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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] ACTINS_1
Accession [info] PS00406
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00340

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Actins signature 1.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 329 in 329 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 329 in 329 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 39
Number of 'partial' sequences 17
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 89.40 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
329 sequences

ACT10_DICDI (Q54GX7), ACT10_SOLTU (P30170), ACT11_ARATH (P53496), 
ACT11_SOLTU (P30171), ACT12_ARATH (P53497), ACT12_SOLTU (P30172), 
ACT13_SOLTU (P30173), ACT17_DICDI (Q554S6), ACT18_DICDI (P07828), 
ACT1_ABSGL  (P10982), ACT1_ACACA  (P02578), ACT1_AEDAE  (P49128), 
ACT1_ARATH  (P0CJ46), ACT1_ARTSX  (P18600), ACT1_BACDO  (P83969), 
ACT1_BOMMO  (P07836), ACT1_CAEEL  (P0DM41), ACT1_DAUCA  (P23343), 
ACT1_DIBDE  (P68556), ACT1_DICDI  (P07830), ACT1_DROME  (P10987), 
ACT1_ECHGR  (P35432), ACT1_HALRO  (P53460), ACT1_HELER  (P69002), 
ACT1_HELTB  (P69003), ACT1_LUMTE  (P92182), ACT1_MAIZE  (P02582), 
ACT1_MESFR  (P10990), ACT1_NAEFO  (P27131), ACT1_ONCVO  (P30162), 
ACT1_ORYSI  (A2XLF2), ACT1_ORYSJ  (Q10DV7), ACT1_OXYFA  (P53503), 
ACT1_OXYTR  (P53468), ACT1_PEA(P30164), ACT1_PHYIN  (P22131), 
ACT1_PLABA  (Q4Z1L3), ACT1_PLAF7  (Q8I4X0), ACT1_PLAFO  (P10988), 
ACT1_PLAFX  (P86287), ACT1_PLAYO  (Q7RME1), ACT1_PNECA  (P43239), 
ACT1_PODCA  (P41112), ACT1_SACKO  (O18499), ACT1_SCHCO  (Q9Y702), 
ACT1_SCHMA  (P53470), ACT1_SOLLC  (Q96482), ACT1_SOLTU  (P93587), 
ACT1_SORBI  (P53504), ACT1_SOYBN  (P02581), ACT1_STENO  (P12715), 
ACT1_SUIBO  (Q9Y701), ACT1_TETTH  (P10992), ACT1_TOBAC  (Q05214), 
ACT1_TRYBB  (P12432), ACT22_DICDI (Q553U6), ACT23_DICDI (Q55EU6), 
ACT24_DICDI (Q54HF1), ACT25_DICDI (Q54HF0), ACT26_DICDI (Q55CU2), 
ACT2_ABSGL  (P26197), ACT2_ARATH  (Q96292), ACT2_ARTSX  (P18601), 
ACT2_BACDO  (P45885), ACT2_BOMMO  (P07837), ACT2_CAEEL  (P10984), 
ACT2_DAUCA  (P23344), ACT2_DIBDE  (P53456), ACT2_DROME  (P02572), 
ACT2_ECHGR  (Q03341), ACT2_HALRO  (P27130), ACT2_LUMTE  (P92176), 
ACT2_LYTPI  (P53466), ACT2_MESFR  (P69004), ACT2_MOLOC  (Q25472), 
ACT2_NAEFO  (P27132), ACT2_ONCVO  (P30163), ACT2_ORYSI  (P0C539), 
ACT2_ORYSJ  (A3C6D7), ACT2_OXYFA  (P02583), ACT2_OXYTR  (P53469), 
ACT2_PEA(P30165), ACT2_PHYIN  (P22132), ACT2_PLABA  (Q4YU79), 
ACT2_PLAF7  (Q8ILW9), ACT2_PLAFO  (P14883), ACT2_PLAFX  (P86288), 
ACT2_PLAYO  (Q7RPB4), ACT2_SACKO  (O18500), ACT2_SCHCO  (Q9Y896), 
ACT2_SCHMA  (P53471), ACT2_SOLTU  (P93586), ACT2_STENO  (P55805), 
ACT2_SUIBO  (Q9Y707), ACT2_TETPY  (P10993), ACT2_TOBAC  (P93374), 
ACT2_TRYBB  (P12433), ACT2_XENLA  (P10995), ACT2_XENTR  (P20399), 
ACT3A_HELAM (Q25010), ACT3B_HELAM (P84184), ACT3_ARATH  (P0CJ47), 
ACT3_ARTSX  (P18602), ACT3_BACDO  (P45886), ACT3_BOMMO  (P04829), 
ACT3_CAEEL  (P0DM42), ACT3_DIBDE  (P53457), ACT3_DICDI  (P07829), 
ACT3_DROME  (P53501), ACT3_LIMPO  (P41340), ACT3_ORYSI  (A2XNS1), 
ACT3_ORYSJ  (Q10AZ4), ACT3_PEA(P46258), ACT3_PODCA  (P41113), 
ACT3_SOLLC  (Q96484), ACT3_SOLTU  (P30167), ACT3_SOYBN  (P02580), 
ACT3_TOBAC  (P93373), ACT3_XENLA  (P04752), ACT3_XENTR  (Q6P8G3), 
ACT4_ARATH  (P53494), ACT4_ARTSX  (P18603), ACT4_BOMMO  (P84183), 
ACT4_CAEEL  (P10986), ACT4_DROME  (P02574), ACT4_SOLLC  (Q96481), 
ACT4_SOLTU  (P93585), ACT4_TOBAC  (P93372), ACT5C_ANOGA (P84185), 
ACT5_ARATH  (Q8RYC2), ACT5_BACDO  (P45887), ACT5_CHICK  (P53478), 
ACT5_DIBDE  (P53458), ACT5_DROME  (P10981), ACT5_SOLTU  (P81228), 
ACT5_TOBAC  (P93371), ACT5_XENLA  (P53505), ACT6_DIBDE  (P53459), 
ACT6_DROME  (P83967), ACT6_DROSI  (P83968), ACT6_SOLTU  (P30168), 
ACT6_TOBAC  (P93376), ACT7_ARATH  (P53492), ACT7_ORYSI  (P0C542), 
ACT7_ORYSJ  (P0C540), ACT7_SOLTU  (P30169), ACT7_TOBAC  (P93375), 
ACT8_ARATH  (Q96293), ACT8_SOLTU  (P81229), ACT8_XENLA  (P53506), 
ACT9_SOLTU  (P93584), ACTA_BOVIN  (P62739), ACTA_CHICK  (P08023), 
ACTA_HUMAN  (P62736), ACTA_LIMPO  (P41339), ACTA_MOUSE  (P62737), 
ACTA_PHYPO  (P02576), ACTA_RABIT  (P62740), ACTA_RAT(P62738), 
ACTA_STRPU  (P53472), ACTB1_DANRE (Q7ZVI7), ACTB1_TAKRU (P68142), 
ACTB2_DANRE (Q7ZVF9), ACTB2_TAKRU (P53485), ACTB3_TAKRU (P53486), 
ACTB_BOVIN  (P60712), ACTB_CANLF  (O18840), ACTB_CAVPO  (Q71FK5), 
ACTB_CHICK  (P60706), ACTB_CHLAE  (Q76N69), ACTB_CHLPG  (P84856), 
ACTB_CRIGR  (P48975), ACTB_CTEID  (P83751), ACTB_CYPCA  (P83750), 
ACTB_HORSE  (P60708), ACTB_HUMAN  (P60709), ACTB_MACFA  (Q4R561), 
ACTB_MESAU  (Q711N9), ACTB_MOUSE  (P60710), ACTB_OREMO  (P68143), 
ACTB_PONAB  (Q5R6G0), ACTB_RABIT  (P29751), ACTB_RAT(P60711), 
ACTB_SALSA  (O42161), ACTB_SHEEP  (P60713), ACTB_SIGHI  (Q91ZK5), 
ACTB_SPECI  (Q4L0Y2), ACTB_STRPU  (P53473), ACTB_TRIVU  (P60707), 
ACTB_XENBO  (P15475), ACTB_XENLA  (O93400), ACTB_XENTR  (Q6NVA9), 
ACTC_BIOAL  (Q964E3), ACTC_BIOGL  (P92179), ACTC_BIOOB  (Q964E1), 
ACTC_BRABE  (Q93129), ACTC_BRAFL  (Q93131), ACTC_BRALA  (O17503), 
ACTC_CHICK  (P68034), ACTC_HALRO  (P53461), ACTC_HUMAN  (P68032), 
ACTC_MOUSE  (P68033), ACTC_PISOC  (P12716), ACTC_PLATR  (Q964D9), 
ACTC_RAT(P68035), ACTC_STRPU  (Q07903), ACTC_STYPL  (Q00215), 
ACTC_TAKRU  (P53480), ACTC_XENLA  (P04751), ACTC_XENTR  (Q6P640), 
ACTD_PHYPO  (P24263), ACTD_STRPU  (P69005), ACTE_STRPU  (P53474), 
ACTF_STRPU  (P18499), ACTG_ANSAN  (P63256), ACTG_BOVIN  (P63258), 
ACTG_HUMAN  (P63261), ACTG_MOUSE  (P63260), ACTG_PELLE  (Q5JAK2), 
ACTH_BOVIN  (Q5E9B5), ACTH_CHICK  (P63270), ACTH_HUMAN  (P63267), 
ACTH_MOUSE  (P63268), ACTH_RAT(P63269), ACTM_APLCA  (P17304), 
ACTM_BRABE  (Q93130), ACTM_BRAFL  (Q93132), ACTM_BRALA  (O17502), 
ACTM_CIOSA  (O15998), ACTM_HELER  (P53463), ACTM_HELTB  (P53464), 
ACTM_MOLOC  (P53467), ACTM_PISOC  (P12717), ACTM_STRPU  (P12431), 
ACTM_STYCL  (P26198), ACTM_STYPL  (Q00214), ACTN_STYCL  (P53475), 
ACTSA_TAKRU (P68140), ACTSB_TAKRU (P53482), ACTS_ATRMM  (Q90X97), 
ACTS_BOVIN  (P68138), ACTS_CARAU  (P49055), ACTS_CHICK  (P68139), 
ACTS_CYPCA  (P53479), ACTS_HUMAN  (P68133), ACTS_MOUSE  (P68134), 
ACTS_OREMO  (P68264), ACTS_ORYLA  (Q98972), ACTS_PIG(P68137), 
ACTS_PONAB  (Q5R9Q5), ACTS_RABIT  (P68135), ACTS_RAT(P68136), 
ACTX_TAKRU  (P53483), ACTY_LIMPO  (P41341), ACT_ACEPE   (P53491), 
ACT_ACHBI   (P26182), ACT_AJECG   (P53455), ACT_ASPOR   (Q2U7A3), 
ACT_BOTFU   (O13419), ACT_BRUMA   (P90689), ACT_CANAX   (P14235), 
ACT_CANDC   (Q9UVZ8), ACT_CANGA   (P60009), ACT_CHIOP   (P86700), 
ACT_CHLRE   (P53498), ACT_COLSC   (O65315), ACT_COPC7   (Q9UVX4), 
ACT_COSCS   (P30161), ACT_CRAGI   (O17320), ACT_CRYNH   (P48465), 
ACT_CRYPV   (P26183), ACT_CYAM1   (P53500), ACT_ENCCU   (Q8SWN8), 
ACT_ENTH1   (P11426), ACT_EREGS   (Q75D00), ACT_EUPCR   (P20360), 
ACT_EXODE   (Q8X119), ACT_FUCDI   (P53502), ACT_FUCVE   (Q39758), 
ACT_GAEAV   (Q6TCF2), ACT_GIAIN   (P51775), ACT_GOSHI   (O81221), 
ACT_HYDVU   (P17126), ACT_HYPJE   (Q99023), ACT_KLULA   (P17128), 
ACT_KOMPG   (Q9P4D1), ACT_LEIMA   (P45520), ACT_LUMRU   (P91754), 
ACT_MANSE   (P49871), ACT_MAYDE   (O16808), ACT_MESVI   (O65316), 
ACT_NEUCR   (P78711), ACT_OGAPD   (O74258), ACT_PHARH   (P53689), 
ACT_PHYME   (P13363), ACT_PICGU   (A5DQP9), ACT_PLAMG   (Q26065), 
ACT_PUCGR   (P50138), ACT_SACBA   (P60011), ACT_SCHDU   (O65314), 
ACT_SCHPO   (P10989), ACT_SPOLI   (Q11212), ACT_STECV   (O00937), 
ACT_TAESO   (P68555), ACT_THELA   (P10365), ACT_TOXGO   (P53476), 
ACT_TRYCR   (P53477), ACT_VOLCA   (P20904), ACT_YARLI   (Q9UVF3), 
ACT_YEAST   (P60010), FGR_FSVGR   (P00544)
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False negative sequences
39 sequences

ACL6A_HUMAN (O96019), ACL6A_MACFA (Q4R333), ACL6A_MOUSE (Q9Z2N8), 
ACT1_LYTPI  (P53465), ACT2_SOLLC  (Q96483), ACT9_ARATH  (P93738), 
ACTB_CAMDR  (P84336), ACTZ_RAT(P85515), ACT_CHOCR   (P53499), 
ARP4_DEBHA  (Q6BXN0), ARP4_EMENI  (Q5AW89), ARP4_EREGS  (Q754G5), 
ARP4_SCHPO  (Q9P7X7), ARP4_USTMA  (Q4P2E8), ARP4_YARLI  (Q6C061), 
ARP4_YEAST  (P80428), ARP5_ARATH  (Q940Z2), ARP5_ORYSI  (A2WKK5), 
ARP5_ORYSJ  (A2ZP58), ARP6_ASPFU  (Q4W9M3), ARP6_CANAL  (Q5AP59), 
ARP6_KLULA  (Q6CJF4), ARP6_NEUCR  (Q7S6X6), ARP6_SCHPO  (O94241), 
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'Partial' sequences
17 sequences

ACT1_PSEMZ  (P85911), ACT2_PSEMZ  (P85937), ACT3_ECHGR  (Q03342), 
ACT3_LYTPI  (Q25379), ACT4_LYTPI  (Q25380), ACT6_SOYBN  (P15986), 
ACT7_SOYBN  (P15987), ACTM_LYTPI  (Q25381), ACTS_PLEWA  (P10994), 
ACT_CALFI   (Q92192), ACT_CARMA   (P80709), ACT_CRAVI   (Q92193), 
ACT_DICVI   (Q24733), ACT_OXYRB   (Q39596), ACT_PINCO   (P24902), 
ACT_PINPS   (P81085), ACT_PROCL   (P45521)
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[Detailed view]
431 PDB

1ATN; 1C0F; 1C0G; 1D4X; 1DEJ; 1EQY; 1ESV; 1H1V; 1HLU; 1IJJ; 1J6Z; 1KXP; 1LCU; 1LOT; 1M8Q; 1MA9; 1MDU; 1MVW; 1NLV; 1NM1; 1NMD; 1NWK; 1O18; 1O19; 1O1A; 1O1B; 1O1C; 1O1D; 1O1E; 1O1F; 1O1G; 1P8Z; 1QZ5; 1QZ6; 1RDW; 1RFQ; 1RGI; 1S22; 1SQK; 1T44; 1WUA; 1Y64; 1YAG; 1YVN; 1YXQ; 2A3Z; 2A40; 2A41; 2A42; 2A5X; 2ASM; 2ASO; 2ASP; 2BTF; 2D1K; 2FF3; 2FF6; 2FXU; 2GWJ; 2GWK; 2HF3; 2HF4; 2HMP; 2OAN; 2PAV; 2PBD; 2Q0R; 2Q0U; 2Q1N; 2Q31; 2Q36; 2Q97; 2V51; 2V52; 2VCP; 2VYP; 2W49; 2W4U; 2Y83; 2YJE; 2YJF; 2ZWH; 3A5L; 3A5M; 3A5N; 3A5O; 3B5U; 3B63; 3BUZ; 3BYH; 3CHW; 3CI5; 3CIP; 3CJB; 3CJC; 3DAW; 3EKS; 3EKU; 3EL2; 3FFK; 3G37; 3HBT; 3J0S; 3J4K; 3J82; 3J8A; 3J8I; 3J8J; 3J8K; 3JBI; 3JBJ; 3JBK; 3LUE; 3M1F; 3M3N; 3M6G; 3MFP; 3MMV; 3MN6; 3MN7; 3MN9; 3SJH; 3TPQ; 3TU5; 3U4L; 3U8X; 3U9D; 3U9Z; 3UB5; 3UE5; 3W3D; 4A7F; 4A7H; 4A7L; 4A7N; 4B1U; 4B1V; 4B1W; 4B1X; 4B1Y; 4B1Z; 4CBU; 4CBW; 4CBX; 4EAH; 4EFH; 4GY2; 4H03; 4H0T; 4H0V; 4H0X; 4H0Y; 4JHD; 4K41; 4K42; 4K43; 4M63; 4PKG; 4PKH; 4PKI; 4PL7; 4PL8; 4RWT; 4V0U; 4WYB; 4Z94; 5ADX; 5AFU; 5H53; 5I9E; 5JLF; 5JLH; 5KG8; 5MVA; 5MVV; 5MVY; 5NBL; 5NBM; 5NBN; 5NOG; 5NOJ; 5NOL; 5OGW; 5ONV; 5OOC; 5OOD; 5OOE; 5OOF; 5UBO; 5WFN; 5Y81; 5YEE; 5YPU; 5YU8; 5ZZA; 5ZZB; 6ANU; 6AV9; 6AVB; 6BIH; 6BNO; 6BNP; 6BNQ; 6BNU; 6BNV; 6BNW; 6C1D; 6C1G; 6C1H; 6CXI; 6CXJ; 6D8C; 6DJM; 6DJN; 6DJO; 6F1T; 6F38; 6F3A; 6FHL; 6FM2; 6G2T; 6GVC; 6I4D; 6I4E; 6I4F; 6I4G; 6I4H; 6I4I; 6I4J; 6I4K; 6I4L; 6I4M; 6JBK; 6JCU; 6JH8; 6JH9; 6KLL; 6KLN; 6KN7; 6KN8; 6LTJ; 6M5G; 6MGO; 6NAS; 6NBE; 6NBW; 6QRI; 6RSW; 6T1Y; 6T20; 6T23; 6T24; 6T25; 6TF9; 6TU4; 6TU7; 6U96; 6UBY; 6UC0; 6UC4; 6UPV; 6UPW; 6VAO; 6VAU; 6VEC; 6W17; 6W7V; 6WVT; 6X5Z; 6YP9; 6ZNL; 6ZNM; 6ZNN; 6ZNO; 6ZO4; 7AD9; 7AHN; 7AHQ; 7ALN; 7AQK; 7AS4; 7BT7; 7BTE; 7BTI; 7C2F; 7C2G; 7C2H; 7CCC; 7JU4; 7K20; 7K21; 7KCH; 7KO4; 7KO5; 7KO7; 7KON; 7KOR; 7NEP; 7NVM; 7NXV; 7NZM; 7P1G; 7P1H; 7PDZ; 7PLT; 7PLU; 7PLV; 7PLW; 7PLX; 7PLY; 7PLZ; 7PM0; 7PM1; 7PM2; 7PM3; 7PM5; 7PM6; 7PM7; 7PM8; 7PM9; 7PMA; 7PMB; 7PMC; 7PMD; 7PME; 7PMF; 7PMG; 7PMH; 7PMI; 7PMJ; 7PML; 7Q8B; 7Q8C; 7Q8S; 7QIM; 7QIN; 7QJ6; 7QJ9; 7R8V; 7R91; 7R94; 7RB8; 7RB9; 7SX8; 7SX9; 7SXA; 7T5Q; 7TIJ; 7TIT; 7TJ7; 7TPT; 7U8K; 7UDT; 7UDU; 7UTI; 7UTJ; 7UTL; 7UUW; 7UXF; 7VDV; 7VVY; 7VVZ; 7W4Z; 7W50; 7W51; 7W52; 7WHF; 7WHG; 7Y8R; 7YFN; 7YFP; 7YNE; 7Z7H; 7Z7I; 7Z8F; 7Z8M; 7ZTC; 7ZTD; 7ZVW; 8A2R; 8A2S; 8A2T; 8A2U; 8A2Y; 8A2Z; 8A5A; 8A5O; 8BJH; 8BJI; 8BJJ; 8BO1; 8BR0; 8BR1; 8CCN; 8CCO; 8D13; 8D14; 8D15; 8D16; 8D17; 8D18; 8DD0; 8DMX; 8DMY; 8DNF; 8DNH; 8E9B; 8EFH; 8ESC; 8F8P; 8F8Q; 8F8R; 8F8S; 8F8T; 8GLV; 8GSU; 8GSW; 8GT1; 8GT2; 8GT3; 8GT4; 8GT5; 8IAH; 8IAI; 8IB2; 8OH4; 8OI6; 8OI8; 8OID; 8Q4G; 8SYF
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