSP1_DABRR  (P86530    ), VSP1_OVOOK  (P20005    ), VSP2_CRODM  (P0DKX3    ), 
VSP2_CRODO  (C0HJR6    ), VSP2_DABRR  (P86531    ), VSP2_DEIAC  (P0DJG7    ), 
VSP2_GLOUS  (P0C590    ), VSP2_OVOOK  (P0C578    ), VSP3_CROAT  (Q9PRW2    ), 
VSP3_CRODO  (C0HK19    ), VSP48_BOTJR (P0DJF0    ), VSP4A_CERCE (Q7LZF4    ), 
VSP4_CRODO  (C0HK18    ), VSP4_DABRR  (P86532    ), VSPA1_CROAT (Q9PRW4    ), 
VSPCA_AGKBI (P33588    ), VSPCA_GLOHA (P80899    ), VSPCE_CERVI (P18692    ), 
VSPDV_BOTJR (P0DJE8    ), VSPE2_CROAT (Q7LZF6    ), VSPF_CERCE  (Q9PS28    ), 
VSPF_LACMR  (Q9PRP4    ), VSPG_BITGA  (P0C577    ), VSPJF_PROJR (P0DMU1    ), 
VSPR1_BITRH (P86497    ), VSPT1_BOTJA (P81882    ), VSPT2_BOTJA (P81883    ), 
VSPT3_BOTJA (P81884    ), VSP_BITAR   (Q9PRY9    ), VSP_BOTCO   (P0DMH5    ), 
VSP_BOTFO   (P0DMH6    ), VSP_CRODC   (P0DKY5    ), VSP_CROVV   (P0DJG6    ), 
VSP_NAJNA   (P86545    ), VSP_PROJR   (P0DM43    )
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False positive sequences
38 sequences

ATP6_ALLAR  (P50363    ), ATP6_ALLMA  (P50364    ), BIOF_AROAE  (Q5NZF5    ), 
CP51A_BOVIN (Q4PJW3    ), CP51A_HUMAN (Q16850    ), CP51A_MACFA (Q4R8S6    ), 
CP51A_MOUSE (Q8K0C4    ), CP51A_PIG   (O46420    ), CP51A_PONAB (Q5RE72    ), 
CP51A_RAT   (Q64654    ), DCAF8_XENLA (Q6NRH1    ), DCAF8_XENTR (Q28I90    ), 
DCL2_EMENI  (P0C5H7    ), DCR1C_DANRE (Q5RGE5    ), DER_BORBU   (O51461    ), 
GALS_SALTY  (P41030    ), GLTS_HAEIN  (P45240    ), HN_NDVA     (P12554    ), 
HYFR_ECOLI  (P71229    ), KZ_DROME    (O46072    ), LYM3_ARATH  (Q6NPN4    ), 
LYPD4_MOUSE (Q8BVP6    ), MACG_PENTR  (A0A2P1DP87), MNMC_PSET1  (Q3IF34    ), 
MPR_BACSU   (P39790    ), MTR1L_HUMAN (Q13585    ), MTR1L_MOUSE (O88495    ), 
OPN4A_GADMO (Q804X9    ), PDA_AGRRK   (B9J8S0    ), PGM5_HUMAN  (Q15124    ), 
PGM5_RAT    (D3ZVR9    ), PKS10_DICDI (B0G103    ), PRPR_ECOLI  (P77743    ), 
PRPR_SALTY  (P74839    ), PTSBC_BACSU (P05306    ), RXLT1_MOUSE (Q8VDX6    ), 
Y5576_ARATH (Q5XF57    ), YANG_ASPNA  (G3Y418    )
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[Detailed view]
2283 PDB

1A0H; 1A0J; 1A0L; 1A2C; 1A3B; 1A3E; 1A46; 1A4W; 1A5G; 1A5H; 1A5I; 1A61; 1AB9; 1ABI; 1ABJ; 1ACB; 1AD8; 1AE8; 1AFE; 1AFQ; 1AHT; 1AI8; 1AIX; 1AKS; 1AMH; 1AN1; 1ANB; 1ANC; 1AND; 1ANE; 1AO5; 1AQ7; 1AU8; 1AUJ; 1AUT; 1AVG; 1AVW; 1AVX; 1AWF; 1AWH; 1AY6; 1AZ8; 1AZZ; 1B0E; 1B0F; 1B5G; 1B7X; 1BA8; 1BB0; 1BBR; 1BCU; 1BDA; 1BHX; 1BIO; 1BIT; 1BJU; 1BJV; 1BMA; 1BML; 1BMM; 1BMN; 1BOQ; 1BQY; 1BRA; 1BRB; 1BRC; 1BRU; 1BTH; 1BTP; 1BTU; 1BTW; 1BTX; 1BTY; 1BTZ; 1BUI; 1BZX; 1C1M; 1C1N; 1C1O; 1C1P; 1C1Q; 1C1R; 1C1S; 1C1T; 1C1U; 1C1V; 1C1W; 1C2D; 1C2E; 1C2F; 1C2G; 1C2H; 1C2I; 1C2J; 1C2K; 1C2L; 1C2M; 1C4U; 1C4V; 1C4Y; 1C5L; 1C5M; 1C5N; 1C5O; 1C5P; 1C5Q; 1C5R; 1C5S; 1C5T; 1C5U; 1C5V; 1C5W; 1C5X; 1C5Y; 1C5Z; 1C9P; 1C9T; 1CA0; 1CA8; 1CBW; 1CE5; 1CGH; 1CGI; 1CGJ; 1CHG; 1CHO; 1CO7; 1CSO; 1CT0; 1CT2; 1CT4; 1CVW; 1D3D; 1D3P; 1D3Q; 1D3T; 1D4P; 1D6R; 1D6W; 1D9I; 1DAN; 1DDJ; 1DE7; 1DFP; 1DIC; 1DIT; 1DLE; 1DLK; 1DM4; 1DOJ; 1DPO; 1DS2; 1DST; 1DSU; 1DVA; 1DWB; 1DWC; 1DWD; 1DWE; 1DX5; 1E0F; 1E34; 1E35; 1E36; 1E37; 1E38; 1EAI; 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