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Entry: PS00204

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] FERRITIN_2
Accession [info] PS00204
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00181

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ferritin iron-binding regions signature 2.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_02 which contains 564'638 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 67 in 67 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 67 in 67 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 4
Number of 'partial' sequences 3
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 94.37 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] metal(?) at position 5
Site [info] metal(?) at position 8
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
67 sequences

FHL17_HUMAN (Q9BXU8    ), FHL17_MOUSE (Q99MX2    ), FHL19_HUMAN (P0C7X4    ), 
FRI1_ARATH  (Q39101    ), FRI1_BRANA  (Q96540    ), FRI1_LITCT  (P07229    ), 
FRI1_MAIZE  (P29036    ), FRI1_PEA    (P19975    ), FRI1_SOYBN  (P19976    ), 
FRI1_TOBAC  (Q8RX97    ), FRI2_ARATH  (Q9SRL5    ), FRI2_LITCT  (P07798    ), 
FRI2_SOYBN  (Q94IC4    ), FRI2_TOBAC  (Q8H1T3    ), FRI2_VIGUN  (Q41709    ), 
FRI3_ARATH  (Q9LYN2    ), FRI3_LITCT  (P07797    ), FRI3_SOYBN  (Q948P6    ), 
FRI3_VIGUN  (O65100    ), FRI4_ARATH  (Q9S756    ), FRI4_SOYBN  (Q948P5    ), 
FRIH1_SCHMA (P25319    ), FRIH2_SCHMA (P25320    ), FRIH3_XENLA (Q7SXA6    ), 
FRIHA_XENLA (P49948    ), FRIHB_XENLA (P17663    ), FRIH_BOVIN  (O46414    ), 
FRIH_CANLF  (Q95MP7    ), FRIH_CHICK  (P08267    ), FRIH_CRIGR  (P29389    ), 
FRIH_FELCA  (Q2MHN2    ), FRIH_HORSE  (Q8MIP0    ), FRIH_HUMAN  (P02794    ), 
FRIH_MOUSE  (P09528    ), FRIH_PIG    (P19130    ), FRIH_PONAB  (Q5R8J7    ), 
FRIH_RABIT  (P25915    ), FRIH_RAT    (P19132    ), FRIH_SALSA  (P49946    ), 
FRIH_SHEEP  (P18685    ), FRIH_TREBE  (P85838    ), FRIH_TRENE  (P85837    ), 
FRIH_TRIVU  (Q9XT73    ), FRIL1_MOUSE (P29391    ), FRIL1_RAT   (P02793    ), 
FRIL2_MOUSE (P49945    ), FRIL_BOVIN  (O46415    ), FRIL_CANLF  (Q53VB8    ), 
FRIL_FELCA  (Q2MHN1    ), FRIL_HORSE  (P02791    ), FRIL_HUMAN  (P02792    ), 
FRIL_PIG    (P19133    ), FRIL_PONAB  (Q5R538    ), FRIL_RABIT  (P09451    ), 
FRIL_XENLA  (Q7SXA5    ), FRIML_TREBE (P85836    ), FRIMS_TREBE (P85839    ), 
FRIM_SALSA  (P49947    ), FRIM_TRENE  (P85835    ), FRIS_LYMST  (P42577    ), 
FRIY_LYMST  (P42578    ), FRI_MALBX   (Q94FY2    ), FRI_PHAVU   (P25699    ), 
FTMT_BOVIN  (Q2YDI9    ), FTMT_HUMAN  (Q8N4E7    ), FTMT_MOUSE  (Q9D5H4    ), 
RIPR2_RAT   (Q7TP54    )
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False negative sequences
4 sequences

FRI2_MAIZE  (P29390    ), FRIH_ECHGR  (O46119    ), FRI_AEDAE   (P41822    ), 
FRI_PACLE   (Q26061    )
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'Partial' sequences
3 sequences

FRI2_PEA    (P83445    ), FRIH_ANAPL  (P80145    ), FRIL_SHEEP  (P18686    )

[Detailed view]
228 PDB

1AEW; 1DAT; 1FHA; 1GWG; 1H96; 1HRS; 1IER; 1IES; 1LB3; 1MFR; 1R03; 1RCC; 1RCD; 1RCE; 1RCG; 1RCI; 1XZ1; 1XZ3; 2CEI; 2CHI; 2CIH; 2CLU; 2CN6; 2CN7; 2FFX; 2FG4; 2FG8; 2FHA; 2G4H; 2GYD; 2IU2; 2V2I; 2V2J; 2V2L; 2V2M; 2V2N; 2V2O; 2V2P; 2V2R; 2V2S; 2W0O; 2Z5P; 2Z5Q; 2Z5R; 2Z6M; 2ZA6; 2ZA7; 2ZA8; 2ZG7; 2ZG8; 2ZG9; 2ZUR; 3A68; 3A9Q; 3AF7; 3AF8; 3AF9; 3AJO; 3AJP; 3AJQ; 3ERZ; 3ES3; 3F32; 3F33; 3F34; 3F35; 3F36; 3F37; 3F38; 3F39; 3FI6; 3H7G; 3KA3; 3KA4; 3KA6; 3KA8; 3KA9; 3KXU; 3NOZ; 3NP0; 3NP2; 3O7R; 3O7S; 3RAV; 3RBC; 3RD0; 3RE7; 3RGD; 3SE1; 3U90; 3WNW; 3WVU; 3WVV; 3WVW; 4DAS; 4DE6; 4DYX; 4DYY; 4DYZ; 4DZ0; 4LPJ; 4LQH; 4LQJ; 4LQV; 4LYU; 4LYX; 4MJY; 4MKU; 4ML5; 4MN9; 4MY7; 4OYN; 4P18; 4V1W; 4V6B; 4Y08; 4YKH; 4Z3B; 4ZJK; 5AXS; 5CMQ; 5CMR; 5CZU; 5E1U; 5E2D; 5ERJ; 5ERK; 5GU0; 5GU1; 5GU2; 5GU3; 5HQO; 5IX6; 5J8S; 5J8W; 5J93; 5J9V; 5JAC; 5JKK; 5JKL; 5JKM; 5LG2; 5LG8; 5MIJ; 5MIK; 5N26; 5N27; 5OBA; 5OBB; 5UP7; 5UP8; 5UP9; 5VTD; 5XB1; 5XHI; 5XHM; 5XHN; 5XHO; 5YI5; 5Z8U; 5Z91; 6B8F; 6B8G; 6ENV; 6ENW; 6FTV; 6FX8; 6FX9; 6GSR; 6GXJ; 6H5I; 6H6T; 6H6U; 6HJT; 6HJU; 6I36; 6I9P; 6I9T; 6IAF; 6IAJ; 6J4A; 6J4J; 6J4M; 6JEE; 6JEF; 6JOB; 6JPS; 6KE2; 6KE4; 6M52; 6M54; 6MSX; 6PXM; 6RA8; 6RJH; 6S61; 6SHT; 6TR9; 6TRZ; 6TS0; 6TS1; 6TSA; 6TSF; 6TSJ; 6TSS; 6TSX; 6V21; 6WX6; 6WYF; 6WYG; 6WYH; 6Z6U; 6Z9E; 6Z9F; 7A4M; 7A6A; 7A6B; 7JGK; 7JGL; 7JGM; 7JGN; 7JGO; 7JGP; 7JGQ; 7K26; 7K3V; 7K3W; 7KOD
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