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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L34
Accession [info] PS00784
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-1992 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00626

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L34 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 691 in 691 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 691 in 691 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 45
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 93.89 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
691 sequences

RK34_CYAPA  (P48130), RK34_GUITH  (O78440), RK34_NEOYE  (Q1XDU7), 
RK34_OLILU  (P49164), RK34_PHATC  (A0T0G6), RK34_PORPU  (P51190), 
RK34_THAPS  (A0T0V9), RK34_TRICV  (P49566), RL34_ACHLI  (A9NE64), 
RL34_ACIAD  (Q6F6K7), RL34_ACIB3  (B7H343), RL34_ACIB5  (B7IBH8), 
RL34_ACIBS  (B0VQP8), RL34_ACIBT  (A3M8Z3), RL34_ACIBY  (B0V5R3), 
RL34_ACIC1  (A0LWX3), RL34_ACICJ  (A5G0F5), RL34_ACIET  (B9MJ02), 
RL34_ACIF2  (B7J3D6), RL34_ACIF5  (B5EJJ2), RL34_ACISJ  (A1WDB9), 
RL34_ACTP2  (A3N3N0), RL34_ACTP7  (B3H308), RL34_ACTPJ  (B0BTL8), 
RL34_ACTSZ  (A6VR64), RL34_AERHH  (A0KR00), RL34_AERS4  (A4STS8), 
RL34_AFIC5  (B6JJN6), RL34_AGARV  (C4ZFN0), RL34_AGRFC  (P68996), 
RL34_ALBFT  (Q21QM1), RL34_ALCBS  (Q0VKU5), RL34_ALIB4  (A8EV99), 
RL34_ALIF1  (Q5E8Z6), RL34_ALIFM  (B5FEU9), RL34_ALISL  (B6EP42), 
RL34_ALKEH  (Q0A4L3), RL34_ALKMQ  (A6TXF0), RL34_ALKOO  (A8MKS4), 
RL34_AMOA5  (C3L3W1), RL34_ANAD2  (B8JDK8), RL34_ANADE  (Q2IHR4), 
RL34_ANAMF  (B9KJ41), RL34_ANAMM  (Q5PA87), RL34_ANAPZ  (Q2GL30), 
RL34_ANASK  (B4UKG4), RL34_AROAE  (Q5P4P1), RL34_ARTS2  (A0K2M7), 
RL34_AYWBP  (Q2NJ02), RL34_AZOC5  (A8ILM7), RL34_AZOVD  (C1DNG0), 
RL34_BACAA  (C3P3F9), RL34_BACAC  (C3LGU5), RL34_BACAN  (Q81JG9), 
RL34_BACC0  (B7JIL5), RL34_BACC1  (Q72WT9), RL34_BACC2  (B7IST8), 
RL34_BACC3  (C1ER81), RL34_BACC4  (B7H7A6), RL34_BACC7  (B7HZH4), 
RL34_BACCN  (A7GVQ1), RL34_BACCQ  (B9IT46), RL34_BACCR  (Q814F2), 
RL34_BACCZ  (Q630B4), RL34_BACFN  (Q5LI34), RL34_BACFR  (Q64Z40), 
RL34_BACLD  (Q65CM7), RL34_BACMK  (A9VTM4), RL34_BACP2  (A8FJG4), 
RL34_BACSU  (P05647), RL34_BACTN  (Q8A1F6), RL34_BACVZ  (A7ZAW5), 
RL34_BARBK  (A1UTL8), RL34_BARHE  (Q6G2G8), RL34_BARQU  (Q6FZ18), 
RL34_BART1  (A9IXD6), RL34_BAUCH  (Q1LTW2), RL34_BEII9  (B2IDV3), 
RL34_BEUC1  (C5C6N9), RL34_BIFA0  (B8DV05), RL34_BIFLD  (B3DP23), 
RL34_BIFLO  (Q8G6J9), RL34_BLOFL  (Q7VQV0), RL34_BLOPB  (Q494B7), 
RL34_BORA1  (Q2KTI8), RL34_BORAP  (Q0SN69), RL34_BORBR  (Q7WDJ8), 
RL34_BORBU  (P29220), RL34_BORBZ  (B7J206), RL34_BORDL  (B5RLZ7), 
RL34_BORGP  (Q661I1), RL34_BORHD  (B2S0E3), RL34_BORPA  (Q7W2K4), 
RL34_BORPD  (A9IJC3), RL34_BORPE  (Q7VSD9), RL34_BORRA  (B5RRP3), 
RL34_BORT9  (A1QZM6), RL34_BRADU  (Q89BQ2), RL34_BRASO  (A4YLD2), 
RL34_BRUA2  (Q2YJR4), RL34_BRUA4  (A6WYM6), RL34_BRUAB  (Q576U2), 
RL34_BRUC2  (A9MCU7), RL34_BRUMB  (C0RMG1), RL34_BRUME  (P66242), 
RL34_BRUO2  (A5VVS7), RL34_BRUSI  (A9WW32), RL34_BRUSU  (P66243), 
RL34_BUCA5  (B8D8H8), RL34_BUCAI  (P57129), RL34_BUCAP  (P29437), 
RL34_BUCAT  (B8D6T2), RL34_BUCBP  (Q89B35), RL34_BUCCC  (Q058F8), 
RL34_BURA4  (B1YQK0), RL34_BURCH  (A0KBN6), RL34_BURCJ  (B4E7D2), 
RL34_BURCM  (Q0BAP9), RL34_BURL3  (Q39BP9), RL34_BURM1  (A9ACI3), 
RL34_BURM7  (A3MS23), RL34_BURM9  (A2S8D3), RL34_BURMA  (Q62EM1), 
RL34_BURMS  (A1V7D8), RL34_BURO0  (B1K0Y7), RL34_BURO1  (Q1BSF4), 
RL34_BURP0  (A3NPW8), RL34_BURP6  (A3N474), RL34_BURPS  (Q63YW4), 
RL34_BURTA  (Q2STL7), RL34_BURVG  (A4JJ49), RL34_CALBD  (B9MQF8), 
RL34_CALS8  (A4XN56), RL34_CAMC1  (A7ZCY6), RL34_CAMFF  (A0RNF8), 
RL34_CAMHC  (A7I140), RL34_CAMJ8  (A8FM15), RL34_CAMJD  (A7H367), 
RL34_CAMJE  (Q9PNX4), RL34_CAMJJ  (A1VZV2), RL34_CAMJR  (Q5HUJ8), 
RL34_CAMLR  (B9KFQ2), RL34_CARHZ  (Q3AG61), RL34_CELJU  (B3PIU4), 
RL34_CERS1  (A3PNA6), RL34_CERS4  (Q3IYZ1), RL34_CERS5  (A4WNL8), 
RL34_CERSK  (B9KNZ1), RL34_CHESB  (Q11LE7), RL34_CHLCH  (Q3ANZ4), 
RL34_CHLFF  (Q255T7), RL34_CHLL2  (B3EIN0), RL34_CHLL3  (Q3B107), 
RL34_CHLMU  (Q9PLD6), RL34_CHLPB  (B3EQQ7), RL34_CHLPD  (A1BK00), 
RL34_CHLPM  (A4SH23), RL34_CHLPN  (Q9Z6X1), RL34_CHLT2  (B0B911), 
RL34_CHLT3  (B3QYV9), RL34_CHLTA  (Q3KKQ7), RL34_CHLTB  (B0BAP0), 
RL34_CHLTE  (Q8KGG5), RL34_CHLTR  (O84790), RL34_CHRFK  (A0M0A2), 
RL34_CHRSD  (Q1QS96), RL34_CHRVO  (Q7NPQ5), RL34_CITBB  (B5EGY1), 
RL34_CLAM3  (A5CVC6), RL34_CLAMS  (B0RDQ4), RL34_CLOAB  (Q97CV7), 
RL34_CLOB1  (A7FPL6), RL34_CLOB6  (C3KWK0), RL34_CLOB8  (A6M3N0), 
RL34_CLOBA  (B2V1V4), RL34_CLOBB  (B2TRI4), RL34_CLOBH  (A5I821), 
RL34_CLOBJ  (C1FP36), RL34_CLOBK  (B1IHS4), RL34_CLOBL  (A7GJP4), 
RL34_CLOBM  (B1KUB7), RL34_CLONN  (A0PX72), RL34_CLOP1  (Q0TLY9), 
RL34_CLOPE  (Q8XH25), RL34_CLOPS  (Q0SPP8), RL34_COLP3  (Q47U32), 
RL34_CORA7  (C3PL14), RL34_CORDI  (Q6NE95), RL34_COREF  (Q8FSU7), 
RL34_CORGB  (A4QIE6), RL34_CORGL  (Q6M1C1), RL34_CORJK  (Q4JSC1), 
RL34_CORK4  (C4LGJ8), RL34_CORU7  (B1VJ38), RL34_COXB1  (B6J8U4), 
RL34_COXB2  (B6J2B1), RL34_COXBN  (A9KBT4), RL34_COXBR  (A9NBA2), 
RL34_COXBU  (P45647), RL34_CUPNH  (Q0K5B8), RL34_CUPPJ  (Q46VL3), 
RL34_CUPTR  (B3R886), RL34_CUTAK  (Q6A5A1), RL34_CYAP4  (B8HR51), 
RL34_CYTH3  (Q11YX6), RL34_DECAR  (Q477Q1), RL34_DEIDV  (C1CZV9), 
RL34_DEIGD  (Q1IY21), RL34_DEIRA  (Q9RSH2), RL34_DELAS  (A9C1M4), 
RL34_DESAH  (C0QIZ4), RL34_DESAL  (B8FMV0), RL34_DESAP  (B1I6S7), 
RL34_DESHD  (B8G0L7), RL34_DESHY  (Q24M93), RL34_DESOH  (A8ZRZ2), 
RL34_DESRM  (A4J9S5), RL34_DESVH  (Q72D55), RL34_DESVM  (B8DP14), 
RL34_DESVV  (A1VES0), RL34_DICNV  (A5EY32), RL34_DICT6  (B5YBN9), 
RL34_DICTD  (B8DYS2), RL34_DINSH  (A8LMA5), RL34_ECO24  (A7ZTQ9), 
RL34_ECO27  (B7UMH0), RL34_ECO45  (B7MGC4), RL34_ECO55  (B7L847), 
RL34_ECO57  (P0A7P7), RL34_ECO5E  (B5YXA7), RL34_ECO7I  (B7NR05), 
RL34_ECO81  (B7N2E8), RL34_ECO8A  (B7M555), RL34_ECOBW  (C4ZYY0), 
RL34_ECODH  (B1X9T1), RL34_ECOHS  (A8A6G4), RL34_ECOL6  (P0A7P6), 
RL34_ECOLC  (B1IX36), RL34_ECOLI  (P0A7P5), RL34_ECOLU  (B7NF20), 
RL34_ECOSE  (B6I3T6), RL34_ECOSM  (B1LL30), RL34_ECOUT  (Q1R4N3), 
RL34_EDWI9  (C5BF63), RL34_EHRCJ  (Q3YRN8), RL34_EHRCR  (Q2GH25), 
RL34_ENDTX  (B1GZ47), RL34_ENT38  (A4WGH5), RL34_ENTFA  (Q82YU9), 
RL34_ERWT9  (B2VCE4), RL34_ESCF3  (B7LK45), RL34_FERNB  (A7HLV7), 
RL34_FRACC  (Q2J498), RL34_FRAP2  (B0TW70), RL34_FRASN  (A8L8W3), 
RL34_FRAT1  (Q14JK5), RL34_FRATF  (A7N9L5), RL34_FRATH  (Q2A5N1), 
RL34_FRATM  (B2SE57), RL34_FRATN  (A0Q422), RL34_FRATO  (Q0BNY4), 
RL34_FRATT  (Q5NI53), RL34_FRATW  (A4J014), RL34_FUSNN  (P68997), 
RL34_GEOKA  (Q5KU53), RL34_GEOMG  (Q39PQ5), RL34_GEOSE  (P23376), 
RL34_GEOSM  (C6DYS4), RL34_GEOSW  (C5D9Z2), RL34_GEOTN  (A4ITX5), 
RL34_GEOUR  (A5G9V7), RL34_GLAP5  (B8F7T1), RL34_GLOVI  (Q7NKK3), 
RL34_GLUOX  (Q5FPY2), RL34_GRABC  (Q0BU81), RL34_HAEDU  (Q7VN33), 
RL34_HAEI8  (Q4QLR3), RL34_HAEIE  (A5UD74), RL34_HAEIG  (A5UID2), 
RL34_HAEIN  (P66244), RL34_HALH5  (Q9RCA3), RL34_HALHL  (A1WWE1), 
RL34_HAMD5  (C4K7P8), RL34_HELHP  (Q7VJX6), RL34_HELMI  (B0TAK6), 
RL34_HELPH  (Q1CRI2), RL34_HELPJ  (P66247), RL34_HELPS  (B2UVJ2), 
RL34_HELPY  (P66246), RL34_HERAR  (A4GAN6), RL34_HISS1  (Q0I0Y8), 
RL34_HISS2  (B0URU6), RL34_HYDCU  (Q31DI6), RL34_HYPNA  (Q0C551), 
RL34_IDILO  (Q5QZK0), RL34_JANMA  (A6T4E0), RL34_KINRD  (A6WGN3), 
RL34_KLEP3  (B5XZP7), RL34_KLEP7  (A6TG05), RL34_KOCRD  (B2GJF6), 
RL34_KOSOT  (C5CD39), RL34_LACAC  (Q5FHQ2), RL34_LACCB  (B3WBV7), 
RL34_LACDA  (Q1G7Z1), RL34_LACDB  (Q047F6), RL34_LACE2  (C4Z5E3), 
RL34_LACH4  (A8YTR0), RL34_LACLA  (Q9CJ70), RL34_LACLM  (A2RHL6), 
RL34_LACLS  (Q032W9), RL34_LACP3  (Q033K5), RL34_LACP7  (A9KLY4), 
RL34_LARHH  (C1D6I1), RL34_LATSS  (Q38UE3), RL34_LEGPA  (Q5X0L9), 
RL34_LEGPC  (A5IIK6), RL34_LEGPH  (Q5ZR78), RL34_LEGPL  (Q5WSE6), 
RL34_LEIXX  (Q6ABV3), RL34_LEPBJ  (Q04W32), RL34_LEPBL  (Q04XE0), 
RL34_LEPCP  (B1Y0G0), RL34_LEPIC  (Q72VZ0), RL34_LEPIN  (Q8F9L6), 
RL34_LEUCK  (B1MWS4), RL34_LEUMM  (Q03UI8), RL34_LEVBA  (Q03N60), 
RL34_LIGS1  (Q1WRF8), RL34_LIMF3  (B2GEU7), RL34_LIMRD  (A5VMV2), 
RL34_LIMRJ  (B2GA54), RL34_LISIN  (P66249), RL34_LISMF  (Q71VQ6), 
RL34_LISMH  (B8DAR1), RL34_LISMO  (P66248), RL34_LISW6  (A0AMG5), 
RL34_LYSSC  (B1HPM8), RL34_MAGMM  (A0LE52), RL34_MAGSA  (Q2VZ18), 
RL34_MALP2  (Q8EU89), RL34_MANSM  (Q65VB9), RL34_MARMS  (A6W3V3), 
RL34_MARN8  (A1U7J7), RL34_MESFL  (Q6F0D4), RL34_MESH2  (Q5ZZK9), 
RL34_MESH7  (Q4A749), RL34_MESHJ  (Q4A912), RL34_MESM1  (Q6KH13), 
RL34_META1  (B3PNJ7), RL34_METC4  (B7L2I7), RL34_METCA  (Q602M9), 
RL34_METEP  (A9W592), RL34_METFK  (Q1GXL3), RL34_METNO  (B8IMM7), 
RL34_METPB  (B1Z8E9), RL34_METPP  (A2SMJ2), RL34_METRJ  (B1LUP6), 
RL34_METS4  (B0UHH9), RL34_METSB  (B8EPG3), RL34_MICLC  (C5C7X3), 
RL34_MICLU  (P21153), RL34_MYCA1  (A0QND5), RL34_MYCA9  (B1MN97), 
RL34_MYCAV  (Q9ZB91), RL34_MYCBO  (P0A5W5), RL34_MYCBT  (C1AJ64), 
RL34_MYCCT  (P33249), RL34_MYCGA  (Q7NC71), RL34_MYCGE  (P47704), 
RL34_MYCGI  (A4T4T9), RL34_MYCLB  (B8ZTN7), RL34_MYCLE  (P46386), 
RL34_MYCMM  (B2HNT9), RL34_MYCMS  (Q6MRS2), RL34_MYCPA  (Q9L7L8), 
RL34_MYCPN  (P78006), RL34_MYCPU  (Q98R56), RL34_MYCS2  (A0R7K0), 
RL34_MYCSJ  (A3Q8S5), RL34_MYCSK  (A1U8R9), RL34_MYCSM  (P0C562), 
RL34_MYCSS  (Q1B0S1), RL34_MYCTA  (A5U9Q2), RL34_MYCTO  (P9WH92), 
RL34_MYCTU  (P9WH93), RL34_MYCUA  (A0PX71), RL34_MYCVP  (A1TI30), 
RL34_MYXXD  (Q1CVF8), RL34_NATTJ  (B2A475), RL34_NAUPA  (B9L9D4), 
RL34_NEIG1  (Q5F4W2), RL34_NEIG2  (B4RJJ6), RL34_NEIMA  (P66250), 
RL34_NEIMB  (P66251), RL34_NEIMF  (A1KS01), RL34_NEOSM  (Q2GCS3), 
RL34_NITEC  (Q0AE59), RL34_NITEU  (Q82X98), RL34_NITHX  (Q1QH66), 
RL34_NITMU  (Q2Y5A5), RL34_NITOC  (Q3J6L6), RL34_NITSB  (A6Q3D1), 
RL34_NOCFA  (Q5YMR6), RL34_NOCSJ  (A1SQW0), RL34_NOSP7  (B2J0Q6), 
RL34_NOSS1  (Q8YRN2), RL34_NOVAD  (Q2GAV1), RL34_OCEIH  (Q8EKT9), 
RL34_ONYPE  (Q6YQX6), RL34_ORITB  (A5CCC8), RL34_ORITI  (B3CTZ4), 
RL34_PAEAT  (A1RCB2), RL34_PARC0  (A1TWI9), RL34_PARL1  (A7HPU1), 
RL34_PARMW  (Q7U525), RL34_PARP8  (B2JJS1), RL34_PARPJ  (B2T7U4), 
RL34_PARUW  (Q6MAS1), RL34_PARXL  (Q13SH1), RL34_PASMU  (P66245), 
RL34_PECAS  (Q6CYR2), RL34_PECCP  (C6DKA0), RL34_PEDPA  (Q03D56), 
RL34_PELPB  (B4SHH3), RL34_PELPD  (A1AV47), RL34_PETMO  (A9BJC3), 
RL34_PHEZH  (B4RDV7), RL34_PHOLL  (Q7MXZ2), RL34_PHOV8  (A6KXS6), 
RL34_PHYAS  (B1VAN8), RL34_PHYMT  (B3QZF8), RL34_POLAQ  (A4T0N5), 
RL34_POLNA  (A1VUS8), RL34_POLNS  (B1XSP0), RL34_POLSJ  (Q121K8), 
RL34_PORG3  (B2RIL8), RL34_PORGI  (Q7MWG1), RL34_PROA2  (B4S6X4), 
RL34_PROM0  (A3PE32), RL34_PROM1  (A2C404), RL34_PROM2  (A8G5Y1), 
RL34_PROM3  (A2C7A4), RL34_PROM4  (A9BBI9), RL34_PROM5  (A2BXQ1), 
RL34_PROM9  (Q319V2), RL34_PROMA  (Q7VB02), RL34_PROMH  (B4F0U4), 
RL34_PROMI  (P22836), RL34_PROMM  (Q7V613), RL34_PROMP  (Q7V0S1), 
RL34_PROMS  (A2BS99), RL34_PROMT  (Q46JN5), RL34_PSE14  (Q48BE9), 
RL34_PSEA6  (Q15MS4), RL34_PSEA7  (A6VF47), RL34_PSEAE  (P29436), 
RL34_PSEE4  (Q1I2H1), RL34_PSEF5  (Q4K394), RL34_PSEFS  (C3K1G4), 
RL34_PSELT  (A8F5C4), RL34_PSEMY  (A4Y1A3), RL34_PSEPG  (B0KEU8), 
RL34_PSEPK  (P0A161), RL34_PSEPU  (P0A162), RL34_PSESM  (Q87TR8), 
RL34_PSET1  (Q3IK51), RL34_PSEU2  (Q4ZL08), RL34_PSYA2  (Q4FPR4), 
RL34_PSYCK  (Q1QEW7), RL34_PSYIN  (A1T0M6), RL34_PSYWF  (A5WBC0), 
RL34_RALN1  (Q8Y3H9), RL34_RALPJ  (B2U823), RL34_RHIE6  (B3Q042), 
RL34_RHIEC  (Q2KD25), RL34_RHILO  (Q98D90), RL34_RHILW  (B5ZN44), 
RL34_RHIME  (Q92SF3), RL34_RHIWR  (A5VCE4), RL34_RHOCS  (B6IPG6), 
RL34_RHOE4  (C0ZVP8), RL34_RHOJR  (Q0SAG8), RL34_RHOOB  (C1B7S6), 
RL34_RHOP2  (Q2J2B4), RL34_RHOP5  (Q07TY4), RL34_RHOPA  (Q6NC39), 
RL34_RHOPB  (Q21B46), RL34_RHOPT  (B3QCI4), RL34_RHORT  (Q2RP15), 
RL34_RICAE  (C3PP51), RL34_RICAH  (A8GP90), RL34_RICB8  (A8GVL1), 
RL34_RICBR  (Q1RI67), RL34_RICCK  (A8EY60), RL34_RICCN  (Q92H36), 
RL34_RICFE  (Q4UMK9), RL34_RICPR  (Q9ZCU9), RL34_RICPU  (C4K1K9), 
RL34_RICRO  (B0BUJ1), RL34_RICRS  (A8GSZ9), RL34_RICTY  (Q68WC9), 
RL34_ROSDO  (Q16A96), RL34_RUBXD  (Q1AR58), RL34_RUEPO  (Q5LW05), 
RL34_RUEST  (Q1GJX0), RL34_SACD2  (Q21DF7), RL34_SACEN  (A4FR78), 
RL34_SALA4  (B5EYX3), RL34_SALAI  (A8LYF8), RL34_SALAR  (A9MJT9), 
RL34_SALCH  (Q57HZ9), RL34_SALDC  (B5FN11), RL34_SALEP  (B5QUQ1), 
RL34_SALG2  (B5RFY6), RL34_SALHS  (B4TAV0), RL34_SALNS  (B4SYA9), 
RL34_SALPA  (Q5PKU5), RL34_SALPB  (A9MX79), RL34_SALPC  (C0Q2L0), 
RL34_SALPK  (B5BIL5), RL34_SALSV  (B4TN08), RL34_SALTI  (P0A7P9), 
RL34_SALTO  (A4XDK5), RL34_SALTY  (P0A7P8), RL34_SERP5  (A8G7Q1), 
RL34_SHEAM  (A1S1G8), RL34_SHEB2  (B8EDW8), RL34_SHEB5  (A3DAT1), 
RL34_SHEB8  (A6WUK7), RL34_SHEB9  (A9KX23), RL34_SHEDO  (Q12HM5), 
RL34_SHEFN  (Q07VS3), RL34_SHEHH  (B0TQH4), RL34_SHELP  (A3QJT4), 
RL34_SHEON  (Q8EKT3), RL34_SHEPA  (A8HAI3), RL34_SHEPC  (A4YCM5), 
RL34_SHEPW  (B8CH70), RL34_SHESH  (A8FP45), RL34_SHESM  (Q0HD61), 
RL34_SHESR  (Q0HPE3), RL34_SHESW  (A1RQF2), RL34_SHEWM  (B1KQ68), 
RL34_SHIB3  (B2TUS5), RL34_SHIBS  (Q31UV6), RL34_SHIDS  (Q329B5), 
RL34_SHIF8  (Q0SYP3), RL34_SHIFL  (P0A7Q0), RL34_SHISS  (Q3YWB1), 
RL34_SHOC1  (Q5WAF9), RL34_SINFN  (C3MF51), RL34_SINMW  (A6U5L1), 
RL34_SODGM  (Q2NQ68), RL34_SORC5  (A9G6E5), RL34_STAA1  (A7X7B0), 
RL34_STAA2  (A6U597), RL34_STAA3  (Q2FDE6), RL34_STAA8  (Q2FUQ0), 
RL34_STAAB  (Q2YZB6), RL34_STAAC  (Q5HCI1), RL34_STAAE  (A6QKK4), 
RL34_STAAM  (P66252), RL34_STAAN  (P66253), RL34_STAAR  (Q6GD90), 
RL34_STAAS  (Q6G5W2), RL34_STAAT  (A8YYS3), RL34_STAAW  (P66254), 
RL34_STACT  (B9DI93), RL34_STAEQ  (Q5HS38), RL34_STAES  (P66255), 
RL34_STAHJ  (Q4L2Z0), RL34_STAS1  (Q49UI2), RL34_STRA1  (Q3JZ91), 
RL34_STRA3  (Q8E3C5), RL34_STRA5  (Q8DXQ6), RL34_STRAW  (Q82FD9), 
RL34_STRBI  (P25820), RL34_STRCO  (P27901), RL34_STRE4  (C0M852), 
RL34_STREM  (B4U0T5), RL34_STRGC  (A8AUP4), RL34_STRGG  (B1VPE9), 
RL34_STRM5  (B4SPG2), RL34_STRMK  (B2FPA7), RL34_STRMU  (Q8DVX0), 
RL34_STRP1  (P66258), RL34_STRP2  (Q04IH6), RL34_STRP3  (P0DE46), 
RL34_STRP4  (B5E2I5), RL34_STRP6  (Q5XDY6), RL34_STRP7  (C1CA38), 
RL34_STRP8  (P66260), RL34_STRPB  (Q1JDM8), RL34_STRPC  (Q1JNJ9), 
RL34_STRPD  (Q1JIP8), RL34_STRPF  (Q1J8K6), RL34_STRPG  (A2RCG1), 
RL34_STRPI  (B1I8U6), RL34_STRPJ  (B8ZNZ8), RL34_STRPM  (Q48VD7), 
RL34_STRPN  (P66256), RL34_STRPQ  (P0DE47), RL34_STRPS  (B2IMG7), 
RL34_STRPZ  (B5XJP0), RL34_STRR6  (P66257), RL34_STRS2  (A4W483), 
RL34_STRS7  (C0MF49), RL34_STRSV  (A3CQP8), RL34_STRT1  (Q5LY03), 
RL34_STRT2  (Q5M2K7), RL34_STRTD  (Q03IQ3), RL34_STRU0  (B9DVU9), 
RL34_STRZJ  (C1CGS4), RL34_STRZP  (C1CMU0), RL34_STRZT  (C1CTP8), 
RL34_STUS1  (A4VS85), RL34_SULDN  (Q30T80), RL34_SULNB  (A6QAL4), 
RL34_SYMTH  (Q67J28), RL34_SYNC1  (Q39ZS6), RL34_SYNE7  (Q31MS5), 
RL34_SYNP6  (Q5N606), RL34_SYNPW  (A5GN09), RL34_SYNR3  (A5GRN4), 
RL34_SYNS3  (Q0I8C2), RL34_SYNS9  (Q3AV42), RL34_SYNSC  (Q3AM28), 
RL34_SYNWW  (Q0ATU1), RL34_THEAB  (B7IE38), RL34_THEAQ  (Q7X5L5), 
RL34_THEBO  (Q7X5L7), RL34_THEFI  (Q7X5L3), RL34_THEFY  (Q47K72), 
RL34_THEM4  (A6LNH1), RL34_THEMA  (P58288), RL34_THEOS  (Q7X5L1), 
RL34_THEP1  (A5IMC1), RL34_THESC  (Q7X5K9), RL34_THESQ  (B1LBK2), 
RL34_THET8  (P80340), RL34_THEVB  (Q8DL94), RL34_THIDA  (Q3SER0), 
RL34_THISH  (B8GRD4), RL34_TOLAT  (C4LEB8), RL34_TREPA  (O83917), 
RL34_TREPS  (B2S4I8), RL34_TRIL1  (B3E3S3), RL34_TRIV2  (Q3M7J7), 
RL34_TROWT  (Q83FD9), RL34_UREP2  (B1AJP5), RL34_UREPA  (Q9PPN5), 
RL34_UREU1  (B5ZCB9), RL34_VARPS  (C5CSC4), RL34_VEREI  (A1WSU4), 
RL34_VIBA3  (B7VGI0), RL34_VIBC1  (A7N1E5), RL34_VIBC3  (A5F482), 
RL34_VIBCH  (Q9KVY1), RL34_VIBCM  (C3LP80), RL34_VIBPA  (Q87TR3), 
RL34_VIBVU  (Q8DDI4), RL34_VIBVY  (Q7MQK3), RL34_WIGBR  (Q8D3I7), 
RL34_WOLPM  (Q73IG5), RL34_WOLPP  (B3CN15), RL34_WOLTR  (Q5GRU5), 
RL34_WOLWR  (C0R5I4), RL34_XANAC  (P66261), RL34_XANC5  (Q3BLZ5), 
RL34_XANC8  (Q4UNK6), RL34_XANCB  (B0RMM8), RL34_XANCP  (P66262), 
RL34_XANOM  (Q2NX50), RL34_XANOP  (B2SUW2), RL34_XANOR  (Q05HP6), 
RL34_XANP2  (A7IGM5), RL34_XYLF2  (B2IAR9), RL34_XYLFA  (P66263), 
RL34_XYLFM  (B0U6I3), RL34_XYLFT  (P66264), RL34_YERE8  (A1JT83), 
RL34_YERP3  (A7FPB8), RL34_YERPA  (Q1C0B7), RL34_YERPB  (B2K872), 
RL34_YERPE  (Q8Z9U5), RL34_YERPG  (A9R5R6), RL34_YERPN  (Q1CCJ7), 
RL34_YERPP  (A4TSL4), RL34_YERPS  (Q663T0), RL34_YERPY  (B1JRQ5), 
RM34_DICDI  (P0C7W4)
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False negative sequences
45 sequences

RK34_ARATH  (Q9LP37), RK34_CYACA  (O19912), RK34_EMIHU  (Q4G392), 
RK34_GRATL  (Q6B951), RK34_SPIOL  (P82244), RL34_ACET2  (A3DHZ3), 
RL34_AQUAE  (O66563), RL34_AZOPC  (B6YQA4), RL34_BREBN  (C0ZA72), 
RL34_CALS4  (Q8R6K3), RL34_CAUSK  (B0T874), RL34_CAUVC  (P58129), 
RL34_CAUVN  (B8H1F0), RL34_CLOK1  (B9DXS6), RL34_CLOK5  (A5N456), 
RL34_CROS5  (B1WWJ3), RL34_EHRRG  (Q5FFS7), RL34_EHRRW  (Q5HAV1), 
RL34_ELUMP  (B2KE70), RL34_EXIS2  (B1YGB1), RL34_EXISA  (C4KZZ4), 
RL34_GLOC7  (B7KHE4), RL34_MICAN  (B0JN63), RL34_OENOB  (Q04CX6), 
RL34_OPITP  (B1ZSR5), RL34_PICP2  (B1XJD1), RL34_PSEAO  (O86448), 
RL34_RUMCH  (B8I2B5), RL34_SOLM1  (C4XNJ4), RL34_SULSY  (B2V9H1), 
RL34_SYNFM  (A0LLH0), RL34_SYNJA  (Q223N7), RL34_SYNJB  (Q2JHS2), 
RL34_SYNY3  (Q55004), RL34_THEP3  (B0K8I4), RL34_THEPX  (B0K5N9), 
RL34_TREDE  (Q73JL8), RL34_TRIEI  (Q10VQ4), RM34_BOVIN  (A8NN94), 
RM34_DROME  (Q0E959), RM34_HUMAN  (Q9BQ48), RM34_MACFA  (Q4R319), 
RM34_MOUSE  (Q99N91), RM34_SCHPO  (Q9P7L9), RM34_YEAST  (Q04598)
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[Detailed view]
819 PDB

1NKW; 1NWX; 1NWY; 1SM1; 1VVJ; 1VY4; 1VY5; 1VY6; 1VY7; 1XBP; 2J28; 2RDO; 2ZJP; 2ZJQ; 2ZJR; 3BBX; 3CF5; 3DLL; 3J3V; 3J3W; 3J5L; 3J7Z; 3J8G; 3J9W; 3J9Y; 3J9Z; 3JA1; 3JBU; 3JBV; 3JCD; 3JCE; 3JCJ; 3JCN; 3PIO; 3PIP; 4CSU; 4IO9; 4IOA; 4IOC; 4L47; 4L71; 4LEL; 4LFZ; 4LNT; 4LSK; 4LT8; 4P6F; 4P70; 4TUA; 4TUB; 4TUC; 4TUD; 4TUE; 4U1U; 4U1V; 4U20; 4U24; 4U25; 4U26; 4U27; 4U67; 4UY8; 4V49; 4V4A; 4V4G; 4V4H; 4V4I; 4V4J; 4V4P; 4V4Q; 4V4R; 4V4S; 4V4T; 4V4X; 4V4Y; 4V4Z; 4V50; 4V51; 4V52; 4V53; 4V54; 4V55; 4V56; 4V57; 4V5A; 4V5B; 4V5C; 4V5D; 4V5E; 4V5F; 4V5G; 4V5H; 4V5J; 4V5K; 4V5L; 4V5M; 4V5N; 4V5P; 4V5Q; 4V5R; 4V5S; 4V5Y; 4V63; 4V64; 4V65; 4V66; 4V67; 4V68; 4V69; 4V6A; 4V6C; 4V6D; 4V6E; 4V6F; 4V6G; 4V6K; 4V6L; 4V6M; 4V6N; 4V6O; 4V6P; 4V6Q; 4V6R; 4V6S; 4V6T; 4V6V; 4V6Y; 4V6Z; 4V70; 4V71; 4V72; 4V73; 4V74; 4V75; 4V76; 4V77; 4V78; 4V79; 4V7A; 4V7B; 4V7C; 4V7D; 4V7I; 4V7J; 4V7K; 4V7L; 4V7M; 4V7P; 4V7S; 4V7T; 4V7U; 4V7V; 4V7W; 4V7X; 4V7Y; 4V7Z; 4V83; 4V84; 4V85; 4V87; 4V89; 4V8A; 4V8B; 4V8C; 4V8D; 4V8E; 4V8F; 4V8G; 4V8H; 4V8I; 4V8J; 4V8N; 4V8O; 4V8Q; 4V8U; 4V8X; 4V90; 4V95; 4V97; 4V9A; 4V9B; 4V9C; 4V9D; 4V9H; 4V9I; 4V9J; 4V9K; 4V9L; 4V9M; 4V9N; 4V9O; 4V9P; 4V9Q; 4V9R; 4V9S; 4W29; 4W2E; 4W2F; 4W2G; 4W2H; 4W2I; 4W4G; 4WCE; 4WF1; 4WF9; 4WFA; 4WFB; 4WFN; 4WOI; 4WPO; 4WQ1; 4WQF; 4WQR; 4WQU; 4WQY; 4WR6; 4WRA; 4WRO; 4WSD; 4WSM; 4WT1; 4WT8; 4WU1; 4WWW; 4WZD; 4WZO; 4XEJ; 4Y4O; 4Y4P; 4YBB; 4YPB; 4YZV; 4Z3S; 4Z8C; 4ZER; 4ZSN; 5A9Z; 5AA0; 5ADY; 5AFI; 5AKA; 5CZP; 5D8B; 5DFE; 5DM6; 5DM7; 5DOX; 5DOY; 5E7K; 5E81; 5EL4; 5EL5; 5EL6; 5EL7; 5F8K; 5FDU; 5FDV; 5GAD; 5GAE; 5GAF; 5GAG; 5GAH; 5H5U; 5HAU; 5HCP; 5HCQ; 5HCR; 5HD1; 5HKV; 5HL7; 5IB7; 5IB8; 5IBB; 5IMQ; 5IMR; 5IQR; 5IT8; 5J30; 5J3C; 5J4B; 5J4C; 5J4D; 5J5B; 5J7L; 5J88; 5J8A; 5J8B; 5J91; 5JC9; 5JTE; 5JU8; 5JVG; 5JVH; 5KCR; 5KCS; 5KPS; 5KPV; 5KPW; 5KPX; 5L3P; 5LI0; 5LZA; 5LZB; 5LZC; 5LZD; 5LZE; 5LZF; 5MDV; 5MDW; 5MDY; 5MDZ; 5MGP; 5MYJ; 5NCO; 5ND8; 5ND9; 5NDJ; 5NDK; 5NGM; 5NJT; 5NP6; 5NRG; 5NWY; 5O2R; 5O60; 5O61; 5OT7; 5T7V; 5TCU; 5U4I; 5U9F; 5U9G; 5UQ7; 5UQ8; 5UYK; 5UYL; 5UYM; 5UYN; 5UYP; 5UYQ; 5V7Q; 5V8I; 5V93; 5VP2; 5VPO; 5VPP; 5W4K; 5WDT; 5WE4; 5WE6; 5WF0; 5WFK; 5WFS; 5WIS; 5WIT; 5XYM; 5ZEB; 5ZEP; 5ZET; 5ZLU; 6B4V; 6BOH; 6BU8; 6BUW; 6BY1; 6BZ6; 6BZ7; 6BZ8; 6C4I; 6C5L; 6CAE; 6CFJ; 6CFK; 6CFL; 6CZR; 6DDG; 6DNC; 6DZI; 6DZP; 6ENF; 6ENJ; 6ENU; 6FKR; 6FXC; 6GBZ; 6GC0; 6GC4; 6GC6; 6GC7; 6GC8; 6GSJ; 6GSK; 6GSL; 6GWT; 6GXM; 6GXN; 6GXO; 6GXP; 6GZQ; 6GZX; 6GZZ; 6H4N; 6H58; 6HA1; 6HA8; 6HMA; 6HRM; 6HTQ; 6I0Y; 6I7V; 6N1D; 6N9E; 6N9F; 6ND5; 6ND6; 6NDK; 6NSH; 6NTA; 6NUO; 6NWY; 6O3M; 6O97; 6O9J; 6O9K; 6OF1; 6OF6; 6OFX; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6OGI; 6OJ2; 6OM6; 6OPE; 6ORD; 6ORE; 6ORL; 6OSI; 6OSK; 6OSQ; 6OST; 6OT3; 6OTR; 6OUO; 6OXA; 6OXI; 6PJ6; 6PPF; 6PPK; 6PVK; 6Q95; 6Q97; 6Q98; 6Q9A; 6QDW; 6QNQ; 6QNR; 6QUL; 6S0K; 6SJ6; 6SZS; 6TBV; 6TC3; 6TNN; 6TPQ; 6U48; 6UCQ; 6UO1; 6VU3; 6VWL; 6VWM; 6VWN; 6VYQ; 6VYR; 6VYS; 6VYT; 6VYU; 6VYW; 6VYX; 6VYY; 6VYZ; 6VZ2; 6VZ3; 6VZ5; 6VZ7; 6VZJ; 6WD0; 6WD1; 6WD2; 6WD3; 6WD4; 6WD5; 6WD6; 6WD7; 6WD8; 6WD9; 6WDA; 6WDB; 6WDC; 6WDD; 6WDE; 6WDF; 6WDG; 6WDH; 6WDI; 6WDJ; 6WDK; 6WDL; 6WDM; 6WNT; 6WNV; 6WNW; 6WQN; 6WQQ; 6WRS; 6WRU; 6WU9; 6X6T; 6X7F; 6X7K; 6X9Q; 6XDQ; 6XDR; 6XGF; 6XHV; 6XHW; 6XHX; 6XHY; 6XII; 6XIJ; 6XQD; 6XQE; 6XZ7; 6XZA; 6XZB; 6Y69; 6YEF; 6YS3; 6YSR; 6YSS; 6YST; 6YSU; 6ZTJ; 6ZTL; 6ZTM; 6ZTN; 6ZTO; 6ZTP; 6ZU1; 7A0R; 7A0S; 7A18; 7ABZ; 7AC7; 7ACJ; 7ACR; 7AQC; 7AQD; 7AS8; 7AS9; 7ASM; 7ASN; 7AZO; 7AZS; 7B5K; 7BL2; 7BL3; 7BL4; 7BL5; 7BL6; 7BV8; 7D6Z; 7D80; 7F0D; 7JQL; 7JQM; 7JSS; 7JSW; 7JSZ; 7JT1; 7JT2; 7JT3; 7K00; 7K50; 7K51; 7K52; 7K53; 7K54; 7K55; 7KGB; 7LH5; 7LV0; 7LVK; 7M4V; 7M5D; 7MD7; 7MSC; 7MSH; 7MSM; 7MSZ; 7MT2; 7MT3; 7MT7; 7N1P; 7N2C; 7N2U; 7N2V; 7N30; 7N31; 7NBU; 7NHL; 7NHM; 7NHN; 7NSO; 7NSP; 7NSQ; 7NWT; 7NWW; 7O19; 7O1A; 7O1C; 7O5B; 7ODE; 7OIF; 7OIG; 7OII; 7OIZ; 7OJ0; 7OOD; 7OPE; 7OT5; 7P3K; 7P6Z; 7P7Q; 7P7R; 7PAH; 7PAI; 7PAJ; 7PAK; 7PAL; 7PAM; 7PAN; 7PAO; 7PAQ; 7PAR; 7PAS; 7PAT; 7PAU; 7PH9; 7PHA; 7PHB; 7PHC; 7PI8; 7PI9; 7PIA; 7PIB; 7PIC; 7PIO; 7PIP; 7PIQ; 7PIR; 7PIS; 7PIT; 7PJS; 7PJT; 7PJU; 7PJV; 7PJW; 7PJX; 7PJY; 7PJZ; 7Q4K; 7QG8; 7QGN; 7QGR; 7QQ3; 7QV1; 7QV2; 7QV3; 7RQ8; 7RQ9; 7RQA; 7RQB; 7RQC; 7RQD; 7RQE; 7S0S; 7S1G; 7S1H; 7S1I; 7S1J; 7S1K; 7S9U; 7SA4; 7SAE; 7SFR; 7SS9; 7SSD; 7SSL; 7SSN; 7SSO; 7SSW; 7ST2; 7ST6; 7ST7; 7TOS; 7TTU; 7TTW; 7U2H; 7U2I; 7U2J; 7UG7; 7UNR; 7UNU; 7UNV; 7UNW; 7UPH; 7XAM; 7Y41; 7Y7C; 7Y7D; 7Y7E; 7Y7F; 7Y7G; 7Y7H; 7YLA; 7Z20; 7ZOD; 7ZP8; 7ZQ5; 7ZQ6; 7ZTA; 8A3L; 8A57; 8A5I; 8A63; 8AKN; 8AM9; 8ANA; 8AP4; 8AYE; 8B0X; 8B7Y; 8BF7; 8BGE; 8BGH; 8BH4; 8BHJ; 8BHL; 8BHN; 8BHP; 8BIL; 8BIM; 8BUU; 8C8X; 8C8Y; 8C8Z; 8C90; 8C91; 8C92; 8C93; 8C94; 8C95; 8C96; 8C97; 8C98; 8C99; 8C9A; 8C9B; 8CAM; 8CEU; 8CGD; 8CGK; 8CGV; 8CVJ; 8CVK; 8CVL; 8CVM; 8E30; 8E32; 8E33; 8E35; 8E36; 8E3L; 8E3M; 8E3O; 8E41; 8E42; 8E43; 8E44; 8E45; 8E46; 8E47; 8E48; 8E49; 8EIU; 8EKB; 8EKC; 8EMM; 8EV6; 8EV7; 8FC1; 8FC2; 8FC3; 8FC4; 8FC5; 8FC6; 8FIZ; 8FMW; 8FN2; 8FOM; 8FON; 8FR8; 8G6W; 8G6X; 8G6Y; 8PVA; 8T8B; 8T8C
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