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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RF_PROK_I
Accession [info] PS00745
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-1992 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00607

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Prokaryotic-type class I peptide chain release factors signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_03 which contains 571'609 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 911 in 911 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 911 in 911 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 48
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 94.99 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
911 sequences

APG3_ARATH  (Q8RX79), ARFB_ECOLI  (P40711), ARFB_PSEPU  (P45388), 
RF1ML_RAT   (Q4V7E5), RF1M_BOVIN  (Q3MHI7), RF1M_CAEEL  (O44568), 
RF1M_HUMAN  (O75570), RF1M_KLULA  (P41767), RF1M_MOUSE  (Q8K126), 
RF1M_SCHPO  (Q09691), RF1M_YEAST  (P30775), RF1_ACAM1   (B0C424), 
RF1_ACET2   (A3DIL4), RF1_ACIAD   (Q6F9S2), RF1_ACIB3   (B7H0L9), 
RF1_ACIB5   (B7IBA1), RF1_ACIBC   (B2HU82), RF1_ACIBS   (B0VM26), 
RF1_ACIBT   (A3M6N7), RF1_ACIBY   (B0V7E0), RF1_ACIC1   (A0LSK4), 
RF1_ACICJ   (A5FX99), RF1_ACIET   (B9ME05), RF1_ACISJ   (A1W4B8), 
RF1_ACTP7   (B3GZJ0), RF1_AERHH   (A0KMZ8), RF1_AERS4   (A4SK64), 
RF1_AFIC5   (B6JA06), RF1_AGARV   (C4Z911), RF1_AGRFC   (Q8U8B8), 
RF1_AKKM8   (B2UL99), RF1_ALBFT   (Q21YY9), RF1_ALCBS   (Q0VS77), 
RF1_ALIB4   (A8EQZ4), RF1_ALIF1   (Q5E6T3), RF1_ALIFM   (B5FBX0), 
RF1_ALISL   (B6EHH5), RF1_ALKEH   (Q0AC04), RF1_ALKMQ   (A6TK43), 
RF1_ALKOO   (A8MJX9), RF1_ALLAM   (B9JT13), RF1_ALTMD   (B4RSV6), 
RF1_ANAD2   (B8JAU2), RF1_ANADE   (Q2IMW2), RF1_ANADF   (A7HI45), 
RF1_ANAMF   (B9KIV2), RF1_ANAMM   (Q5PAH2), RF1_ANAPZ   (Q2GKS8), 
RF1_ANASK   (B4UAY8), RF1_AQUAE   (O67032), RF1_AROAE   (Q5P7G7), 
RF1_ARTS2   (A0JY78), RF1_AZOSB   (A1K443), RF1_AZOVD   (C1DEV0), 
RF1_BACAN   (Q81JX1), RF1_BACC1   (Q72XC2), RF1_BACCN   (A7GV79), 
RF1_BACCQ   (B9IRW2), RF1_BACCR   (Q812I4), RF1_BACCZ   (Q630R9), 
RF1_BACFN   (Q5LH11), RF1_BACFR   (Q64XW5), RF1_BACHK   (Q6HAV4), 
RF1_BACLD   (Q65DV1), RF1_BACMK   (A9VSC7), RF1_BACSU   (P45872), 
RF1_BACTN   (Q8A011), RF1_BARBK   (A1URS5), RF1_BARHE   (Q6G5T7), 
RF1_BARQU   (Q6G0R0), RF1_BART1   (A9IMM3), RF1_BAUCH   (Q1LTH5), 
RF1_BDEBA   (Q6MRK9), RF1_BEII9   (B2IHL7), RF1_BLOFL   (Q7VR74), 
RF1_BLOPB   (Q492V8), RF1_BORA1   (Q2KZZ3), RF1_BORAP   (Q0SNW8), 
RF1_BORBR   (Q7WQE9), RF1_BORBU   (O51214), RF1_BORBZ   (B7J1C9), 
RF1_BORGP   (Q662G9), RF1_BORHD   (B2RZQ6), RF1_BORPA   (Q7WCE3), 
RF1_BORPD   (A9IER8), RF1_BORPE   (Q7W023), RF1_BORT9   (A1QYZ0), 
RF1_BRADU   (Q89XT9), RF1_BRAHW   (C0QWA1), RF1_BRUA1   (B2S825), 
RF1_BRUA2   (Q2YLN8), RF1_BRUA4   (A6WXQ3), RF1_BRUAB   (Q57B22), 
RF1_BRUC2   (A9M8K5), RF1_BRUMB   (C0RFB5), RF1_BRUME   (Q8YJ95), 
RF1_BRUSI   (B0CIC3), RF1_BRUSU   (Q8FYK3), RF1_BUCA5   (B8D8X1), 
RF1_BUCAI   (P57268), RF1_BUCAP   (Q8K9X0), RF1_BUCAT   (B8D775), 
RF1_BUCBP   (P59456), RF1_BUCCC   (Q057W1), RF1_BURA4   (B1YSD5), 
RF1_BURCH   (A0K437), RF1_BURCJ   (B4E6U6), RF1_BURCM   (Q0BIQ0), 
RF1_BURL3   (Q39K18), RF1_BURM1   (A9AJ68), RF1_BURM7   (A3MFT4), 
RF1_BURM9   (A2RYL2), RF1_BURMA   (Q62DF3), RF1_BURMS   (A1UWC9), 
RF1_BURO0   (B1JUS4), RF1_BURO1   (Q1BSB1), RF1_BURP0   (A3NZS4), 
RF1_BURP1   (Q3JN85), RF1_BURP6   (A3NE24), RF1_BURPS   (Q63QF0), 
RF1_BURTA   (Q2SUG2), RF1_BURVG   (A4JB50), RF1_CALBD   (B9MR68), 
RF1_CALS4   (Q8RD98), RF1_CALS8   (A4XJN1), RF1_CAMC1   (A7ZB10), 
RF1_CAMC5   (A7GW12), RF1_CAMFF   (A0RRK4), RF1_CAMHC   (A7I3Q0), 
RF1_CAMJ8   (A8FNS3), RF1_CAMJD   (A7H5W3), RF1_CAMJE   (Q9PM63), 
RF1_CAMJJ   (A1W1L4), RF1_CAMJR   (Q5HSH9), RF1_CAMLR   (B9KE98), 
RF1_CAUVC   (Q9A9V5), RF1_CELJU   (B3PJP4), RF1_CERS1   (A3PJZ6), 
RF1_CERS4   (Q3J2B6), RF1_CERS5   (A4WRK0), RF1_CERSK   (B9KST8), 
RF1_CHESB   (Q11E04), RF1_CHLAA   (A9WE79), RF1_CHLAB   (Q5L5L4), 
RF1_CHLAD   (B8G7K1), RF1_CHLCH   (Q3AUE2), RF1_CHLCV   (Q822M2), 
RF1_CHLFF   (Q255B5), RF1_CHLL2   (B3EE55), RF1_CHLL3   (Q3B6R6), 
RF1_CHLMU   (Q9PL16), RF1_CHLP8   (B3QRH7), RF1_CHLPD   (A1BJT9), 
RF1_CHLPM   (A4SCF1), RF1_CHLPN   (Q9Z968), RF1_CHLSY   (B9LJ02), 
RF1_CHLT2   (B0B9D0), RF1_CHLT3   (B3QYI4), RF1_CHLTA   (Q3KMZ9), 
RF1_CHLTB   (B0BB09), RF1_CHLTE   (Q8KG45), RF1_CHLTR   (O84026), 
RF1_CHRSD   (Q1QXC6), RF1_CHRVO   (Q7P1Y2), RF1_CITK8   (A8AG02), 
RF1_CLAM3   (A5CQ48), RF1_CLASE   (B0RAQ5), RF1_CLOAB   (Q97F68), 
RF1_CLOB1   (A7FQG2), RF1_CLOB6   (C3KYH5), RF1_CLOB8   (A6LQG2), 
RF1_CLOBA   (B2UZI5), RF1_CLOBB   (B2TJY5), RF1_CLOBH   (A5HY35), 
RF1_CLOBJ   (C1FQ97), RF1_CLOBK   (B1IE21), RF1_CLOBL   (A7G9P2), 
RF1_CLOBM   (B1KSR1), RF1_CLOD6   (Q180Y2), RF1_CLOK5   (A5N3J7), 
RF1_CLONN   (A0Q312), RF1_CLOP1   (Q0TNB0), RF1_CLOPE   (Q8XIB9), 
RF1_CLOPS   (Q0SQY1), RF1_CLOTE   (Q898Y5), RF1_COLP3   (Q47Y94), 
RF1_CORA7   (C3PFQ4), RF1_CORDI   (Q6NHU0), RF1_COREF   (Q8FQ31), 
RF1_CORGB   (A4QDG1), RF1_CORGL   (Q8NR57), RF1_CORJK   (Q4JUI9), 
RF1_CORK4   (C4LJM5), RF1_COXB1   (B6J625), RF1_COXB2   (B6J390), 
RF1_COXBN   (A9KGY3), RF1_COXBR   (A9N9K2), RF1_COXBU   (P47849), 
RF1_CROS8   (A7MKC1), RF1_CUPMC   (Q1LIF3), RF1_CUPPJ   (Q46WS9), 
RF1_CUPTR   (B3R722), RF1_CYAP4   (B8HXV0), RF1_DECAR   (Q479R5), 
RF1_DEIDV   (C1CWJ1), RF1_DEIGD   (Q1J0S3), RF1_DEIRA   (P56905), 
RF1_DELAS   (A9BP60), RF1_DESAL   (B8FEA2), RF1_DESDA   (B8J4R4), 
RF1_DESOH   (A8ZTL8), RF1_DESPS   (Q6AJM5), RF1_DICT6   (B5YDB2), 
RF1_DICTD   (B8E003), RF1_DINSH   (A8LLU7), RF1_ECO24   (A7ZKY5), 
RF1_ECO27   (B7UQ99), RF1_ECO45   (B7MKB3), RF1_ECO55   (B7LGX2), 
RF1_ECO57   (P0A7I2), RF1_ECO5E   (B5YXM9), RF1_ECO7I   (B7NUX7), 
RF1_ECO81   (B7MTZ5), RF1_ECO8A   (B7LXC6), RF1_ECOBW   (C4ZTQ2), 
RF1_ECODH   (B1XAQ2), RF1_ECOHS   (A7ZZE7), RF1_ECOK1   (A1AAD8), 
RF1_ECOL5   (Q0TIF9), RF1_ECOL6   (P0A7I1), RF1_ECOLC   (B1IU82), 
RF1_ECOLI   (P0A7I0), RF1_ECOLU   (B7N422), RF1_ECOSE   (B6I9S6), 
RF1_ECOSM   (B1LH89), RF1_ECOUT   (Q1RCM7), RF1_EDWI9   (C5B814), 
RF1_EHRCJ   (Q3YS23), RF1_EHRCR   (Q2GGM5), RF1_EHRRG   (Q5FGZ2), 
RF1_EHRRW   (Q5HB80), RF1_ENDTX   (B1GZI5), RF1_ENT38   (A4WBC6), 
RF1_ENTFA   (Q831F6), RF1_ERWT9   (B2VEH7), RF1_ERYLH   (Q2N5U6), 
RF1_ESCF3   (B7LSH9), RF1_FINM2   (B0S2B6), RF1_FRACC   (Q2J6M0), 
RF1_FRAP2   (B0TX37), RF1_FRASN   (A8L3V1), RF1_FRAT1   (Q14JR1), 
RF1_FRATF   (A7NE96), RF1_FRATH   (Q2A1Q0), RF1_FRATM   (B2SFF6), 
RF1_FRATN   (A0Q844), RF1_FRATO   (Q0BKE8), RF1_FRATT   (Q5NIA8), 
RF1_FRATW   (A4IWC1), RF1_FUSNN   (Q8R5W0), RF1_GEOKA   (Q5KUH3), 
RF1_GEOMG   (Q39YQ1), RF1_GEOSL   (Q748B1), RF1_GEOSW   (C5D9N4), 
RF1_GEOTN   (A4ITK8), RF1_GEOUR   (A5G8T7), RF1_GLAP5   (B8F526), 
RF1_GLOC7   (B7KI17), RF1_GLOVI   (Q7ND15), RF1_GLUDA   (A9HJ50), 
RF1_GLUOX   (Q5FUR9), RF1_GRABC   (Q0BUJ8), RF1_HAEDU   (Q7VMV9), 
RF1_HAEI8   (Q4QKS1), RF1_HAEIN   (P43917), RF1_HAHCH   (Q2SL95), 
RF1_HALH5   (Q9K6F4), RF1_HALHL   (A1WVQ8), RF1_HAMD5   (C4K7Y8), 
RF1_HELAH   (Q17VT1), RF1_HELHP   (Q7VFA0), RF1_HELP2   (B6JPI0), 
RF1_HELPG   (B5Z680), RF1_HELPH   (Q1CV77), RF1_HELPJ   (Q9ZMZ0), 
RF1_HELPS   (B2URQ8), RF1_HELPY   (P55998), RF1_HISS1   (Q0I3B5), 
RF1_HISS2   (B0UUE6), RF1_HYDCU   (Q31IN8), RF1_HYDS0   (B4U955), 
RF1_HYPNA   (Q0C4I8), RF1_IDILO   (Q5QUZ8), RF1_JANMA   (A6SUF6), 
RF1_JANSC   (Q28RD9), RF1_KINRD   (A6W7F6), RF1_KLEP3   (B5XW51), 
RF1_KLEP7   (A6TAN9), RF1_KOCRD   (B2GLX4), RF1_LACAC   (Q5FKZ0), 
RF1_LACCB   (B3WDK7), RF1_LACDA   (Q1GAX5), RF1_LACDB   (Q04BB3), 
RF1_LACE2   (C4Z1S4), RF1_LACGA   (Q042K5), RF1_LACH4   (A8YUJ1), 
RF1_LACJO   (Q74K25), RF1_LACLA   (Q9CHX3), RF1_LACLM   (A2RIR4), 
RF1_LACLS   (Q031E4), RF1_LACP3   (Q03A29), RF1_LACP7   (A9KHD4), 
RF1_LACPL   (Q88UT2), RF1_LARHH   (C1D5R7), RF1_LATSS   (Q38WJ4), 
RF1_LAWIP   (Q1MSG7), RF1_LEGPA   (Q5X2V3), RF1_LEGPC   (A5IED7), 
RF1_LEGPH   (Q5ZT29), RF1_LEGPL   (Q5WUB1), RF1_LEIXX   (Q6AG71), 
RF1_LEPBA   (B0SH84), RF1_LEPBJ   (Q04W81), RF1_LEPBL   (Q056R9), 
RF1_LEPBP   (B0SQV0), RF1_LEPCP   (B1XYX1), RF1_LEPIC   (Q72W38), 
RF1_LEPIN   (Q8F9S6), RF1_LEUCK   (B1MVN7), RF1_LEUMM   (Q03VA1), 
RF1_LEVBA   (Q03QX7), RF1_LIGS1   (Q1WUD6), RF1_LIMF3   (B2GAT1), 
RF1_LIMRJ   (B2G676), RF1_LISIN   (Q927V0), RF1_LISMC   (C1KYW0), 
RF1_LISMF   (Q71WN5), RF1_LISMH   (B8DBG6), RF1_LISMO   (Q8Y4A8), 
RF1_LISW6   (A0ALM8), RF1_LYSSC   (B1I069), RF1_MACCJ   (B9E8G1), 
RF1_MAGMM   (A0LDT7), RF1_MALP2   (Q8EWY5), RF1_MANSM   (Q65TB1), 
RF1_MARMM   (Q0ARZ8), RF1_MARMS   (A6W1C2), RF1_MARN8   (A1U367), 
RF1_MARSD   (C6BYQ4), RF1_MESFL   (Q6F0I3), RF1_MESH2   (Q601F9), 
RF1_MESH7   (Q4A8M6), RF1_MESHJ   (Q4AAJ5), RF1_META1   (B3PMD5), 
RF1_METC4   (B7L246), RF1_METCA   (Q60A21), RF1_METEP   (A9W1A4), 
RF1_METFK   (Q1GYE8), RF1_METNO   (B8IUB4), RF1_METPB   (B1Z914), 
RF1_METPP   (A2SD46), RF1_METRJ   (B1M766), RF1_METS4   (B0UAV4), 
RF1_METSB   (B8EI32), RF1_MICAN   (B0JYC5), RF1_MYCA1   (A0QCW7), 
RF1_MYCA9   (B1MLV1), RF1_MYCAP   (A5IZH6), RF1_MYCBO   (P66017), 
RF1_MYCBP   (A1KI87), RF1_MYCBT   (C1AMU3), RF1_MYCCT   (P71496), 
RF1_MYCGA   (Q7NBX3), RF1_MYCGE   (P47500), RF1_MYCGI   (A4T8L3), 
RF1_MYCLB   (B8ZR31), RF1_MYCLE   (P45833), RF1_MYCM1   (Q6KIA0), 
RF1_MYCMM   (B2HQL3), RF1_MYCMS   (Q6MU89), RF1_MYCPA   (Q73X48), 
RF1_MYCPN   (P75420), RF1_MYCPU   (Q98RA5), RF1_MYCS5   (Q4A6L9), 
RF1_MYCSJ   (A3Q3C2), RF1_MYCSK   (A1UJZ5), RF1_MYCSS   (Q1B542), 
RF1_MYCTA   (A5U1Z8), RF1_MYCTO   (P9WHG2), RF1_MYCTU   (P9WHG3), 
RF1_MYCUA   (A0PUL1), RF1_MYCVP   (A1TD66), RF1_MYXXA   (Q93NC7), 
RF1_MYXXD   (Q1D2Q9), RF1_NAUPA   (B9L5Z9), RF1_NEIG1   (Q5F750), 
RF1_NEIG2   (B4RN52), RF1_NEIM0   (A9M1Q8), RF1_NEIMA   (Q9JT75), 
RF1_NEIMB   (Q9JY93), RF1_NEIMF   (A1KV95), RF1_NEOSM   (Q2GE03), 
RF1_NITEC   (Q0AHU1), RF1_NITEU   (Q82TH4), RF1_NITHX   (Q1QQY7), 
RF1_NITMU   (Q2Y5P3), RF1_NITOC   (Q3JDR4), RF1_NITSB   (A6Q162), 
RF1_NITV2   (Q727E1), RF1_NITV4   (A1VAK8), RF1_NITV9   (B8DLL6), 
RF1_NITWN   (Q3SVP7), RF1_NOCFA   (Q5Z0Z2), RF1_NOCSJ   (A1SHH9), 
RF1_NOSP7   (B2ITM5), RF1_NOSS1   (Q8YPK9), RF1_NOVAD   (Q2GBN7), 
RF1_OCEIH   (Q8EM60), RF1_OLEA2   (Q30X18), RF1_ORITB   (A5CCS8), 
RF1_ORITI   (B3CQD1), RF1_PARC0   (A1TTC4), RF1_PARD8   (A6LDR9), 
RF1_PARDP   (A1B0G1), RF1_PARL1   (A7HTY3), RF1_PARM1   (Q2W6V3), 
RF1_PARMW   (Q7U4H2), RF1_PARP8   (B2JHK8), RF1_PARPJ   (B2SZ27), 
RF1_PARUW   (Q6MDH3), RF1_PARXL   (Q13TU2), RF1_PASMU   (P57852), 
RF1_PECAS   (Q6D551), RF1_PECCP   (C6DHY1), RF1_PELPB   (B4SAR5), 
RF1_PELPD   (A1ASD1), RF1_PELUB   (Q4FN99), RF1_PERMH   (C0QTI3), 
RF1_PHOLL   (Q7N586), RF1_PHOPR   (Q6LNB4), RF1_PICP2   (B1XJH8), 
RF1_POLAQ   (A4SV43), RF1_POLNA   (A1VKB6), RF1_POLNS   (B1XSY0), 
RF1_POLSJ   (Q12F86), RF1_PORGI   (Q7MXT5), RF1_PROA2   (B4S385), 
RF1_PROM0   (A3PF19), RF1_PROM1   (A2C4X1), RF1_PROM2   (A8G733), 
RF1_PROM4   (A9BCL8), RF1_PROM5   (A2BYQ7), RF1_PROM9   (Q318L3), 
RF1_PROMA   (Q7V9Z0), RF1_PROMH   (B4EVR7), RF1_PROMM   (Q7V518), 
RF1_PROMP   (Q7UZX1), RF1_PROMS   (A2BTA9), RF1_PROMT   (Q46IT8), 
RF1_PSE14   (Q48MV4), RF1_PSEA6   (Q15SQ9), RF1_PSEA7   (A6VC61), 
RF1_PSEA8   (B7V0L1), RF1_PSEAB   (Q02G09), RF1_PSEAE   (P42806), 
RF1_PSECP   (B8HB03), RF1_PSEE4   (Q1IEX1), RF1_PSEF5   (Q4K695), 
RF1_PSEFS   (C3KDC6), RF1_PSEMY   (A4XR61), RF1_PSEP1   (A5VYG5), 
RF1_PSEPF   (Q3K6W9), RF1_PSEPG   (B0KNE4), RF1_PSEPK   (Q88PW5), 
RF1_PSEPW   (B1JEP6), RF1_PSESM   (Q888C1), RF1_PSET1   (Q3IK95), 
RF1_PSEU2   (Q4ZXW7), RF1_PSYA2   (Q4FSV3), RF1_PSYCK   (Q1QAW3), 
RF1_PSYIN   (A1SV89), RF1_PSYWF   (A5WFG1), RF1_RALN1   (Q8XVD0), 
RF1_RALPJ   (B2UDM7), RF1_RENSM   (A9WNB3), RF1_RHIEC   (Q2K3T1), 
RF1_RHIJ3   (Q1MBB2), RF1_RHILO   (Q98G93), RF1_RHILW   (B5ZRR4), 
RF1_RHIME   (Q92MK5), RF1_RHIR8   (B9JB75), RF1_RHIWR   (A5V9C3), 
RF1_RHOJR   (Q0SGN8), RF1_RHOP2   (Q2J423), RF1_RHOP5   (Q07VB3), 
RF1_RHOPA   (Q6NC66), RF1_RHOPB   (Q21BZ9), RF1_RHOPS   (Q13F02), 
RF1_RHOPT   (B3QCF6), RF1_RHORT   (Q2RWE1), RF1_RICAE   (C3PNN0), 
RF1_RICAH   (A8GNQ4), RF1_RICB8   (A8GXI1), RF1_RICBR   (Q1RJT5), 
RF1_RICCK   (A8EYR1), RF1_RICCN   (Q92HK9), RF1_RICFE   (Q4ULG0), 
RF1_RICM5   (A8F1S1), RF1_RICPR   (Q9ZD21), RF1_RICPU   (C4K0C9), 
RF1_RICRO   (B0BXT9), RF1_RICRS   (A8GSC7), RF1_RICTY   (Q68WK7), 
RF1_RIPO1   (B7K205), RF1_ROSDO   (Q164F8), RF1_RUBXD   (Q1AVG5), 
RF1_RUEPO   (Q5LQM7), RF1_RUEST   (Q1GI42), RF1_RUMCH   (B8I562), 
RF1_RUTMC   (A1AX02), RF1_SACD2   (Q21FM3), RF1_SALA4   (B5F4H6), 
RF1_SALAR   (A9MPA1), RF1_SALCH   (Q57NN5), RF1_SALDC   (B5FU19), 
RF1_SALEP   (B5R3J9), RF1_SALG2   (B5R924), RF1_SALHS   (B4TKA4), 
RF1_SALNS   (B4SUG2), RF1_SALPB   (A9MW04), RF1_SALSV   (B4TXU2), 
RF1_SALTI   (P0A288), RF1_SALTY   (P0A287), RF1_SERP5   (A8GDA3), 
RF1_SHEAM   (A1S8R2), RF1_SHEB2   (B8E815), RF1_SHEB5   (A3D0G1), 
RF1_SHEB8   (A6WSF0), RF1_SHEB9   (A9L2D4), RF1_SHEDO   (Q12QR8), 
RF1_SHEFN   (Q087I4), RF1_SHEHH   (B0TR27), RF1_SHELP   (A3QH30), 
RF1_SHEON   (Q8EAR3), RF1_SHEPA   (A8H7A5), RF1_SHEPC   (A4Y3J8), 
RF1_SHEPW   (B8CQV2), RF1_SHESA   (A0KT88), RF1_SHESH   (A8FYZ0), 
RF1_SHESM   (Q0HFC8), RF1_SHESR   (Q0HYK8), RF1_SHESW   (A1RNE1), 
RF1_SHEWM   (B1KDU3), RF1_SHIB3   (B2TZV9), RF1_SHIBS   (Q31ZQ4), 
RF1_SHIDS   (Q32GZ6), RF1_SHIF8   (Q0T5I4), RF1_SHIFL   (P0A7I3), 
RF1_SHISS   (Q3Z0S9), RF1_SHOC1   (Q5WB55), RF1_SINMW   (A6UCF2), 
RF1_SODGM   (Q2NRS4), RF1_SOLM1   (C4XIQ1), RF1_SORC5   (A9G9L1), 
RF1_SPHAL   (Q1GPK3), RF1_STAA1   (A7X4W4), RF1_STAA2   (A6U3K3), 
RF1_STAA3   (Q2FF10), RF1_STAA8   (Q2FWE0), RF1_STAA9   (A5IUR3), 
RF1_STAAB   (Q2YUN5), RF1_STAAC   (Q5HE82), RF1_STAAE   (A6QIW2), 
RF1_STAAM   (P66018), RF1_STAAN   (P66019), RF1_STAAR   (Q6GEV7), 
RF1_STAAS   (Q6G7J2), RF1_STAAT   (A8YY83), RF1_STAAW   (P66020), 
RF1_STACT   (B9DMD1), RF1_STAEQ   (Q5HMA4), RF1_STAES   (Q8CNI7), 
RF1_STAHJ   (Q4L7Z9), RF1_STAS1   (Q49Z65), RF1_STRA1   (Q3K119), 
RF1_STRA3   (Q8E5C3), RF1_STRA5   (Q8DZM4), RF1_STRAG   (Q9AG29), 
RF1_STRAW   (Q82J70), RF1_STRCO   (Q9K4E4), RF1_STRE4   (C0MC15), 
RF1_STREM   (B4U317), RF1_STRGC   (P47850), RF1_STRGG   (B1W0B6), 
RF1_STRM5   (B4SKS8), RF1_STRMK   (B2FQ14), RF1_STRMU   (Q8DU64), 
RF1_STRP1   (Q99ZP5), RF1_STRP2   (Q04KR4), RF1_STRP3   (P0DD94), 
RF1_STRP4   (B5E4D9), RF1_STRP6   (Q5XC69), RF1_STRP7   (C1C6Z5), 
RF1_STRP8   (Q8P125), RF1_STRPB   (Q1JBR9), RF1_STRPC   (Q1JLQ2), 
RF1_STRPD   (Q1JGV2), RF1_STRPF   (Q1J6M1), RF1_STRPG   (A2REH9), 
RF1_STRPI   (B1IBH9), RF1_STRPJ   (B8ZPH1), RF1_STRPM   (Q48TL0), 
RF1_STRPN   (Q97R20), RF1_STRPQ   (P0DD95), RF1_STRPS   (B2IPH6), 
RF1_STRPZ   (B5XLI8), RF1_STRR6   (Q8DPZ4), RF1_STRS7   (C0MF07), 
RF1_STRSV   (A3CN05), RF1_STRT1   (Q5M0B7), RF1_STRT2   (Q5M4W4), 
RF1_STRTD   (Q03L79), RF1_STRU0   (B9DS45), RF1_STRZJ   (C1CE12), 
RF1_STRZP   (C1CK98), RF1_STRZT   (C1CRE0), RF1_STUS1   (A4VPB9), 
RF1_SULDN   (Q30NW2), RF1_SULNB   (A6Q6B4), RF1_SYMTH   (Q67TD5), 
RF1_SYNAS   (Q2LWU9), RF1_SYNC1   (Q3A129), RF1_SYNE7   (Q31L36), 
RF1_SYNFM   (A0LIZ8), RF1_SYNJA   (Q2JUK1), RF1_SYNJB   (Q2JL68), 
RF1_SYNP6   (Q5N0T6), RF1_SYNPW   (A5GIR6), RF1_SYNR3   (A5GVY9), 
RF1_SYNS3   (Q0ID34), RF1_SYNS9   (Q3AW64), RF1_SYNSC   (Q3AMQ9), 
RF1_SYNY3   (P74707), RF1_TERTT   (C5BSZ6), RF1_THEFY   (Q47M70), 
RF1_THEMA   (Q9X183), RF1_THEP3   (B0K7G6), RF1_THEPX   (B0K1F7), 
RF1_THET2   (Q72HB8), RF1_THET8   (P96077), RF1_THEVB   (Q8DMG9), 
RF1_THIDA   (Q3SG10), RF1_THISH   (B8GLA1), RF1_TOLAT   (C4LBL5), 
RF1_TREDE   (Q73JU6), RF1_TREPA   (O83090), RF1_TREPS   (B2S1Z9), 
RF1_TRIEI   (Q110D7), RF1_TRIL1   (B3E628), RF1_TRIV2   (Q3MF91), 
RF1_UREP2   (B1AHY9), RF1_UREPA   (Q9PRE0), RF1_UREU1   (B5ZAH6), 
RF1_VARPS   (C5CXW3), RF1_VEREI   (A1WI56), RF1_VESOH   (A5CW65), 
RF1_VIBA3   (B7VKH3), RF1_VIBC1   (A7MY68), RF1_VIBC3   (A5F696), 
RF1_VIBCH   (Q9KQ25), RF1_VIBCM   (C3LPI4), RF1_VIBPA   (Q87RN4), 
RF1_VIBVU   (Q8DFF9), RF1_VIBVY   (Q7MMY6), RF1_WIGBR   (Q8D2K9), 
RF1_WOLPM   (Q73IC2), RF1_WOLPP   (B3CL87), RF1_WOLSU   (Q7M9M4), 
RF1_WOLTR   (Q5GSS8), RF1_XANAC   (Q8PNU5), RF1_XANC8   (Q4URB6), 
RF1_XANCB   (B0RUA5), RF1_XANCP   (Q8PC68), RF1_XANE5   (Q3BX07), 
RF1_XANOM   (Q2NZW2), RF1_XANOP   (B2SQN5), RF1_XANOR   (Q5GWQ9), 
RF1_XANP2   (A7IIM2), RF1_XYLF2   (B2IA85), RF1_XYLFA   (Q9PA71), 
RF1_XYLFM   (B0U5Z3), RF1_XYLFT   (Q87A17), RF1_YERE8   (A1JRU0), 
RF1_YERP3   (A7FIG1), RF1_YERPA   (Q1C854), RF1_YERPB   (B2K2Z0), 
RF1_YERPE   (Q8ZEX8), RF1_YERPG   (A9QZ08), RF1_YERPN   (Q1CJK1), 
RF1_YERPP   (A4TJN7), RF1_YERPS   (Q66AX5), RF1_YERPY   (B1JM85), 
RF1_ZYMMO   (Q5NMC7), RF2_ACIC1   (A0LVP4), RF2_ACIET   (B9MBK7), 
RF2_ACIF2   (B7J4M2), RF2_ACISJ   (A1W9H4), RF2_AERHH   (A0KNK6), 
RF2_AERS4   (A4SJK1), RF2_ALIB4   (A8EWG5), RF2_ALIF1   (Q5E7P9), 
RF2_AQUAE   (O67695), RF2_AROAE   (Q5NZU2), RF2_ARTS2   (A0JYC5), 
RF2_BACSU   (P28367), RF2_BEUC1   (C5BYB6), RF2_BORA1   (Q2L224), 
RF2_BORBR   (Q7WK44), RF2_BORBU   (O51101), RF2_BORPA   (Q7W8T4), 
RF2_BORPE   (Q7VZ35), RF2_BUCAI   (P57511), RF2_BUCAP   (P59102), 
RF2_BUCBP   (Q89AC4), RF2_BURCJ   (B4EDB1), RF2_BURMA   (Q62J00), 
RF2_BURP0   (A3NX26), RF2_BURPS   (Q63SP0), RF2_CAMC1   (A7ZE19), 
RF2_CAMFF   (A0RQM7), RF2_CAMHC   (A7I0P7), RF2_CAMJ8   (A8FNC2), 
RF2_CAMJD   (A7H5G4), RF2_CAMJE   (Q9PMK5), RF2_CAMJJ   (A1W163), 
RF2_CAMJR   (Q5HSX6), RF2_CAMLR   (B9KEY7), RF2_CAUSK   (B0SXB7), 
RF2_CAUVC   (Q9A752), RF2_CAUVN   (B8GWM3), RF2_CHLAB   (Q5L6U9), 
RF2_CHLAD   (B8G607), RF2_CHLMU   (P58105), RF2_CHLPN   (P56906), 
RF2_CHLT2   (B0B832), RF2_CHLTA   (Q3KLN9), RF2_CHLTB   (B0BC97), 
RF2_CHLTR   (O84465), RF2_CLOP1   (Q0TNE1), RF2_CLOPS   (Q0SR12), 
RF2_COLP3   (Q47WT4), RF2_CORA7   (C3PES4), RF2_CORDI   (Q6NIM2), 
RF2_CORGB   (A4QCD3), RF2_CORGL   (Q8NS78), RF2_CUTAK   (Q6A808), 
RF2_CYTFI   (P96314), RF2_ECO27   (B7UHU0), RF2_ECO45   (B7MM78), 
RF2_ECO55   (B7LF76), RF2_ECO57   (P66024), RF2_ECO7I   (B7NW32), 
RF2_ECO81   (B7MZI9), RF2_ECO8A   (B7LYF5), RF2_ECOBW   (C5A0G3), 
RF2_ECODH   (B1XEH8), RF2_ECOHS   (A8A432), RF2_ECOL6   (P66023), 
RF2_ECOLC   (B1ITB1), RF2_ECOLI   (P07012), RF2_ECOLU   (B7N7D5), 
RF2_ECOSM   (B1LR73), RF2_ESCF3   (B7LPA4), RF2_EXIS2   (B1YLH0), 
RF2_EXISA   (C4L5K9), RF2_FRACC   (Q2JEW7), RF2_HAEDU   (Q7VNG1), 
RF2_HAEIN   (P43918), RF2_HELAH   (Q17YT5), RF2_HELHP   (Q7VIE6), 
RF2_HELP2   (B6JPR7), RF2_HELPG   (B5Z9U4), RF2_HELPH   (Q1CUY8), 
RF2_HELPJ   (Q9ZMR1), RF2_HELPS   (B2US00), RF2_HELPY   (P55999), 
RF2_HYPNA   (Q0C0Y0), RF2_JANMA   (A6SXF4), RF2_KINRD   (A6WEK6), 
RF2_KLEP3   (B5XUF3), RF2_KOSOT   (C5CGS4), RF2_LACLA   (Q9CGX1), 
RF2_LACLM   (A2RLF5), RF2_LACLS   (Q02ZM8), RF2_LACPL   (Q88YL5), 
RF2_LEPBJ   (Q04V47), RF2_LEPBL   (Q04YD0), RF2_LEPIC   (Q72V33), 
RF2_LEPIN   (Q8EZT4), RF2_LEUCK   (B1MW26), RF2_LEUMM   (Q03ZQ7), 
RF2_LISIN   (Q927Y4), RF2_LISMF   (Q71WR9), RF2_LISMO   (Q8Y4D8), 
RF2_MYCA1   (A0QJS1), RF2_MYCA9   (B1MEU8), RF2_MYCBO   (P66027), 
RF2_MYCGI   (A4TDE5), RF2_MYCLB   (B8ZUV0), RF2_MYCLE   (O32885), 
RF2_MYCMM   (B2HGJ2), RF2_MYCS2   (A0QU58), RF2_MYCSJ   (A3PWV0), 
RF2_MYCSK   (A1UDD2), RF2_MYCSS   (Q1BBL5), RF2_MYCTO   (P9WHG0), 
RF2_MYCTU   (P9WHG1), RF2_MYCUA   (A0PQZ6), RF2_MYCVP   (A1T6D1), 
RF2_NAUPA   (B9L5Y7), RF2_NEIG1   (Q5F5H5), RF2_NEIG2   (B4RQU4), 
RF2_NEIMA   (Q9JWV4), RF2_NEIMB   (Q9JXB3), RF2_NEIMF   (A1KWK6), 
RF2_NEOSM   (Q2GDG2), RF2_NITSB   (A6Q582), RF2_NOCFA   (Q5YR52), 
RF2_OENOB   (Q04GC3), RF2_PARM1   (Q2W3F8), RF2_PARMW   (Q7U3W6), 
RF2_PASMU   (Q9CP66), RF2_PECAS   (Q6D946), RF2_PECCP   (C6D8Z5), 
RF2_PETMO   (A9BHH8), RF2_PHEZH   (B4RCR3), RF2_PROMH   (B4F0M7), 
RF2_PSECP   (B8HBH8), RF2_PSELT   (A8F531), RF2_PSET1   (Q3ILD8), 
RF2_RALPJ   (B2U8V1), RF2_RENSM   (A9WPT6), RF2_RHOE4   (C0ZXD0), 
RF2_RHOJR   (Q0S2Q6), RF2_RHOOB   (C1B1L3), RF2_RICAE   (C3PMX2), 
RF2_RICBR   (Q1RIY5), RF2_RICCN   (Q92IQ2), RF2_RICFE   (Q4UKS1), 
RF2_RICPR   (Q9ZDQ2), RF2_RICTY   (Q68X96), RF2_RIPO1   (B7K0A6), 
RF2_ROSDO   (Q165J6), RF2_RUEST   (Q1GIB5), RF2_SACEN   (A4F8R2), 
RF2_SALAI   (A8M3R1), RF2_SALPA   (Q5PJG1), RF2_SALPK   (B5BFK6), 
RF2_SALTI   (P0A290), RF2_SALTO   (A4X3K6), RF2_SALTY   (P0A289), 
RF2_SHEB2   (B8E5Q1), RF2_SHEWM   (B1KFR6), RF2_SHIFL   (P66025), 
RF2_STAA2   (A6TZN3), RF2_STAAB   (Q2YSH5), RF2_STAAC   (Q5HHR5), 
RF2_STAAM   (Q99VM1), RF2_STAAN   (Q7A6R4), RF2_STAAR   (Q6GIN7), 
RF2_STAAS   (Q6GB76), RF2_STAEQ   (Q5HQX5), RF2_STAES   (Q8CPZ1), 
RF2_STAHJ   (Q4L4H9), RF2_STAS1   (Q49VV3), RF2_STRA1   (Q3K2F4), 
RF2_STRAW   (Q82D82), RF2_STRCO   (Q53915), RF2_STRGC   (A8AY61), 
RF2_STRGG   (B1VV08), RF2_STRM5   (B4SHV0), RF2_STRPG   (A2RFN2), 
RF2_STRPN   (Q2MGI2), RF2_STRU0   (B9DRN6), RF2_SULDN   (Q30TP0), 
RF2_SULNB   (A6Q718), RF2_SULSY   (B2V5M0), RF2_SYNY3   (P74476), 
RF2_THEAB   (B7IE81), RF2_THEM4   (A6LN93), RF2_THEMA   (Q9X1R5), 
RF2_THEP1   (A5IM04), RF2_THERP   (B9L0E3), RF2_THESQ   (B1LB88), 
RF2_THET8   (Q5SM01), RF2_TOLAT   (C4LCN9), RF2_TREPA   (O83585), 
RF2_VARPS   (C5CUX0), RF2_WOLSU   (Q7MAP4), RF2_XANE5   (Q3BUB7), 
RF2_YERE8   (A1JPL5), RF2_YERP3   (A7FF38), RF2_YERPE   (Q8ZHK4), 
RF2_YERPS   (Q666T2), RFH_ECOLI   (P28369)
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False negative sequences
48 sequences

ICT1_AILME  (D2HD32), ICT1_BOVIN  (Q3T116), ICT1_HUMAN  (Q14197), 
RF1_ACHLI   (A9NEP7), RF1_ACIC5   (C1F2J1), RF1_AMOA5   (B3ES89), 
RF1_BACP2   (A8FID1), RF1_BIFA0   (B8DTL4), RF1_BIFAA   (A1A0I9), 
RF1_BIFLD   (B3DR51), RF1_BIFLO   (Q8G3P5), RF1_BIFLS   (B7GP74), 
RF1_BREBN   (C0Z828), RF1_CARHZ   (Q3A928), RF1_CHRFK   (A0LYL5), 
RF1_CYTH3   (Q11NS4), RF1_DEHM1   (Q3Z776), RF1_DEHMB   (A5FQC5), 
RF1_DEHMC   (Q3ZYA9), RF1_DESAP   (B1I6L2), RF1_DESHD   (B8FZ76), 
RF1_DESHY   (Q24ML9), RF1_EXIS2   (B1YEH9), RF1_EXISA   (C4KYV2), 
RF1_FLAJ1   (A5FHI8), RF1_FLAPJ   (A6H0W3), RF1_HELMI   (B0TI71), 
RF1_KORVE   (Q1II28), RF1_MOOTA   (Q2RFW0), RF1_NATTJ   (B2A3J0), 
RF1_ONYPE   (Q6YRK0), RF1_PELTS   (A5CYC3), RF1_PHYAS   (B1V950), 
RF1_RHOBA   (Q7ULT3), RF1_SALPA   (Q5PCQ9), RF1_SALPK   (B5BI75), 
RF1_SALRD   (Q2S2U3), RF1_SOLUE   (Q01RX8), RF1_SYNWW   (Q0AUB8), 
RF1_THEYD   (B5YIQ7), RF2_ACHLI   (A9NF23), YL281_YEAST (Q05863)
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[Detailed view]
63 PDB

1GQE; 1MI6; 1ML5; 1RQ0; 1ZBT; 2B3T; 2FVO; 2IHR; 2RTX; 4V4R; 4V4S; 4V5E; 4V5J; 4V63; 4V67; 4V7P; 4V95; 5CZP; 5DFE; 5H5U; 5J30; 5J3C; 5J4D; 5MDV; 5MDW; 5MDY; 5O2R; 5U4I; 5U4J; 5U9F; 5U9G; 6B4V; 6BOH; 6BOK; 6C4H; 6C4I; 6C5L; 6DNC; 6GXN; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6ORL; 6OSK; 6OSQ; 6OST; 6OT3; 6OUO; 7JSS; 7JSW; 7JSZ; 7JT1; 7JT2; 7JT3; 7M5D; 7NQH; 7O1C; 7OJ0; 7SA4; 8AKN; 8OIN; 8OIP; 8OIQ
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