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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] IG_MHC
Accession [info] PS00290
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00262

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Immunoglobulins and major histocompatibility complex proteins signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 634 in 585 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 365 in 323 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 10 in 5 different sequences
Number of false positive hits 259 in 257 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 40
Number of 'partial' sequences 3
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 58.49 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 90.12 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 3
Site [info] disulfide at position 3
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
323 sequences

1A01_GORGO  (P30375), 1A01_PANTR  (P16209), 1A01_PONPY  (P16211), 
1A01_SAGOE  (P30515), 1A02_GORGO  (P30376), 1A02_PANTR  (P16210), 
1A03_GORGO  (P30377), 1A03_PANTR  (P13748), 1A04_GORGO  (P30378), 
1A04_PANTR  (P13749), 1B01_GORGO  (P30379), 1B01_PANTR  (P13750), 
1B01_SAGOE  (P30516), 1B02_GORGO  (P30380), 1B02_PANTR  (P13751), 
1B03_GORGO  (P30381), 1B04_GORGO  (P30382), 1C01_GORGO  (P30383), 
1C01_PANTR  (P30686), 1C01_SAGOE  (P30517), 1C28_PANTR  (P16215), 
1OKO_GORGO  (P30388), B2MG_ACIBE  (Q9PRF8), B2MG_ALOSE  (O77523), 
B2MG_AOTAZ  (O77537), B2MG_AOTLE  (P63063), B2MG_AOTNA  (P63064), 
B2MG_ATEPA  (O77536), B2MG_BOVIN  (P01888), B2MG_BRAAR  (O77524), 
B2MG_CACME  (O77533), B2MG_CALAU  (P63060), B2MG_CALGO  (O77520), 
B2MG_CALJA  (P63061), B2MG_CALKU  (P63062), B2MG_CALPI  (Q71UN5), 
B2MG_CALPN  (O77528), B2MG_CALPP  (O77526), B2MG_CAVPO  (P01886), 
B2MG_CEBAL  (P63065), B2MG_CEBOL  (P63067), B2MG_CEBPY  (O77535), 
B2MG_CHETO  (O77530), B2MG_CHICK  (P21611), B2MG_CHLAE  (Q6PZD3), 
B2MG_CRIGR  (Q9WV24), B2MG_CYPCA  (Q03422), B2MG_DANRE  (Q04475), 
B2MG_EQUAS  (Q861S3), B2MG_EQUGR  (Q863A9), B2MG_EQUQB  (Q863B1), 
B2MG_FELCA  (Q5MGS7), B2MG_GORGO  (P61771), B2MG_HORSE  (P30441), 
B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769), B2MG_ICTPU  (O42197), B2MG_LABIN  (P55076), 
B2MG_LAGLA  (O77525), B2MG_LEOCH  (O77519), B2MG_LEOFU  (Q9TSX4), 
B2MG_MACFA  (Q8SPW0), B2MG_MACMU  (Q6V7J5), B2MG_MELGA  (P21612), 
B2MG_MESAU  (P30442), B2MG_MICEM  (O77521), B2MG_MICHU  (Q71UN4), 
B2MG_MONDO  (Q864T8), B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887), B2MG_MUSCE  (P55078), 
B2MG_MUSCR  (P55077), B2MG_MUSSP  (Q04714), B2MG_ORNAN  (Q864T7), 
B2MG_PANTR  (P61770), B2MG_PAPAN  (Q6T672), B2MG_PAROL  (Q8AYH8), 
B2MG_PIG(Q07717), B2MG_PITIR  (O77531), B2MG_PLEHF  (O77529), 
B2MG_PLEMO  (Q71UN3), B2MG_PONPY  (P16213), B2MG_RABIT  (P01885), 
B2MG_RAT(P07151), B2MG_SAGBB  (P63068), B2MG_SAGIM  (O77518), 
B2MG_SAGMA  (P63069), B2MG_SAGMM  (P63070), B2MG_SAGMN  (O77517), 
B2MG_SAGMY  (P63071), B2MG_SAGOE  (P55079), B2MG_SAIBB  (O77534), 
B2MG_SAISC  (Q71UN6), B2MG_SAIUS  (Q71UN7), B2MG_SAPAP  (P63066), 
B2MG_TRIVU  (Q9GKM2), C166A_DANRE (Q90460), CD166_CARAU (Q90304), 
CD86_RABIT  (P42071), DMA_HUMAN   (P28067), DMA_MOUSE   (P28078), 
DMB_HUMAN   (P28068), DMB_MOUSE   (P35737), DOA_HUMAN   (P06340), 
DOB_HUMAN   (P13765), DOB_PANTR   (P18467), DPA1_HUMAN  (P20036), 
DPB1_HUMAN  (P04440), DQA1_HUMAN  (P01909), DQA2_HUMAN  (P01906), 
DQB1_HUMAN  (P01920), DQB2_HUMAN  (P05538), DRA_HUMAN   (P01903), 
DRA_MACMU   (Q30631), DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911), DRB3_HUMAN  (P79483), 
DRB4_HUMAN  (P13762), DRB5_HUMAN  (Q30154), FCGRN_CAMDR (Q2KN22), 
FCGRN_RAT   (P13599), GCAA_MOUSE  (P01863), GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864), 
GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865), HA10_MOUSE  (P01898), HA11_MOUSE  (P01899), 
HA11_RAT(P15978), HA12_MOUSE  (P01900), HA12_RAT(P16391), 
HA13_MOUSE  (P14426), HA14_MOUSE  (P14427), HA15_MOUSE  (P06339), 
HA17_MOUSE  (P14429), HA18_MOUSE  (P14430), HA19_CANLF  (P18466), 
HA1A_BOVIN  (P13752), HA1A_RABIT  (P01894), HA1B_BOVIN  (P13753), 
HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901), HA1B_RABIT  (P06140), HA1D_MOUSE  (P01902), 
HA1F_CHICK  (P15979), HA1K_MOUSE  (P04223), HA1L_MOUSE  (P01897), 
HA1Q_MOUSE  (P14428), HA1T_MOUSE  (P14432), HA1W_MOUSE  (P03991), 
HA1Y_MOUSE  (P01895), HA1Z_MOUSE  (P01896), HA21_MOUSE  (P01904), 
HA22_MOUSE  (P04224), HA23_MOUSE  (P14439), HA2B_MOUSE  (P14434), 
HA2B_RAT(P20037), HA2C_PIG(P15980), HA2D_MOUSE  (P04228), 
HA2D_PIG(P15981), HA2F_MOUSE  (P14435), HA2J_MOUSE  (P23150), 
HA2K_MOUSE  (P01910), HA2P_RABIT  (P20755), HA2Q_MOUSE  (P04227), 
HA2R_MOUSE  (P14436), HA2S_MOUSE  (P14437), HA2U_MOUSE  (P14438), 
HAVR1_CHLAE (O46598), HAVR1_HUMAN (Q96D42), HB21_BOVIN  (Q9TVC8), 
HB21_MOUSE  (P04230), HB21_SPAEH  (P15464), HB22_MOUSE  (P01915), 
HB23_MOUSE  (P04231), HB24_MOUSE  (P20040), HB2A_MOUSE  (P14483), 
HB2A_RAT(P06341), HB2B_RAT(P29826), HB2C_PIG(P15982), 
HB2D_CANLF  (P18470), HB2D_MOUSE  (P01921), HB2D_PIG(P15983), 
HB2D_RAT(P18211), HB2F_MOUSE  (P06346), HB2I_MOUSE  (P18468), 
HB2J_MOUSE  (P18469), HB2K_MOUSE  (P06343), HB2L_CHICK  (P23068), 
HB2P_RABIT  (P20756), HB2Q_MOUSE  (P06342), HB2S_MOUSE  (P06345), 
HB2U_MOUSE  (P06344), HFE_CERSI   (Q9GKZ0), HFE_DICBI   (Q9GL43), 
HFE_DICSU   (Q9GL42), HFE_HUMAN   (Q30201), HFE_MOUSE   (P70387), 
HFE_PANTR   (P60018), HFE_RAT (O35799), HFE_RHIUN   (Q9GL41), 
HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439), HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889), HLAE_HUMAN  (P13747), 
HLAE_PANTR  (Q95IT3), HLAE_PONPY  (P16212), HLAF_HUMAN  (P30511), 
HLAF_MACMU  (P33617), HLAG_HUMAN  (P17693), HLAG_PANTR  (Q95IT1), 
HLAH_HUMAN  (P01893), HMR1_BOVIN  (C1ITJ8), HMR1_HUMAN  (Q95460), 
HMR1_PONPY  (Q9BD50), HMR1_RAT(O19477), HVC1_HETFR  (P23084), 
HVC2_HETFR  (P23085), HVC3_HETFR  (P23086), HVCM_HETFR  (P23088), 
IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867), IGG2B_RAT   (P20761), IGG2C_RAT   (P20762), 
IGHA1_GORGO (P20758), IGHA1_HUMAN (P01876), IGHA2_HUMAN (P01877), 
IGHA_EQUAS  (P0DUB3), IGHA_MOUSE  (P01878), IGHA_RABIT  (P01879), 
IGHDM_MOUSE (P01882), IGHD_HUMAN  (P01880), IGHD_MOUSE  (P01881), 
IGHD_RAT(P01883), IGHE_HUMAN  (P01854), IGHE_MOUSE  (P06336), 
IGHE_RAT(P01855), IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857), IGHG2_CAVPO (P01862), 
IGHG2_HUMAN (P01859), IGHG3_HUMAN (P01860), IGHG3_MOUSE (P03987), 
IGHG4_HUMAN (P01861), IGHG_RABIT  (P01870), IGHM_CANLF  (P01874), 
IGHM_CHICK  (P01875), IGHM_HUMAN  (P01871), IGHM_MESAU  (P06337), 
IGHM_MOUSE  (P01872), IGHM_RABIT  (P03988), IGHM_SUNMU  (P20768), 
IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834), IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837), IGLC1_HUMAN (P0CG04), 
IGLC7_HUMAN (A0M8Q6), IGLL1_HUMAN (P15814), IGLL1_MOUSE (P20764), 
IGLL1_MUSSP (P20765), IGLL5_HUMAN (B9A064), IGNAR_GINCI (P83977), 
IGS21_RAT   (M0RAS4), IGW1_HETFR  (P83742), IGW2_HETFR  (P83743), 
IGWP_GINCI  (P83984), IGWS_GINCI  (P83985), KACA_RAT(P01836), 
KACB_RAT(P01835), LAC1_MOUSE  (P01843), LAC1_RAT(P20766), 
LAC2_MOUSE  (P01844), LAC2_RAT(P20767), LAC3_MOUSE  (P01845), 
LAC_CHICK   (P20763), LAC_PIG (P01846), L_HRSVB (O36635), 
MUCM_ICTPU  (P23735), MUCM_RABIT  (P04221), NR3L1_HUMAN (Q68D85), 
NRCAM_RAT   (P97686), PGCA_CANLF  (Q28343), PGCA_HUMAN  (P16112), 
PGCA_MOUSE  (Q61282), PGCA_PIG(Q29011), PGCA_RABIT  (Q28670), 
PGCA_RAT(P07897), PGCB_BOVIN  (Q28062), PGCB_FELCA  (P41725), 
PGCB_HUMAN  (Q96GW7), PGCB_MOUSE  (Q61361), PGCB_RAT(P55068), 
RAGE_BOVIN  (Q28173), RAGE_HUMAN  (Q15109), RAGE_MOUSE  (Q62151), 
RAGE_RAT(Q63495), SHPS1_MOUSE (P97797), SHPS1_RAT   (P97710), 
SIG10_HUMAN (Q96LC7), SIG11_HUMAN (Q96RL6), SIG12_MOUSE (Q91Y57), 
SIG14_HUMAN (Q08ET2), SIGL5_HUMAN (O15389), SIGL6_HUMAN (O43699), 
UL18_HCMVA  (P08560), UL18_HCMVM  (F5HFB4), ZA2G_BOVIN  (Q3ZCH5), 
ZA2G_HUMAN  (P25311), ZIG6_CAEEL  (Q22125)
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False negative sequences
40 sequences

1C02_GORGO  (P30385), 1C03_GORGO  (P30386), 1C04_GORGO  (P30387), 
B2MG_CHISA  (O77532), B2MG_RAJEG  (Q8AXA0), B2MG_XENLA  (Q9IA97), 
CD22_GORGO  (Q9N1E4), CD22_PANPA  (Q9N1E5), CD22_PANTR  (Q9N1E6), 
CD22_PONPY  (Q9N1E3), CD86_HUMAN  (P42081), CD86_MOUSE  (P42082), 
IGG2A_RAT   (P20760), IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869), IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868), 
IGHG1_RAT   (P20759), IGKC_AQUCT  (P11272), IL12B_CAPHI (P68221), 
IL12B_SHEEP (P68220), KAC4_RABIT  (P01840), KAC5_RABIT  (P01841), 
KAC6_RABIT  (P03984), KAC9_RABIT  (P01838), KACB_RABIT  (P01839), 
LAC_RABIT   (P01847), LAR_CAEEL   (Q9BMN8), PGCA_BOVIN  (P13608), 
SN_MOUSE(Q62230), TPSN_HUMAN  (O15533), ULBP1_HUMAN (Q9BZM6), 
VSIG2_HUMAN (Q96IQ7), VSIG2_MOUSE (Q9Z109), ZA2G_MOUSE  (Q64726), 
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'Partial' sequences
3 sequences

B2MG_CANLF  (P19341), B2MG_ORENI  (Q03423), HA19_MOUSE  (P14431)

'Unknown' sequences
5 sequences

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False positive sequences
257 sequences

ABL7_LEPMJ  (E5A7E3), ACADM_RAT   (P08503), ACE1_PYRO7  (G4MVZ2), 
ACPH_RAT(P13676), ALGD_AZOVI  (P51585), ALGD_PSEAE  (P11759), 
ALGD_PSEPK  (Q88NC4), ALGD_PSESH  (O07299), ALGD_PSESM  (Q887P8), 
ALGD_PSESY  (P59793), ALOX8_MOUSE (O35936), APP_DROME   (A2VEY9), 
ARGA_SHEON  (P59292), ARX1_KLULA  (Q6CKB6), ATM_EREGS   (Q751J3), 
CSMD2_HUMAN (Q7Z408), CTL3_MOUSE  (Q921V7), CZCR_BACSU  (P71025), 
DCL2_EMENI  (P0C5H7), DLD_CORGL   (Q8NRY8), DLD_ECOLI   (P06149), 
DLD_HAEIN   (P45295), DRPR_DROME  (Q9W0A0), DSD1_SCHPO  (Q9US35), 
ECFA1_MYCGA (Q7NAQ6), ECFA1_MYCGE (P47425), ECFA1_MYCPN (Q50294), 
ENO_FRATH   (Q2A278), ENO_FRATN   (A0Q5J9), ENO_FRATO   (Q0BKV1), 
EXO1_ORYSJ  (Q60GC1), F170A_HUMAN (A1A519), F170A_MACFA (Q66LM5), 
F170A_MOUSE (Q66LM6), FAH_ORYSJ   (Q6H7M1), FB48_ARATH  (Q9LNF6), 
GPC5C_HUMAN (Q9NQ84), GPC5C_MOUSE (Q8K3J9), GR22C_DROME (P58952), 
HAK3_ORYSJ  (Q5ZC87), HEMT_SIPCU  (P22766), HIS1_STRAW  (Q827L7), 
IPO7_HUMAN  (O95373), IPO7_MOUSE  (Q9EPL8), KIN1_ENCCU  (Q8SW31), 
KIT_CHICK   (Q08156), KSL3_ISORU  (A0A1X9ISH5), LEF11_NPVEP (Q91GM8), 
LOX12_HUMAN (P18054), LOX12_MOUSE (P39655), LOX15_MOUSE (P39654), 
LOX15_RAT   (Q02759), LOXE3_HUMAN (Q9BYJ1), LOXE3_MOUSE (Q9WV07), 
LOXE3_RAT   (D3ZKX9), LX12B_HUMAN (O75342), LX12B_MOUSE (O70582), 
LX12B_RAT   (Q2KMM4), LX15B_HUMAN (O15296), LX15B_RAT   (Q8K4F2), 
LYS2_CANGA  (Q6FMI5), LYS2_YEAST  (P07702), L_BRSVA (O91940), 
L_HRSV  (Q9IWW8), L_HRSVA (P28887), M4A15_HUMAN (Q8N5U1), 
MMP23_RAT   (O88272), NAR1_YARLI  (Q6CFR3), NOXC_DICDI  (Q54F44), 
ORF11_HHV8P (Q2HRC8), OSB6_DICDI  (Q86HV4), PALY_USTMA  (Q96V77), 
PIEZ1_HUMAN (Q92508), PIEZ1_MOUSE (E2JF22), PIEZ1_RAT   (Q0KL00), 
PNG1_GIBMO  (Q8J2R3), PNG1_GIBZE  (Q4IR87), POLG_HCVED  (O39929), 
POLG_HCVVP  (O92532), PRP5_DEBHA  (Q6BML1), QUEG_PROMT  (Q46I55), 
RGT1_VANPO  (A7TE38), RHG10_BOVIN (Q08DP6), RHG10_HUMAN (A1A4S6), 
RHG42_HUMAN (A6NI28), RHG42_MOUSE (B2RQE8), RPB1_ASFB7  (P42486), 
RPB1_ASFK5  (P0C989), RPB1_ASFM2  (Q65215), RPB1_ASFWA  (P0C988), 
RPB9_BOVIN  (Q32P73), RPB9_HUMAN  (P36954), RPB9_MOUSE  (P60898), 
RPB9_PIG(P60899), RPC8_HUMAN  (Q9Y535), RPOC_STAA3  (Q2FJ97), 
RPOC_STAAM  (P60284), RPOC_STAAN  (P60285), RPOC_STAAR  (Q6GJC5), 
RR4_CYAM1   (O22020), RSMA_PSE14  (Q48NT7), RSMA_PSEAE  (Q9I5U5), 
SF3B3_DANRE (Q1LVE8), SF3B3_DROME (Q9W0M7), SF3B3_HUMAN (Q15393), 
SPT5H_DANRE (Q9DDT5), SPT5H_MOUSE (O55201), SRBP2_CRIGR (Q60429), 
SRBP2_MOUSE (Q3U1N2), SRBP2_RAT   (Q3T1I5), SRD41_CAEEL (O17821), 
STF3_MYCBO  (P64964), STF3_MYCTO  (P9WLG0), STF3_MYCTU  (P9WLG1), 
TOXC_COCCA  (Q92215), TPC_HUMAN   (Q9HC21), TPC_MACFA   (Q5IS35), 
TPC_PONAB   (Q5NVC1), TPP2_HUMAN  (P29144), TPP2_MOUSE  (Q64514), 
TPP2_RAT(Q64560), TRFM_MOUSE  (Q9R0R1), TRI62_HUMAN (Q9BVG3), 
UBP42_MOUSE (B2RQC2), UBP42_RAT   (D3ZU96), VATA_YEAST  (P17255), 
VG40_ICHVA  (Q00145), VPS41_ARATH (P93043), VPS41_SOLLC (P93231), 
WAKLO_ARATH (Q8RY67), Y1128_MYCTO (P9WM56), Y1128_MYCTU (P9WM57), 
Y1203_BORPE (Q7VYV4), Y1817_BORPA (Q7W9E3), Y2474_ARATH (Q9SJ85), 
Y3289_BORBR (Q7WHB9), Y3387_RHILO (Q98GC6), Y3839_YERPE (Q8ZAG3), 
Y4OU_SINFN  (P55606), Y8137_DICDI (Q54JD2), Y9388_RHILO (Q981G1), 
YC08_KLEPN  (Q48454), YCF2_HUPLU  (Q5SCW3), YHDC_SCHPO  (Q9P6J0), 
YQF1_SCHPO  (O94394), ZDH18_HUMAN (Q9NUE0), ZDH18_MOUSE (Q5Y5T2), 
ZDH18_RAT   (Q2TGJ1), ZN304_HUMAN (Q9HCX3), ZN555_HUMAN (Q8NEP9), 
ZN836_HUMAN (Q6ZNA1), ZN841_HUMAN (Q6ZN19)
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[Detailed view]
2526 PDB

15C8; 1A0Q; 1A1M; 1A1N; 1A1O; 1A3L; 1A4J; 1A4K; 1A6A; 1A6Z; 1A9B; 1A9E; 1ACY; 1ADQ; 1AE6; 1AGB; 1AGC; 1AGD; 1AGE; 1AGF; 1AHW; 1AI1; 1AIF; 1AJ7; 1AKJ; 1AO7; 1AQD; 1AQK; 1AXS; 1AXT; 1B0G; 1B0R; 1BBJ; 1BD2; 1BEY; 1BFO; 1BII; 1BM3; 1BMG; 1BOG; 1BQH; 1BX2; 1BZ9; 1C12; 1C16; 1C5D; 1CBV; 1CD1; 1CE6; 1CF8; 1CFN; 1CFQ; 1CFS; 1CFT; 1CG9; 1CIC; 1CK0; 1CL7; 1CLO; 1CLY; 1CLZ; 1CT8; 1D5B; 1D5I; 1D5M; 1D5X; 1D5Z; 1D6E; 1D6V; 1D9K; 1DBA; 1DBB; 1DBJ; 1DBK; 1DBM; 1DDH; 1DE4; 1DFB; 1DLH; 1DN2; 1DQJ; 1DQM; 1DQQ; 1DUY; 1DUZ; 1E27; 1E28; 1E4K; 1E4W; 1E4X; 1ED3; 1EEY; 1EEZ; 1EFX; 1EGJ; 1EHL; 1EMT; 1ES0; 1ETZ; 1EXU; 1F11; 1F3J; 1F58; 1F6A; 1FAI; 1FBI; 1FC1; 1FC2; 1FCC; 1FDL; 1FE8; 1FFN; 1FFO; 1FFP; 1FG2; 1FGN; 1FJ1; 1FL3; 1FLR; 1FN4; 1FNE; 1FNG; 1FNS; 1FO0; 1FP5; 1FPT; 1FRG; 1FRT; 1FSK; 1FV1; 1FYT; 1FZJ; 1FZK; 1FZM; 1FZO; 1G6R; 1G7P; 1G7Q; 1GAF; 1GGB; 1GGC; 1GGI; 1GPO; 1GZP; 1GZQ; 1H15; 1H3T; 1H3U; 1H3V; 1H3W; 1H3X; 1H3Y; 1HDM; 1HEZ; 1HH6; 1HH9; 1HHG; 1HHH; 1HHI; 1HHJ; 1HHK; 1HI6; 1HKL; 1HLA; 1HOC; 1HQ4; 1HQR; 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