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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RECEPTOR_TYR_KIN_II
Accession [info] PS00239
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00212

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Receptor tyrosine kinase class II signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 57 in 57 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 55 in 55 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 2 in 2 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 2
Number of 'partial' sequences 2
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 96.49 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 96.49 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] phosphorylation at position 5
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
55 sequences

7LESS_DROME (P13368), 7LESS_DROVI (P20806), ALK_CANLF   (P0DV84), 
ALK_DANRE   (F8W3R9), ALK_HUMAN   (Q9UM73), ALK_MOUSE   (P97793), 
DDR1_HUMAN  (Q08345), DDR1_MOUSE  (Q03146), DDR1_PANTR  (Q7YR43), 
DDR1_RAT(Q63474), DDR2_HUMAN  (Q16832), DDR2_MOUSE  (Q62371), 
HTK7_HYDVU  (Q25197), IGF1R_BOVIN (Q05688), IGF1R_HUMAN (P08069), 
IGF1R_MOUSE (Q60751), IGF1R_RAT   (P24062), IGF1R_XENLA (O73798), 
ILPR_BRALA  (O02466), INSRR_CAVPO (P14617), INSRR_HUMAN (P14616), 
INSRR_MOUSE (Q9WTL4), INSRR_RAT   (Q64716), INSR_AEDAE  (Q93105), 
INSR_DROME  (P09208), INSR_HUMAN  (P06213), INSR_MOUSE  (P15208), 
LTK_HUMAN   (P29376), LTK_MOUSE   (P08923), MIPR_LYMST  (Q25410), 
NTRK1_CHICK (Q91009), NTRK1_HUMAN (P04629), NTRK1_MOUSE (Q3UFB7), 
NTRK1_RAT   (P35739), NTRK2_CHICK (Q91987), NTRK2_HUMAN (Q16620), 
NTRK2_MOUSE (P15209), NTRK2_RAT   (Q63604), NTRK3_CHICK (Q91044), 
NTRK3_PANTR (Q5IS37), NTRK3_PIG   (P24786), NTRK3_RAT   (Q03351), 
NTRK3_SAIBB (Q5IS82), ROR1_DROME  (Q24488), ROS1_CHICK  (P08941), 
ROS1_HUMAN  (P08922), ROS_AVISU   (P00529), RTK2_GEOCY  (P42159), 
TRK1_LYMST  (O76997)
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False negative sequences
2 sequences

PTK7_HUMAN  (Q13308), PTK7_MOUSE  (Q8BKG3)

'Partial' sequences
2 sequences

IGF1R_PIG   (Q29000), INSR_MACMU  (Q28516)

False positive sequences
2 sequences


[Detailed view]
238 PDB

1GAG; 1I44; 1IR3; 1IRK; 1JQH; 1K3A; 1M7N; 1P14; 1P4O; 1RQQ; 2AUH; 2B4S; 2OJ9; 2XB7; 2XBA; 2XP2; 2YFX; 2YHV; 2YJR; 2YJS; 2Z8C; 2ZM3; 3AOX; 3BU3; 3BU5; 3BU6; 3D94; 3EKK; 3EKN; 3ETA; 3F5P; 3I81; 3L9P; 3LCS; 3LCT; 3LVP; 3LW0; 3NW5; 3NW6; 3NW7; 3O23; 3QQU; 3V5Q; 3ZBF; 3ZOS; 4ANL; 4ANQ; 4ANS; 4AOJ; 4ASZ; 4AT3; 4AT4; 4AT5; 4BKJ; 4CCB; 4CCU; 4CD0; 4CKR; 4CLI; 4CLJ; 4CMO; 4CMT; 4CMU; 4CNH; 4CTB; 4CTC; 4D2R; 4DCE; 4F0I; 4FNW; 4FNX; 4FNY; 4FNZ; 4FOB; 4FOC; 4FOD; 4GT5; 4IBM; 4JOA; 4MKC; 4PMM; 4PMP; 4PMS; 4PMT; 4TT7; 4UXL; 4XLV; 4YMJ; 4YNE; 4YPS; 4Z55; 5A9U; 5AA8; 5AA9; 5AAA; 5AAB; 5AAC; 5BVK; 5BVN; 5BVO; 5BVW; 5E1S; 5FDP; 5FDX; 5FTO; 5FTQ; 5FXQ; 5FXR; 5H3Q; 5HHW; 5HZN; 5I8A; 5IMX; 5IUG; 5IUH; 5IUI; 5JFS; 5JFV; 5JFW; 5JFX; 5KMI; 5KMJ; 5KMK; 5KML; 5KMM; 5KMN; 5KMO; 5KVT; 5KZ0; 5SAU; 5SAV; 5SAW; 5SAX; 5SAY; 5SAZ; 5SB0; 5SB1; 5SB2; 5WR7; 6BRJ; 6BSD; 6CDT; 6D1Y; 6D1Z; 6D20; 6D22; 6DKB; 6DKG; 6DKI; 6DKW; 6E0R; 6EBW; 6EDL; 6FER; 6FEW; 6FEX; 6FIL; 6FIN; 6FIO; 6FIQ; 6GWR; 6HP9; 6IQN; 6J5L; 6JK8; 6KZC; 6KZD; 6MX8; 6NPT; 6NSP; 6NSS; 6PL1; 6PL2; 6PL3; 6PL4; 6PMA; 6PMB; 6PMC; 6PME; 6PXV; 6PXW; 6PYH; 6Y23; 7BCM; 7BE6; 7BTT; 7BW7; 7BW8; 7BWA; 7FEH; 7JY4; 7JYR; 7JYS; 7JYT; 7PG0; 7PG2; 7PG3; 7PG4; 7R7K; 7R7R; 7SL1; 7SL2; 7SL3; 7SL4; 7SL6; 7SL7; 7STH; 7STI; 7STJ; 7STK; 7TYJ; 7TYK; 7TYM; 7VKM; 7VKN; 7VKO; 7XAF; 7XBI; 7Z5W; 7Z5X; 8ARJ; 8DTL; 8DTM; 8DWN; 8EYR; 8EYX; 8EYY; 8EZ0; 8J5W; 8J5X; 8J61; 8J63; 8PYI; 8PYJ; 8PYK; 8PYL; 8PYM; 8PYN
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