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Entry: PS00146

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] BETA_LACTAMASE_A
Accession [info] PS00146
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00134
Associated ProRule [info] PRU10101

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Beta-lactamase class-A active site.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_01 which contains 564'277 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 100 in 100 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 77 in 77 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 2 in 2 different sequences
Number of false positive hits 21 in 21 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 6
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 78.57 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 92.77 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] active_site at position 5
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
77 sequences

BLA13_KLEPN (Q9S424    ), BLA1_ACTPL  (P67920    ), BLA1_AERHY  (Q44056    ), 
BLA1_BACCE  (P10424    ), BLA1_BACMY  (P28018    ), BLA1_ECOLX  (P0AD63    ), 
BLA1_ENTCL  (P18251    ), BLA1_HAEIF  (P67918    ), BLA1_KLEPN  (P0AD64    ), 
BLA1_MANHA  (P67919    ), BLA1_STRCI  (Q03680    ), BLA24_ECOLX (Q9S169    ), 
BLA29_KLEPN (Q9AHN9    ), BLA2_ECOLX  (P0A9Z7    ), BLA2_KLEPN  (P0A9Z8    ), 
BLA2_KLEPO  (P0A9Z9    ), BLA2_SALTM  (P0AA00    ), BLA2_STEMA  (P96465    ), 
BLA2_STRCI  (P14560    ), BLA34_ECOLX (Q93LM8    ), BLA3_BACCE  (P06548    ), 
BLA3_KLEPN  (P30896    ), BLA46_KLEOX (Q848S4    ), BLA4_KLEPN  (P37323    ), 
BLA5_KLEPN  (P0A3M1    ), BLA5_PSEAI  (P0A3M2    ), BLA6_KLEPN  (P96348    ), 
BLA8_ECOLX  (O08337    ), BLAB_PROVU  (P52664    ), BLAC_AMYLA  (Q06316    ), 
BLAC_BACAM  (Q44674    ), BLAC_BACCE  (P00809    ), BLAC_BACLI  (P00808    ), 
BLAC_BACSU  (P39824    ), BLAC_BACTU  (Q45726    ), BLAC_BACUN  (P30898    ), 
BLAC_CITKO  (P22390    ), BLAC_KITAU  (P10509    ), BLAC_KLEPN  (P05192    ), 
BLAC_MYCBO  (P0A5I7    ), BLAC_MYCTA  (A5U493    ), BLAC_MYCTO  (P9WKD2    ), 
BLAC_MYCTU  (P9WKD3    ), BLAC_NOCAS  (Q9EZQ7    ), BLAC_NOCFA  (Q5YXD6    ), 
BLAC_PHOVU  (P30899    ), BLAC_PROMI  (P30897    ), BLAC_PROVU  (P80298    ), 
BLAC_RHOCA  (P14171    ), BLAC_STAAU  (P00807    ), BLAC_STRAL  (P14559    ), 
BLAC_STRBA  (P35391    ), BLAC_STRCE  (Q06650    ), BLAC_STRLA  (P35393    ), 
BLAC_YEREN  (Q01166    ), BLAF_MYCFO  (Q59517    ), BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593    ), 
BLAT_KLEOX  (Q48406    ), BLAT_SALTI  (P62594    ), BLC1_ECOLX  (P28585    ), 
BLC2_SALTM  (P74841    ), BLC3_PSEAI  (P37322    ), BLC4_PSEAI  (Q51355    ), 
BLC4_SALTM  (O33807    ), BLC5_SALTM  (O65975    ), BLC6_SALTM  (O65976    ), 
BLC6_VIBCL  (P81781    ), BLC97_ECOLX (E1ANH6    ), BLE1_PSEAI  (P37321    ), 
BLO1_KLEOX  (P22391    ), BLO2_KLEOX  (P23954    ), BLP1_PSEAI  (Q03170    ), 
BLP4_PSEAI  (P16897    ), BLT1_ECOLX  (Q47066    ), BLT2_ECOLX  (O69395    ), 
ESTB_BURGA  (Q9KX40    ), FTSI_CAUVN  (B8H0A0    )
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False negative sequences
6 sequences

BLAC_SERFO  (P80545    ), BLAC_STRFR  (P35392    ), BLAN_ENTCL  (P52663    ), 
BLAN_SERMA  (P52682    ), BLKPC_KLEOX (Q848S6    ), BLKPC_KLEPN (Q9F663    )
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

BLAC_STRGR  (P81173    )

'Unknown' sequences
2 sequences

FIMDD_DICNO (P17420    ), FIMDH_DICNO (P17421    )

False positive sequences
21 sequences

GLSA2_YERPE (Q9ZC49    ), GLSA_SYNY3  (P73903    ), MYO7B_MOUSE (Q99MZ6    ), 
NRT25_ARATH (Q9LPV5    ), PCRK1_ARATH (Q9SF86    ), PCRK2_ARATH (Q9LZF8    ), 
PH11A_MOUSE (Q8BVM9    ), PH11L_RAT   (Q5I0J8    ), PHF11_MOUSE (A6H5X4    ), 
PHF11_RAT   (Q5I0E2    ), PHF1_ARATH  (Q8GYE0    ), PORA_BACPM  (B5CY96    ), 
PP244_ARATH (Q9LT48    ), PP448_ARATH (Q9FJY9    ), PPR83_ARATH (Q9FXA9    ), 
RR2_EUGGR   (P30389    ), RSMH_MESFL  (Q6F170    ), SRP72_DICDI (Q54EP7    ), 
UTP17_SCHPO (O13878    ), Y0701_DICDI (Q559T8    ), Y2899_ARATH (O81069    )
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[Detailed view]
229 PDB

1ALQ; 1AXB; 1BLC; 1BLH; 1BLP; 1BSG; 1BT5; 1BTL; 1BZA; 1CI8; 1CI9; 1CK3; 1E25; 1ERM; 1ERO; 1ERQ; 1ESU; 1FQG; 1G68; 1G6A; 1GHI; 1GHM; 1GHP; 1HZO; 1I2S; 1I2W; 1IYO; 1IYP; 1IYQ; 1IYS; 1JTD; 1JTG; 1JVJ; 1JWP; 1JWV; 1JWZ; 1KGE; 1KGF; 1KGG; 1LHY; 1LI0; 1LI9; 1M40; 1MBL; 1N9B; 1NXY; 1NY0; 1NYM; 1NYY; 1OME; 1ONG; 1PIO; 1PZO; 1PZP; 1Q2P; 1RCJ; 1S0W; 1SHV; 1TDG; 1TDL; 1TEM; 1VM1; 1W7F; 1WE4; 1XPB; 1XXM; 1YT4; 1ZG4; 2A3U; 2A49; 2B5R; 2BLM; 2CC1; 2G2U; 2G2W; 2GDN; 2H0T; 2H0Y; 2H10; 2H5S; 2V1Z; 2V20; 2WK0; 2WYX; 2XQZ; 2XR0; 2Y91; 2ZD8; 2ZQ7; 2ZQ8; 2ZQ9; 2ZQA; 2ZQC; 2ZQD; 3B3X; 3BLM; 3BYD; 3C4O; 3C4P; 3C7U; 3C7V; 3CG5; 3CMZ; 3D4F; 3DTM; 3DWZ; 3IQA; 3JYI; 3LY3; 3LY4; 3M2J; 3M2K; 3M6B; 3M6H; 3MKE; 3MKF; 3MXR; 3MXS; 3N4I; 3N6I; 3N7W; 3N8L; 3N8R; 3N8S; 3NBL; 3NC8; 3NCK; 3NDE; 3NDG; 3OPH; 3OPL; 3OPP; 3OPR; 3SH7; 3SH8; 3SH9; 3SOI; 3TOI; 3V50; 3V5M; 3VFF; 3VFH; 3ZHH; 4BD0; 4BD1; 4BLM; 4C3Q; 4DF6; 4DXB; 4DXC; 4EBL; 4EBN; 4EBP; 4FCF; 4FH4; 4GD6; 4GD8; 4GDB; 4GKU; 4IBR; 4IBX; 4ID4; 4JLF; 4JPM; 4M3K; 4MBF; 4MBH; 4MBK; 4MEZ; 4N1H; 4N92; 4N9K; 4N9L; 4Q8I; 4QHC; 4QY5; 4QY6; 4R3B; 4R4R; 4R4S; 4RVA; 4RX2; 4X69; 4X6T; 4ZAM; 4ZJ1; 5A90; 5A91; 5A92; 5A93; 5EE8; 5G18; 5GHX; 5GHY; 5GHZ; 5HVI; 5HW1; 5HW5; 5I52; 5I63; 5IQ8; 5KKF; 5KMW; 5KPU; 5KSC; 5LWF; 5NJ2; 5NPO; 5OYO; 5ZFL; 5ZFT; 5ZG6; 6APA; 6AYK; 6B2N; 6B5X; 6B5Y; 6B68; 6B69; 6B6A; 6B6B; 6B6C; 6B6D; 6B6E; 6B6F; 6N14; 6U58; 6W2Z; 6WGR
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