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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L6_1
Accession [info] PS00525
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-1991 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00454

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L6 signature 1.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 703 in 703 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 703 in 703 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 64
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 91.66 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
703 sequences

RK6_ARATH   (O23049), RK6_CYAPA   (P14808), RK6_EMIHU   (Q4G353), 
RK6_GRATL   (Q6B8W7), RK6_GUITH   (O46908), RK6_NEOYE   (Q1XDI8), 
RK6_PHATC   (A0T0J3), RK6_PORPU   (P51300), RK6_SPIOL   (P82193), 
RK6_THAPS   (A0T0Y7), RK6_TRICV   (P49548), RL6_ACAM1   (B0C1E7), 
RL6_ACHLI   (A9NEE8), RL6_ACIAD   (Q6F7S7), RL6_ACIB3   (B7GW17), 
RL6_ACIB5   (B7IA24), RL6_ACIBS   (B0VQT3), RL6_ACIBT   (A3M969), 
RL6_ACIBY   (B0V6W0), RL6_ACIC1   (A0LRN5), RL6_ACICJ   (A5FZV0), 
RL6_ACIET   (B9MBV2), RL6_ACIF2   (B7J482), RL6_ACIF5   (B5ELZ4), 
RL6_ACISJ   (A1W323), RL6_ACTP2   (A3N372), RL6_ACTP7   (B3GZ26), 
RL6_ACTPJ   (B0BSU6), RL6_ACTSZ   (A6VLK3), RL6_AERHH   (A0KF36), 
RL6_AERS4   (A4SSZ1), RL6_AFIC5   (B6JEY0), RL6_AGRFC   (Q8UE33), 
RL6_AKKM8   (B2UQM5), RL6_ALBFT   (Q21QN8), RL6_ALCBS   (Q0VSI8), 
RL6_ALIB4   (A8ESV8), RL6_ALIF1   (Q5E899), RL6_ALIFM   (B5FG24), 
RL6_ALISL   (B6EPU0), RL6_ALKEH   (Q0ABG0), RL6_ALKMQ   (A6TWG7), 
RL6_ALKOO   (A8MLF5), RL6_ALLAM   (B9JVQ2), RL6_ALTMD   (B4RT43), 
RL6_ANAD2   (B8J875), RL6_ANADE   (Q2IJ73), RL6_ANADF   (A7HBN3), 
RL6_ANASK   (B4UBB4), RL6_AQUAE   (O67565), RL6_AQUPY   (Q9ZI38), 
RL6_AROAE   (Q5P317), RL6_ARTS2   (A0JZ70), RL6_AYWBP   (Q2NIW9), 
RL6_AZOC5   (A8IAP9), RL6_AZOSB   (A1KB12), RL6_BACAN   (Q81VR5), 
RL6_BACC1   (Q73F81), RL6_BACCR   (Q81J27), RL6_BACCZ   (Q63H75), 
RL6_BACFN   (Q5L8C4), RL6_BACFR   (Q64NM3), RL6_BACHK   (Q6HPP3), 
RL6_BACLD   (Q65P92), RL6_BACSU   (P46898), RL6_BACTN   (Q8A491), 
RL6_BACVZ   (A7Z0Q3), RL6_BARBK   (A1USQ9), RL6_BARHE   (Q6G2Y0), 
RL6_BARQU   (Q6FZD7), RL6_BART1   (A9IW07), RL6_BEII9   (B2IK77), 
RL6_BEUC1   (C5C0H6), RL6_BIFA0   (B8DW28), RL6_BIFAA   (A1A084), 
RL6_BIFLD   (B3DQC9), RL6_BIFLO   (Q8G403), RL6_BIFLS   (B7GNC5), 
RL6_BORA1   (Q2L270), RL6_BORAP   (Q0SN14), RL6_BORBR   (Q7WRA8), 
RL6_BORBU   (O51446), RL6_BORBZ   (B7J258), RL6_BORDL   (B5RM51), 
RL6_BORGP   (Q661C7), RL6_BORHD   (B2S0J6), RL6_BORPA   (Q7W2E0), 
RL6_BORPD   (A9IHT3), RL6_BORPE   (Q7VTB6), RL6_BORRA   (B5RPJ7), 
RL6_BORT9   (A1QZS9), RL6_BRADU   (Q89J99), RL6_BRASB   (A5ELL2), 
RL6_BRASO   (A4YSK7), RL6_BREBN   (C0ZIJ5), RL6_BRUA1   (B2S664), 
RL6_BRUA2   (Q2YRB0), RL6_BRUA4   (A6X0D3), RL6_BRUAB   (Q57CS3), 
RL6_BRUC2   (A9M5N5), RL6_BRUMB   (C0RJI6), RL6_BRUME   (Q8YHM5), 
RL6_BRUO2   (A5VQZ1), RL6_BRUSI   (B0CH17), RL6_BRUSU   (Q8G087), 
RL6_BUCAI   (P57576), RL6_BUCAK   (P46181), RL6_BUCAP   (Q8K964), 
RL6_BUCBP   (Q89A80), RL6_BURA4   (B1YRP4), RL6_BURCH   (A0K3P0), 
RL6_BURCJ   (B4E5D5), RL6_BURCM   (Q0BJ31), RL6_BURL3   (Q39KF2), 
RL6_BURM1   (A9ADK8), RL6_BURM7   (A3MRW9), RL6_BURM9   (A2S7J1), 
RL6_BURMA   (Q62GM0), RL6_BURMS   (A1V888), RL6_BURO0   (B1JU37), 
RL6_BURO1   (Q1BRW3), RL6_BURP0   (A3P098), RL6_BURP1   (Q3JMS8), 
RL6_BURP6   (A3NEG4), RL6_BURPS   (Q63Q26), RL6_BURTA   (Q2SU42), 
RL6_BURVG   (A4JAQ5), RL6_CAMC1   (A7ZFZ7), RL6_CAMC5   (A7H0Z7), 
RL6_CAMFF   (A0RM26), RL6_CAMHC   (A7HZM1), RL6_CAMJ8   (A8FP06), 
RL6_CAMJD   (A7H641), RL6_CAMJE   (Q0P7T9), RL6_CAMJJ   (A1W1U5), 
RL6_CAMJR   (Q5HSA5), RL6_CAMLR   (B9KEF5), RL6_CARHZ   (Q3A9T1), 
RL6_CAUSK   (B0T2D7), RL6_CAUVC   (Q9A8T8), RL6_CAUVN   (B8H4E9), 
RL6_CELJU   (B3PK52), RL6_CERS1   (A3PGM6), RL6_CERS4   (Q3J5Q7), 
RL6_CERS5   (A4WVJ3), RL6_CHESB   (Q11HR7), RL6_CHLAA   (A9WH81), 
RL6_CHLAB   (Q5L706), RL6_CHLAD   (B8G6R0), RL6_CHLCV   (Q824N7), 
RL6_CHLFF   (Q252W7), RL6_CHLMU   (Q9PJM8), RL6_CHLPN   (Q9Z7S1), 
RL6_CHLSY   (B9LJE7), RL6_CHLT2   (B0B888), RL6_CHLTA   (Q3KLI3), 
RL6_CHLTB   (B0BCF3), RL6_CHLTR   (P0CE01), RL6_CHRFK   (A0M583), 
RL6_CHRSD   (Q1R0G0), RL6_CHRVO   (Q7NQG7), RL6_CITBB   (B5EFR5), 
RL6_CITK8   (A8AQK0), RL6_CLAM3   (A5CU99), RL6_CLASE   (B0RB53), 
RL6_CLOAB   (Q97EJ3), RL6_CLOB1   (A7FZ54), RL6_CLOB6   (C3KVN6), 
RL6_CLOB8   (A6LPS6), RL6_CLOBA   (B2UYC5), RL6_CLOBB   (B2TIJ0), 
RL6_CLOBH   (A5I7J1), RL6_CLOBJ   (C1FMT6), RL6_CLOBK   (B1IGD9), 
RL6_CLOBL   (A7GJ59), RL6_CLOBM   (B1KSL0), RL6_CLOD6   (Q18CH5), 
RL6_CLOK1   (B9DYC4), RL6_CLOK5   (A5N4R2), RL6_CLONN   (A0PXW1), 
RL6_CLOP1   (Q0TMR1), RL6_CLOPE   (Q8XHT8), RL6_CLOPS   (Q0SQF9), 
RL6_CLOTE   (Q890Q0), RL6_COLP3   (Q488Z8), RL6_COPPD   (B5Y973), 
RL6_COXB1   (B6J5E7), RL6_COXB2   (B6J248), RL6_COXBN   (A9KD16), 
RL6_COXBR   (A9NAY5), RL6_COXBU   (Q83ER1), RL6_CROS5   (B1WQS5), 
RL6_CROS8   (A7MPG5), RL6_CUPMC   (Q1LI52), RL6_CUPNH   (Q0K634), 
RL6_CUPPJ   (Q46WF9), RL6_CUPTR   (B3R7F3), RL6_CUTAK   (Q6A6P1), 
RL6_DECAR   (Q47J88), RL6_DELAS   (A9BRW6), RL6_DESAH   (C0Q9V8), 
RL6_DESAL   (B8FES0), RL6_DESAP   (B1I1L4), RL6_DESDA   (B8IYK6), 
RL6_DESHD   (B8G1Y1), RL6_DESHY   (Q250L7), RL6_DESRM   (A4J126), 
RL6_DICNV   (A5EXA3), RL6_DINSH   (A8LM72), RL6_ECO24   (A7ZSJ4), 
RL6_ECO27   (B7UK29), RL6_ECO45   (B7MCS0), RL6_ECO55   (B7LI04), 
RL6_ECO57   (P0AG57), RL6_ECO5E   (B5YTM6), RL6_ECO7I   (B7NLM4), 
RL6_ECO81   (B7N189), RL6_ECO8A   (B7M1L9), RL6_ECOBW   (C4ZUG0), 
RL6_ECODH   (B1X6F7), RL6_ECOHS   (A8A5B0), RL6_ECOK1   (A1AGJ4), 
RL6_ECOL5   (Q0TCF6), RL6_ECOL6   (P0AG56), RL6_ECOLC   (B1IPZ4), 
RL6_ECOLI   (P0AG55), RL6_ECOLU   (B7NDS6), RL6_ECOSE   (B6I219), 
RL6_ECOSM   (B1LHB9), RL6_ECOUT   (Q1R624), RL6_EDWI9   (C5BGL0), 
RL6_ENT38   (A4WFB3), RL6_ENTFA   (Q839E9), RL6_ERWT9   (B2VK81), 
RL6_ERYLH   (Q2N9C6), RL6_ESCF3   (B7LRS1), RL6_EXIS2   (B1YGW5), 
RL6_FINM2   (B0RZS4), RL6_FLAJ1   (A5FN06), RL6_FLAPJ   (A6GZ84), 
RL6_FRAAA   (Q0RRQ6), RL6_FRACC   (Q2JFG1), RL6_FRAP2   (B0U0X4), 
RL6_FRASN   (A8LC41), RL6_FRAT1   (Q14JA5), RL6_FRATF   (A7N9U0), 
RL6_FRATH   (Q2A5F5), RL6_FRATM   (B2SDX0), RL6_FRATN   (A0Q4J8), 
RL6_FRATO   (Q0BNR2), RL6_FRATT   (Q5NHV3), RL6_FRATW   (A4IZR9), 
RL6_FRUSA   (Q2YEI7), RL6_FUSNN   (Q8RIH1), RL6_GEMAT   (C1A6S0), 
RL6_GEODF   (B9M6G3), RL6_GEOKA   (Q5L408), RL6_GEOMG   (Q39XZ1), 
RL6_GEOSE   (P02391), RL6_GEOSL   (Q749A2), RL6_GEOUR   (A5GAV7), 
RL6_GLAP5   (B8F6Q6), RL6_GLOC7   (B7KI01), RL6_GLOVI   (Q7NEG7), 
RL6_GLUDA   (A9H3L8), RL6_GLUOX   (Q5FTZ8), RL6_HAEDU   (Q7VKE8), 
RL6_HAEI8   (Q4QMA6), RL6_HAEIE   (A5UDT2), RL6_HAEIG   (A5UHU6), 
RL6_HAEIN   (P44347), RL6_HAHCH   (Q2S927), RL6_HALH5   (Q9Z9J9), 
RL6_HALHL   (A1WVA7), RL6_HALOH   (B8D0D9), RL6_HAMD5   (C4K7A3), 
RL6_HELAH   (Q17ZC4), RL6_HELHP   (Q7VGC9), RL6_HELMI   (B0TC71), 
RL6_HELP2   (B6JNE3), RL6_HELPG   (B5Z8V2), RL6_HELPH   (Q1CRV6), 
RL6_HELPJ   (Q9ZJS6), RL6_HELPS   (B2UV67), RL6_HELPY   (P56034), 
RL6_HERAR   (A4G9S3), RL6_HISS1   (Q0I147), RL6_HISS2   (B0UX29), 
RL6_HYDCU   (Q31IW7), RL6_HYDS0   (B4U759), RL6_HYPNA   (Q0BYC9), 
RL6_IDILO   (Q5QXW0), RL6_JANMA   (A6T3I9), RL6_JANSC   (Q28UT9), 
RL6_KARMG   (A8Z681), RL6_KINRD   (A6W5V3), RL6_KLEP3   (B5XNA8), 
RL6_KLEP7   (A6TEV7), RL6_KOCRD   (B2GJ07), RL6_LACAC   (Q5FM76), 
RL6_LACCB   (B3WAK3), RL6_LACDA   (Q1GBK3), RL6_LACDB   (Q04C00), 
RL6_LACGA   (Q046B1), RL6_LACH4   (A8YXM0), RL6_LACJO   (Q74L75), 
RL6_LACLA   (Q9CDX8), RL6_LACLM   (A2RNN8), RL6_LACLS   (Q02W40), 
RL6_LACP3   (Q034Z8), RL6_LACP7   (A9KJH9), RL6_LACPL   (Q88XX1), 
RL6_LARHH   (C1DAT2), RL6_LATSS   (Q38US6), RL6_LAWIP   (Q1MPQ0), 
RL6_LEGPA   (Q5X844), RL6_LEGPC   (A5IHP9), RL6_LEGPH   (Q5ZYM8), 
RL6_LEGPL   (Q5WZJ7), RL6_LEIXX   (Q6AD09), RL6_LEPBA   (B0SA32), 
RL6_LEPBJ   (Q04PV3), RL6_LEPBP   (B0SSG3), RL6_LEPCP   (B1Y8C2), 
RL6_LEPIC   (Q72NH6), RL6_LEPIN   (Q9XD21), RL6_LEUCK   (B1MW00), 
RL6_LEUMM   (Q03ZN1), RL6_LEVBA   (Q03PX2), RL6_LIGS1   (Q1WSA5), 
RL6_LIMF3   (B2GDV4), RL6_LIMRD   (A5VLJ0), RL6_LIMRJ   (B2G8W3), 
RL6_LISIN   (Q927M2), RL6_LISMC   (C1KZG5), RL6_LISMF   (Q71WG1), 
RL6_LISMH   (B8DB23), RL6_LISMO   (Q8Y444), RL6_LISW6   (A0ALV3), 
RL6_MAGMM   (A0L5Y8), RL6_MALP2   (Q8EUC8), RL6_MANSM   (Q65QX0), 
RL6_MARMM   (Q0ANR5), RL6_MARMS   (A6W377), RL6_MARN8   (A1TYL2), 
RL6_MARSD   (C6C1A0), RL6_MESFL   (Q6F1X9), RL6_METC4   (B7L0T5), 
RL6_METCA   (Q605C7), RL6_METEP   (A9W4S5), RL6_METFK   (Q1H4M2), 
RL6_METI4   (B3E0J9), RL6_METNO   (B8ISA0), RL6_METPB   (B1Z778), 
RL6_METPP   (A2SLE2), RL6_METRJ   (B1LWR1), RL6_METS4   (B0UHV4), 
RL6_METSB   (B8ELE8), RL6_MICAN   (B0JHY9), RL6_MICLC   (C5CC48), 
RL6_MICLU   (P33099), RL6_MOOTA   (Q2RFR2), RL6_MYCA1   (A0QKZ7), 
RL6_MYCA9   (B1MGC7), RL6_MYCBO   (P66312), RL6_MYCBP   (A1KGK0), 
RL6_MYCBT   (C1AL53), RL6_MYCCT   (P04448), RL6_MYCGA   (O52347), 
RL6_MYCGE   (P47412), RL6_MYCGI   (A4TEC2), RL6_MYCLB   (B8ZSA4), 
RL6_MYCLE   (O32998), RL6_MYCMM   (B2HCT6), RL6_MYCMS   (Q6MSP0), 
RL6_MYCPA   (Q73S94), RL6_MYCPN   (Q50303), RL6_MYCS2   (A0QSG4), 
RL6_MYCSJ   (A3PVE0), RL6_MYCSK   (A1UBQ3), RL6_MYCSS   (Q1BD90), 
RL6_MYCTA   (A5U0A5), RL6_MYCTO   (P9WH80), RL6_MYCTU   (P9WH81), 
RL6_MYCUA   (A0PM80), RL6_MYCVP   (A1T4S1), RL6_MYXXD   (Q1D760), 
RL6_NATTJ   (B2A4F4), RL6_NAUPA   (B9L6L8), RL6_NEIG1   (Q5F5U2), 
RL6_NEIM0   (A9M3V1), RL6_NEIMA   (Q9JX14), RL6_NEIMB   (Q9K1I3), 
RL6_NEIMF   (A1KRI8), RL6_NITHX   (Q1QN15), RL6_NITMU   (Q2YAY2), 
RL6_NITOC   (Q3J8S9), RL6_NITSB   (A6Q1J3), RL6_NITV2   (Q72CG5), 
RL6_NITV4   (A1VEA1), RL6_NITV9   (B8DNB1), RL6_NITWN   (Q3SSV1), 
RL6_NOCFA   (Q5Z1Q7), RL6_NOCSJ   (A1SNK3), RL6_NOSP7   (B2ITP1), 
RL6_NOSS1   (Q8YPJ3), RL6_NOVAD   (Q2G8W5), RL6_OCEIH   (Q8ETW8), 
RL6_OENOB   (Q04G71), RL6_OLEA2   (Q30Z57), RL6_ONYPE   (Q6YR07), 
RL6_OPITP   (B1ZND3), RL6_PAEAT   (A1R8T1), RL6_PARC0   (A1TJT2), 
RL6_PARD8   (A6LEH6), RL6_PARDP   (A1B042), RL6_PARL1   (A7HWS6), 
RL6_PARM1   (Q2W2K6), RL6_PARMW   (Q7U4I6), RL6_PARP8   (B2JI50), 
RL6_PARPJ   (B2T736), RL6_PARXL   (Q13TI5), RL6_PASMU   (Q9CL45), 
RL6_PECAS   (Q6CZY5), RL6_PECCP   (C6DG59), RL6_PEDPA   (Q03ED1), 
RL6_PELPD   (A1ALV6), RL6_PELTS   (A5D5G9), RL6_PERMH   (C0QQN8), 
RL6_PHEZH   (B4R8N2), RL6_PHOLL   (Q7MYG6), RL6_PHOPR   (Q6LVA1), 
RL6_PHOV8   (A6KYI0), RL6_PHYMT   (B3R006), RL6_PICP2   (B1XJJ3), 
RL6_POLAQ   (A4SUX6), RL6_POLNA   (A1VJ30), RL6_POLNS   (B1XSR6), 
RL6_POLSJ   (Q12G88), RL6_PORG3   (B2RLX7), RL6_PORGI   (Q7MTM8), 
RL6_PROM1   (A2C4Y5), RL6_PROM4   (A9BCN3), RL6_PROM5   (A2BYS2), 
RL6_PROM9   (Q318J8), RL6_PROMA   (Q7V9X6), RL6_PROMH   (B4F1J9), 
RL6_PROMM   (Q7V531), RL6_PROMP   (Q7UZV8), RL6_PROMT   (Q46IS3), 
RL6_PSE14   (Q48D51), RL6_PSEA6   (Q15X58), RL6_PSEA7   (A6UZK3), 
RL6_PSEA8   (B7V659), RL6_PSEAB   (Q02T65), RL6_PSEAE   (Q9HWF0), 
RL6_PSECP   (B8HCZ2), RL6_PSEE4   (Q1IFV1), RL6_PSEF5   (Q4K548), 
RL6_PSEFS   (C3K2W1), RL6_PSEMY   (A4XZ75), RL6_PSEP1   (A5VXR2), 
RL6_PSEPF   (Q3K603), RL6_PSEPG   (B0KK82), RL6_PSEPK   (Q88QM0), 
RL6_PSEPW   (B1JAJ7), RL6_PSESM   (Q889V6), RL6_PSET1   (Q3IJK0), 
RL6_PSEU2   (Q4ZMQ9), RL6_PSYA2   (Q4FUE1), RL6_PSYCK   (Q1QDH1), 
RL6_PSYIN   (A1T0C7), RL6_PSYWF   (A5WCK5), RL6_RALN1   (Q8XV27), 
RL6_RALPJ   (B2UEK4), RL6_RENSM   (A9WSU3), RL6_RHIE6   (B3PWT6), 
RL6_RHIEC   (Q2K9K1), RL6_RHIJ3   (Q1MIC6), RL6_RHILO   (Q98N42), 
RL6_RHILW   (B5ZYV0), RL6_RHIME   (Q92QF5), RL6_RHIR8   (B9JDU3), 
RL6_RHIWR   (A5V5Y7), RL6_RHOBA   (Q7UN05), RL6_RHOCS   (B6IRS1), 
RL6_RHOE4   (C0ZW41), RL6_RHOJR   (Q0S3G1), RL6_RHOOB   (C1B027), 
RL6_RHOP2   (Q2IXP5), RL6_RHOP5   (Q07KN3), RL6_RHOPA   (Q6N4U8), 
RL6_RHOPB   (Q211G3), RL6_RHOPS   (Q134U4), RL6_RHOPT   (B3QBW5), 
RL6_RHORT   (Q2RQX5), RL6_RICAE   (C3PP92), RL6_RICAH   (A8GPD5), 
RL6_RICB8   (A8GVC9), RL6_RICBR   (Q1RHN6), RL6_RICCK   (A8EZK1), 
RL6_RICCN   (Q92GY1), RL6_RICFE   (Q4UMR4), RL6_RICM5   (A8F2D2), 
RL6_RICPR   (Q9ZCS0), RL6_RICPU   (C4K2G4), RL6_RICRO   (B0BUP5), 
RL6_RICRS   (A8GT54), RL6_RICTY   (Q68W93), RL6_RIPO1   (B7K234), 
RL6_ROSDO   (Q16AC9), RL6_RUBXD   (Q1AU44), RL6_RUEPO   (Q5LW43), 
RL6_RUEST   (Q1GK14), RL6_RUMCH   (B8I7Z4), RL6_RUTMC   (A1AVL5), 
RL6_SACD2   (Q21M43), RL6_SACEN   (A4FPL0), RL6_SALA4   (B5F7T0), 
RL6_SALAI   (A8M514), RL6_SALAR   (A9MN63), RL6_SALCH   (Q57J47), 
RL6_SALDC   (B5FJJ9), RL6_SALEP   (B5R1G2), RL6_SALG2   (B5RH30), 
RL6_SALHS   (B4TJZ4), RL6_SALNS   (B4SUS5), RL6_SALPA   (Q5PIU8), 
RL6_SALPB   (A9MSY3), RL6_SALPC   (C0PZW8), RL6_SALPK   (B5BGX1), 
RL6_SALRD   (Q2S3P9), RL6_SALSV   (B4TXC7), RL6_SALTI   (P66314), 
RL6_SALTO   (A4XBN1), RL6_SALTY   (P66313), RL6_SERP5   (A8GKI2), 
RL6_SHEAM   (A1S233), RL6_SHEB2   (B8EBJ0), RL6_SHEB5   (A3DA57), 
RL6_SHEB8   (A6WHU3), RL6_SHEB9   (A9KWB7), RL6_SHEDO   (Q12SU4), 
RL6_SHEFN   (Q089N9), RL6_SHEHH   (B0TLZ7), RL6_SHELP   (A3Q997), 
RL6_SHEON   (Q8EK54), RL6_SHEPA   (A8GYZ1), RL6_SHEPC   (A4YBW8), 
RL6_SHEPW   (B8CNE8), RL6_SHESA   (A0KRN9), RL6_SHESH   (A8G1D3), 
RL6_SHESM   (Q0HNS2), RL6_SHESR   (Q0I090), RL6_SHESW   (A1REC9), 
RL6_SHEWM   (B1KMW8), RL6_SHIB3   (B2U2S3), RL6_SHIBS   (Q31VX1), 
RL6_SHIDS   (Q32B46), RL6_SHIF8   (Q0SZZ7), RL6_SHIFL   (P0AG58), 
RL6_SHISS   (Q3YWV4), RL6_SHOC1   (Q5WLP7), RL6_SINFN   (C3MAZ5), 
RL6_SINMW   (A6U874), RL6_SODGM   (Q2NQN7), RL6_SPHAL   (Q1GPB4), 
RL6_SPICI   (Q14PJ7), RL6_SPIKU   (Q6XYX3), RL6_STAA1   (A7X5E1), 
RL6_STAA2   (A6U3W0), RL6_STAA3   (Q2FEQ4), RL6_STAA8   (Q2FW21), 
RL6_STAA9   (A5IV19), RL6_STAAB   (Q2YYL2), RL6_STAAC   (Q5HDX3), 
RL6_STAAE   (A6QJ77), RL6_STAAM   (Q99S36), RL6_STAAN   (Q7A466), 
RL6_STAAR   (Q6GEJ8), RL6_STAAS   (Q6G786), RL6_STAAT   (A8Z342), 
RL6_STAAW   (Q7A084), RL6_STACT   (B9DM32), RL6_STAEQ   (Q5HM14), 
RL6_STAES   (Q8CRH5), RL6_STAHJ   (Q4L899), RL6_STAS1   (Q49ZF3), 
RL6_STRA1   (Q3K3V4), RL6_STRA3   (Q8E7S6), RL6_STRA5   (Q8E2B9), 
RL6_STRAW   (Q82DN1), RL6_STRCO   (P46786), RL6_STRE4   (C0MAG5), 
RL6_STREM   (B4U515), RL6_STRGC   (A8AZL0), RL6_STRGG   (B1W3Z2), 
RL6_STRM5   (B4SKX8), RL6_STRMK   (B2FQJ9), RL6_STRMU   (Q8DS28), 
RL6_STRP1   (Q9A1V9), RL6_STRP2   (Q04MM1), RL6_STRP3   (P0DE58), 
RL6_STRP4   (B5E6H0), RL6_STRP6   (Q5XEC0), RL6_STRP7   (C1CAM7), 
RL6_STRP8   (Q7CNP4), RL6_STRPB   (Q1JE44), RL6_STRPC   (Q1JP02), 
RL6_STRPD   (Q1JJ47), RL6_STRPF   (Q1J8Z8), RL6_STRPG   (A2RC29), 
RL6_STRPI   (B1I8L3), RL6_STRPJ   (B8ZKP5), RL6_STRPM   (Q48VT4), 
RL6_STRPN   (Q97SU7), RL6_STRPQ   (P0DE59), RL6_STRPS   (B2IS55), 
RL6_STRPZ   (B5XJ51), RL6_STRR6   (Q8CWV3), RL6_STRS2   (A4VYQ7), 
RL6_STRS7   (C0ME20), RL6_STRSV   (A3CK79), RL6_STRSY   (A4VSG8), 
RL6_STRT1   (Q5LXS6), RL6_STRT2   (Q5M2C8), RL6_STRTD   (Q03IG6), 
RL6_STRU0   (B9DSW5), RL6_STRZJ   (C1CC21), RL6_STRZP   (C1CIB2), 
RL6_STRZT   (C1CPA3), RL6_STUS1   (A4VHP5), RL6_SULNB   (A6QCR3), 
RL6_SYNAS   (Q2LQC2), RL6_SYNC1   (Q3A6N2), RL6_SYNE7   (Q31L21), 
RL6_SYNJA   (Q2JQN4), RL6_SYNJB   (Q2JIL3), RL6_SYNP6   (O24703), 
RL6_SYNPW   (A5GIT1), RL6_SYNR3   (A5GVX4), RL6_SYNS3   (Q0ID19), 
RL6_SYNS9   (Q3AW79), RL6_SYNSC   (Q3AMP4), RL6_SYNWW   (Q0AUJ5), 
RL6_SYNY3   (P73306), RL6_TERTT   (C5BQ76), RL6_THEFY   (Q47LK8), 
RL6_THEVB   (Q8DML8), RL6_THEYD   (B5YG32), RL6_THIDA   (Q3SLN4), 
RL6_THISH   (B8GV43), RL6_TOLAT   (C4L7U5), RL6_TREDE   (Q73PL7), 
RL6_TREPA   (O83234), RL6_TREPS   (B2S2F1), RL6_TRIEI   (Q110C1), 
RL6_TRIL1   (B3E845), RL6_TRIV2   (Q3MFA7), RL6_TROW8   (Q83I64), 
RL6_TROWT   (Q83G00), RL6_VARPS   (C5CQ85), RL6_VEREI   (A1WKA1), 
RL6_VESOH   (A5CXL9), RL6_VIBA3   (B7VLE2), RL6_VIBC1   (A7MWH2), 
RL6_VIBC3   (A5F565), RL6_VIBCH   (Q9KNZ9), RL6_VIBCM   (C3LRP3), 
RL6_VIBPA   (Q87SZ8), RL6_VIBVU   (Q8DE55), RL6_VIBVY   (Q7MPH3), 
RL6_WOLSU   (Q7M8E7), RL6_XANAC   (Q8PNR2), RL6_XANC8   (Q4URF4), 
RL6_XANCB   (B0RU67), RL6_XANCP   (Q8PC37), RL6_XANE5   (Q3BWW8), 
RL6_XANOM   (Q2P000), RL6_XANOR   (Q5GWU9), RL6_XANP2   (A7IPQ5), 
RL6_XYLF2   (B2I8I4), RL6_XYLFA   (Q9PE61), RL6_XYLFM   (B0U5L4), 
RL6_XYLFT   (Q87E67), RL6_YERE8   (A1JS15), RL6_YERP3   (A7FNL9), 
RL6_YERPA   (Q1C2W2), RL6_YERPB   (B2K522), RL6_YERPE   (Q7CFT4), 
RL6_YERPG   (A9R910), RL6_YERPN   (Q1CCV9), RL6_YERPP   (A4TH07), 
RL6_YERPS   (Q664T6), RL6_YERPY   (B1JIX6), RL6_ZYMMO   (Q5NQ50), 
RM06_ACACA  (P46765), RM06_MARPO  (P26861), RM06_NEUCR  (Q7RZF0), 
RM06_PROWI  (P46748), RM06_RECAM  (O21255), RM06_SCHPO  (Q09865), 
RM06_YEAST  (P32904)
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False negative sequences
64 sequences

RL6_ACIC5   (C1F627), RL6_AMOA5   (B3EUK8), RL6_BDEBA   (Q6MJ27), 
RL6_CALBD   (B9MKG6), RL6_CALS4   (Q8R7W9), RL6_CALS8   (A4XLR5), 
RL6_CHLCH   (Q3API8), RL6_CHLL2   (B3EGX5), RL6_CHLL3   (Q3B6E7), 
RL6_CHLPB   (B3EP46), RL6_CHLPD   (A1BJ19), RL6_CHLPM   (A4SCS4), 
RL6_CHLT3   (B3QYD9), RL6_CHLTE   (Q8KAI6), RL6_CORA7   (C3PL24), 
RL6_CORDI   (Q6NJ87), RL6_COREF   (Q8FS54), RL6_CORGB   (A4QBL1), 
RL6_CORGL   (Q8NSX7), RL6_CORJK   (Q4JT84), RL6_CORK4   (C4LL11), 
RL6_CORU7   (B1VEX0), RL6_CYAP4   (B8HMR8), RL6_CYTH3   (Q11QC7), 
RL6_DEHM1   (Q3Z966), RL6_DEHMB   (A5FRX6), RL6_DEHMC   (Q3ZZN4), 
RL6_DEIDV   (C1CXF1), RL6_DEIGD   (Q1IX87), RL6_DEIRA   (Q9RSL3), 
RL6_DESOH   (A8ZV72), RL6_DICT6   (B5YDV8), RL6_DICTD   (B8E1E8), 
RL6_FERNB   (A7HM37), RL6_HERA2   (A9B426), RL6_KORVE   (Q1ISA7), 
RL6_KOSOT   (C5CGI7), RL6_META1   (B3PMN2), RL6_MYCPU   (Q98PZ7), 
RL6_MYCS5   (Q4A5D6), RL6_PARUW   (Q6ME49), RL6_PELPB   (B4SBW2), 
RL6_PROA2   (B4S5B3), RL6_PSELT   (A8F4S6), RL6_ROSCS   (A7NR48), 
RL6_ROSS1   (A5USH4), RL6_SOLM1   (C4XLY8), RL6_SOLUE   (Q01WA7), 
RL6_SYMTH   (Q67JV8), RL6_SYNFM   (A0LIK5), RL6_THEAB   (B7IHW1), 
RL6_THEM4   (A6LLM8), RL6_THEMA   (Q9ZAE4), RL6_THENN   (B9K8A1), 
RL6_THEP1   (A5IM98), RL6_THEP3   (B0KCL5), RL6_THEPX   (B0K5Q8), 
RL6_THERP   (B9KZX3), RL6_THESQ   (B1LBM5), RL6_THET2   (Q72I19), 
RL6_THET8   (P0DOY8), RL6_THETH   (P24316), RM06_DICCI  (Q2LCP1), 
RM06_DICDI  (O21037)
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

RL6_VIBPR   (Q56715)

[Detailed view]
538 PDB

1EG0; 1ML5; 1RL6; 2J28; 2RDO; 3BBX; 3J3V; 3J3W; 3J5L; 3J6B; 3J7Z; 3J8G; 3J9W; 3J9Y; 3J9Z; 3JA1; 3JBU; 3JBV; 3JCD; 3JCE; 3JCJ; 3JCN; 487D; 4CSU; 4U1U; 4U1V; 4U20; 4U24; 4U25; 4U26; 4U27; 4UY8; 4V42; 4V47; 4V48; 4V4H; 4V4P; 4V4Q; 4V4R; 4V4S; 4V4T; 4V4V; 4V4W; 4V50; 4V52; 4V53; 4V54; 4V55; 4V56; 4V57; 4V5B; 4V5H; 4V5Y; 4V61; 4V64; 4V65; 4V66; 4V69; 4V6C; 4V6D; 4V6E; 4V6K; 4V6L; 4V6M; 4V6N; 4V6O; 4V6P; 4V6Q; 4V6R; 4V6S; 4V6T; 4V6V; 4V6Y; 4V6Z; 4V70; 4V71; 4V72; 4V73; 4V74; 4V75; 4V76; 4V77; 4V78; 4V79; 4V7A; 4V7B; 4V7C; 4V7D; 4V7I; 4V7S; 4V7T; 4V7U; 4V7V; 4V85; 4V89; 4V9C; 4V9D; 4V9O; 4V9P; 4WCE; 4WF1; 4WF9; 4WFA; 4WFB; 4WOI; 4WWW; 4YBB; 5ADY; 5AFI; 5AKA; 5GAD; 5GAE; 5GAF; 5GAG; 5GAH; 5H1S; 5H5U; 5HKV; 5HL7; 5IQR; 5IT8; 5J5B; 5J7L; 5J88; 5J8A; 5J91; 5JC9; 5JTE; 5JU8; 5KCR; 5KCS; 5KPS; 5KPV; 5KPW; 5KPX; 5L3P; 5LI0; 5LZA; 5LZB; 5LZC; 5LZD; 5LZE; 5LZF; 5MDV; 5MDW; 5MDY; 5MDZ; 5MGP; 5MLC; 5MMI; 5MMM; 5MRC; 5MRE; 5MRF; 5MYJ; 5NCO; 5ND8; 5ND9; 5NJT; 5NP6; 5NRG; 5NWY; 5O2R; 5O60; 5O61; 5TCU; 5U4I; 5U9F; 5U9G; 5UYK; 5UYL; 5UYM; 5UYN; 5UYP; 5UYQ; 5V7Q; 5V93; 5WDT; 5WE4; 5WE6; 5WF0; 5WFK; 5WFS; 5X8P; 5X8T; 5XYM; 5ZEB; 5ZEP; 5ZET; 6BU8; 6BY1; 6C4I; 6DNC; 6DZI; 6DZP; 6ENF; 6ENJ; 6ENU; 6ERI; 6FXC; 6GBZ; 6GC0; 6GC4; 6GC6; 6GC8; 6GWT; 6GXM; 6GXN; 6GXO; 6GXP; 6H4N; 6H58; 6HA1; 6HA8; 6HMA; 6HRM; 6HTQ; 6I0Y; 6I7V; 6O9J; 6O9K; 6OFX; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6OGI; 6OM6; 6ORE; 6ORL; 6OSK; 6OSQ; 6OST; 6OT3; 6OUO; 6PJ6; 6PPK; 6Q97; 6Q98; 6Q9A; 6QDW; 6QUL; 6S0K; 6SZS; 6TBV; 6TC3; 6TNN; 6TPQ; 6U48; 6V39; 6V3A; 6V3B; 6V3D; 6VU3; 6VWL; 6VWM; 6VWN; 6VYQ; 6VYR; 6VYS; 6VYT; 6VYU; 6VYW; 6VYX; 6VYY; 6VYZ; 6VZ2; 6VZ3; 6VZ5; 6VZ7; 6VZJ; 6WD0; 6WD1; 6WD2; 6WD3; 6WD4; 6WD5; 6WD6; 6WD7; 6WD8; 6WD9; 6WDA; 6WDB; 6WDC; 6WDD; 6WDE; 6WDF; 6WDG; 6WDH; 6WDI; 6WDJ; 6WDK; 6WDL; 6WDM; 6WNT; 6WNV; 6WNW; 6WRU; 6WU9; 6X6T; 6X7F; 6X7K; 6X9Q; 6XDQ; 6XDR; 6XGF; 6XII; 6XIJ; 6XZ7; 6XZA; 6XZB; 6Y69; 6YEF; 6YS3; 6YSR; 6YSS; 6YST; 6YSU; 6YWS; 6YWV; 6YWX; 6ZTJ; 6ZTL; 6ZTM; 6ZTN; 6ZTO; 6ZTP; 6ZU1; 7ABZ; 7AC7; 7ACJ; 7ACR; 7AQC; 7AQD; 7AS8; 7AS9; 7ASM; 7B5K; 7BL2; 7BL3; 7BL4; 7BL5; 7BL6; 7BV8; 7D6Z; 7D80; 7F0D; 7JSS; 7JSW; 7JSZ; 7JT1; 7JT2; 7JT3; 7K00; 7K50; 7K51; 7K52; 7K53; 7K54; 7K55; 7KGB; 7LV0; 7LVK; 7M4V; 7M4W; 7M4X; 7M4Y; 7M4Z; 7M5D; 7MSC; 7MSH; 7MSM; 7MSZ; 7MT2; 7MT3; 7MT7; 7N1P; 7N2C; 7N2U; 7N2V; 7N30; 7N31; 7NBU; 7NHL; 7NHM; 7NHN; 7NWT; 7O19; 7O1A; 7O1C; 7O5B; 7OIZ; 7OJ0; 7OOD; 7OPE; 7P3K; 7P6Z; 7P7Q; 7P7R; 7P7S; 7P7T; 7P7U; 7PAH; 7PAI; 7PAJ; 7PAK; 7PAL; 7PAM; 7PAN; 7PAO; 7PAQ; 7PAR; 7PAS; 7PAT; 7PAU; 7PH9; 7PHA; 7PHB; 7PHC; 7PI8; 7PI9; 7PIA; 7PIB; 7PIC; 7PIO; 7PIP; 7PIQ; 7PIR; 7PIS; 7PIT; 7PJS; 7PJT; 7PJV; 7PJW; 7PJX; 7PJY; 7PJZ; 7Q4K; 7QG8; 7QGH; 7QGN; 7QGR; 7QQ3; 7QV1; 7QV2; 7QV3; 7RYF; 7RYG; 7RYH; 7S0S; 7S1G; 7S1H; 7S1I; 7S1J; 7S1K; 7SA4; 7SFR; 7SS9; 7SSD; 7SSL; 7SSN; 7SSO; 7SSW; 7ST2; 7ST6; 7ST7; 7TOS; 7UG7; 7UNR; 7UNU; 7UNV; 7UNW; 7UPH; 7UVV; 7UVW; 7UVX; 7UVY; 7UVZ; 7UW1; 7XAM; 7Y41; 7Y7C; 7Y7D; 7Y7E; 7Y7F; 7Y7G; 7Y7H; 7Z20; 7ZOD; 7ZP8; 7ZQ5; 7ZQ6; 7ZTA; 8A3L; 8A57; 8A5I; 8A63; 8AKN; 8AM9; 8ANA; 8AP4; 8AYE; 8B0X; 8B7Y; 8BF7; 8BGE; 8BGH; 8BH4; 8BHJ; 8BHL; 8BHN; 8BHP; 8BIL; 8BIM; 8BUU; 8CAM; 8CD1; 8CEU; 8CGD; 8CGK; 8CGV; 8CVM; 8EIU; 8EKC; 8EMM; 8FIZ; 8FMW; 8FN2; 8FR8; 8G6W; 8G6X; 8G6Y; 8IFB; 8IFC; 8PHJ; 8PVA; 8V9J; 8V9K; 8V9L
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