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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] CHAPERONINS_CPN60
Accession [info] PS00296
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00268

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Chaperonins cpn60 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 1'049 in 1'049 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 1'026 in 1'026 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 23 in 23 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 46
Number of 'partial' sequences 37
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 97.81 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 95.71 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
1026 sequences

CH601_ACIC1 (A0LR17), CH601_ALBFT (Q21ZD1), CH601_ANADE (Q2IKI2), 
CH601_ANADF (A7HAD3), CH601_ANASL (Q9AMJ8), CH601_ARTS2 (A0JT07), 
CH601_AZOC5 (A8ILV4), CH601_AZOSB (A1K436), CH601_BRADU (P77829), 
CH601_BRASB (A5ECI7), CH601_BRASO (A4YRI5), CH601_BURCH (A0K536), 
CH601_BURCM (Q0BHT1), CH601_BURL3 (Q391Y9), CH601_BURO1 (Q1BYL5), 
CH601_BURP0 (A3NYH0), CH601_BURP1 (Q3JPF6), CH601_BURP6 (A3NCQ8), 
CH601_BURPS (Q9F712), CH601_BURTA (Q2SYJ5), CH601_BURVG (A4JC03), 
CH601_CERS4 (Q3J419), CH601_CERSP (P20110), CH601_CHESB (Q11LG4), 
CH601_CHLAA (A9WJN7), CH601_CHLCV (P15599), CH601_CHLPN (P31681), 
CH601_CHRVO (Q7NT31), CH601_CORDI (Q6NJ37), CH601_COREF (Q8CY27), 
CH601_CORGB (A4QBU0), CH601_CORGL (Q8NSS0), CH601_CORJK (Q4JXN8), 
CH601_CUTAK (P0CY97), CH601_ECOK1 (A1AJ51), CH601_ERYLH (Q2NBL8), 
CH601_FRAAA (Q0RRL9), CH601_FRACC (Q2JFC5), CH601_GLUDA (A9HK37), 
CH601_KINRD (A6W5Y6), CH601_METCA (Q60AY0), CH601_MOOTA (Q2RL13), 
CH601_MYCA1 (A0QKR2), CH601_MYCBO (P0A519), CH601_MYCBP (A1KPA8), 
CH601_MYCGI (A4TEN6), CH601_MYCLE (P37578), CH601_MYCPA (P60545), 
CH601_MYCS2 (A0QSS4), CH601_MYCSJ (A3PVQ7), CH601_MYCSK (A1UC26), 
CH601_MYCSS (Q1BCW7), CH601_MYCTA (A5U892), CH601_MYCTO (P9WPE8), 
CH601_MYCTU (P9WPE9), CH601_MYCUA (A0PME9), CH601_MYCVP (A1T577), 
CH601_MYXXD (Q1D3Y5), CH601_NITHX (Q1QP32), CH601_NITWN (Q3SQS3), 
CH601_NOCFA (Q5Z1F9), CH601_NOCSJ (A1SMW1), CH601_NOSS1 (Q8YQZ8), 
CH601_PAEAT (A1R3H9), CH601_PARMW (Q7TTX1), CH601_PARXL (Q144Q6), 
CH601_POLNA (A1VJ84), CH601_PROM0 (A3PBH4), CH601_PROM1 (A2C0Q8), 
CH601_PROM2 (A8G3G6), CH601_PROM3 (A2C6Z6), CH601_PROM5 (A2BVB2), 
CH601_PROM9 (Q31C83), CH601_PROMA (Q7TVA6), CH601_PROMM (Q7V643), 
CH601_PROMP (Q7V2M3), CH601_PROMS (A2BPT4), CH601_PROMT (Q46J70), 
CH601_PSYIN (A1ST72), CH601_RENSM (A9WMA0), CH601_RHIEC (Q2KBZ7), 
CH601_RHIJ3 (Q1MKX4), CH601_RHILO (Q98IV5), CH601_RHIME (P35469), 
CH601_RHOJR (Q0SET3), CH601_RHOP2 (Q2IZ16), CH601_RHOP5 (Q07TB7), 
CH601_RHOPA (P60364), CH601_RHOPB (Q212H2), CH601_RHOPS (Q138M7), 
CH601_RHORT (Q2RY28), CH601_ROSDO (Q16C40), CH601_ROSS1 (A5US83), 
CH601_SACEN (A4F749), CH601_SALAI (A8LYN0), CH601_SALRD (Q2S5Z8), 
CH601_SALTO (A4X1K4), CH601_SINFN (Q6W163), CH601_SINMW (A6U6I5), 
CH601_SORC5 (A9GB11), CH601_SPHAL (Q1GVZ9), CH601_STRAL (Q00767), 
CH601_STRAW (Q82DI5), CH601_STRCO (P40171), CH601_STRLI (O33659), 
CH601_SYNAS (Q2LPJ8), CH601_SYNFM (A0LEH2), CH601_SYNJA (Q2JXD4), 
CH601_SYNJB (Q2JL43), CH601_SYNP6 (P12834), CH601_SYNPW (A5GMX4), 
CH601_SYNS3 (Q0I885), CH601_SYNS9 (Q3AZK3), CH601_SYNSC (Q3ALZ3), 
CH601_SYNY3 (Q05972), CH601_THEFY (Q47TE8), CH601_THEVB (Q8DMD4), 
CH601_THEVL (O50323), CH601_TRIEI (Q119S1), CH601_TRIV2 (Q3M704), 
CH601_VIBC3 (A5F0I2), CH601_VIBCH (Q9KNR7), CH601_VIBHA (Q83WI8), 
CH601_VIBPA (Q9L7P5), CH601_VIBVU (Q9ALA9), CH601_VIBVY (Q7M7I7), 
CH602_ACAM1 (B0CEZ1), CH602_ACIC1 (A0LRS7), CH602_ALBFT (Q21U33), 
CH602_ANADE (Q2IFK0), CH602_ANADF (A7HGP8), CH602_AZOC5 (A8I5R5), 
CH602_AZOSB (A1K828), CH602_BRADU (P35861), CH602_BRASO (A4YS25), 
CH602_BURCH (A0AXY5), CH602_BURCM (Q0B4V5), CH602_BURL3 (Q39J12), 
CH602_BURO1 (Q1BV70), CH602_BURP0 (A3P2X2), CH602_BURP1 (Q3JGX2), 
CH602_BURP6 (A3NHB6), CH602_BURPS (Q63N20), CH602_BURTA (Q2T3W7), 
CH602_BURVG (A4JPD1), CH602_CERS4 (Q3IW60), CH602_CERSP (P95647), 
CH602_CHESB (Q11DQ8), CH602_CHLAA (A9WFA3), CH602_CHRVO (Q7NQX1), 
CH602_CORDI (Q6NF74), CH602_COREF (Q8CY22), CH602_CORGB (A4QHB7), 
CH602_CORGL (Q8NM64), CH602_CORJK (Q4JTF2), CH602_CUTAK (Q6A6W2), 
CH602_ECOK1 (Q19NJ4), CH602_ERYLH (Q2N5R9), CH602_FRAAA (Q0RQ25), 
CH602_FRACC (Q2JAZ7), CH602_GLOVI (Q7MBB4), CH602_GLUDA (A9HPH6), 
CH602_KINRD (A6WE60), CH602_METCA (Q607Q3), CH602_MOOTA (Q2RGL8), 
CH602_MYCA1 (A0QLP6), CH602_MYCBO (P0A521), CH602_MYCBP (A1KFR2), 
CH602_MYCGI (A4T2X3), CH602_MYCLE (P09239), CH602_MYCPA (P42384), 
CH602_MYCS2 (A0QQU5), CH602_MYCSJ (A3PU33), CH602_MYCSK (A1UAH8), 
CH602_MYCSS (Q1BEF6), CH602_MYCTA (A5TZG6), CH602_MYCTO (P9WPE6), 
CH602_MYCTU (P9WPE7), CH602_MYCUA (A0PNL7), CH602_MYCVP (A1T352), 
CH602_MYXXD (Q1D2S1), CH602_NITHX (Q1QK71), CH602_NITWN (Q3SQJ5), 
CH602_NOCFA (Q9AFA6), CH602_NOCSJ (A1SNU4), CH602_PARMW (Q7TTT6), 
CH602_PARUW (Q6MBZ5), CH602_PARXL (Q13ZW7), CH602_POLNA (A1VJZ8), 
CH602_PROM0 (A3PES4), CH602_PROM1 (A2C4I2), CH602_PROM2 (A8G6T6), 
CH602_PROM3 (A2C7E2), CH602_PROM5 (A2BYG1), CH602_PROM9 (Q318V6), 
CH602_PROMA (Q7TV93), CH602_PROMM (Q7TUS4), CH602_PROMP (Q7TU44), 
CH602_PROMS (A2BT10), CH602_PROMT (Q46GW7), CH602_PSYIN (A1SXK4), 
CH602_RHIEC (Q2KAU2), CH602_RHIJ3 (Q1MJF2), CH602_RHILE (Q9L691), 
CH602_RHILO (Q98IH9), CH602_RHIME (P35470), CH602_RHOBA (Q7UM97), 
CH602_RHOP2 (Q2IV30), CH602_RHOP5 (Q07PA9), CH602_RHOPA (P60365), 
CH602_RHOPB (Q20X88), CH602_RHOPS (Q130Z3), CH602_RHORT (Q2RWV4), 
CH602_ROSCS (A7NMS9), CH602_ROSDO (Q162U5), CH602_SACEN (A4FPA5), 
CH602_SALAI (A8M497), CH602_SALRD (Q2S0Q3), CH602_SALTO (A4XBH2), 
CH602_SINFN (Q6W1D5), CH602_SINMW (A6U7N0), CH602_SORC5 (A9GBQ2), 
CH602_SPHAL (Q1GRD4), CH602_STRAL (Q00768), CH602_STRAW (Q82GG6), 
CH602_STRCO (Q9KXU5), CH602_STRLI (O33658), CH602_SYNAS (Q2LTG7), 
CH602_SYNFM (A0LKS4), CH602_SYNJA (Q2JUN7), CH602_SYNJB (Q2JKV7), 
CH602_SYNP6 (Q5N3T6), CH602_SYNPW (A5GNA9), CH602_SYNS3 (Q0I7U3), 
CH602_SYNS9 (Q3AUZ9), CH602_SYNSC (Q3AHM4), CH602_SYNY3 (P22034), 
CH602_THEFY (Q47LP1), CH602_TRIEI (Q10WQ4), CH602_VIBC3 (A5F4Y1), 
CH602_VIBCH (Q9KLC6), CH602_VIBPA (Q87JG6), CH602_VIBVU (Q8CWJ0), 
CH602_VIBVY (Q7M7I2), CH603_ACAM1 (A8ZNW7), CH603_BRADU (P35862), 
CH603_BRASB (A5EG60), CH603_BRASO (A4Z0U1), CH603_BURCH (A0KCS0), 
CH603_BURCM (Q0B1N7), CH603_FRAAA (Q0RBS5), CH603_NITHX (Q1QIL6), 
CH603_NITWN (Q3SPG4), CH603_RHIEC (Q2KAR0), CH603_RHIJ3 (Q1M3H2), 
CH603_RHILE (Q9L690), CH603_RHILO (Q98AX9), CH603_RHIME (Q930Y0), 
CH603_RHOBA (Q7TTY9), CH603_SINMW (A6U901), CH603_SYNAS (Q2LU42), 
CH603_TRIV2 (Q3M1B1), CH604_BRADU (Q89P00), CH604_BRASB (A5EM76), 
CH604_FRAAA (Q0RB64), CH604_FRACC (Q2J4P8), CH604_PARXL (Q13NE4), 
CH604_RHIEC (Q2JYW6), CH604_RHILO (Q983S4), CH604_RHIME (Q92ZQ4), 
CH604_SINMW (A6UH06), CH605_PARXL (Q13IM9), CH605_RHILO (Q981J9), 
CH605_RHIME (P35471), CH605_SINMW (A6UM48), CH606_BRADU (Q89IK8), 
CH607_BRADU (Q89DA6), CH60A_ARATH (P29197), CH60A_DROME (O02649), 
CH60C_DROME (Q9VMN5), CH60_ACEP3  (Q8GBD2), CH60_ACET2  (P48212), 
CH60_ACIAD  (Q6F8P6), CH60_ACIB3  (B7GY36), CH60_ACIB5  (B7I618), 
CH60_ACIBC  (B2HXB6), CH60_ACIBS  (B0VSP5), CH60_ACIBT  (A3M836), 
CH60_ACIBY  (B0VDR6), CH60_ACICJ  (A5G1G2), CH60_ACIET  (B9MDC5), 
CH60_ACIF2  (B7J561), CH60_ACIF5  (B5EN19), CH60_ACISJ  (A1W3W8), 
CH60_ACTP2  (A3N120), CH60_ACTP7  (B3H1P4), CH60_ACTPJ  (B0BPV1), 
CH60_ACTPL  (P94166), CH60_ACTSZ  (A6VM38), CH60_AERHH  (A0KGL1), 
CH60_AERS4  (A4SR80), CH60_AERSA  (O68309), CH60_AGARV  (C4ZD46), 
CH60_AGGAC  (P46398), CH60_AGRFC  (P30779), CH60_AKKM8  (B2UKV8), 
CH60_ALCBS  (Q0VRW6), CH60_ALIB4  (A8ERY3), CH60_ALIF1  (Q5E8E6), 
CH60_ALIFM  (B5FFY0), CH60_ALKEH  (Q0ACQ9), CH60_ALKMQ  (A6TLJ1), 
CH60_ALLAM  (B9K1Y8), CH60_ALLVI  (P31293), CH60_ALTMD  (B4S112), 
CH60_AMOA5  (B3ER92), CH60_ANAMF  (B9KJ98), CH60_ANAMM  (Q5PA30), 
CH60_ANAPH  (O34191), CH60_ANAPZ  (Q2GL94), CH60_ANOFW  (B7GFR6), 
CH60_AQUAE  (O67943), CH60_AROAE  (Q5P7G2), CH60_AZOPC  (B6YQT0), 
CH60_AZOVI  (Q8GBB4), CH60_BACAA  (C3PAV1), CH60_BACAC  (C3L507), 
CH60_BACAH  (A0R8W4), CH60_BACAN  (Q81VE1), CH60_BACC0  (B7JM60), 
CH60_BACC1  (Q73ER9), CH60_BACC2  (B7IUT0), CH60_BACC3  (C1EUB1), 
CH60_BACC4  (B7H4Q7), CH60_BACC7  (B7HS05), CH60_BACCE  (Q4MPR6), 
CH60_BACCN  (A7GKG0), CH60_BACCQ  (B9J1H2), CH60_BACCR  (Q814B0), 
CH60_BACCZ  (Q63GV7), CH60_BACFN  (Q5LAF6), CH60_BACFR  (Q64QU2), 
CH60_BACHK  (Q6HPC7), CH60_BACLD  (Q65MZ8), CH60_BACMK  (A9VQG8), 
CH60_BACP2  (A8FAG3), CH60_BACP3  (P26209), CH60_BACSU  (P28598), 
CH60_BACTN  (Q8A6P8), CH60_BACVZ  (A7Z207), CH60_BARBA  (P35635), 
CH60_BARBK  (A1UTX7), CH60_BARHE  (O33963), CH60_BARQU  (O33964), 
CH60_BART1  (A9IY10), CH60_BAUCH  (Q1LSP5), CH60_BDEBA  (Q6MRI1), 
CH60_BEII9  (B2ICU4), CH60_BEUC1  (C5BZB0), CH60_BIFA0  (B8DTZ2), 
CH60_BIFAA  (Q9REU4), CH60_BIFAS  (Q93M78), CH60_BIFLD  (B3DPK4), 
CH60_BIFLO  (Q8G879), CH60_BIFLS  (B7GPR8), CH60_BLOFL  (Q7U348), 
CH60_BLOPB  (Q493W7), CH60_BORA1  (Q2KXZ3), CH60_BORAP  (Q0SMK4), 
CH60_BORBR  (Q7WNS4), CH60_BORBU  (P0C923), CH60_BORBZ  (B7J2K5), 
CH60_BORDL  (B5RMJ5), CH60_BORGP  (Q660M1), CH60_BORPA  (Q7W134), 
CH60_BORPD  (A9I685), CH60_BORPE  (P48210), CH60_BORRA  (B5RPZ1), 
CH60_BORT9  (A1R074), CH60_BRANA  (P35480), CH60_BRECH  (Q8RU00), 
CH60_BRUA1  (B2SCZ4), CH60_BRUA2  (Q2YIJ3), CH60_BRUA4  (A6X3D0), 
CH60_BRUAB  (P0CB35), CH60_BRUC2  (A9MDV1), CH60_BRUMB  (C0RKD5), 
CH60_BRUME  (Q8YB53), CH60_BRUO2  (A5VTU1), CH60_BRUSI  (A9WXQ0), 
CH60_BRUSU  (Q8FX87), CH60_BUCA5  (B8D8I2), CH60_BUCAI  (P25750), 
CH60_BUCAP  (Q59177), CH60_BUCAT  (B8D6T6), CH60_BUCBP  (P59526), 
CH60_BUCCC  (Q058F3), CH60_BUCCM  (Q8KIX0), CH60_BUCMP  (O51832), 
CH60_BUCPP  (Q8KIX4), CH60_BUCRM  (Q93N35), CH60_BUCRP  (Q93N34), 
CH60_BUCTC  (Q8KIX3), CH60_BUCTS  (Q8KIX2), CH60_BUCTT  (Q8KIX1), 
CH60_BURCE  (Q9ZFE0), CH60_BURM7  (A3MMB4), CH60_BURM9  (A2S9S5), 
CH60_BURMA  (Q62I82), CH60_BURMS  (A1V1Z9), CH60_BURTH  (P58723), 
CH60_BURVI  (Q9ZFD8), CH60_CAEEL  (P50140), CH60_CALBD  (B9MLY9), 
CH60_CALS4  (Q8R5T7), CH60_CALS8  (A4XJ09), CH60_CAMC1  (A7ZCV2), 
CH60_CAMC5  (A7GZ43), CH60_CAMFF  (A0RNU3), CH60_CAMHC  (A7I0W5), 
CH60_CAMJ8  (A8FMS6), CH60_CAMJD  (A7H2F8), CH60_CAMJE  (O69289), 
CH60_CAMJJ  (A1W0K4), CH60_CAMJR  (Q5HTP2), CH60_CAMLR  (B9KCR7), 
CH60_CAMRE  (Q93GW2), CH60_CARHZ  (Q3ADX3), CH60_CARRP  (Q05FT9), 
CH60_CAUSK  (B0SXR2), CH60_CAUVC  (P0CAT9), CH60_CAUVN  (B8H163), 
CH60_CELJU  (B3PLM6), CH60_CERS1  (A3PID0), CH60_CERS5  (A4WUL5), 
CH60_CHICK  (Q5ZL72), CH60_CHLCH  (Q3AR09), CH60_CHLFF  (Q255A1), 
CH60_CHLL2  (B3EGF4), CH60_CHLL3  (Q3B5F5), CH60_CHLMU  (Q59322), 
CH60_CHLP8  (B3QPB5), CH60_CHLPB  (B3ENV7), CH60_CHLPD  (A1BHS5), 
CH60_CHLPM  (A4SDP9), CH60_CHLT2  (B0B9L8), CH60_CHLT3  (B3QSM9), 
CH60_CHLTA  (Q3KMQ9), CH60_CHLTB  (B0BB97), CH60_CHLTE  (Q8KF02), 
CH60_CHLTR  (P0C0Z7), CH60_CHRFK  (A0M7D9), CH60_CHRSD  (Q1QVJ7), 
CH60_CITBB  (B5E9Y2), CH60_CITK8  (A8AMQ6), CH60_CLAM3  (A5CTX3), 
CH60_CLAMS  (B0RAY1), CH60_CLOAB  (P30717), CH60_CLOB1  (A7FYP3), 
CH60_CLOB6  (C3KUC8), CH60_CLOB8  (A6LQ87), CH60_CLOBA  (B2UZ02), 
CH60_CLOBB  (B2TIX0), CH60_CLOBH  (A5I723), CH60_CLOBJ  (C1FLV5), 
CH60_CLOBK  (B1IFD4), CH60_CLOBL  (A7GIN3), CH60_CLOBM  (B1L1K0), 
CH60_CLOBO  (Q8KJ24), CH60_CLOD6  (Q18CT5), CH60_CLODI  (Q9KKF0), 
CH60_CLONN  (A0Q2T1), CH60_CLOP1  (Q0TN27), CH60_CLOPE  (P26821), 
CH60_CLOTE  (Q891G4), CH60_COLMA  (Q93GT8), CH60_COLP3  (Q487Q9), 
CH60_COPPD  (B5Y894), CH60_COXB1  (B6J4T4), CH60_COXB2  (B6J2I0), 
CH60_COXBN  (A9KC15), CH60_COXBR  (A9NA82), CH60_COXBU  (P19421), 
CH60_CRIGR  (P18687), CH60_CROS8  (A7MMC0), CH60_CUPMC  (Q1LQS4), 
CH60_CUPNH  (Q0KDR7), CH60_CUPPJ  (Q46XW6), CH60_CUPTR  (B3R2Y3), 
CH60_CUTAC  (P0CY96), CH60_CYACA  (Q9TLZ1), CH60_CYAM1  (Q85G22), 
CH60_CYAPA  (Q37757), CH60_CYTH3  (Q11U19), CH60_DECAR  (Q47IZ8), 
CH60_DEHM1  (Q3Z6L3), CH60_DEHMB  (A5FPR4), CH60_DEHMC  (Q3ZYW8), 
CH60_DELAS  (A9BXL3), CH60_DESAL  (B8FM86), CH60_DESAP  (B1I661), 
CH60_DESDA  (B8J123), CH60_DESHD  (B8FNT7), CH60_DESHY  (Q24QE3), 
CH60_DESOH  (A8ZU48), CH60_DESPS  (Q6ARV6), CH60_DESRM  (A4J8H4), 
CH60_DESVH  (Q72AL6), CH60_DESVM  (B8DJC4), CH60_DESVV  (A1VCQ0), 
CH60_DICDI  (Q54J97), CH60_DICNV  (A5EX17), CH60_DICT6  (B5YDR9), 
CH60_DICTD  (B8E1A9), CH60_DINSH  (A8LJP9), CH60_ECO24  (A7ZV12), 
CH60_ECO27  (B7UPW3), CH60_ECO45  (B7MKU8), CH60_ECO55  (B7LC02), 
CH60_ECO57  (P0A6F7), CH60_ECO5E  (B5Z2F2), CH60_ECO7I  (B7NTK2), 
CH60_ECO81  (B7MSV9), CH60_ECO8A  (B7M8Q4), CH60_ECOBW  (C5A1D5), 
CH60_ECODH  (B1XDP7), CH60_ECOHS  (A8A7N9), CH60_ECOL5  (Q0T9P8), 
CH60_ECOL6  (P0A6F6), CH60_ECOLC  (B1ITQ5), CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5), 
CH60_ECOLU  (B7NG81), CH60_ECOSE  (B6I615), CH60_ECOSM  (B1LQG4), 
CH60_ECOUT  (Q1R3B6), CH60_EDWI9  (C5BDK5), CH60_EHRCH  (P42382), 
CH60_EHRCJ  (Q3YRH4), CH60_EHRCR  (Q2GH98), CH60_EHRRG  (Q5FFZ1), 
CH60_EHRRW  (P48213), CH60_EMIHU  (Q4G3D5), CH60_ENT38  (A4W5N8), 
CH60_ENTAG  (O66200), CH60_ENTAS  (O66190), CH60_ENTFA  (Q93EU6), 
CH60_ERWAP  (O66222), CH60_ERWT9  (B2VL84), CH60_ESCF3  (B7LLS5), 
CH60_EXIS2  (B1YEP6), CH60_EXISA  (C4L1L2), CH60_FERNB  (A7HNA3), 
CH60_FINM2  (B0S1R4), CH60_FLAJ1  (A5FIV1), CH60_FLAPJ  (A6H125), 
CH60_FRAP2  (B0TX65), CH60_FRAT1  (Q14FU4), CH60_FRATF  (A7NE88), 
CH60_FRATH  (P94798), CH60_FRATM  (B2SFF8), CH60_FRATN  (A0Q838), 
CH60_FRATO  (Q0BKF7), CH60_FRATT  (Q5NEE1), CH60_FRATW  (A4IWC4), 
CH60_FUSNN  (Q8R5X7), CH60_FUSNP  (Q8GJ00), CH60_GALSU  (P28256), 
CH60_GARVA  (Q9KI57), CH60_GEMAT  (C1A8L8), CH60_GEODF  (B9LZ35), 
CH60_GEOKA  (Q5L3E6), CH60_GEOMG  (Q39ZP5), CH60_GEOSE  (Q07201), 
CH60_GEOSL  (Q747C7), CH60_GEOSM  (C6DY43), CH60_GEOSW  (C5D4F4), 
CH60_GEOTN  (A4IJV3), CH60_GEOUR  (A5G9I2), CH60_GLAP5  (B8F865), 
CH60_GLUOX  (Q5FPQ6), CH60_GRABC  (Q0BQ24), CH60_GRATL  (Q6B911), 
CH60_GUITH  (O78419), CH60_HAEDU  (P31294), CH60_HAEI8  (Q4QN05), 
CH60_HAEIE  (A5U9V2), CH60_HAEIG  (A5UH48), CH60_HAEIN  (P43733), 
CH60_HAHCH  (Q2SDG0), CH60_HALH5  (O50305), CH60_HALHL  (A1WZJ2), 
CH60_HALOH  (B8D0Z4), CH60_HAMD5  (C4K477), CH60_HELAH  (Q17VC6), 
CH60_HELHP  (Q7U317), CH60_HELMI  (B0TCA0), CH60_HELP2  (B6JPA7), 
CH60_HELPG  (B5Z6D1), CH60_HELPH  (Q1CVE5), CH60_HELPJ  (Q9ZN50), 
CH60_HELPS  (B2UW12), CH60_HELPY  (P42383), CH60_HERA2  (A9B6A4), 
CH60_HERAR  (A4G837), CH60_HISS1  (Q0I284), CH60_HISS2  (B0USK6), 
CH60_HOLOB  (P94820), CH60_HUMAN  (P10809), CH60_HYDCU  (Q31IT1), 
CH60_HYDS0  (B4U8T6), CH60_HYPNA  (Q0C0T0), CH60_IDILO  (Q5QVT4), 
CH60_JANMA  (A6T1E5), CH60_JANSC  (Q28LY7), CH60_KARMG  (A8Z640), 
CH60_KLEAK  (O66198), CH60_KLEOX  (O66210), CH60_KLEP3  (B5Y368), 
CH60_KLEP7  (A6TH53), CH60_KLEPN  (O66026), CH60_KLUIN  (O66192), 
CH60_KORVE  (Q1ISQ0), CH60_LACAC  (Q93G07), CH60_LACCB  (B3W9W7), 
CH60_LACDA  (Q1G937), CH60_LACDB  (Q048Y3), CH60_LACE2  (C4Z3R4), 
CH60_LACGA  (Q045Q8), CH60_LACH4  (A8YTH8), CH60_LACHE  (O68324), 
CH60_LACJO  (Q9KJ23), CH60_LACLA  (P37282), CH60_LACLM  (Q9AEP7), 
CH60_LACLS  (Q031S8), CH60_LACP3  (Q035Y9), CH60_LACP7  (A9KSJ1), 
CH60_LACPL  (Q88YM5), CH60_LACZE  (O32847), CH60_LATSS  (Q38YR7), 
CH60_LAWIP  (Q1MQP8), CH60_LEGJE  (P26004), CH60_LEGMI  (P26194), 
CH60_LEGPA  (Q5X762), CH60_LEGPC  (A5IGM1), CH60_LEGPH  (Q5ZXP3), 
CH60_LEGPL  (Q5WYL2), CH60_LEGPN  (P69050), CH60_LEIXX  (Q6ADK2), 
CH60_LELAM  (O66196), CH60_LEPBA  (B0SCC0), CH60_LEPBJ  (Q04S01), 
CH60_LEPBL  (Q052X9), CH60_LEPBP  (B0SKU2), CH60_LEPCP  (B1XXY9), 
CH60_LEPIC  (P61438), CH60_LEPIN  (P61439), CH60_LEUMM  (Q03VC3), 
CH60_LEVBA  (Q03SQ9), CH60_LIGS1  (Q1WSW0), CH60_LIMF3  (B2GAI0), 
CH60_LIMRD  (A5VIE9), CH60_LIMRJ  (B2G5X7), CH60_LISIN  (Q929V0), 
CH60_LISMC  (C1KX21), CH60_LISMF  (Q71XU6), CH60_LISMH  (B8DH59), 
CH60_LISMO  (Q9AGE6), CH60_LISW6  (A0AKH5), CH60_LYSSC  (B1HT15), 
CH60_MACCJ  (B9E899), CH60_MAGMM  (A0L4C9), CH60_MAGSA  (Q2WAW8), 
CH60_MALP2  (Q8CXQ7), CH60_MANSM  (Q65VE4), CH60_MARMM  (Q0AS40), 
CH60_MARMS  (A6VWY0), CH60_MARN8  (A1U292), CH60_MESAU  (P86206), 
CH60_METAC  (Q8TGX7), CH60_METB6  (A7I798), CH60_METBF  (Q46CA1), 
CH60_METFK  (Q1H4F2), CH60_METHJ  (Q2FPN5), CH60_METI4  (B3DZP5), 
CH60_METMA  (Q8PW06), CH60_METPB  (B1ZAU5), CH60_METPP  (A2SCV1), 
CH60_METRJ  (B1LVA0), CH60_METSB  (B8ER20), CH60_METSS  (Q9WWL4), 
CH60_METVS  (A6UNR2), CH60_MOUSE  (P63038), CH60_MYCGA  (Q7MBB2), 
CH60_MYCGE  (P47632), CH60_MYCPN  (P78012), CH60_NATTJ  (B2A5V3), 
CH60_NAUPA  (B9L698), CH60_NEIFL  (P48215), CH60_NEIG1  (Q5F541), 
CH60_NEIG2  (B4RRA1), CH60_NEIGO  (P29842), CH60_NEIM0  (A9M0Q6), 
CH60_NEIMA  (P57006), CH60_NEIMB  (P42385), CH60_NEIMF  (A1KW52), 
CH60_NEORS  (P48214), CH60_NEOSE  (O32606), CH60_NEOSM  (Q2GDC6), 
CH60_NEOYE  (Q1XDD8), CH60_NITEC  (Q0AJH9), CH60_NITEU  (Q82Y60), 
CH60_NITMU  (Q2Y6I6), CH60_NITOC  (Q3J729), CH60_NITSB  (A6Q2B4), 
CH60_NOCAS  (Q9AFC5), CH60_NOVAD  (Q2G2Z4), CH60_OENOB  (Q04E64), 
CH60_OLEA2  (Q30YH6), CH60_OLEAN  (Q8KM30), CH60_ORITB  (A5CDL9), 
CH60_ORITI  (B3CQ26), CH60_ORITS  (P16625), CH60_PANAN  (O66218), 
CH60_PARC0  (A1TKQ5), CH60_PARD8  (A6LIG0), CH60_PARDE  (Q9Z462), 
CH60_PARDN  (Q9KI71), CH60_PARDP  (A1B877), CH60_PARL1  (A7HQQ0), 
CH60_PARP8  (B2JFE0), CH60_PARPJ  (B2T0I0), CH60_PARTM  (Q8VV84), 
CH60_PASMU  (Q59687), CH60_PECAS  (Q6D9J0), CH60_PECCC  (O66220), 
CH60_PECCP  (C6DKC7), CH60_PEDPA  (Q03H05), CH60_PELPB  (B4SEN1), 
CH60_PELPD  (A1AST1), CH60_PELTS  (A5CZ03), CH60_PELUB  (Q4FPA5), 
CH60_PETMO  (A9BHK4), CH60_PHATC  (A0T0H6), CH60_PHOLL  (Q7MAZ7), 
CH60_PHOPR  (Q6LM06), CH60_PHOV8  (A6KXA0), CH60_PLUGE  (O66194), 
CH60_POLAQ  (A4SZV4), CH60_POLNS  (B1XRX1), CH60_POLSJ  (Q12FH7), 
CH60_PONAB  (Q5NVM5), CH60_PORG3  (B2RKS6), CH60_PORGI  (P42375), 
CH60_PORPU  (P51349), CH60_PROA2  (B4S6H2), CH60_PROMH  (B4EXE2), 
CH60_PSE14  (Q48EI5), CH60_PSEA6  (Q15PD3), CH60_PSEA7  (A6VB57), 
CH60_PSEA8  (B7UZG3), CH60_PSEAB  (Q02H55), CH60_PSEAE  (P30718), 
CH60_PSEE4  (Q1I5E2), CH60_PSEF5  (Q4K764), CH60_PSEFS  (C3K1A0), 
CH60_PSELT  (A8F401), CH60_PSEMY  (A4XYM0), CH60_PSEP1  (A5W8M6), 
CH60_PSEPF  (Q3K7L6), CH60_PSEPG  (B0KFQ2), CH60_PSEPK  (Q88N55), 
CH60_PSEPU  (P48216), CH60_PSEPW  (B1J3K5), CH60_PSESM  (Q87X14), 
CH60_PSET1  (Q9XAU7), CH60_PSEU2  (Q4ZP20), CH60_PSYA2  (Q4FU94), 
CH60_PSYCK  (Q1QDC9), CH60_PSYWF  (A5WD52), CH60_PYRSA  (P46224), 
CH60_RALN1  (Q8Y1P8), CH60_RAOOR  (O66214), CH60_RAOPL  (O66212), 
CH60_RAT(P63039), CH60_RHILV  (P34939), CH60_RHILW  (B5ZRD6), 
CH60_RHIWR  (A5VBQ6), CH60_RHOCA  (P95678), CH60_RHOCS  (B6IU98), 
CH60_RHOHA  (Q93QI2), CH60_RHOMR  (Q9XCA9), CH60_RHOPL  (Q93MH1), 
CH60_RICAE  (C3PP72), CH60_RICAH  (A8GPB6), CH60_RICB8  (A8GW07), 
CH60_RICBR  (Q1RIZ3), CH60_RICCK  (A8EY36), CH60_RICCN  (Q92H04), 
CH60_RICFE  (Q4UMF2), CH60_RICM5  (A8F2B5), CH60_RICPR  (Q9ZCT7), 
CH60_RICPU  (C4K2T9), CH60_RICRO  (B0BUM0), CH60_RICRS  (A8GT30), 
CH60_RICTY  (O85754), CH60_RUEPO  (Q5LV15), CH60_RUEST  (Q1GJ36), 
CH60_RUMCH  (B8I5W0), CH60_RUTMC  (A1AWK7), CH60_SACD2  (Q21MD3), 
CH60_SALA4  (B5F2L0), CH60_SALAR  (A9MFR9), CH60_SALCH  (Q57GP7), 
CH60_SALDC  (B5FRK2), CH60_SALEP  (B5R005), CH60_SALG2  (B5R991), 
CH60_SALHS  (B4TF80), CH60_SALPA  (Q5PL62), CH60_SALPB  (A9N3Z7), 
CH60_SALPC  (C0Q6A2), CH60_SALPK  (B5BKF4), CH60_SALSV  (B4TSC6), 
CH60_SALTI  (P0A1D4), CH60_SALTY  (P0A1D3), CH60_SCAIO  (Q9EY76), 
CH60_SERFI  (O66204), CH60_SERMA  (O66206), CH60_SERP5  (A8G8S7), 
CH60_SERRU  (O66202), CH60_SHEAM  (A1SAC0), CH60_SHEB5  (A3D8W9), 
CH60_SHEB8  (A6WJ17), CH60_SHEDO  (Q12S61), CH60_SHEFN  (Q07WX7), 
CH60_SHEHH  (B0TVL3), CH60_SHELP  (A3QA46), CH60_SHEON  (Q8CX48), 
CH60_SHEPA  (A8H8W3), CH60_SHEPC  (A4Y398), CH60_SHEPW  (B8CID3), 
CH60_SHESA  (A0L170), CH60_SHESH  (A8FQY1), CH60_SHESM  (Q0HEQ4), 
CH60_SHESR  (Q0HZ97), CH60_SHESW  (A1RNN6), CH60_SHEWM  (B1KIR6), 
CH60_SHIB3  (B2TY18), CH60_SHIBS  (Q31T78), CH60_SHIDS  (Q328C4), 
CH60_SHIF8  (Q0SXD6), CH60_SHIFL  (P0A6F8), CH60_SHISS  (Q3YUJ7), 
CH60_SHOC1  (Q5WJN4), CH60_SODGL  (P0C193), CH60_SODGM  (Q2NW94), 
CH60_SOLM1  (C4XGI2), CH60_SOLUE  (Q01RQ2), CH60_STAA1  (A7X4J1), 
CH60_STAA2  (A6U3B5), CH60_STAA3  (Q2FF95), CH60_STAA8  (Q2FWN4), 
CH60_STAA9  (A5IUH6), CH60_STAAB  (Q2YUD8), CH60_STAAC  (Q5HEH2), 
CH60_STAAE  (A6QIM7), CH60_STAAM  (P63766), CH60_STAAN  (P99083), 
CH60_STAAR  (Q6GF43), CH60_STAAS  (Q6G7S8), CH60_STAAT  (A8Z4T2), 
CH60_STAAU  (Q08854), CH60_STAAW  (P63767), CH60_STAEP  (P0C0N6), 
CH60_STAEQ  (Q5HMZ1), CH60_STAES  (P0C0N7), CH60_STAHJ  (Q4L7R4), 
CH60_STAS1  (Q49YY5), CH60_STEMA  (P95800), CH60_STRA1  (Q3JYQ0), 
CH60_STRA3  (Q8CX22), CH60_STRA5  (Q8CX00), CH60_STRAG  (Q9AME7), 
CH60_STRAP  (Q8KJ20), CH60_STRCV  (Q8KJ18), CH60_STRE4  (C0M7S3), 
CH60_STREM  (B4U081), CH60_STRGC  (A8AZE1), CH60_STRGN  (Q8VT58), 
CH60_STRM5  (B4SKL8), CH60_STRMK  (B2FIU9), CH60_STRMU  (Q8CWW6), 
CH60_STRP1  (P69883), CH60_STRP2  (Q04IQ3), CH60_STRP3  (P0DA22), 
CH60_STRP4  (B5E223), CH60_STRP6  (Q5X9L8), CH60_STRP7  (C1C9H6), 
CH60_STRP8  (Q8NZ56), CH60_STRPB  (Q1J9G4), CH60_STRPC  (Q1JJL5), 
CH60_STRPD  (Q1JEL5), CH60_STRPF  (Q1J4D1), CH60_STRPG  (A2RGR1), 
CH60_STRPI  (B1I8B2), CH60_STRPJ  (B8ZNK9), CH60_STRPM  (Q48R03), 
CH60_STRPN  (P0A335), CH60_STRPQ  (P0DA23), CH60_STRPS  (B2ILZ5), 
CH60_STRPZ  (B5XIW7), CH60_STRR6  (P0A336), CH60_STRS7  (C0MES3), 
CH60_STRSA  (Q8KJ16), CH60_STRSV  (A3CKI1), CH60_STRT1  (Q5M1M9), 
CH60_STRT2  (Q5M670), CH60_STRTD  (Q03MK3), CH60_STRU0  (B9DW28), 
CH60_STRZJ  (C1CGD7), CH60_STRZP  (C1CML7), CH60_STRZT  (C1CTD6), 
CH60_STUS1  (A4VP82), CH60_STUST  (O33500), CH60_SULDN  (Q30SX1), 
CH60_SULNB  (A6QBP8), CH60_SULSY  (B2V8F1), CH60_SYMTH  (Q67KB8), 
CH60_SYNC1  (Q3A0V2), CH60_SYNE7  (P22879), CH60_SYNR3  (A5GV53), 
CH60_SYNWW  (Q0AVV1), CH60_TANFO  (P81284), CH60_TERTT  (C5BP08), 
CH60_THAPS  (A0T0X0), CH60_THEAB  (B7IFA6), CH60_THEBR  (Q60024), 
CH60_THEM4  (A6LJ30), CH60_THEMA  (Q9WYX6), CH60_THENE  (Q9EZV1), 
CH60_THEP1  (A5IJR6), CH60_THEP3  (B0KBR3), CH60_THEPX  (B0K3P6), 
CH60_THESQ  (B1L8Y8), CH60_THET2  (P61490), CH60_THET8  (Q5SLM2), 
CH60_THEYD  (B5YJN3), CH60_THIDA  (Q3SMK1), CH60_THISH  (B8GL19), 
CH60_TOLAT  (C4LCA2), CH60_TREDE  (Q73NH7), CH60_TREPA  (P23033), 
CH60_TREPR  (Q8KTS0), CH60_TREPS  (B2S1X8), CH60_TRICV  (P49464), 
CH60_TRIL1  (B3E8G0), CH60_TRIVA  (Q95058), CH60_TROW8  (Q83NN0), 
CH60_TROWH  (P69204), CH60_TROWT  (P69205), CH60_TRYBB  (Q37683), 
CH60_TRYCR  (Q95046), CH60_TSUPA  (Q9AFA5), CH60_TSUTY  (P97086), 
CH60_VARPS  (C5CPP8), CH60_VEREI  (A1WL05), CH60_VESOH  (A5CWP6), 
CH60_VIBC1  (A7MX54), CH60_WIGBR  (Q9ANR9), CH60_WOLPM  (Q73I71), 
CH60_WOLPP  (B3CL71), CH60_WOLSU  (Q7MAE3), CH60_WOLTR  (Q5GST5), 
CH60_WOLWR  (C0R2V3), CH60_XANAC  (Q8PPZ1), CH60_XANC5  (Q3BY61), 
CH60_XANC8  (Q4UZA7), CH60_XANCB  (B0RN52), CH60_XANCH  (Q8RIT7), 
CH60_XANCP  (Q8PD23), CH60_XANOM  (Q2NY29), CH60_XANOP  (B2SJG4), 
CH60_XANOR  (Q5GUT1), CH60_XYLF2  (B2I7D4), CH60_XYLFA  (Q9PFP2), 
CH60_XYLFM  (B0U418), CH60_XYLFT  (Q87BC0), CH60_YERE8  (A1JIP3), 
CH60_YEREN  (P48219), CH60_YERP3  (A7FN01), CH60_YERPA  (Q1C0Y0), 
CH60_YERPB  (B2K1Y4), CH60_YERPE  (Q8ZIY3), CH60_YERPG  (A9QYQ1), 
CH60_YERPN  (Q1CED4), CH60_YERPP  (A4TRR0), CH60_YERPS  (Q66FD5), 
CH60_YERPY  (B1JMR1), CH60_ZYMMO  (P48220), CH61_CUCMA  (Q05045), 
CH61_MAIZE  (P29185), CH62_CUCMA  (Q05046), CH62_MAIZE  (Q43298), 
CH63_HELVI  (P25420), CPNA1_ARATH (P21238), CPNB1_ARATH (P21240), 
CPNB2_ARATH (Q9LJE4), CPNB3_ARATH (C0Z361), HSP60_AJECA (P50142), 
HSP60_CANAL (O74261), HSP60_EMENI (Q5B041), HSP60_PARBA (O60008), 
HSP60_YEAST (P19882), RUB1_BRANA  (P21239), RUB2_BRANA  (P34794), 
RUBA_CHLRE  (Q42694), RUBA_PEA(P08926), RUBA_RICCO  (P08824), 
RUBA_WHEAT  (P08823), RUBB_BRANA  (P21241), RUBB_CHLRE  (Q42693), 
RUBB_PEA(P08927), RUBB_SECCE  (Q43831), RUBC_CHLRE  (Q42695)
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False negative sequences
46 sequences

CH601_ACAM1 (B0CFQ6), CH601_GLOVI (Q7MBC7), CH601_PARUW (Q6MF95), 
CH601_RHOBA (Q7UM99), CH601_ROSCS (A7NIK8), CH602_ANASL (Q7WVY0), 
CH602_ARTS2 (A0JYZ5), CH602_BRASB (A5EET6), CH602_CHLCV (P59698), 
CH602_CHLPN (Q9Z7C9), CH602_NOSS1 (Q8YVS8), CH602_PAEAT (A1R8M1), 
CH602_RENSM (A9WN14), CH602_RHOJR (Q0S3B9), CH602_ROSS1 (A5V0S2), 
CH602_THEVB (P0A337), CH602_THEVL (P0A338), CH602_TRIV2 (Q3M6L5), 
CH603_FRACC (Q2JA12), CH603_METCA (Q7WZ32), CH603_PARUW (Q6MBR6), 
CH603_PSYIN (A1SYD3), CH605_BRADU (Q89LB1), CH60_ACHLI  (A9NHL6), 
CH60_ALKOO  (A8MJJ7), CH60_AYWBP  (Q2NIM6), CH60_BOVIN  (P31081), 
CH60_CLOK1  (B9DYY5), CH60_CLOK5  (A5N5D7), CH60_DEIDV  (C1CZP1), 
CH60_DEIGD  (Q1IW59), CH60_DEIRA  (Q9RWQ9), CH60_ELUMP  (B2KD81), 
CH60_ENDTX  (B1GYR7), CH60_EUGGR  (Q39727), CH60_LEIMA  (Q94596), 
CH60_OCEIH  (Q8CXL3), CH60_ONYPE  (Q6YR94), CH60_PLAFG  (P34940), 
CH60_RUBXD  (Q1AXU6), CH60_STACT  (B9DMM2), CH60_TETHA  (Q93GT6), 
HSP60_SCHPO (Q09864), TCM62_YEAST (P38228), TCPH_CHICK  (Q5ZJK8), 
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'Partial' sequences
37 sequences

CH60_ACICA  (P81874), CH60_ACIFR  (P29134), CH60_CANLF  (P49818), 
CH60_CLOPA  (P81339), CH60_DELAC  (Q9R5K5), CH60_EHRCA  (O34194), 
CH60_HELVI  (P26317), CH60_LEITA  (P56281), CH60_MYCAG  (Q48883), 
CH60_MYCAS  (Q48884), CH60_MYCAV  (Q48900), CH60_MYCCH  (Q49093), 
CH60_MYCCI  (Q49025), CH60_MYCFA  (Q49155), CH60_MYCFO  (Q49160), 
CH60_MYCGN  (Q49374), CH60_MYCGO  (Q49375), CH60_MYCGS  (Q49373), 
CH60_MYCIT  (Q49564), CH60_MYCKA  (Q49594), CH60_MYCMA  (Q50212), 
CH60_MYCMR  (Q50220), CH60_MYCNO  (Q50255), CH60_MYCPH  (Q50270), 
CH60_MYCPV  (Q50271), CH60_MYCRH  (Q50373), CH60_MYCSC  (Q50382), 
CH60_MYCSH  (Q50383), CH60_MYCSM  (P80673), CH60_MYCUL  (Q50826), 
CH60_MYCVA  (Q50827), CH60_MYCXE  (Q50852), CH60_RICRI  (O34198), 
CH60_SOLTU  (P80502), CH60_THETH  (P61491), RUBA_PSEMZ  (P85903), 
RUBB_POPEU  (P84581)
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False positive sequences
23 sequences

HOX23_ORYSI (A2Z734), HOX23_ORYSJ (Q94GL5), HOX7_ORYSI  (A2X674), 
HUTI_POLSJ  (Q12EQ4), LAMA3_HUMAN (Q16787), MYB1_ARATH  (Q42575), 
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[Detailed view]
87 PDB

1AON; 1GR5; 1GRL; 1GRU; 1IOK; 1KP8; 1MNF; 1OEL; 1PCQ; 1PF9; 1SJP; 1SS8; 1SVT; 1SX3; 1SX4; 1XCK; 2C7C; 2C7D; 2C7E; 2CGT; 2EU1; 2NWC; 2YEY; 2YNJ; 3C9V; 3CAU; 3E76; 3RTK; 3WVL; 3ZPZ; 3ZQ0; 3ZQ1; 4AAQ; 4AAR; 4AAS; 4AAU; 4AB2; 4AB3; 4PJ1; 4V43; 4V4O; 4WGL; 4WSC; 5DA8; 5OPW; 5OPX; 5W0S; 6HT7; 6KFV; 6MRC; 6MRD; 7AZP; 7L7S; 7PBJ; 7PBX; 7VWX; 7XOJ; 7XOK; 7XOL; 7XOM; 7XON; 7XOO; 7XOP; 7XOQ; 7XOR; 7XOS; 7YWY; 8BA7; 8BKZ; 8BL2; 8BL7; 8BLC; 8BLD; 8BLE; 8BLF; 8BLY; 8BM0; 8BM1; 8BMD; 8BMO; 8BMT; 8G7J; 8G7K; 8G7L; 8G7M; 8G7N; 8G7O
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