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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_S16
Accession [info] PS00732
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-1992 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00600

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein S16 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 479 in 479 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 465 in 465 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 14 in 14 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 384
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 97.08 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 54.77 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
465 sequences

RR16_AGRST  (A1E9Z0), RR16_AMBTC  (Q70Y15), RR16_ANTAG  (Q85CF2), 
RR16_ARATH  (P56806), RR16_ATRBE  (Q8S8Y5), RR16_CALFG  (Q7YJY6), 
RR16_CHAGL  (Q8MA02), RR16_CHAVU  (Q1ACL1), RR16_CITSI  (Q09MJ6), 
RR16_COFAR  (A0A317), RR16_CUCSA  (Q2QDA6), RR16_CYACA  (Q9TLY9), 
RR16_CYAM1  (Q85G24), RR16_CYAPA  (P48139), RR16_DAUCA  (Q0G9Y0), 
RR16_DRIGR  (Q06H15), RR16_EMIHU  (Q4G391), RR16_EUCGG  (Q49L16), 
RR16_GALSU  (P28521), RR16_GINBI  (P36207), RR16_GOSBA  (A0ZZ17), 
RR16_GOSHI  (Q2L8Y7), RR16_GRATL  (Q6B914), RR16_HELAN  (Q1KXX7), 
RR16_HORVU  (P25875), RR16_JASNU  (Q06RE9), RR16_LACSA  (Q332Z6), 
RR16_LIRTU  (Q0G9N7), RR16_LOTJA  (P58125), RR16_MAIZE  (P27723), 
RR16_MESVI  (Q9MUR5), RR16_MORIN  (Q09X35), RR16_NEOYE  (Q1XDD5), 
RR16_NICSY  (Q3C1G1), RR16_NICTO  (Q33C57), RR16_NYMAL  (Q6EW66), 
RR16_OENEH  (Q9MTQ0), RR16_ORYNI  (Q6ENJ5), RR16_ORYSA  (P0C473), 
RR16_ORYSI  (P0C474), RR16_ORYSJ  (P12151), RR16_PANGI  (Q68S24), 
RR16_PELHO  (Q06FX9), RR16_PHAAO  (Q3BAR0), RR16_PHATC  (Q5D704), 
RR16_PIPCE  (Q06GS8), RR16_PORPU  (P51352), RR16_SACHY  (Q6L3B4), 
RR16_SACOF  (Q6ENY4), RR16_SILLA  (Q589B0), RR16_SINAL  (P10359), 
RR16_SOLBU  (Q2MIK5), RR16_SOLLC  (Q2MIB8), RR16_SOLTU  (P32087), 
RR16_SORBI  (A1E9Q6), RR16_SOYBN  (Q2PMS5), RR16_SPIOL  (P28807), 
RR16_STAPU  (Q32RS1), RR16_THAPS  (A0T0W6), RR16_TOBAC  (P06374), 
RR16_TRICV  (P49503), RR16_VITVI  (Q0ZJ38), RR16_WHEAT  (Q95H63), 
RR16_ZYGCR  (Q32RP8), RS16_ACAM1  (B0CAL3), RS16_ACET2  (A3DDH5), 
RS16_ACIAD  (Q6F7H9), RS16_ACIB3  (B7GVR8), RS16_ACIB5  (B7IAT2), 
RS16_ACIBC  (B2HZV5), RS16_ACIBS  (B0VQ56), RS16_ACIBT  (A3M9G7), 
RS16_ACIBY  (B0V8L2), RS16_ACIC1  (A0LV73), RS16_ACIC5  (C1F3B5), 
RS16_ACICJ  (A5G0H0), RS16_ACTP2  (A3N384), RS16_ACTP7  (B3GZ38), 
RS16_ACTPJ  (B0BSV8), RS16_ACTSZ  (A6VLP8), RS16_ALBFT  (Q21YL8), 
RS16_ALIB4  (A8EW72), RS16_ALIF1  (Q5E7F2), RS16_ALIFM  (B5FAE5), 
RS16_ALKMQ  (A6TRS9), RS16_ALKOO  (A8MHC1), RS16_ANOFW  (B7GGE3), 
RS16_AROAE  (Q5NXM7), RS16_AZOC5  (A8IKU6), RS16_AZOSB  (A1K9K9), 
RS16_BACAA  (C3P5P5), RS16_BACAC  (C3L783), RS16_BACAH  (A0RHL7), 
RS16_BACAN  (Q81WJ3), RS16_BACC0  (B7JJT1), RS16_BACC1  (P62226), 
RS16_BACC2  (B7IUK3), RS16_BACC3  (C1EP68), RS16_BACC4  (B7HDW7), 
RS16_BACC7  (B7HLH7), RS16_BACCN  (A7GRH4), RS16_BACCQ  (B9IVD3), 
RS16_BACCR  (Q819W3), RS16_BACCZ  (Q636I2), RS16_BACHK  (Q6HEX1), 
RS16_BACLD  (Q65JQ0), RS16_BACMK  (A9VT82), RS16_BACSU  (P21474), 
RS16_BACVZ  (A7Z4L9), RS16_BAUCH  (Q1LTQ9), RS16_BDEBA  (P62227), 
RS16_BEII9  (B2IDX7), RS16_BEUC1  (C5BWX1), RS16_BIFA0  (B8DVQ6), 
RS16_BIFAA  (A0ZZV7), RS16_BIFLD  (B3DTM9), RS16_BIFLO  (Q8G7G1), 
RS16_BIFLS  (B7GMZ8), RS16_BORAP  (Q0SMF9), RS16_BORBU  (O51638), 
RS16_BORBZ  (B7J2Q0), RS16_BORDL  (B5RMP0), RS16_BORGP  (Q660H6), 
RS16_BORHD  (B2S137), RS16_BORRA  (B5RQ36), RS16_BORT9  (A1R0B9), 
RS16_CALBD  (B9MQW7), RS16_CALS4  (Q8R9X1), RS16_CALS8  (A4XLF4), 
RS16_CAMFF  (A0RPR9), RS16_CAMHC  (A7I0V4), RS16_CAMJ8  (A8FLD9), 
RS16_CAMJD  (A7H4B5), RS16_CAMJE  (Q9PPJ7), RS16_CAMJJ  (A1VZ65), 
RS16_CAMJR  (Q5HV71), RS16_CARHZ  (Q3AC69), RS16_CAUSK  (B0T562), 
RS16_CAUVC  (P58122), RS16_CAUVN  (B8GVS9), RS16_CHLCH  (Q3ASF5), 
RS16_CHLL2  (B3ED33), RS16_CHLP8  (B3QNL4), RS16_CHLPD  (A1BGL9), 
RS16_CHLTE  (Q8KD88), RS16_CHRSD  (Q1QT48), RS16_CHRVO  (Q7NRV5), 
RS16_CITBB  (B5EBD2), RS16_CITK8  (A8ANE2), RS16_CLAM3  (A5CQQ8), 
RS16_CLASE  (B0REM8), RS16_CLOAB  (Q97I97), RS16_CLOB1  (A7FW12), 
RS16_CLOB6  (C3L0E6), RS16_CLOBJ  (C1FSL8), RS16_CLOBK  (B1II79), 
RS16_CLOBL  (A7GG36), RS16_CLOBM  (B1KWN8), RS16_CLOD6  (Q18BB8), 
RS16_COLP3  (Q47WU8), RS16_CUTAK  (Q6A7S4), RS16_CYAP4  (B8HKC7), 
RS16_DECAR  (Q47BI5), RS16_DEHM1  (Q3Z8Y8), RS16_DEHMB  (A5FRP7), 
RS16_DEHMC  (Q3ZWY8), RS16_DESAH  (C0QKU4), RS16_DESAL  (B8FNP6), 
RS16_DESAP  (B1I2P9), RS16_DESOH  (A8ZV23), RS16_DESPS  (Q6AJF1), 
RS16_DICT6  (B5YFD8), RS16_DICTD  (B8E2G7), RS16_ECO24  (A7ZQ49), 
RS16_ECO27  (B7UH58), RS16_ECO45  (B7MIU7), RS16_ECO55  (B7LDJ8), 
RS16_ECO57  (P0A7T5), RS16_ECO5E  (B5Z228), RS16_ECO7I  (B7NSA8), 
RS16_ECO81  (B7MYP8), RS16_ECO8A  (B7M978), RS16_ECOBW  (C4ZYM7), 
RS16_ECODH  (B1XBT1), RS16_ECOHS  (A8A3B6), RS16_ECOL5  (Q0TEN0), 
RS16_ECOL6  (P0A7T4), RS16_ECOLC  (B1IVM4), RS16_ECOLI  (P0A7T3), 
RS16_ECOLU  (B7N6J5), RS16_ECOSE  (B6I631), RS16_ECOSM  (B1LPB6), 
RS16_EDWI9  (C5BGG2), RS16_EHRCJ  (Q3YSX5), RS16_EHRCR  (Q2GHR7), 
RS16_EHRRG  (Q5FFA8), RS16_EHRRW  (Q5HC44), RS16_ENT38  (A4WDH4), 
RS16_ERWT9  (B2VHI6), RS16_ESCF3  (B7LUW4), RS16_EXIS2  (B1YIM6), 
RS16_EXISA  (C4L601), RS16_FERNB  (A7HKR8), RS16_FINM2  (B0S044), 
RS16_GEODF  (B9M591), RS16_GEOMG  (Q39RN5), RS16_GEOSE  (P81290), 
RS16_GEOSL  (P62230), RS16_GEOSM  (C6E5J1), RS16_GEOSW  (C5D8U1), 
RS16_GEOTN  (A4IM72), RS16_GEOUR  (A5G7Z8), RS16_GLAP5  (B8F7X5), 
RS16_GLOC7  (B7KIC5), RS16_GLUDA  (A9HS66), RS16_GLUOX  (Q5FUG0), 
RS16_HAEDU  (Q7VKG0), RS16_HAEI8  (Q4QNY6), RS16_HAEIE  (A5UAV1), 
RS16_HAEIG  (A5UG06), RS16_HAEIN  (P44382), RS16_HALHL  (A1WUF4), 
RS16_HELAH  (Q17WB9), RS16_HELP2  (B6JMZ1), RS16_HELPG  (B5Z8E7), 
RS16_HELPH  (Q1CSB5), RS16_HELPJ  (Q9ZK63), RS16_HELPS  (B2UUR0), 
RS16_HELPY  (P56023), RS16_HERAR  (A4G2T5), RS16_HYDCU  (Q31HY0), 
RS16_KLEP3  (B5XVK3), RS16_KLEP7  (A6TCL7), RS16_KOCRD  (B2GFY1), 
RS16_KORVE  (Q1IMM7), RS16_KOSOT  (C5CEB3), RS16_LARHH  (C1DBF8), 
RS16_LEGPA  (Q5X7Y9), RS16_LEGPC  (A5IHJ5), RS16_LEGPH  (Q5ZYH3), 
RS16_LEGPL  (Q5WZE0), RS16_LEIXX  (Q6AE98), RS16_LEUCK  (B1MZU5), 
RS16_LEUMM  (Q03W45), RS16_LYSSC  (B1HQI0), RS16_MAGMM  (A0L4Y6), 
RS16_MALP2  (Q8EWV0), RS16_MANSM  (Q65VG3), RS16_MARMM  (Q0AKL6), 
RS16_MESFL  (Q6F0S3), RS16_META1  (B3PMA1), RS16_METC4  (B7KZ56), 
RS16_METCA  (Q60BS3), RS16_METEP  (A9W0G1), RS16_METFK  (Q1GYT6), 
RS16_METNO  (B8IGW4), RS16_METPB  (B1ZL67), RS16_METRJ  (B1LVU2), 
RS16_METS4  (B0UCL4), RS16_METSB  (B8EIS6), RS16_MICAN  (B3DFB2), 
RS16_MICLC  (C5CAG7), RS16_MOOTA  (Q2RJV7), RS16_MYCA1  (A0QJ48), 
RS16_MYCA9  (B1MDI6), RS16_MYCBO  (P66436), RS16_MYCBP  (A1KMQ3), 
RS16_MYCBT  (C1AG24), RS16_MYCCT  (Q2SRU5), RS16_MYCGI  (A4TE69), 
RS16_MYCLB  (B8ZRW9), RS16_MYCLE  (O33014), RS16_MYCMM  (B2HJL2), 
RS16_MYCMS  (P62233), RS16_MYCPA  (P62234), RS16_MYCPU  (Q98Q97), 
RS16_MYCS2  (A0QV37), RS16_MYCSJ  (A3PXV6), RS16_MYCSK  (A1UEF2), 
RS16_MYCTA  (A5U6R4), RS16_MYCTO  (P9WH52), RS16_MYCTU  (P9WH53), 
RS16_MYCUA  (A0PQ63), RS16_MYCVP  (A1T752), RS16_NATTJ  (B2A2N7), 
RS16_NAUPA  (B9L6B5), RS16_NEOSM  (Q2GES3), RS16_NITEC  (Q0AIU9), 
RS16_NITEU  (Q82U38), RS16_NITMU  (Q2YBJ4), RS16_NITOC  (Q3J8X8), 
RS16_NITSB  (A6Q552), RS16_NOCFA  (Q5YS35), RS16_NOSP7  (B2IVK6), 
RS16_NOSS1  (Q8YVM2), RS16_ORITB  (A5CCZ6), RS16_ORITI  (B3CRY7), 
RS16_PARL1  (A7HT06), RS16_PARM1  (Q2VZV8), RS16_PARMW  (Q7TTU5), 
RS16_PASMU  (P58123), RS16_PECAS  (Q6D1T8), RS16_PECCP  (C6DCQ1), 
RS16_PELPB  (B4SA46), RS16_PELPD  (A1AN03), RS16_PHEZH  (B4RCD1), 
RS16_PHOLL  (Q7N7A0), RS16_PHOPR  (Q6LMV7), RS16_PROM0  (A3PEB8), 
RS16_PROM1  (A2C451), RS16_PROM2  (A8G695), RS16_PROM3  (A2CB37), 
RS16_PROM4  (A9BBQ1), RS16_PROM5  (A2BXZ2), RS16_PROM9  (Q319K4), 
RS16_PROMA  (Q7VAU5), RS16_PROMH  (B4EUW4), RS16_PROMM  (Q7TV43), 
RS16_PROMP  (Q7TU65), RS16_PROMS  (A2BSK6), RS16_PROMT  (Q46JI5), 
RS16_PSECP  (B8HA97), RS16_PSELT  (A8F3G4), RS16_PSYA2  (Q4FQ42), 
RS16_PSYCK  (Q1Q8A4), RS16_PSYWF  (A5WBW8), RS16_RHIWR  (A5V9P7), 
RS16_RHOCS  (B6IP92), RS16_RHOE4  (C0ZXR7), RS16_RHOJR  (Q0S2C8), 
RS16_RHOOB  (C1B2R7), RS16_RHORT  (Q2RV59), RS16_RICAE  (C3PM20), 
RS16_RICAH  (A8GQA7), RS16_RICB8  (A8GY79), RS16_RICBR  (Q1RGQ5), 
RS16_RICCK  (A8F0A2), RS16_RICCN  (Q92FW8), RS16_RICFE  (Q4UJQ3), 
RS16_RICM5  (A8F2Z8), RS16_RICPR  (Q9ZC90), RS16_RICPU  (C4K2Y3), 
RS16_RICRO  (B0BVP5), RS16_RICRS  (A8GU56), RS16_RICTY  (Q68VN6), 
RS16_RIPO1  (B7JY30), RS16_RUBXD  (Q1AW77), RS16_RUMCH  (B8I7T2), 
RS16_RUTMC  (A1AXN9), RS16_SACEN  (A4FMF1), RS16_SALA4  (B5F289), 
RS16_SALCH  (Q57L29), RS16_SALDC  (B5FS09), RS16_SALEP  (B5QUG4), 
RS16_SALG2  (B5RD85), RS16_SALHS  (B4TE53), RS16_SALNS  (B4T2B5), 
RS16_SALPA  (Q5PFF6), RS16_SALPB  (A9MZ51), RS16_SALPC  (C0PW19), 
RS16_SALPK  (B5BE94), RS16_SALSV  (B4TS56), RS16_SALTI  (P0A2B0), 
RS16_SALTY  (P0A2A9), RS16_SERP5  (A8GA18), RS16_SHEAM  (A1S3Z0), 
RS16_SHEB2  (B8EBP3), RS16_SHEB5  (A3D1W5), RS16_SHEB8  (A6WKR6), 
RS16_SHEB9  (A9L5P5), RS16_SHEDO  (Q12KJ3), RS16_SHEFN  (Q07Z05), 
RS16_SHEHH  (B0TJ75), RS16_SHELP  (A3QBT6), RS16_SHEON  (Q8EH72), 
RS16_SHEPA  (A8H1D9), RS16_SHEPC  (A4Y4L3), RS16_SHESA  (A0KZM3), 
RS16_SHESH  (A8FSE7), RS16_SHESM  (Q0HGA8), RS16_SHESR  (Q0HSK1), 
RS16_SHESW  (A1RMB8), RS16_SHEWM  (B1KI68), RS16_SHIB3  (B2TYN1), 
RS16_SHIBS  (Q31XD6), RS16_SHIDS  (Q32CX9), RS16_SHIFL  (P0A7T6), 
RS16_SHISS  (Q3YYM9), RS16_SODGM  (Q2NVK4), RS16_SPIKU  (P62237), 
RS16_STRAW  (Q82JW0), RS16_STRCO  (O69879), RS16_STRGG  (B1VYW3), 
RS16_STRLI  (O86868), RS16_STRM5  (B4SPH1), RS16_STRMK  (B2FUB3), 
RS16_SULDN  (Q30TE9), RS16_SYNAS  (Q2LVU9), RS16_SYNC1  (Q3A2E4), 
RS16_SYNE7  (Q31MB7), RS16_SYNJA  (Q2JSG0), RS16_SYNJB  (Q2JP53), 
RS16_SYNP6  (Q5MZL0), RS16_SYNPW  (A5GMJ1), RS16_SYNR3  (A5GUQ3), 
RS16_SYNS3  (Q0IC41), RS16_SYNS9  (Q3AX02), RS16_SYNSC  (Q3AL81), 
RS16_SYNY3  (P74410), RS16_THEAB  (B7IEQ8), RS16_THEFY  (Q47S67), 
RS16_THEM4  (A6LNY9), RS16_THEMA  (Q9X1Q2), RS16_THENN  (B9K8P2), 
RS16_THEP1  (A5IM17), RS16_THEP3  (B0K9W7), RS16_THEPX  (B0K1V0), 
RS16_THESQ  (B1LB75), RS16_THEVB  (Q8DMS1), RS16_THISH  (B8GN76), 
RS16_TRIEI  (Q111T6), RS16_TRIV2  (Q3M4Y1), RS16_TROW8  (Q83I06), 
RS16_TROWT  (Q83G64), RS16_VEREI  (A1WPT9), RS16_VESOH  (A5CVN0), 
RS16_VIBA3  (B7VK29), RS16_VIBC1  (A7MYV1), RS16_VIBC3  (A5F9A7), 
RS16_VIBCH  (Q9KUG0), RS16_VIBCM  (C3LS51), RS16_VIBPA  (Q87LS8), 
RS16_VIBVU  (Q8DC33), RS16_VIBVY  (Q7MHT1), RS16_WOLPM  (P62240), 
RS16_WOLPP  (B3CPY0), RS16_WOLSU  (Q7MSD9), RS16_WOLTR  (Q5GSA5), 
RS16_WOLWR  (C0R3M3), RS16_XANAC  (Q8PMY3), RS16_XANC8  (Q4US82), 
RS16_XANCB  (B0RXD9), RS16_XANCP  (Q8PBC3), RS16_XANE5  (Q3BVZ0), 
RS16_XANOM  (Q2P653), RS16_XANOP  (B2SJV3), RS16_XANOR  (Q5H392), 
RS16_XANP2  (A7IFB8), RS16_XYLF2  (B2I6A6), RS16_XYLFA  (Q9PH39), 
RS16_XYLFM  (B0U288), RS16_XYLFT  (Q87F56), RS16_YERE8  (A1JK22), 
RS16_YERP3  (A7FLQ7), RS16_YERPA  (Q1C411), RS16_YERPB  (B2K5Y8), 
RS16_YERPE  (Q8ZBU7), RS16_YERPG  (A9R0U5), RS16_YERPN  (Q1CLJ5), 
RS16_YERPP  (A4TQ62), RS16_YERPS  (Q66E59), RS16_YERPY  (B1JJ91), 
RS16_ZYMMO  (Q5NNL0), RT16_NEUCR  (P08580), RT16_YEAST  (Q02608)
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False negative sequences
384 sequences

RR16_GUITH  (O78423), RR16_HUPLU  (Q5SCW6), RS16_ACHLI  (A9NHG0), 
RS16_ACIET  (B9ME99), RS16_ACIF2  (B7J948), RS16_ACIF5  (B5EPD0), 
RS16_ACIFI  (Q9L9C8), RS16_ACISJ  (A1WB52), RS16_AERHH  (A0KG23), 
RS16_AERS4  (A4SIV7), RS16_AFIC5  (B6JAQ4), RS16_AGARV  (C4Z929), 
RS16_AGRFC  (Q8UBZ9), RS16_AKKM8  (B2UMG5), RS16_ALCBS  (Q0VRF2), 
RS16_ALLAM  (B9JUC4), RS16_AMOA5  (B3EUD8), RS16_ANAD2  (B8J890), 
RS16_ANADE  (Q2IJ60), RS16_ANADF  (A7HBP8), RS16_ANAMF  (B9KHH1), 
RS16_ANAMM  (Q5PBU9), RS16_ANAPZ  (Q2GLR4), RS16_ANASK  (B4UBC9), 
RS16_AQUAE  (O66523), RS16_AYWBP  (Q2NJH0), RS16_AZOPC  (B6YS08), 
RS16_AZOVD  (C1DDY7), RS16_BACFN  (Q5LBU1), RS16_BACFR  (Q64SR3), 
RS16_BACP2  (A8FD63), RS16_BACTN  (Q9RQ15), RS16_BARBK  (A1UR04), 
RS16_BARHE  (Q6G5S7), RS16_BARQU  (Q6FYF9), RS16_BART1  (A9IZE1), 
RS16_BLOFL  (Q7VQG0), RS16_BLOPB  (Q493M3), RS16_BORA1  (Q2KY79), 
RS16_BORBR  (Q7WHL9), RS16_BORPA  (Q7W6N6), RS16_BORPD  (A9IK34), 
RS16_BORPE  (Q7VXD8), RS16_BRADU  (Q89X40), RS16_BRASB  (A5E910), 
RS16_BRASO  (A4YKA0), RS16_BREBN  (C0ZFN5), RS16_BRUA1  (B2S7P8), 
RS16_BRUA2  (Q2YLK6), RS16_BRUA4  (A6WXU5), RS16_BRUAB  (Q57B65), 
RS16_BRUC2  (A9M862), RS16_BRUMB  (C0RF74), RS16_BRUME  (P66433), 
RS16_BRUO2  (A5VSG4), RS16_BRUSI  (A9WWU9), RS16_BRUSU  (P66434), 
RS16_BUCA5  (B8D9H7), RS16_BUCAI  (P57474), RS16_BUCAP  (Q8K9F6), 
RS16_BUCAT  (B8D7S9), RS16_BUCBP  (Q89AE3), RS16_BUCCC  (Q057I5), 
RS16_BURA4  (B1YV57), RS16_BURCH  (A0K5P5), RS16_BURCJ  (B4EAN6), 
RS16_BURCM  (Q0BH69), RS16_BURL3  (Q39ID6), RS16_BURM1  (A9ADT1), 
RS16_BURM7  (A3MHR7), RS16_BURM9  (A2S4P0), RS16_BURMA  (Q62M50), 
RS16_BURMS  (A1V6J4), RS16_BURO0  (B1JXU3), RS16_BURO1  (Q1BY04), 
RS16_BURP0  (A3NXU3), RS16_BURP1  (Q3JQ06), RS16_BURP6  (A3NC07), 
RS16_BURPS  (Q63S30), RS16_BURTA  (Q2SY01), RS16_CAMLR  (B9KCN0), 
RS16_CERS1  (A3PN95), RS16_CERS4  (Q3IZ02), RS16_CERS5  (A4WNX7), 
RS16_CHESB  (Q11D15), RS16_CHLAA  (A9WEK3), RS16_CHLAB  (Q5L5L7), 
RS16_CHLAD  (B8G4R4), RS16_CHLCV  (Q822M5), RS16_CHLFF  (Q255B2), 
RS16_CHLL3  (Q3B4A3), RS16_CHLMU  (Q9PL13), RS16_CHLPB  (B3EJ23), 
RS16_CHLPN  (Q9Z965), RS16_CHLSY  (B9LH09), RS16_CHLT2  (B0B9D3), 
RS16_CHLT3  (B3QXJ8), RS16_CHLTA  (Q3KMZ6), RS16_CHLTB  (B0BB12), 
RS16_CHLTR  (O84029), RS16_CLOB8  (A6LSM8), RS16_CLOBA  (B2V4E2), 
RS16_CLOBB  (B2TJ28), RS16_CLOK1  (B9E1H4), RS16_CLOK5  (A5N813), 
RS16_CLONN  (A0Q0Y3), RS16_CLOP1  (Q0TPP1), RS16_CLOPE  (Q8XJP4), 
RS16_CLOPS  (Q0SSA8), RS16_COPPD  (B5Y8F0), RS16_CORA7  (C3PH76), 
RS16_CORDI  (P62228), RS16_COREF  (Q8FP30), RS16_CORGB  (A4QFC1), 
RS16_CORGL  (Q8NNX3), RS16_CORJK  (Q4JV00), RS16_CORK4  (C4LJC4), 
RS16_CORU7  (B1VG70), RS16_COXBN  (A9KEE7), RS16_COXBR  (A9NBR1), 
RS16_COXBU  (Q83E83), RS16_CROS5  (B1WYX6), RS16_CUPNH  (Q0KD81), 
RS16_CUPPJ  (Q46Y82), RS16_CUPTR  (B3R396), RS16_CYTH3  (Q11YV6), 
RS16_DEIDV  (C1CUU1), RS16_DEIGD  (Q1IYA6), RS16_DEIRA  (Q9RUT7), 
RS16_DELAS  (A9BNS9), RS16_DESDA  (B8J1U2), RS16_DESHD  (B8FRL6), 
RS16_DESHY  (Q24UA5), RS16_DESRM  (A4J669), RS16_DICNV  (A5EXZ1), 
RS16_DINSH  (A8LMC0), RS16_ELUMP  (B2KCQ1), RS16_ENDTX  (B1GZ23), 
RS16_ENTFA  (Q834F9), RS16_FLAJ1  (A5FKD9), RS16_FLAPJ  (A6GWI4), 
RS16_FRAAA  (Q0RDP2), RS16_FRACC  (Q2J6Z6), RS16_FRAP2  (B0TX16), 
RS16_FRAT1  (Q14JS9), RS16_FRATF  (A7NEB3), RS16_FRATH  (Q2A1N3), 
RS16_FRATM  (B2SFE2), RS16_FRATN  (A0Q861), RS16_FRATO  (Q0BKD1), 
RS16_FRATT  (Q5NIC6), RS16_FRATW  (A4IWA5), RS16_FUSNN  (Q8RDV8), 
RS16_GEMAT  (C1AAX0), RS16_GEOKA  (Q5L0P8), RS16_GLOVI  (Q7NH99), 
RS16_HAHCH  (Q2SL58), RS16_HALH5  (Q9KA11), RS16_HALOH  (B8CW18), 
RS16_HAMD5  (C4K8Z4), RS16_HELHP  (Q7VHM7), RS16_HELMI  (B0TH64), 
RS16_HERA2  (A9B0N4), RS16_HISS1  (Q0I1K0), RS16_HISS2  (B0UVM6), 
RS16_HYPNA  (Q0C671), RS16_IDILO  (Q5QUU8), RS16_JANSC  (Q28UE6), 
RS16_KARMG  (A8Z653), RS16_KINRD  (A6W7U7), RS16_LACAC  (Q5FJK5), 
RS16_LACCB  (B3WEU4), RS16_LACDA  (Q1G9L2), RS16_LACDB  (Q049R6), 
RS16_LACE2  (C4Z0E0), RS16_LACGA  (Q044E5), RS16_LACH4  (A8YVT4), 
RS16_LACJO  (P62231), RS16_LACLA  (Q9CFB2), RS16_LACLM  (A2RJS1), 
RS16_LACLS  (Q02Y12), RS16_LACP3  (Q038J7), RS16_LACP7  (A9KLM5), 
RS16_LACPL  (Q88WJ5), RS16_LATSS  (Q38XR0), RS16_LEPBJ  (Q04SW1), 
RS16_LEPBL  (Q050Y5), RS16_LEPCP  (B1Y0H5), RS16_LEPIC  (P62232), 
RS16_LEPIN  (Q8F3L1), RS16_LEVBA  (Q03RU4), RS16_LIGS1  (Q1WU95), 
RS16_LIMF3  (B2GD28), RS16_LIMRD  (A5VKN7), RS16_LIMRJ  (B2G821), 
RS16_LISIN  (Q92AL1), RS16_LISMC  (C1KW96), RS16_LISMF  (Q71YL9), 
RS16_LISMH  (B8DDV6), RS16_LISMO  (Q8Y699), RS16_LISW6  (A0AJQ2), 
RS16_MARMS  (A6W1U2), RS16_MARN8  (A1U2Y9), RS16_MARSD  (C6BVQ1), 
RS16_MESH2  (Q601V7), RS16_MESH7  (Q4A879), RS16_MESHJ  (Q4AA52), 
RS16_METI4  (B3DVH7), RS16_METPP  (A2SES6), RS16_MYCAP  (A5IZ66), 
RS16_MYCGA  (Q9RDV4), RS16_MYCGE  (P47684), RS16_MYCM1  (Q6KHL4), 
RS16_MYCPN  (P75131), RS16_MYCS5  (Q4A739), RS16_MYXXD  (Q1D6I5), 
RS16_NEIG1  (Q5FA57), RS16_NEIG2  (B4RIW5), RS16_NEIM0  (A9M2D3), 
RS16_NEIMA  (P66437), RS16_NEIMB  (P66438), RS16_NEIMF  (A1KSK1), 
RS16_NITHX  (Q1QHI9), RS16_NITV2  (P62229), RS16_NITV4  (A1VFE2), 
RS16_NITV9  (B8DRI7), RS16_NITWN  (Q3SNV8), RS16_NOVAD  (Q2G8H4), 
RS16_OCEIH  (Q8ER01), RS16_OENOB  (Q04FP8), RS16_OLEA2  (Q313J6), 
RS16_ONYPE  (P62235), RS16_OPITP  (B1ZZH6), RS16_PARC0  (A1TND0), 
RS16_PARD8  (A6LCP4), RS16_PARDP  (A1B8V3), RS16_PARP8  (B2JF29), 
RS16_PARPJ  (B2T607), RS16_PARUW  (Q6MDH0), RS16_PARXL  (Q13VE8), 
RS16_PEDPA  (Q03FW5), RS16_PELTS  (A5D1G1), RS16_PELUB  (Q4FP12), 
RS16_PETMO  (A9BEZ8), RS16_PHOV8  (A6L3Y9), RS16_PHYAS  (B1VAB0), 
RS16_PHYMT  (B3R0P0), RS16_POLAQ  (A4SW73), RS16_POLNA  (A1VM97), 
RS16_POLNS  (B1XVN3), RS16_POLSJ  (Q12CW6), RS16_PORG3  (B2RH41), 
RS16_PORGI  (Q7MT66), RS16_PROA2  (B4S7L7), RS16_PSE14  (Q48LW0), 
RS16_PSEA6  (Q15VI9), RS16_PSEA7  (A6V123), RS16_PSEA8  (B7UYK6), 
RS16_PSEAB  (Q02RL8), RS16_PSEAE  (Q9HXP9), RS16_PSEE4  (Q1I5Y8), 
RS16_PSEF5  (Q4KHQ8), RS16_PSEFS  (C3K1H1), RS16_PSEMY  (A4XXT7), 
RS16_PSEP1  (A5W8C3), RS16_PSEPF  (Q3KHJ4), RS16_PSEPG  (B0KRI1), 
RS16_PSEPK  (Q88MV6), RS16_PSEPW  (B1JDE5), RS16_PSESM  (Q886V2), 
RS16_PSET1  (Q3IEC9), RS16_PSEU2  (Q4ZWY9), RS16_PSYIN  (A1SZY8), 
RS16_RALN1  (Q8Y0W0), RS16_RALPJ  (B2U8B2), RS16_RHIE6  (B3PR16), 
RS16_RHIEC  (Q2K382), RS16_RHIJ3  (Q1MAK5), RS16_RHILO  (Q98E70), 
RS16_RHILW  (B5ZTH8), RS16_RHIME  (Q92L43), RS16_RHIR8  (B9JCL9), 
RS16_RHOBA  (Q7UI12), RS16_RHOP2  (Q2J397), RS16_RHOP5  (Q07UU7), 
RS16_RHOPA  (P62236), RS16_RHOPB  (Q21CT9), RS16_RHOPS  (Q13DU2), 
RS16_RHOPT  (B3Q856), RS16_ROSCS  (A7NJT8), RS16_ROSDO  (Q16AN8), 
RS16_ROSS1  (A5UST8), RS16_RUEPO  (Q5LNF2), RS16_RUEST  (Q1GDC7), 
RS16_SACD2  (Q21LG4), RS16_SALAI  (A8M677), RS16_SALRD  (Q2S232), 
RS16_SALTO  (A4X4H5), RS16_SHOC1  (Q5WFN2), RS16_SINFN  (C3MAG3), 
RS16_SINMW  (A6UE43), RS16_SOLM1  (C4XKM1), RS16_SORC5  (A9F3P4), 
RS16_STAA1  (A7X1K6), RS16_STAA2  (A6U157), RS16_STAA3  (Q2FHK0), 
RS16_STAA8  (Q2FZ45), RS16_STAA9  (A5ISC3), RS16_STAAB  (Q2YXH8), 
RS16_STAAC  (Q5HGJ4), RS16_STAAE  (A6QGD8), RS16_STAAM  (P66439), 
RS16_STAAN  (P66440), RS16_STAAR  (Q6GHJ7), RS16_STAAS  (Q6G9X5), 
RS16_STAAW  (P66441), RS16_STACT  (B9DPJ9), RS16_STAEQ  (Q5HPV3), 
RS16_STAES  (Q8CSV0), RS16_STAHJ  (Q4L5U0), RS16_STAS1  (Q49X24), 
RS16_STRA1  (Q3K0F4), RS16_STRA3  (P66442), RS16_STRA5  (P66443), 
RS16_STRE4  (C0M751), RS16_STRGC  (A8AXU4), RS16_STRMU  (Q8DUN9), 
RS16_STRP1  (P66446), RS16_STRP2  (Q04LD0), RS16_STRP3  (P0DE76), 
RS16_STRP4  (B5E375), RS16_STRP6  (Q5XCR1), RS16_STRP7  (C1C6B6), 
RS16_STRP8  (P66448), RS16_STRPB  (Q1JCE0), RS16_STRPC  (Q1JMC0), 
RS16_STRPD  (Q1JHG4), RS16_STRPF  (Q1J786), RS16_STRPG  (A2RF55), 
RS16_STRPI  (B1IAU9), RS16_STRPJ  (B8ZNC8), RS16_STRPM  (Q48U63), 
RS16_STRPN  (P66444), RS16_STRPQ  (P0DE77), RS16_STRPS  (B2ING0), 
RS16_STRPZ  (B5XKW7), RS16_STRR6  (P66445), RS16_STRS7  (C0MEH6), 
RS16_STRSV  (A3CNF4), RS16_STRT1  (Q5LYM4), RS16_STRT2  (Q5M387), 
RS16_STRTD  (Q03JG3), RS16_STRU0  (B9DRW3), RS16_STRZJ  (C1CDC3), 
RS16_STRZP  (C1CJM1), RS16_STRZT  (C1CQN4), RS16_STUS1  (A4VIT5), 
RS16_SULNB  (A6Q769), RS16_SYMTH  (Q67PE2), RS16_SYNWW  (Q0AWV4), 
RS16_TERTT  (C5BR73), RS16_THEAQ  (O07348), RS16_THERP  (B9KXC8), 
RS16_THET2  (P62238), RS16_THET8  (Q5SJH3), RS16_THETH  (P80379), 
RS16_THEYD  (B5YK94), RS16_TOLAT  (C4LD27), RS16_TREDE  (P62239), 
RS16_TREPA  (O83875), RS16_TREPR  (Q8KTS4), RS16_TREPS  (B2S4E2), 
RS16_TRIL1  (B3E5S3), RS16_UREPA  (Q9PPS1), RS16_UREU1  (B5ZC79), 
RS16_VARPS  (C5CSM6), RS16_WIGBR  (Q8D2V3), RT16_BOVIN  (P82915), 
RT16_CAEEL  (Q10129), RT16_DROME  (Q9V6Y3), RT16_HUMAN  (Q9Y3D3), 
RT16_MOUSE  (Q9CPX7), RT16_PONAB  (Q5REY4), RT16_SCHPO  (O43020)
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False positive sequences
14 sequences

CAC1E_DIPOM (P56699), DCTS_RHOCA  (P37739), FMT_HELPJ   (Q9ZK72), 
PALI_CANGA  (Q6FU42), PIMT_METEP  (A9VY77), PP14_ARATH  (P48484), 
UBR1_MOUSE  (O70481), VWA1_BOVIN  (A6QLN9)
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[Detailed view]
419 PDB

2YKR; 3IY8; 3J9W; 3J9Y; 3J9Z; 3JA1; 3JBU; 3JBV; 3JCD; 3JCE; 3JCJ; 3JCN; 4A2I; 4ADV; 4U1U; 4U1V; 4U20; 4U24; 4U25; 4U26; 4U27; 4V47; 4V48; 4V4H; 4V4Q; 4V4V; 4V4W; 4V50; 4V52; 4V53; 4V54; 4V55; 4V56; 4V57; 4V5B; 4V5H; 4V5Y; 4V61; 4V64; 4V65; 4V66; 4V69; 4V6C; 4V6D; 4V6E; 4V6K; 4V6L; 4V6M; 4V6N; 4V6O; 4V6P; 4V6Q; 4V6R; 4V6S; 4V6T; 4V6V; 4V6Y; 4V6Z; 4V70; 4V71; 4V72; 4V73; 4V74; 4V75; 4V76; 4V77; 4V78; 4V79; 4V7A; 4V7B; 4V7C; 4V7D; 4V7I; 4V7S; 4V7T; 4V7U; 4V7V; 4V85; 4V89; 4V9C; 4V9D; 4V9O; 4V9P; 4WF1; 4WOI; 4WWW; 4YBB; 5AFI; 5H5U; 5IQR; 5IT8; 5J5B; 5J7L; 5J88; 5J8A; 5J91; 5JC9; 5JTE; 5JU8; 5KCR; 5KCS; 5KPS; 5KPV; 5KPW; 5KPX; 5L3P; 5LZA; 5LZB; 5LZC; 5LZD; 5LZE; 5LZF; 5MDV; 5MDW; 5MDY; 5MDZ; 5MGP; 5MMJ; 5MMM; 5MRC; 5MRE; 5MRF; 5MY1; 5NJT; 5NO2; 5NO3; 5NO4; 5NP6; 5NWY; 5O2R; 5O5J; 5O61; 5U4I; 5U9F; 5U9G; 5UYK; 5UYL; 5UYM; 5UYN; 5UYP; 5UYQ; 5UZ4; 5V93; 5WDT; 5WE4; 5WE6; 5WF0; 5WFK; 5WFS; 5X8P; 5X8R; 5XYU; 5ZEB; 5ZEP; 5ZEU; 6AWB; 6AWC; 6AWD; 6BU8; 6BY1; 6C4I; 6DNC; 6DZI; 6DZK; 6ENF; 6ENJ; 6ENU; 6ERI; 6GWT; 6GXM; 6GXN; 6GXO; 6GXP; 6H4N; 6H58; 6HA1; 6HA8; 6HRM; 6HTQ; 6I7V; 6NQB; 6O7K; 6O9J; 6O9K; 6OFX; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6OGI; 6OM6; 6ORE; 6ORL; 6OSK; 6OSQ; 6OST; 6OT3; 6OUO; 6Q98; 6Q9A; 6SZS; 6TBV; 6TC3; 6VU3; 6VWL; 6VWM; 6VWN; 6VYQ; 6VYR; 6VYS; 6VYT; 6VYU; 6VYW; 6VYX; 6VYY; 6VYZ; 6VZ2; 6VZ3; 6VZ5; 6VZ7; 6VZJ; 6W6K; 6W77; 6W7M; 6W7N; 6W7W; 6WD0; 6WD1; 6WD2; 6WD3; 6WD4; 6WD5; 6WD6; 6WD7; 6WD8; 6WD9; 6WDA; 6WDB; 6WDC; 6WDD; 6WDE; 6WDF; 6WDG; 6WDH; 6WDI; 6WDJ; 6WDK; 6WDL; 6WDM; 6WNV; 6WNW; 6X6T; 6X7F; 6X7K; 6X9Q; 6XDQ; 6XDR; 6XE0; 6XGF; 6XII; 6XIJ; 6XZA; 6XZB; 6Y69; 6YW5; 6YWX; 6ZTJ; 6ZTL; 6ZTM; 6ZTN; 6ZTO; 6ZTP; 6ZU1; 7ABZ; 7AC7; 7ACJ; 7ACR; 7AFI; 7AFL; 7AFO; 7B5K; 7BOD; 7BOE; 7BOF; 7BOG; 7BOH; 7BOI; 7D6Z; 7D80; 7JSS; 7JSW; 7JSZ; 7JT1; 7JT2; 7JT3; 7K00; 7K50; 7K51; 7K52; 7K53; 7K54; 7K55; 7KGB; 7LV0; 7M5D; 7MSC; 7MSH; 7MSM; 7MSZ; 7MT2; 7MT3; 7MT7; 7N1P; 7N2C; 7N2U; 7N2V; 7N30; 7N31; 7NAR; 7NAS; 7NAT; 7NAU; 7NAV; 7NAX; 7NBU; 7O19; 7O1A; 7O1C; 7O5B; 7O5H; 7OE0; 7OE1; 7OI0; 7OIZ; 7OJ0; 7P3K; 7PJV; 7PJY; 7QG8; 7QGR; 7QV1; 7QV2; 7QV3; 7S1G; 7S1H; 7S1I; 7S1J; 7S1K; 7SA4; 7SFR; 7SS9; 7SSD; 7SSL; 7SSN; 7SSO; 7SSW; 7ST2; 7ST6; 7ST7; 7TOS; 7UG7; 7UPH; 7Y7C; 7Y7D; 7Y7E; 7Y7F; 7Y7G; 7Y7H; 7ZTA; 8A3L; 8AKN; 8AM9; 8AYE; 8B0X; 8B7Y; 8BF7; 8BGE; 8BGH; 8BH4; 8BHJ; 8BHL; 8BHN; 8BHP; 8BIL; 8BIM; 8BUU; 8CAI; 8CDU; 8CDV; 8CEC; 8CED; 8CEE; 8CEP; 8CGJ; 8CGR; 8CGU; 8CWO; 8D8J; 8D8K; 8D8L; 8EIU; 8EKC; 8EMM; 8FIZ; 8FMW; 8FR8; 8G6W; 8GHU; 8IFB; 8IFC; 8JSG; 8JSH; 8OM2; 8OM3; 8OM4; 8PHJ; 8PVA; 8V9J; 8V9K; 8V9L
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