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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] SNAKE_TOXIN
Accession [info] PS00272
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00245

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Snake toxins signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 419 in 419 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 419 in 419 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 45
Number of 'partial' sequences 22
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 90.30 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 2
Site [info] disulfide at position 4
Site [info] disulfide at position 7
Site [info] disulfide at position 8
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
419 sequences

3L213_DRYCN (F8J2B3), 3L217_OPHHA (Q53B54), 3L21A_BUNMU (P60615), 
3L21V_BUNMU (P60616), 3L21_ACAAN  (P01385), 3L21_ASPSC  (P25670), 
3L21_AUSLA  (B2BRQ5), 3L21_AUSSU  (A8S6A8), 3L21_BUNCA  (A1IVR8), 
3L21_DEMVE  (A6MFK4), 3L21_DENJA  (P01393), 3L21_DENPO  (P01396), 
3L21_DENVI  (P01394), 3L21_HYDHA  (Q8UW29), 3L21_HYDST  (P01380), 
3L21_LATCO  (P0C8R6), 3L21_LATSE  (P01379), 3L21_NAJAC  (P01389), 
3L21_NAJHH  (P25674), 3L21_NAJKA  (P01391), 3L21_NAJME  (P01383), 
3L21_NAJNA  (P25668), 3L21_NAJNI  (P01390), 3L21_NAJOX  (P01382), 
3L21_NOTSC  (P01384), 3L21_OPHHA  (P01387), 3L21_OXYMI  (A8HDK7), 
3L21_OXYSC  (A8HDK9), 3L21_PSETE  (A8HDK6), 3L21_TROCA  (A8HDK4), 
3L220_DRYCN (F8J2F2), 3L221_NAJAN (P34074), 3L228_OPHHA (Q2VBP4), 
3L22A_AUSLA (B2BRQ6), 3L22A_OPHHA (C5ILC5), 3L22E_ACAAN (P0DKW9), 
3L22H_OPHHA (A8N285), 3L22_AUSSU  (A8S6B0), 3L22_BUNCA  (A1IVR9), 
3L22_DEMVE  (A6MFK5), 3L22_DENPO  (P01397), 3L22_DENVI  (P01395), 
3L22_HYDHA  (A3FM53), 3L22_HYDST  (P01381), 3L22_NAJME  (P01388), 
3L22_NAJNA  (P25669), 3L22_OPHHA  (P01386), 3L22_OXYMI  (A8HDK8), 
3L231_DRYCN (F8J2E6), 3L231_OPHHA (Q53B55), 3L234_OPHHA (Q53B53), 
3L237_OPHHA (Q53B59), 3L23X_OPHHA (Q2VBP3), 3L23_BUNCA  (A1IVR7), 
3L23_DENPO  (P25667), 3L23_HYDHA  (Q8UW28), 3L23_NAJME  (P0DQQ1), 
3L23_NAJNA  (P25671), 3L243_DRYCN (F8J2D7), 3L246_DRYCN (F8J2E5), 
3L24_DENPO  (C0HJD7), 3L24_NAJME  (P0DQQ2), 3L24_NAJNA  (P25672), 
3L24_OPHHA  (P80156), 3L255_OPHHA (Q53B58), 3L256_OPHHA (Q53B57), 
3L257_OPHHA (Q53B56), 3L25_NAJNA  (P25673), 3L25_OPHHA  (P80965), 
3L26_OPHHA  (P82662), 3L273_DRYCN (F8J2E1), 3L277_DRYCN (F8J2E2), 
3L27_NAJNA  (C0HM09), 3L27_NAJSP  (O42257), 3L2A_BUNCA  (Q7T3J2), 
3L2A_BUNCE  (D2N116), 3L2A_LATCO  (P0C8R7), 3L2B_LATCO  (P0C8R8), 
3L2B_PSETE  (P13495), 3L2D_ACAAN  (P34073), 3L2H_PSEAU  (P14612), 
3L2L_LATLA  (Q7T2I3), 3L2N3_BUNCA (P85140), 3L2O1_OXYMI (A7X4Q3), 
3L2O2_OXYMI (A7X4R0), 3L2P_PSETE  (Q9W7J5), 3L2X1_OPHHA (Q2VBP8), 
3L2X8_OPHHA (Q2VBP6), 3LK2_BUNMU  (P15816), 3LK3_BUNMU  (P15817), 
3LK4_BUNMU  (O12961), 3LK5_BUNMU  (O12962), 3LK6_BUNMU  (Q9W729), 
3LKA_BUNCA  (Q8AY56), 3LKB_BUNCA  (Q8AY55), 3LKB_BUNMU  (P01398), 
3LKF_BUNFL  (P15815), 3NB2_TRIBI  (A7X3S0), 3NB3_TRIBI  (A7X3S2), 
3NB4_TELDH  (A7X3V0), 3NBA_BOIIR  (A0S864), 3NBB_BOIIR  (A0S865), 
3NBB_COERA  (P83490), 3NB_OXYFU   (C0HJD3), 3NO21_BUNCA (Q8AY51), 
3NO21_NAJAT (Q9YGI2), 3NO22_BUNCA (Q8AY50), 3NO22_MICCO (C6JUP2), 
3NO22_NAJAT (Q9YGI4), 3NO23_BUNCA (Q8AY49), 3NO23_NAJAT (Q9YGI1), 
3NO24_BUNCA (Q6IZ95), 3NO24_OPHHA (Q2VBN2), 3NO25_NAJNA (P29179), 
3NO25_NAJSP (O42255), 3NO25_WALAE (C1IC49), 3NO26_NAJNA (P29180), 
3NO26_NAJSP (O42256), 3NO27_NAJNA (P29181), 3NO28_BUNFA (A2CKF6), 
3NO28_NAJNA (P29182), 3NO28_NAJSP (Q802B3), 3NO29_NAJKA (P25679), 
3NO29_NAJSP (Q9W7I3), 3NO2A_NAJNI (P25680), 3NO2A_NAJSP (Q802B2), 
3NO2B_NAJHH (P01401), 3NO2B_NAJME (P01400), 3NO2D_NAJHA (P01399), 
3NO2H_NAJAT (O93422), 3NO2I_NAJAT (P60814), 3NO2N_NAJKA (P0DSM9), 
3NO2_BUNFA  (A2CKF7), 3NO2_NAJKA  (P82935), 3NO2_NAJOX  (P85520), 
3NO2_OPHHA  (Q53B61), 3NO48_MICCO (P58370), 3NO4H_BUNMU (P15818), 
3NO4_BUNCA  (P81783), 3NX1_ERYPO  (A7X3M9), 3NX1_LEIMD  (A7X3R6), 
3NX1_PSAMO  (A7X3M3), 3NX3_SISCA  (A5X2W8), 3NX4_MICFR  (P86423), 
3S110_LATLA (Q7T2I1), 3S116_HYDHA (Q8UW27), 3S11A_NAJAT (E2ITZ3), 
3S11A_OPHHA (P01412), 3S11H_OPHHA (Q69CJ8), 3S11_ACAAN  (P01434), 
3S11_AIPLA  (P32879), 3S11_AUSSU  (A8S6A4), 3S11_BUNFA  (P10808), 
3S11_CRYNI  (A8HDJ7), 3S11_DEMVE  (A6MFK6), 3S11_DENJA  (P01417), 
3S11_DENPO  (P01416), 3S11_DENVI  (P01418), 3S11_HEMHA  (P01425), 
3S11_HOPST  (A8HDJ9), 3S11_HYDCY  (P25494), 3S11_HYDHA  (P68416), 
3S11_HYDLA  (P01437), 3S11_HYDOR  (P68413), 3S11_HYDPR  (Q5UFR8), 
3S11_HYDSC  (P68415), 3S11_HYDST  (P68412), 3S11_LATLA  (Q9YGC2), 
3S11_MICLL  (K9MCH1), 3S11_MICNI  (P80548), 3S11_MICSU  (P86095), 
3S11_MICTC  (C0HLK3), 3S11_NAJAN  (P34075), 3S11_NAJCH  (P34076), 
3S11_NAJHA  (P68417), 3S11_NAJHH  (P68418), 3S11_NAJME  (P01424), 
3S11_NAJMO  (P01431), 3S11_NAJNI  (P68419), 3S11_NAJOX  (P01427), 
3S11_NAJPA  (P01426), 3S11_NAJPH  (P60773), 3S11_NAJSA  (P60774), 
3S11_NOTSC  (A8HDK0), 3S11_OXYSC  (Q45Z11), 3S11_PSEAU  (P25497), 
3S11_PSEPO  (A8HDJ4), 3S11_TROCA  (A8HDJ5), 3S12A_DRYCN (F8J2G3), 
3S12_AIPLA  (P19959), 3S12_CRYNI  (A8HDJ8), 3S12_HEMHA  (P01433), 
3S12_HYDCY  (P62376), 3S12_HYDHA  (Q8UW26), 3S12_HYDPR  (Q5UFR7), 
3S12_LATCO  (P10457), 3S12_LATLA  (Q9YGW9), 3S12_NAJHA  (P01422), 
3S12_NAJHH  (P25675), 3S12_NAJNA  (C0HM08), 3S12_NAJNI  (P01423), 
3S12_OXYSC  (P0CB06), 3S12_TROCA  (A8HDJ6), 3S134_DRYCN (F8J2G5), 
3S13_AIPLA  (P19958), 3S13_LATLA  (Q9YGC4), 3S13_MICFR  (P86422), 
3S13_MICSU  (P86097), 3S13_NAJHA  (P01420), 3S13_NAJMO  (P01432), 
3S13_NAJSP  (Q9PSN6), 3S13_OXYMI  (A7X4R5), 3S13_WALAE  (C1IC47), 
3S14_AIPLA  (P19960), 3S14_LATCO  (Q9YGX0), 3S14_LATLA  (Q9YGW8), 
3S14_NAJHA  (P01421), 3S14_OXYMI  (A7X4S0), 3S14_WALAE  (C1IC48), 
3S151_MICAT (F5CPD5), 3S154_MICAT (F5CPD7), 3S157_MICAT (F5CPD8), 
3S158_MICAT (F5CPD9), 3S15_HYDSC  (P62389), 3S15_LATCO  (Q9YGC7), 
3S15_NAJSP  (P60772), 3S166_MICAT (F5CPE4), 3S1A1_NAJSP (Q9YGJ6), 
3S1A2_NAJSP (Q9YGJ5), 3S1A3_NAJSP (O57326), 3S1A4_NAJSP (O57327), 
3S1A_HYDPL  (P62388), 3S1A_HYDTO  (P0CG02), 3S1A_LATCR  (P25495), 
3S1B1_NAJKA (P14613), 3S1B2_NAJKA (P82849), 3S1B_LATCR  (P25496), 
3S1B_LATLA  (P10459), 3S1B_NAJKA  (P59275), 3S1CB_NAJAT (P60770), 
3S1CB_NAJKA (P60771), 3S1CB_NAJNA (Q9PTT0), 3S1CC_NAJAT (P80958), 
3S1C_LATCO  (P10455), 3S1C_LATCR  (P10458), 3S1C_LATLA  (P10460), 
3S1C_NAJKA  (P59276), 3S1D1_MICPY (P0CAR1), 3S1D_LATCO  (P10456), 
3S1EA_LATSE (P60775), 3S1EB_LATSE (Q90VW1), 3S1EC_LATSE (Q7T2I5), 
3S1ED_LATSE (Q9YGX1), 3S1RI_BUNFA (P0C555), 3SA0_NAJSP  (Q02454), 
3SA1A_NAJAT (Q98957), 3SA1B_NAJAT (Q98956), 3SA1C_NAJAT (P79810), 
3SA1D_NAJAT (Q98958), 3SA1_NAJAT  (P60304), 3SA1_NAJHA  (P01455), 
3SA1_NAJKA  (P0CH80), 3SA1_NAJME  (P01448), 3SA1_NAJMO  (P01467), 
3SA1_NAJNA  (P01447), 3SA1_NAJNI  (P01456), 3SA1_NAJOX  (P01451), 
3SA1_NAJPA  (P01468), 3SA1_NAJSP  (O93471), 3SA1_NAJSU  (A0A7T7DMY7), 
3SA2A_NAJNA (P86538), 3SA2A_NAJSP (Q9PST4), 3SA2B_NAJSP (Q9PST3), 
3SA2_NAJAT  (P01442), 3SA2_NAJHA  (P01462), 3SA2_NAJKA  (Q9DGH9), 
3SA2_NAJMO  (P01469), 3SA2_NAJNA  (P01440), 3SA2_NAJNI  (P01463), 
3SA2_NAJOX  (P01441), 3SA3A_NAJAT (Q98959), 3SA3B_NAJAT (Q98960), 
3SA3D_NAJAT (Q98962), 3SA3_NAJAT  (P60301), 3SA3_NAJHA  (P01459), 
3SA3_NAJKA  (P01446), 3SA3_NAJMO  (P01470), 3SA3_NAJNA  (P24780), 
3SA3_NAJNI  (P01458), 3SA3_NAJSP  (P60302), 3SA4A_NAJSP (O93473), 
3SA4B_NAJSP (O73856), 3SA4N_NAJAT (Q9W6W9), 3SA4_NAJAT  (P01443), 
3SA4_NAJHA  (P01461), 3SA4_NAJKA  (P60303), 3SA4_NAJMO  (P01452), 
3SA5A_NAJSP (O73857), 3SA5B_NAJSP (P60310), 3SA5_NAJAT  (Q98961), 
3SA5_NAJHA  (P01464), 3SA5_NAJHH  (P01457), 3SA5_NAJKA  (P24779), 
3SA5_NAJMO  (P25517), 3SA5_NAJOX  (Q9PS34), 3SA6_NAJAT  (Q98965), 
3SA6_NAJHA  (P01465), 3SA6_NAJSP  (O73858), 3SA7A_NAJKA (P01445), 
3SA7_NAJHA  (P01466), 3SA7_NAJNA  (P86382), 3SA7_NAJSP  (O73859), 
3SA8A_NAJAT (P49123), 3SA8B_NAJAT (Q91124), 3SA8_NAJHA  (P01460), 
3SA8_NAJKA  (P60305), 3SA8_NAJNA  (P86540), 3SA9_NAJHA  (P01454), 
3SA9_NAJNA  (A0A0U5AUY6), 3SAA_NAJAT  (Q9W6W6), 3SAA_NAJHA  (P01453), 
3SAA_NAJNA  (P86541), 3SAC3_NAJSP (P60311), 3SADB_NAJAT (P60306), 
3SAFA_NAJAT (P60307), 3SAFD_NAJAT (P60309), 3SAN_NAJAT  (P80245), 
3SAN_NAJNG  (P0DSN1), 3SAPF_NAJAT (Q91135), 3SAS_NAJSG  (P83345), 
3SATF_NAJAT (Q91136), 3SAT_NAJAT  (P07525), 3SB1_HEMHA  (P01471), 
3SB2_HEMHA  (P24776), 3SB3_HEMHA  (P24777), 3SBH_HEMHA  (B3EWH9), 
3SDC5_OPHHA (Q53B46), 3SDC7_OPHHA (Q69CK0), 3SDC9_OPHHA (Q2VBN8), 
3SE1_DENAN  (P0C1Y9), 3SE2_DENAN  (P0C1Z0), 3SEC_DENPO  (P25681), 
3SI12_DENAN (P60234), 3SI1A_DENAN (P85092), 3SI1B_DENAN (P86419), 
3SI35_OPHHA (Q53B49), 3SI3_DENPO  (P25518), 3SIH_DENJJ  (P0DQP2), 
3SIM1_DENAN (P81030), 3SIM2_DENAN (P18328), 3SIM3_DENAN (P81031), 
3SIM8_OPHHA (Q2VBN0), 3SIMA_DENPO (P80494), 3SIMB_DENPO (P80495), 
3SIY1_DENAN (P01410), 3SIY2_DENAN (P01411), 3SIY3_DENAN (P01408), 
3SIY4_DENAN (P01409), 3SIYL_DENAN (P17696), 3SIY_DENJA  (P01407), 
3SL2_DENAN  (P25684), 3SL2_DENPO  (P01414), 3SL8_DENJA  (P25683), 
3SLS_DENPO  (P22947), 3SO1_HEMHA  (C0HJT5), 3SO1_NAJAT  (Q9W717), 
3SO3_BUNCA  (P83346), 3SO3_BUNFA  (P0C554), 3SO3_BUNMU  (Q9YGI8), 
3SO3_CAURH  (P84716), 3SO61_HEMHA (P25676), 3SO62_NAJHH (P01415), 
3SO8_BUNMU  (Q9W727), 3SO8_NAJAT  (Q9DEQ3), 3SO8_NAJKA  (P82464), 
3SO8_OPHHA  (A8N286), 3SO91_BUNCA (Q8AY53), 3SO91_BUNMU (Q9YGI0), 
3SO92_BUNCA (Q8AY52), 3SO93_BUNMU (Q800Y3), 3SO95_BUNMU (Q7ZT13), 
3SO9L_BUNMU (P79688), 3SOA1_DENAN (P18329), 3SOB4_DENJA (P01406), 
3SOB6_DENVI (P01405), 3SOB8_DENAN (P01404), 3SOC1_MICCO (Q9PUB7), 
3SOC7_MICCO (Q9PRI1), 3SOD_ASPSC  (P19004), 3SOE_HEMHA  (P24778), 
3SOF1_NAJAT (P0DUK7), 3SOF2_NAJME (P01474), 3SOF3_NAJME (P01473), 
3SOF5_NAJAT (P62375), 3SOF7_NAJAT (P49122), 3SOFA_NAJAT (Q91126), 
3SOFB_NAJHA (P62390), 3SOFB_NAJHH (P62394), 3SOFH_NAJKA (P14541), 
3SOFL_NAJAT (Q91137), 3SOFL_NAJNA (P62377), 3SOFP_NAJAT (Q91996), 
3SOFV_NAJAT (Q9W716), 3SOG_ASPSC  (P19003), 3SUB_DENAN  (P60237), 
3SUC1_NAJKA (P82462), 3SUC1_NAJME (P0DQQ3), 3SUC2_NAJKA (P82463), 
3SX3_OPHHA  (Q2VBN3), 3SX4_MICAT  (F5CPD3), 3SX4_MICMP  (A0A2P1BSS8), 
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False negative sequences
45 sequences

3L23_OPHHA  (P07526), 3NO52_BUNMU (Q9YGH9), 3NO56_BUNMU (O12963), 
3NOJ6_DENJA (P25682), 3NOJ_BUNCA  (P81782), 3NX2_MICSU  (P86096), 
3NX4_DISTY  (A7X6J0), 3NX4_MICSU  (P86098), 3NX5_MICFR  (P86424), 
3NX5_MICSU  (P86099), 3NX5_THRJA  (A7X6I4), 3S110_DENJA (P01419), 
3S31_PSETE  (Q9W7K2), 3S32_PSETE  (Q9W7K1), 3S33_PSETE  (Q9W7K0), 
3S34_PSETE  (Q9W7J9), 3S36_PSETE  (Q9W7J7), 3S37_PSETE  (Q9W7J6), 
3S38_PSETE  (A8HDK1), 3SA2C_NAJSP (O93472), 3SAFC_NAJAT (P60308), 
3SO7_BUNMU  (P43445), 3SOI2_BUNFA (P14534), 3SOII_BUNFA (P0C553), 
3SOIK_BUNFA (P0C552), 3SOK1_HEMHA (P01402), 3SOK2_NAJHA (P25678), 
3SOK3_NAJHA (P25677), 3SP1_DENJA  (P01413), 3SPM_DENJA  (P28375), 
3SPT_DENAN  (P81946), 3SX1_DENPO  (P0DKR6), 3SX1_OPHHA  (P83302), 
3SX2_DENPO  (P0DKS3), 3SX2_MICFR  (P86421), 3SX3_DENAN  (C0HJB0), 
3SX3_MICCO  (C6JUP3), 3SX3_OXYSC  (A8HDK2), 3SX5_OXYMI  (A7X4S7), 
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'Partial' sequences
22 sequences

3L2A2_ACAAN (P86522), 3S11_MICFR  (P86420), 3S12B_MICPY (P0CAR4), 
3S16_MICFR  (P86425), 3S1E1_MICPY (P0CAR3), 3S1E3_MICPY (P0CAR5), 
3S331_PSETE (P59072), 3S332_PSETE (P59073), 3SA12_DABRR (P0DMV6), 
3SA1F_NAJAT (P85429), 3SA1_DABRR  (P0C5H4), 3SA3A_NAJNA (P86539), 
3SE_DENAN   (Q9PS08), 3SI13_DENAN (P60235), 3SI14_DENAN (P60236), 
3SO3_MICPY  (P0CAR2), 3SO8_NAJNA  (P86544), 3SOBB_DENAN (Q9PS09), 
3SOFH_NAJAT (P0C547), 3SX1_MICNI  (Q9PRQ2), 3SX3_MICNI  (Q9PRQ3), 
3SXA_CALBG  (P24742)
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[Detailed view]
143 PDB

1ABT; 1B41; 1BXP; 1CB9; 1CCQ; 1CDT; 1CHV; 1COD; 1COE; 1CRE; 1CRF; 1CTX; 1CVO; 1CXN; 1CXO; 1ERA; 1F8U; 1FAS; 1FF4; 1FFJ; 1FRA; 1FSC; 1FSS; 1G6M; 1H0J; 1HAA; 1HAJ; 1HC9; 1HOY; 1I02; 1IDG; 1IDH; 1IDI; 1IDL; 1IK8; 1IKC; 1IQ9; 1JBD; 1JE9; 1JGK; 1KBA; 1KBS; 1KBT; 1KC4; 1KFH; 1KL8; 1KU6; 1KXI; 1L4W; 1LJZ; 1LSI; 1LXG; 1LXH; 1MAH; 1NEA; 1NOR; 1NTN; 1NTX; 1NXB; 1ONJ; 1QKD; 1QKE; 1RGJ; 1RL5; 1TFS; 1TGX; 1TXA; 1TXB; 1UG4; 1V6P; 1VB0; 1VYC; 1W6B; 1XT3; 1YI5; 1ZAD; 2ABX; 2BHI; 2BTX; 2CCX; 2CDX; 2CRS; 2CRT; 2CTX; 2ERA; 2H7Z; 2H8U; 2JQP; 2MJ0; 2MJ4; 2NBT; 2QC1; 2VLW; 2X8B; 3EBX; 3ERA; 3FEV; 3HH7; 3NDS; 3NEQ; 3PLC; 3VTS; 4AEA; 4BDT; 4DO8; 4EY8; 4HQP; 4IYE; 4LFT; 4OM4; 4OM5; 4UY2; 4ZQY; 5EBX; 5HBT; 5HBV; 5MG9; 5NPN; 5NQ4; 5T8A; 5XWE; 6EBX; 6PNW; 6R5M; 6RC7; 6UWZ; 6WJC; 6ZFM; 7C28; 7KOO; 7O2K; 7PC0; 7ULG; 7ULQ; 7ULR; 7ULS; 8D9Y; 8D9Z; 8DA0; 8DA1; 8HN1; 8WE7; 8WE8
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